Volume 50, Number 21, June 19, 1964

Society News

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Dunsford of Marlette and Mrs. John Annin visited at the Chas. Soper home in Saginaw, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Froede of Chula Vista Calif., are visiting here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Quiel of Taylor were weekend visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Torongeau.

Mrs. Cecil Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Walker, Freddie and Harry Bennet of Caro attended Open House honoring Miss Sharon Walker, a graduate of Pontiac High School. Mrs. Walker’s son Leo of Pontiac and grandson Floyd Walker of Ortonville brought her home Sunday evening.

Sylvia Wilcox of Pontiac visited at the Everett Penfold home over the weekend.

Sunday visitors at the Leland Ensign home were Mr. and Mrs. Basil Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ensign and Tom of Marlette and Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Ensign of Detroit.

Graduates from M.S.U.

Michigan State University lists 3,460 candidates for degrees awarded at spring commencement exercises at 4:00 p.m. Sunday, June 14, in Spartan Stadium.

The total includes 107 doctoral candidates, 555 master’s and 2,763 bachelor’s candidates.

The commencement speaker was John W. Gardner, president of the Carnegie Corporation of New York City.

Marilyn Everett received her BA in history and James A. Green received his BA in Soc. Sci. teaching.


The June 5th meeting of the "Miss Mixers" was called to order by our President, Sandra Silvernail. Pledges were said and roll was taken. The secretary and treasurers Reports were read and approved. The party for our mothers was postponed until the first of August.

June 17th we are going to take a trip to Bob-Lo Island with the rest of the 4-H clubs. We made a motion to pay Mrs. Gyomory’s phone bills to Caro concerning the Bob-Lo trip.

Before the next meeting we are supposed to make a menu for our mother’s party.

Our lesson was learning how to make sandwiches. The meeting was adjourned by Norma Simmons, and was seconded by Kathy Darling.


Ellen Marie Moore.

Leaving for Marines

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lewicki entertained 71 guests Sunday, June 14 at their home in honor of their son, Bill Kupiec who is leaving for active duty in the marines Thursday, June 18th.

Everyone enjoyed a dinner of potato salad, pork and beans, meat balls with mushroom gravey, tossed salad, sweet corn, polish sausage, home made sourkrout with pork, and home made cookies.

The children enjoyed all kinds of games out of doors. Popsicles and gum were passed out among them later. A beautiful day topped things off.

Bill reports to the Federal building in Detroit and flies to San Diego, CA for further duties.

Little League

Plans are near completion for this years Little League program. There will be a major and minor league again this year. Major league will consist mostly of boys from 11 thru 13 years. Minor league 7 thru 10 years with a few exceptions.

Games will start Friday, June 19th and played very Tuesday and Friday night. Minor league teams will play at 6:30 and the Major League teams at 8: p.m. and no inning starting after 9:30 p.m.

Any boys interested in Little League not having signed up may do so by checking with team managers.

A complete list of teams and managers along with the schedule will appear next week.

Travels of Dick Ross

"Nations grow, develop and have the right to live only if they serve all mankind, supporting or defending some great principle of exalted feeling."

With this quotation Michlewicz, Poland’s great national poet of the 19th century, expressed his feelings not only on the captivation of his country but for all mankind.

During my stay with the Henryl Wrona family in the province of Kieice, I have had my first look at the Polish way of life. Henryl was an IFYE to the United States last year thus my problem with the language was not major, but as my stay here draws to a close, I leave with many questions that need answering. In my next host family they speak only Polish; so I have been spending most of my free time studying and trying to write some long awaited letters back home.

One of the first things that I noticed after my arrival in Poland, which many Americans would not care for are the crowded living conditions that exist. Most Americans consider space a necessity, but in Poland space is a luxury. In the city the people live in large apartments and private homes are very few. However, in the villages many families have their own home. IN the city each person is allowed 10 square meters (1 meter equals 40 inches) of living space. A family of four would have 40 square meters and would pay 40-60 zloty ($1.00 to 1.50) per month for rent. A family that wishes more living space must pay a high price for it, so this is usually an exception. I have noticed that many families life apart because they haven’t the rooms at present and are waiting from 2-5 years for an apartment in the many Public apartment buildings being constructed.

In the country villages these restrictions do not apply. Along the roads and around the village square, one may see many new block-type homes and many more being constructed.

These homes are generally built parallel to the road, with one entrance facing away from the road to the back of the house. This entrance has access to the back yard which contains small buildings for swine, a cow or two, sheep, chickens, and ducks. These houses are generally built with four rooms including the kitchen. Five rooms of living space would be considered spacious for a family of five. A room never seems to be crowded, a small kitchen may have twelve people in it all day Sunday and each person is contented to be there. No one worries about the extra chairs brought into a tiny kitchen.

Many of the houses today are being built and enclosed as they were during wartime; however, they are gradually getting away from this. I was surprised to see that people look not only the outside of their homes, but feel the necessity to lock cabinets and drawers within their homes. Many keys lock many doors. Perhaps this is a habit carried over from the war and post war years. Because 20th century Poland has not known privacy in the home to the extent that one expects privacy in the United States, it is not considered a necessity. There is very little which belongs to one and only and only one. To have a private bedroom is pure luxury for parents and children alike.

Kingston News

Sunday visitors at the Cleo Evans home were Mr. and Mrs. Brown of Pontiac, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hanselman of Ruth, Mr. and Mrs. Clare Ballard and Mr. and Mrs. Berny Chappel of Marlette.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rassette spent the weekend with her sister in Flint.

Katherine Quiel spent the weekend wither grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Torongeau.

Mrs. Douglas Ensign and children visited her mother, Mrs. E. Rich of Silverwood, Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Kitchener Innes of Decker visited at the Stanley Moore home Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Cecil Walker entertained her step son, Mr. and Mrs. Lavern Walker of Pontiac for dinner last Sunday.

Mrs. Loie Evans remains ill at the home of her son Cleo in Wilmot.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schrader spent Sunday wither mother in Marlette.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Ensign of Caro and Mr. and Mrs. John Keene of Akron called on Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign Thurs. afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. James Caswell, Art and Alice are spending the week at their cottage and visiting in Northern Mich.

Mrs. Sylvia Dibble was called to Flint by the death of her father Mr. Wm. Streeter. The funeral was Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in Grand Blanc.

Monday night supper guest of Mrs. J. H. Hunter were Rev. and Mrs. Raymond Dean.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Legg were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Van Cleave.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Quiel were Saturday callers at the Ernest Torongeau home.

Mrs. Allison Green called on Mrs. Loie Evans last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rassette and family enjoyed Sunday supper with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rassette.

East Dayton News

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson visited cousins in Flint, Tues.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Craig, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ross and girls and Russell Curry were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hunter.

The McCoon family had a reunion at the East Dayton Hall Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ross and family visited her father E. Froede at St. Luke’s Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Docherty attended open house Sun. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim McRays in honor of their sons graduation at Fairgrove.

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