Volume 50, Number 19, June 5, 1964


Earl Death

Earl F. Dibble, 65, died early Thursday morning in Hills and Dales Hospital, Cass City.

Mr. Dibble was born April 12, 1899 in Mt. Morris. He married Sylvia Streeter in Toledo, Ohio. February 6, 1928. The couple resided in Kingston for the past 25 years.

He is survived by his widow, six sons, Earl and Geoge Dibble, both of Caro, James Dibble, Mayville, Robert Dibble, Saginaw, Ronald and Donald at home, five daughters, Mrs. Arlene Costello, Flint, Mrs. Elaine Newton, Mayville, Mrs. Donna Dreszynski, Kingston; Mrs. Shirley Luldow, Montpelier, Ohio, Mrs. Connie Wilcox, Marlette; and 16 grandchildren.

Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Saturday in Pilgrim Holiness Church, Kingston. Rev Dean and Rev. John Gross, pastor of Bethel Stone Church officiating. Burial was in East Dayton Cemetery.

Summer School

It is contemplated that the Kingston Community Schools will offer a summer school program for elementary children who need extra work in reading.

The school would begin June 22 and run for six weeks. Classes would be in session from 8:30 to 11:30 daily. Special arrangements would be made to provide home-work to speed the progress of the child.

Tuition for the class would be set at $15.00 per child.

Only students recommended by the regular classroom teacher would be eligible for this class. It will be limited to grades 1, 2, and 3, with possible exceptions for some 4th graders

Enrollment may be made at the business office on June 8 or 9.

Term Paper on Communism


As Principal of Kingston High School and teacher of World History I have a keen feeling of obligation to teach our students the dangers of communism to our way of life.

My world history students have learned their history in the light of present day national and international events. At the end of the year they are required to demonstrate this type of learning with a research paper.

I have asked my students to end their research with personal conclusions based on the facts they have learned. Following are the personal conclusions of Elaine Wolak one of my students of whom I am proud. Her term paper was titled "The Spread of Communism." Her personal conclusions are only a small part of her research paper.


All of the time I have been preparing this term paper and during the discussions we have had in class I have been thinking about the boys who go to Viet Nam and other countries to fight for the United States, but don’t know what they are fighting for. In the Phamphlet, "The Teenager and Communism," by Father Conroy, it tells about young men who were captured during the Korean War and how the Chinese Communists went about "brain washing" them. It wasn’t very hard because not very many of these boys knew much about the reasons for the War and told the Chinese they were there fighting because they were "drafted." Some of the boys were just out of high school and yet they didn’t know anything about their government and how their country is run. All the Chinese had to do was feed them just enough information about Communism to give them some doubts and the rest was easy.

I think the United States should offer courses in schools about Communism, but not only this they should also make the courses in American History and Government harder so kids would get more out of them then they do now. You can’t fight something that you know nothing about and not very many Americans know anything about Communism except that its bad. We need to know more about our own government and how it operates before we can do anything about getting rid of Communism.

On the whole I don’t think that Communism will ever take over the world. I don’t think that our leaders here in the United States or in any of the other free countries will allow this to happen. Even though many of our people know very little about Communism at least they are intelligent enough to know that this form of government would not be beneficial to us. If it ever came right down to a showdown between the Communists and the Non-Communists I think that this would be the only time that World War III would ever break out. If this did happen all the free countries would ban together and fight against the Communist countries. But still the American people should know more about Communism and try to fight it in their everyday lives because if it eve came to a war the Chinese have a population of 700,000 ,000 which is equal to of the world’s population. Together with Russia’s advanced knowledge they could very well win this way, even though they are enemies now. It we went to war against the Communist, I think they would band together.

Sincerely yours

Donald E. Spohn, Principal

Kingston High School

Class of 1914

The graduating class of 1914 invite all school mates and friends to help them celebrate their 50th anniversary on Fri., Jun 19, 1964 at the Kingston Community School Multi-Purpose Room from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Pot luck at noon, Bring a dish to pass and your own table service. Coffee will be furnished.

Class of 1914

Florence Coltson Hartt

Alice Dorrance Ensign

Martha Hartsell Seligman

Cecile Legg Van Cleave

Bell Webster McKinney

Clara Wenzlaff Eastman

PTA Bar B Que


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for helping to make our first annual Memorial Day Chicken Bar-be-que a huge success.

The various committees worked long and tedious hours making arrangements, preparing food, selling tickets, and advertising. I know that they are surely proud that their work was not in vain. The proceeds of their efforts will net the PTA approximately $350.00. This money will be used to make our school a better place for our children to gain the help and knowledge that they will require throughout their entire lives.

We sincerely hope that the many people, who attended the festivities, enjoyed their meal, and will be back with us again next year.

Sincerely yours

Jack Wesch


Kingston PTA


Nicholis Bastian died June 2, Funeral service Friday at 10 A.M. St. Michaels Church, Rev. Pilarski officiating. Burial in the church cemetery.

Obituary will be next week.


The Ed Bilicki’s held open house in honor of their daughter Karen, Sunday

Mrs. Hazel Ashcroft of Pontiac visited relatives and friends in Wilmot over the week end.

Mrs. Phyllis Ashcroft is a patient in St. Lukes Hospital Saginaw.

Mrs. Wrayburn Krohn, Cass City visited her aunt Mrs. J. H. Hunter Tuesday at last week.

Wm. Tong, Mrs. Josephine Cojacari, Nance and Robin of Detroit were callers in Kingston and Carol, Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign spent a few days last week at their cottage.

Mr. and Mrs. James Caswell, Arthur and Alice spent the Memorial week end at their cottage near Gladwin.

Mrs. Hazel Wilmot spent part of last week visiting at the Wallie Wilmot home in Royal Oak. Friday they all went to the Wilmot cabin near Milo.

Kingston News

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Powell and family of Pontiac spent Memorial week end with relatives here.

Mrs. Hazel Wilmot entertained her sister Mrs. A. R. Vanderberg of Detroit a couple of days last week.

Week end visitors of Mrs. J. H. Hunter were her brother Less Reddaways of Flint, Fri. Mrs. Hunter accompanied them at Bad Axe, calling on friends there, and also in Elkton.

Sunday afternoon the following friends from Elkton visited Mrs. J. H. Hunter, Mrs. Frank Armstrong, Mrs. Helen Crothers, Mrs. Mary Cummins, Mrs. Jane McEacheron and Mrs. Arthur Schweitzer of Midland.

Mrs. Basil Hudson of Marlette, Mrs. Jas. Caswell, and Alice Steele were in Saginaw on business Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ensign of Marlette were Saturday evening visitors at the Leland Ensign home.

Mr. and Mrs Douglas Ensign attended the Mayville Graduating Exercises Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Ensigns sister was one of the graduates.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Linahan and family of Detroit, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Gendron of Flint, and Mr. Stephen Gendron of Detroit were weekend visitors at the Eugene Rassette home.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Grindley of Owosso spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore and Ellen Marie.

Mr. Robert Torongeau, Christopher and Shawn are visiting at the Ernest Torongeau home.

Mrs. Cecil Walker spent the weekend with the Dilles Walker’s of Drayton Plains, the David Walkers of Ortonville. All attended the Walker reunion in Rochester, Memorial Day. She returned home with the Gordon Walker’s of Caro.

Mrs. Chas. Gilliland reports $242.90 donated to the Cancer Drive in Kingston Township. Thanks everyone for your contribution.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Miller of Clarkston, Mr. and Mrs. Don Treece of Drayton Plains called on Mrs. Loie Evans who is very ill at the Cleo Evans home in Wilmot.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Maxam of Lansing visited the Wayne Schrader home Saturday.


Dear Marquerite:

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated you sending me the newspaper while I was in the service, it was nice to keep up on what was happening back home.

Thanks, Again.

Yours truly,

Bob Rossman

Adult Class

The Kingston Adult Class in conjunction with Jeffrey Farm Sales will have a Haylage Meeting in the school shop, Friday, June 5 at 8 p.m. Bring your neighbor. Please note change of date.


Dennis A. O’Kelly

Dennis A. O’Kelly, 49 died Thursday in Marlette Community Hospital after a brief illness.

He was born April 16, 1915 in Caro, the son of DeWright and Ann O’Kelly and was a graduate of Caro High School. He married Abbie Schwaderer in Kingston, December 22, 1940. The couple moved to Bad Axe in 1954.

Mr. O’Kelly was secretary of the Marlette Lions Club and a member of Marlette Methodist Church. He was a veteran of World War II.

He is survived by his widow, a daughter Denise, and a son Michael, both at home; a sister, Mrs. James Larsen, Flint; three brothers, Richard O’Kelly, Flint; Thomas O’Kelly, Lansing, and James O’Kelly, Santa Monica, California.

Funeral services were held in Marlette Methodist Church at 2 pm. Monday with Rev. Francis E. Wilson, pastor officiating. Burial in Kingston Cemetery.

Honor Guards, James Avery, Phillip Mutch, Max Patrick, and Allen Keys.

Band Boosters

The Kingston Band Boosters are still taking orders for the Community Calendar. In a few areas workers have been unable to contact the public. If you have not ordered a calendar and wish to do so please contact Mrs. Mike Lalko, or Mrs. Raymond Moore, and we will see that you get one. Remember, there will be no extra calendars at a cheaper rate later on , but you may have a calendar at a cheaper rate later on, but you may have a calendar and may have a calendar and your family items printed on it for $2.00. An extra calendar with this order is 50 cents.

The Community Calendar is an asset to every home and organization as it lists church, school and community activities. So remember, you must order a calendar and if no one has called on your. Please contact us.

Mrs. Mike Lalko

Kingston, Michigan.

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