Volume 50, Number 5, March 6, 1964

Society News

Mrs. J. H. Hunter and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sutphen attended the funeral of a brother in law John P. Weaver in Monticello, Ind on Tuesday February 25.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stuphen of Waterford spent Sunday with Mrs. J. H. Hunter and celebrated a belated birthday of Mrs. Stuphen. Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons spent the afternoon with them.

Mrs. Cecil Walker helped her grandson Mr. and Mrs. John Walker move to a farm near Decker Wed.

Mr. Gordon Walker of East Dayton and Mrs. Cecil Walker called on Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kerbyson, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jones, Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Elda Kerbyson in Sandusky Sunday afternoon. They had lunch with Mrs. Elda Kerbyson and attended Cash Church in the evening.

Saturday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Doc Stoners were their granddaughter Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Parrott of Flint, and Mrs. Frank Molina and children of Waterford.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Liedel and family of Fenton spent Sunday with their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign.

Mrs. Dean Boyne of Leonard is a patient in the Lapeer County General Hospital. Winnie has had two operations in the last week and is gaining as well as can be expected.

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons called on her father Mr. Wm. D’Arcy in Cass City Saturday.

Mrs. B. C. Moore visited her sister Mrs. Bernice Walker in Lapeer a week ago Friday.

Miss Linda Hicks visited her cousin Ellen Marie over the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ensign and children were Saturday afternoon and Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Basil Hudson in Marlette.

Mr. and Mrs. Wally Wilmot and sons of Royal Oak spent Saturday with relatives.

Mrs. Nina Hunter, Ed and Ted Froede, Mr.a nd Mrs. Louis Wenzlaff Sr joined friends and relatives for a surprise birthday for Edgar Ross.

Mrs. Nina Hunter and Ted and Ed Froede were Sunday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berry. They honored their sister and husband Beryle and Frances Rocheleau. They were given a purse.

The Kingston Cardinals

THE CARDINALS – Bob Lester, Joe Cribbs, Jack Burns, Bill Armstrong, Terry Miller, Coach Lew Lester, Tom Kaminski, Lee Daily, Dick McCool, Dennis Rieck, Jeff Whitney, Bob Fox and Dave Kolacz.

I.F.Y.E. Goal Reached

The Tuscola County 4-H Clubs have received their set goal for the 1964 IFYE Program according to Ed. E. Schrader, County Extension Agent in 4-H Club Work.

The people of Tuscola responded very generously to the program. A little more than the $500 needed has been pledged. Last Monday the $500 was sent to Mich. State University for the IFYE Program guaranteeing that Dick Ross will be going to Poland this spring for 6 months.

Dick will leave April 12 from Washington for his 6 month stay with farms families in Poland. While he is in Poland Dick will live and host farm families. He will return in November to work and share this experience with the sponsoring organizations.

Dick is a senior at Michigan State University. He is a former Tuscola County 4-H’er, who has received several awards for his 4-H Club work and is receiving a 4-H Scholarship at Michigan State University now.

The following organizations have also contributed towards the 1964 IFYE Program: Dayton Center Home Ec Ext Study Group; Harmony Farm Bureau; Wolverine 4-H Club; Moreland Home Ec Study Group; Akron Community 4-H Club; Gilford Home Ec Study Group; Watertown-Duncan Home Ec Study Group; Fertile Valley Farm Bureau; Vassar Lions Club; Reese 4-Leaf Clover 4-H Club; Hickory Farmers Club; West Mayville 4-H Club; Dayton-Clover 4-H Club; Tuscola-Kingston ABA; Caro Rebekah Lodge; Van Winkle Club; Cass City Lions Club; North Vassar Home Ec Study Group; Van Petten Home Ec Study Group; Well-Dayton Farmers Club; VanBuren Home Ec Study Group; North Elmwood Home Ec Study Group; Tuscola County Farm Bureau Women; N.W. Gilford Home Ec Study Group; Cassland Farm Bureau; Twentieth Century Club; Kingston OES; Vassar Junior Women’s Club; Tip Top Farm Bureau; The Topper 4-H Club; Tuscola-Vassar ABA; 4-H Mother’s Club; Jolly Jokers 4-H Club; Quanicassee Farm Bureau; Unionville PTA; Versatile club; Vassar American Legion; White Creek Floral Club; Vassarettes 4-H Club; Deford PTA; East Dayton Ladies Aid; St Peter Lutheran Church; Progressive Four 4-H Club; Helen Higgins; Cass City American Legion Auxilliary; Wells Home Economics Study Group; Townline Farmers Club; Cass Valley Farm Bureau; Liberty Farmers Club; Michigan Milk Producers Association local, Vassar; Fostoria 4-H Club, and Cork Pine Home Economics Study Group. Ed E. Schrader, County Extension Agent, 4-H Club Work.


Two new 4-H Clubs are in the making, according to Ed E. Schrader, county extension agent in 4-H Club Work.

The new clubs will be a community type club offering a wide range of projects. They will be organized for the summer’s work.

In both communities, parent committees have bee organized to find the necessary leaders and do the preliminary organization.

The parent committee in Kingston is made up of Louis Salas, Robert L. Schwaderer, Bruce Silvernail, Donald Roberson, Joan M. Cook, Charlotte Bewernitz, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Hahn, Mrs. Louis Gyomory.

The parent committee in Deford is made up of Doris Mester, June Hosner, Ada Kilbourn, Elsie Hicks, Barbara Skiles, and Mrs. Mary Holcomb.

Club work will be available to every boy and girl in these communities when leaders have been located, Schrader concluded.

Ed. E. Schrader, County Extension Agent, 4-H Club Work.

Receives Life Membership

Five members of the Kingston Lodge No 430 F & AM; received their life Membership after 40 years of service.

Mr. Norman Ruggles who has served 27 faithful years as treasure, resigned his office after having retired from the Rural Mail. He and Mrs. Ruggles make their home in Florida during the winter months.

Others receiving Life Membership were Earl Harneck, Kingston; Neil Griffin, Flint; Francis Myers, Muskegon, and Fred Rode, Muskegon Hgts, Michigan.

Church News

Deford Methodist Chruch, Rev Alan Weeks, Pastor, Warren Kelley, Sunday School Supt.

Evang. Lutheran Church of our Savior’s. Pastor Karl Fuhlbrigge,

Lamotte Presbyterian Church, Rev. B. Heideman, Minister. Mervin Ellis Supt. S.S. Earl Cox, Ass’t Supt.

Clifford Baptist Church, Pastor Keith Mead.

Dayton Center Church, Rev. Charles Jenkins, Pastor.

Kingston Methodist Church, Rev. Alan Weeks, Pastor, Walter Harmon Sunday School Supt.

Pilgrim Holiness Church, Reverend Raymond Dean, Pastor. Raymond Moore Supt.

St. Michael Church, Rev. Raymond Pilarski.

Wilmot Holiness Missionary Church, Pastor, Rev. Wm. D. McKay.

Clifford Methodist Church, Donald Caster, Pastor.

Koylton Comm. Church, Robert Cook, Pastor.

Address of Those in Service

PFC P.E. Torongeau, 1963099, VMCI-2, 2nd MAW FMF, Cherry Point, N.C.

H.N. Stark, B1N2, P.O. Box 215, Hawaii.

A2C Andrew G. Bieszczak, 16677671, Box 249, A.E. Squadron, Bunker Hill AFB, Ind.

Pfc Frank Gnandt RA 16716903, 11th Med Hosp Field, APO 178, New York, N.Y.

David Hawley, SR, 6862560, Flag Allowance, CIN PAC Flt, c/o FPO Box 2, Navy 128, San Francisco, Calif.

James H. Sura SR. 686-40-71, VP 26 NAAS, Chase Field, Beeville, Texas

Cpl Ralph M. Yens, 11919322, Bulk Fuel Co., ASD 1st FSR. Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Sgt Lyle T. Torongeau, H & M, S31 MAG 312 MCAS, Beaufort, South Carolina.

Nelson Raymond W., SA 6 94 48 114 USN, USS Hermitage LSD-34, c/o FPO New York, N.Y.

Pvt Leo A. Heineman RA 16781350, School Co, CAS 7th ATC, APO 114, New York, N.Y.

PFC Michael D. Dawson, 3rd Bn 5th Marines, San Margarita Area, 1st Marine Division, FMF, Camp Pendleton, California

Pvt Robert L. Rossman NG 27107404 Co. P 3rd Tng Brigade, Ft Polk, La, 71446.

Theodore L. Nelson, SN USN, USS Hermitage LSD-34, 1st Div, c/o Fleet Post Office, New York, New York,

Council Proceedings

A regular meeting of the Common Council was called to order by the President John Burns at 7:00 pm February 3, 1964 in the council room with the following trustees present, Kaminiski, Barden, Heineman, Phillips, Richter, and Lalko.

By motion bills were referred to the auditing committee. Moved by Heineman seconded by Phillips the bills be allowed and orders drawn for payment. Carried.

Tickets No. 38, 39, & 41 turned in with $3.00 by Marshal.

President Burns appointed Heineman, Phillips and Gilmore to check with other villages in Tuscola County in regard to radio for Marshals car. Motion by Kaminiski seconded by Phillips council adjourn. Carried.

Kingston News

Mrs. Azelie Kaddatz of Decker was a weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore and Ellen Marie.

Sunday evening callers as the Stoner home were Mr. and Mrs. Morris Greenleaf and daughter of Clawson and Mr. and Mrs. Cy Thrail of Sandusky.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ensign and Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign attended the wedding of Mr. Donald Hudson of Marlette and Miss Doris Rich of Silverwood at the Clifford Baptist Church Friday evening.

Don is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign and Doris is the sister of Mrs. Douglas Ensign.

Following the wedding the 35 guests were invited to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Basil Hudson in Marlette.

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Frakes and Dean of Cass City and Mr. and Mrs. Rene Shields of Koylton were Tuesday evening callers at the Leo Legg home.

Mrs. Grace Henderson is still a patient at the Cass City Hospital.

John Annin has returned home after 2 weeks in the Sandusky Hospital.

Sharon and Gary Silvernail and Marcia Keifer returned to Mt. Pleasant after spending the weekend with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Silvernail.

Mrs. Loie Evans was very pleased to have a visit Saturday afternoon with her sister and brother in law Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Gottschalk from Beaverton.


Mrs. Wm. Bennett and Mrs. Grant Trisch spent Friday afternoon with Mr. Alfred Walls.

Mrs. Alex Hunter entertained the Dayton Center extension class Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hunter visited Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Craig Friday and took Mrs. Craig to Saginaw to have her cast removed.

Mrs. Nina Hunter entertained the Women’s Study Club and some of the East Dayton ladies for a Silver Tea Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Robison and sister of Fostoria visited Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Alfred Hunt of Caro came Thursday night and spent until Saturday morning with her sister in laws Mrs. Alfred Walls and Jane Hunt.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson visited their daughter and family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meldrum of Detroit Wednesday and Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hunter were Saginaw business callers Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Murrey Docherty called on Mr. and Mrs. George Steele Sunday also on Mr. and Mrs. Lee Steele. Her nephew Lavon Steele is quite ill at St. Lukes Hospital Saginaw.



In the matter of the Estate of Elva Deo Merrill, Ment. Incompetent.

At a session of said Court, held February 24, 1964.

Present Honorable Timothy C. Quinn, acting, Judge of Probate.

Notice is Hereby Given, That all persons interested in said estate are directed to appear before said Probate Court on March 26th, 1964, at ten AM to show cause why a license should not be granted to Robert J. Peter, guardian of said estate , to sell or mortgage the interest of estate in certain real estate described in his petition, for the purpose of preserving the estate and investing the proceeds.

It is Ordered, That notice thereof be given by publication of a copy hereof for three weeks consecutively previous to said day of hearing, in the Kingston Enterprise, and that the petitioner cause a copy of this notice to be served upon each known party in interest at his last known address by registered, certified or ordinary mail (with proof of mailing), or by personal service at least fourteen (14) days prior to such hearing.

Timothy C. Quinn, acting Judge of Probate. Beatrice P. Berry, Register of Probate.

State of Michigan, The Probate Court for the County of Tuscola in the Matter of the Estate of Minnie M. Woodruff, Deceased.

At a session of said Court, held on February 13, 1964

Present, Honorable George E. Benko Jr, Sanilac Co, Judge of Probate, acting in Tuscola County.

Notice is Hereby Given, That all creditors of said deceased are required to present their claims in writing and under oath, to said Court, and to serve a copy thereof upon Helen Schmuhl, Kingston Michigan fiduciary of said estate, and that such claims will be heard, by said Court at the Probate Office on April 23rd, 1964, at ten AM.

It is Ordered, That notice thereof be given by publication of a copy hereof for three weeks consecutively previous to said day of hearing, in the Kingston Enterprise, and that the fiduciary cause a copy of this notice to be served upon each known party in interest at his last known address by registered, certified or ordinary mail (with proof of Mailing), or by personal service at least fourteen (14) days prior to such hearing.

George E. Benko, Jr., acting Judge of Probate,

A true copy, Beatrice P. Berry, Register of Probate, Caro, Michigan, Kern and Kern by Richard F. Kern Attorney.

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