Volume 50, Number 22, June 26, 1964


Mrs. Frank Cernaskas

Mrs. Anna Cernaskas, 84 died in the Tuscola County Nursing Home Sunday, June 15 after a long illness.

She was born March 4, 1880 in Lithuania and came to the United States in 1910. She married Frank Cernaskas Jan. 10, 1924. He died in 1957.

The remains were in the Harmon Funeral Home where Rosary was recited at 9 p.m. Monday.

Funeral services were held at 10 a.m. in St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Wilmot on Tuesday with Rev. Raymond Pilarski officiating. Burial was in St. Michaels Cemetery , Wilmot.

Seventeenth Reunion

The 17th Annual Barrons Reunion was held Sunday, June 21 in Hersey, Michigan at the home of Mrs. Earl Sutliff. Those who attended from here were Mr. and Mrs. James Barrons, and sons, Mr.and Mrs. Laverene Barrons and children, Mrs. Ceneith Barrons and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barrons and son of Wilmot. A pot luck dinner was served at noon.


Forty-five schoolmates and friends gathered at the Multi-purpose room of the Kingston Community School to help the class of 1914 celebrate their 50th anniversary. They came from Caro, Ferndale, Royal Oak, Highland Park, Cass City, Pontiac, Gaylord, Oxford, Auburn Heights, Gilford, Troy, and Kingston.

A pot luck dinner was served at noon after which all enjoyed visiting and looking at school pictures, some as far back at 1907.

Many thanks to all who made it such an enjoyable day for us.

The Class of 1914.

Five Unforgettable Days in Sunny California, Sponsored by Burns I.G.A.

David Lalko, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lalko, the winner of the Boys Contest sponsored by Burns I.G.A. store returned Friday night from a thrilling 5 day trip to California. The Marlette winter was Mike Hewitt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hewitt.

On Monday, June 15, one hundred boys and chaperones boarded a United Airlines DC6 at Bishop Airport in Flint. They were ready for takeoff at 8:05 a.m. They flew over Lake Michigan and enjoyed seeing the Snake River, Missouri River, a full stop at Omaha, Nebraska, the Painted Dessert and arrived at the Lafayette Hotel to unpack and enjoyed dinner in the Cavilier Room. After a good nights rest they spent all day Tues. at Disneyland at Anaheim. David was greatly impressed with all the wonderful sights and rides at Disneyland.

On Wednesday morning the group enjoyed a 20 mile harbor cruise off Long Beach and a visit to Marineland in the afternoon. David relates the beauty of the submarine tour of marine life. In the evening they enjoyed a ball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Milwaukee Braves. On Thursday the boys swam in the ocean. The boys report the water and air was cold. In the afternoon the group visited Knott’s Berry Farm and Ghost tow of Buena Park, Calif. The western atmosphere appealed to David and he said it was like a western movie. In the evening they packed for their return home, but also found time for a pizza and pop party.

At 7:30 a.m. (9:30 our time) Friday the boys boarded their planes for home. After a refueling stop at Denver, they headed for Michigan. They arrived at Flint’s Bishop airport at 6:15 p.m. happy, tired, and glad to be home again. They had the normal amount of pranks, food, fun, airsickness, etc and lost articles. One chaperone came off the plane with a sweater and four cameras with no owners.

David expected to send cards to many people but the time schedules and other fun left little time. However he wishes to thank the many people who helped him with the labels that made this unforgettable trip possible. A special thanks to John and Wanda Burns, whose store sponsored the contest.

White Creek Floral Club

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Cannon were hosts to the White Creek Floral Club at the school house Thursday, June 11.

Thirteen members were present. Alice Hampshire, President, called the meeting to order. The secretary and treasurer gave their reports and were accepted.

It was voted to have a school reunion again this year. The committee appointed was Ellen Coltson, Verna Weacer and Joan Darling.

There was not further business. The Lord’s Prayer was recited in unison. The recreation committee namely Joan Darling and Elva Coan conducted several games of bingo, after which the hostess and her helpers served a delicious pot luck supper.

We remembered Ethel Annin and also Mrs. Birthelmer with plate suppers.

All departed for home to meet at the school house in July. Mildred Harneck to be hostess.

New Arrivals

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hilts are parents of a daughter born at Cass City Hills and Dale Hospital, June 22.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Barrons of Caro are the parents of a son, Mark William, born June 10 in the Caro Community hospital.

Social Notes

Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Lillie Rossman and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Rossman were Mr. and Mrs. Ward Waldie of Gaylord, Mr. and Mrs. Geo Schnierle of Ann Arbor, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hampshire, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hampshire and family, Mr. and Mrs. Kieth Reed and son of Lansing, Mr.a nd Mrs. Tom Onaka of Kona, Hawaii and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Perry and granddaughter of Pontiac. At the Lillie Rossman home were Mr. and Mrs. Max Dafoe and family of Pontiac, Miss Nancy Rossman of Lansing, and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ruhl and son of Cass City. Arternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Forster Wilkerson of Royal Oak. Saturday evening callers were Bob Rossman and Miss Mary Poizin of Saginaw.

"Hawaiians Visit Michigan" Reception at Lillie and Leslie Rossman homes Sunday June 21.

While Ward and Mae Waldie, daughter of Lillie Rossman were visiting her daughter Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Schnierle of Ann Arbor to honor Janet. Janet’s Hawaiian roommate from Central Michigan College and her parents Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anaka of Kona, Hawaii were also present

Her classmate Mr. and Mrs. Keith Reed and son of Lansing recently returned from four year in Germany.

The Reeds and Onakas had just returned from an Eastern tour of the World’s Fair in New York and Washington D.C.

The Onakas visited the dairy farms of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Rossman, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hampshire and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hampshire. In Hawaii Mr. and Mrs. Onaka own 1800 acres for beef. His brothers own and operate a 2200 acre coffee plantation.

They leave the States in the latter part of August.

Kingston News

Mr. and Mrs. B.E. Moore, Mrs. Wiswell, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore and Ellen Marie, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Moore, Bob and Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Grindley of Owosso, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wynn and Rhonda and Mrs. R. L. DeFoe of Pontiac were Father’s Day guests at the Arnold Moore home.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ensign of Marlette called on Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Archie Rodenbo and family of Auburn Heights were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neal.

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Poissant and daughter Lisa of Detroit were Saturday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rassette.

Mrs.Tom Furness called on Loie Evans Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Froede returned to Pontiac to their sons Saturday evening after the Green and Peter wedding and will be leaving for their home at Chula Vista, Calif. Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Burmeister of Mt. Clemens, Mr. and Mrs. Clare Burmeister, Mark and Dawn of Clawson, Mr. and Mr. Arthur Harneck and Mr. and Mrs. Don Gould and Glenna of Caro were recent guests at the John Burmeister home.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hartt returned home from Florida Thursday.

Mrs. Pearl Silvernail and Loyd Curry called on their uncle Ed Froede Sunday.

Miss Grace Parrott was a junior delegate to the Detroit Methodist Annual Conference held at Adrian, Michigan from Friday through Saturday.

Charles Seddon returned to his home after spending some time in the hospital at Cass City.

Mark Wilmot, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilmot returned home Wednesday after a few days in the hospital.

Mr. George Hackett, Sr., returned to her home Sunday after a five weeks stay in the Lapeer County General Hospital.

Mrs. J. H. Hunter spent from Monday to Wednesday in Bay City as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Engstrom. On Wed. she went to Standish and visited her nephew and wife Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Scott. They brought her home Thurs.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Lee Evans of Dayton, Ohio called on Mrs. Loie Evans Saturday.

Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Lyons and children were Father’s Day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons.

Meet Rep. Don Wismer, Jr.

Representative Don Wismer, Jr. represents St. Clair and Sanilac counties in the Michigan Legislature. He is Chairman of the State Prisons Committee and a member of the Committees on Public Utilities, Marine Affairs, Village Corporations and Elections. He is a graduate of Port Huron Junior College and Central Michigan University where he majored in Political Science. He is a former School teacher. Don was formerly a member of the Organizational Staff of the Republican State Central Committee in Lansing. Wismer served in the United States Army in 1956-1957. He is a member of the Lions Club, Knights of Pythias and Central Michigan University Alumni. He represented Huron and Tuscola counties as the 7th District Congressional Coordinator. Don is married to the former Barbara Jean Duncanson whose families farm is just west of Harbor Beach.

Elect Rep. Wismer To Congress Republican

Citizens for Wismer Committee

Robert Kirshner, Chairman

Robert Johnson, Treasurer

Attends M.A.T.V.A.

Mr. Lewis C. Harper, local Vocational Agriculture teacher along with 22 other agriculture teachers attended the MATVA Sponsored Educational Tour of Ford Motor Co, and General Motors Inc, on Tuesday and Wednesday of June 16-17. On Tuesday the group met at the Ford Central Office Building, where Mr. Robert Brown and Henry Green gave information about the 10,000 acre site of the factory. 175,000 people are employed in the self contained factory that uses as much water as three large Michigan cities. Last year 188,000 visitors viewed the plant with its 135 acre parking lot that can hold 22,000 cars, 26 miles of road and complete railroad system. After lunch the group visited Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum.

The evening program consisted of half the teachers seeing the double header ball game between the Tigers and Kansas City. While the rest attended the Fisher Theater and viewed the play "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum."

Wednesday morning at 7:45 a.m. a new GMC Coach picked the group up and transported them to the GMC Tech Center where they were guest of Ray Darling and Jack Leonard of the Public Relation and Educational Division. The morning was spent touring the 330 acre site that employed 15,000 people that plan and style the GMC automobiles. Part of the afternoon was spent at the GMC Training Center where the group gained some new ideas on teaching aids and learned about the 30 training centers in the U.S.A.

Purely Local

Mrs. George Westerby and Mrs. Fred Neal called on Mrs. Laura DeLand at the Sparrow hospital in Lansing Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Basil Hudson of Marlette and Mr. and Mrs. James Caswell and Alice called on Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign Sunday evening.

Miss Jane Linahan of Detroit is spending a week with her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rassette.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Van Wagoner and Mr. and Mrs. Don Gould and Glenna enjoyed Sunday dinner at Frankenmuth.

Walter Harmon was a delegate to the Detroit Methodist Annual Conference held at Adrian on Thursday and Fri.

Mrs. Forest Wilmot is home from the hospital in Cass City. She came home Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ingleright and family of Saginaw were recent visitors at the Alton Lyons home.

East Dayton News

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Curry of Troy and Mrs. Marie Goodwin came Friday. Mrs. Goodwin is visiting the Louis Wenzlaffs and the Curreys are at their farm home and at the Ed Froede home.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wilson of Birmingham were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson. Their home was quite badly damaged in the Friday night storm.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ross and family were Sunday afternoon visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Wingert at Barnes Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson were Friday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Robinson of Fostoria.

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hunter and girls were at Black Lake Saturday thru Monday.

Mr. Lorne Phelps, Fern Riddle and Wm. Chapman called on Mrs. Nina Hunter Saturday afternoon.

Little League

Major League

Team No 1, Eugene Henderson, Manager.

Lynn Henderson, Marv Houghton, Gerald Stover, Grant Gettle, Tom Jenking, Bill Jones, Greg Swierlznski, Joe Gottler, Lyall Henderson, Steve Lalko, Dean Bewernitz, Bill Stover.

Team No 2, Don Roberson, Manager

Paul Lalko, Dale Rickey, Ed Bilicki, Wayne Boyl, Jim D’Arcy, Terry Barrons, Scott Fritz, Robt. Green, Don Houghton, Louis Salas, Fred Davis, Allen McCoon.

Team No 3, Ed Nemeth, Manager

Dave Marquardt, Dale Allen, Bob Deigle, Richard Badics, Larry Barrons, Dave Lalko, Don Dibble, Tom Davis, Don Trzemzalski, Mike McLaughlin, Ken Davis.


Team No 4, Don Harneck, Manager

Fred Peter, Dennis Cross, Tom Clement, Bill Everett, Ken Walkowicz, Loren Harneck, Ricky Pyles, Richard Smithart, Dennis Lester, Daniel LaFond, Daniel Cook, Robin LaFond.

Minor League

Team No 1, Tom Dale, Jr., Manager

Mike Deigel, Greg Gettel, Dan Houghton, Tim Conley, Gill Gottler, Jim Gottler, Mark Cassie, Ken Lalko, Robert Patterson, Dick Marquardt, Dan Marquardt, Chas. Cummings, Greg Richards.

Team No 2, Louis Salas, Sr., Manager

Eugene Salas, Louis Gyomory, Don Parsell, David Fritz, David Wolak, Ron Badics, Richard Darling, Ken Corlis, Joe Badics, James Corlis, Dennis Myers, Carl Yens, Gary Mallory.

Team No 3, Linten Cooper, Manager

Robt Sapien, Jim Nemeth, Burton Leslie, Kim Turner, Keith Turner, Lee McLaughlin, Chuck McLaughlin, David Gilmore, Gerald Vanderpool, Fred Seddon, Ken Turner, Tommy Bilicki, Kevin Barrons, Tony Bilicki.

Team No 4, Randall and Harper, Managers

Jim Harper, Basil Randall, David Zyrowski, Mike Brandibur, Ron Nichol, Edwin McCool, Jim Bruce, Rae Oliver, Ed Walkowicz, Rusty Pyles, Boyd Moore, David Cook.


Nineteen Democrats from Tuscola County attended the State Democratic Convention at Lansing Friday and Sat.

Melvin J. Stewart was elected alternate delegate to the National Convention which will be held in Atlantic City August 24.

Former Governor G. Mennen Williams was the keynote speaker. The Hootenany Performers, Dr. Lynn Bartlett, Auditor General Billie S. Farnum, Mrs. John Swainson, Zolton Ferency and Stuart Hertzberg entertained. Attorney General Frank J. Kelley was Toastmaster.

Speaker for the Convention breakfast was Mr. Tom Reid, Director of the Division of Civic and Governmental affairs of the Ford Motor Co. Congressman James G. O’Hara was the keynote speaker at the convention on Saturday morning. Stewart was Sergeant-at-Arms at the Convention.

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