Volume 50, Number 5, March 20, 1964

Selected for Leadership Camp

Gary Plane, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wellington Plane, of Kingston, President of the Kingston FFA Chapter, is selected for the Region 3, North, Leadership Camp to be held on April 3 and 4 in Caseville. Gary serves as the FFA representative to the Student Council. He has attended the State FFA Convention at MSU and the National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Gary’s farming program consists of dairy beef feeding and corn.

Editor’s Letterbox

Now that the nice weather is nearly here, there will be laundry out on lines all around us several days per week. Those of us having children at home must wash often. Lets look around us before burning our paper, peels and trash. Not always, but it seems the men folks are the greatest offenders. Perhaps they don’t realize it at the time what smoke and soot will do to a wet white laundry. Especially with a winger washer it takes a lot of time and energy to put out a spotless laundry only to have to bring it back in for a rewash. So lets make your neighborhood a better place to live in. Be considerate and make Every Week – "Be Good To Your Neighbor Weeks."


Perhaps Your Neighbor.

Rural Deliveries to be Consolidated

Because of the tremendous interest shown by Kingston area residents recently – nearly 100 of them wrote to me on this matter – I thought you would be interested in the final action taken by the United States Post Department relative to the consolidation of the rural delivery service our of Deford, Kingston, and Clifford post offices.

I have written to each of the folks who contacted me, enclosing a copy of the letter from Mr. Charles H. Ryan, Deputy Assistant Postmaster General, which I am enclosing for your information and possible use.

Jim Harvey, M.C.


Honorable James Harvey

House of Representatives

Washington D.C. 20515

Dear Congressman:

This will acknowledge your letter dated March 6, 1964, relative to the proposed consolidation of the rural delivery service our of the Deford, Kingston and Clifford, Michigan, post office, incident to a vacancy at Deford.

When rural vacancies occur, it is the policy to have an investigation conducted to determine whether the vacant position can be absorbed by a consolidation of the rural route with other rural routes or other types of postal service in the area. Due to improved road conditions, modern vehicle equipment and the more expeditious transportation of mail to and from postal installations throughout the country, it is frequently possible to absorb short rural routes that were established many years ago when these conditions did not exit.

The investigation in this instance disclosed that it would be very practicable to consolidate the one rural route at Deford with the two routes at Kingston and the one route at Clifford, so as to provide a surplus carrier in Kingston for reassignment to fill the vacancy at Deford. This would result in a saving of approximately $3517 per annum in operating costs of the rural delivery service.

The one route at Deford is 62.917 miles long serving 212 families. Routes Nos 1 and 2 at Kingston are 59.05 and 59.095 miles in length serving 210 and 190 families, respectively, and route No. 1 at Clifford is 36.85 miles long serving 163 families. The consolidated routes at Deford, Kingston and Clifford would be 84.117 , 88,80, and 47.35 miles in length serving 291, 305 and 179 families respectively.

The carriers would be scheduled on the consolidated routes at Deford, Kingston, and Clifford for 7 hours, and 10 minutes, 7 hours and 50 minutes, and 4 hours and 15 minutes, daily, exclusive of the lunch period, and would be able to complete their deliveries by 4:00 p.m. These schedules represent the maximum time required. Under ordinary or ideal conditions deliveries could be completed earlier.

The carriers would be routed over roads on which a motor vehicle could be used throughout the year and mail collected on the routes by the carriers would be dispatched on the same day.

It is proposed to transfer approximately 21.2 miles of the route No 1 at Kingston to route No. 1 at Deford and 9.75 miles of route No. 2 at Kingston to route No. 1 at Clifford, and combining the balance of routes Nos 1 and 2 at Kingston into one route. There is little growth in the area and it is not anticipated that there will be an increase in the number of boxes served.

A representative number of the 75 boxholders on route No 1 at Kingston who would be transferred to Deford, were interviewed. Of these 60 per cent either did not object or preferred the change, 20 per cent objected and 20 percent had no opinion. All of the 15 boxholders who would be required to change their address to Clifford were interviewed. Of these 83 percent per cent had no objection and 17 per cent objected. An additional 17 boxholders would be able to use either Kingston or Clifford as their mailing address.

The postmasters at Deford, Kingston, and Clifford are of the opinion that the consolidation is feasible, but the postmaster at Kingston indicated that the changes might be detrimental to the local business interests in Kingston. It is believed that the carriers involved could provide adequate service on the longer routes.

The Department does not feel that it could continue to maintain service under the present arrangement. The rural carrier at Deford is presently scheduled for 6 hours daily or 36 hours per week; the carriers at Kingston are each scheduled for 5 hours and 35 minutes daily , or 331/2 hours per week and the carrier at Clifford is scheduled for 4 hours daily or 24 hours per week as compared to the standard workweek of 40 hours. Further, the number of families served is well below the average of 305 families served by rural carriers throughout the country. Even on the consolidated routes, with the exception of Kingston, the carriers would serve well below the average of 305 families.

Since the proposed consolidation will give the patrons service comparable to that presently received and will save the Government $3517 per annum on a recurring basis, the Department has decided to place the consolidation into effect at an early date.

Sincerely yours,

Charles H. Ryan,

Deputy Assistant, Postmaster General.

Will Present Program

The popular recording team of Dick Anthony and Bill Pearce will present a program of sacred music at 8:00 p.m. at the newly built Caro Baptist Church on Saturday, March 21. The concert will be sponsored by Tuscola Youth for Christ.

Anthony and Pearce – whose distinctive stylings and matchless blending of voices have made them the best known duet team in Christian circles today – have produced a large number of long play albums for Word Records of Waco, Texas. Their recent "Pinnacles of Praise" album was awarded the best duet record of the year by the National Evangelical Foundation of Philadelphia.

The team has sung together since first meeting in the radio studios of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago about ten years ago. Their most popular program, "Keep Praising" is heard five days week over some 60 stations throughout the United States and Canada.

Both Mr. Anthony and Mr. Pearce are talented soloists, and often present separate musical concerts at church and church related services. Mr. Pearce is generally regarded as the most accomplished trombonist in the field of sacred music. Mr. Anthony accompanies himself and Mr. Pearce on the piano or organ. He is well known for his distinctively brilliant creative arrangements heard on may of today’s leading religious albums. His musical background includes study at Bethel College in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago.

Saturday’s night concert is scheduled to begin promptly at 8:00 p.m.

Initiated Into Excalibar

Richard Ross, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ross of Caro and a 1960 graduate of Kingston High School, was recently initiated into Excalibar, Senior Men’s Service Honorary at Michigan State University.

Selection for membership into Excalibar is bestowed on seventeen men in the senior class. Selection is based on Scholarship, Campus Activities and Leadership Ability. Dick, a history education major, has been active in both the History Club, serving as its president, and Phi Alpha Theta, a national history honorary. He has been both Secretary and Rush Chairman of the Farm House Fraternity as well as serving as Rush Chairman for the Inter Fraternity Council. Dick has also served as a member of the IFC Scholarship Committee, Food Buyers Association and Speakers Bureau. He has participated actively in class government being on the Frosh, Soph, Junior and Senior Councils. Among his other activities Dick lists Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Union board, Wesley Foundation, Campus 4-H, Campus U.N., and the International Club.

Kingston News

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons and Mrs. Mary Booth visited Mr. Lyons nieces, Mrs. Fred Holderman and family and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Robb and family in Washington Saturday afternoon and evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson McIntyre and Kevin of Owosso were week end guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Moore.

Guests on Sunday at the John M. Burmeister home were Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Burmeister, Jacqueline, John, Samuel and Beth of Auburn Heights; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Burmeister of Mt. Clemens, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Van Wagoner and Mrs. Catherine Stevens of Saginaw.

Miss Glenna Gould was a week end visitor at the home of her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Glen Van Wagoner.

Mrs. Hunter reports hearing from the Peter Magyar’s in Florida. Mr. Magyar has had a cataract removed from his eye. Report is that he is convalescing favorably.

White Creek Floral Club

The White Creek Flora Club met with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cargill, Thursday, March 12th for a delicious pot luck dinner. Dinner was over and the meeting was called to order by Vice President Marion Jeffrey.

The meeting was opened by reading the 22 Psalm. The secretary and treasurers report were given and accepted. Bills to Marion Jeffrey and Mary Legg were accepted and paid. It was voted to make another quilt for the club. There being no further business the meeting was adjourned, and turned over to the entertainment committee, namely Mrs. J. Burmeister and Mrs. Pat Cannon.

The April meeting is to be with Mr. and Mrs. George Hamsphire.

Woman’s Study Club

The members of the Woman’s Study Club entertained their husbands and friends to a turkey dinner at the Kingston Dairy Bar on Tuesday evening, March 10, at seven o’clock. 26 were in attendance.

Mr. and Mrs. John Graham of Caro were present and Mr. Graham showed colored slides of their recent European trip.

The next meeting of the club will be March 24 at 2 o’clock p.m. at the home of Ina Everett.

East Dayton News

Mrs. Wm. Hood and Mrs. R. Hood entertained the East Dayton Aid for a pot luck dinner Wednesday. March 11th. Mrs. Albert Ross and Mrs. R. L. Ross will be hostesses for April 8th. The aid will have a card party March 28th.

Mrs. Oscar Chanteny reports that Mrs. Frank Chanteny is home from the hospital at Higgins Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson visited her mother Mrs. Rachel Russell Friday night and Saturday at Clare.

Jane Hunt returned to her home after spending the winter months with her sister Mrs. Alfred Walls.

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Ward were Friday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Murrey Docherty, in the afternoon they visited Mrs. John Docherty.

Mr. and Mrs. Murray Docherty were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schlict of Fairgrove.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrsion Wells called on Mrs. Alfred Walls Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Nino Hunt spent Tues. night with Mrs. N. Hunter.

Mr.s Onalee Wells visited Mr. and Mrs. Murray Docherty Tuesday night.,

Mr. and Mrs. John Garner were Tuesday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alec Hunter.

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hunter and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson attended the V.F.W. meeting at North Branch Thursday evening.

Society News


Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ensign and Tom of Marlette called on Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ensign Sat. afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Moore called on his brother Mr. Roy Moore and her niece Mr. and Mrs. David Ruby in Lapeer Saturday.

Friday supper guests of Mrs. Hazel Wilmot were her cousins Rev. and Mrs. James Smith and children of Frankenmuth.

Mrs. Ray Dawson and Mrs. Robt Wilmot and 2 children spent Monday visiting their mother and grandmother in Detroit.

Mrs. Althea Hawkins and Mr. Wm. Shoemaker of Deford called on Mrs. Loie Evans last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ensign and children and Mr. Leland Ensign called on Mr. and Mrs. Len Liedel and children in Fenton last Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Arnold Moore, Mrs. Cecil Walker and Mr. B. E. Moore called on Mrs. Bessie Sproule and Mrs. Winnie Burns in the Cass City Hospital Thursday. They also visited Mrs. Flossie McCool in the Saginaw Osteopathic Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Miller of Clarkston were Sunday dinner and supper guests of Mrs Loie Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Evans joined them for supper.

Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign and Mr. and Mrs. James Caswell Alice and Arthur spent the week end at their cottages near Gladwin.

Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Moore visited with their nephew Mr. James Sieb in Oxford Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Froede and son called on his grandfather Mr. Ed Froede Sunday afternoon.

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