Volume 50, Number 14, May 1, 1964

Open House for Retarded Children

The enthusiasm the general public has shown has moved the Tuscola County Association for Retarded Children to hold "Open House" again this year at the Training Center, located at the corner of Graf and Van Geisen Rd, on Sat., and Sunday, May 2nd and 3rd, from 2 to 5 p.m. on both days.

Robert Reich, Pres of the Tuscola County Association for Retarded Children, extends a cordial welcome to all friends, relatives and interested parties to our "Open House." This will give you the opportunity to view the classroom and the work that the children have done.

Mrs. Margaret Osgerby, Caro, director of the Training Center: Mrs. Maggie Wolverton, Farigrove,; and Mrs. Forris, Vassar; who are instructors at the Training Center, will serve as hostesses to explain the accomplishments made and our future goals.

We are indeed grateful to everyone for help with gifts of materials, work, and financial support. Al these acts of kindness have helped to keep our Training Center open.

1964 Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Miss Karen Bilicki with a point hour ration of 3.97 has been designated valedictorian. Miss Bilicki, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bilicki, has worked as an assistant librarian, a student council member, a class officer, a debate team member, and a member of the chess club.

In the 10th grade Karen won a first prize in the Science fair. Karen was chosen by the P.T.A. to attend Girls Wolverine State last summer. Karen participated in the Junior play last year, and Senior Play this year. She has been chosen President of her class both last year and this year.

Next year Karen plans to attend Michigan State University where she received a scholarship. Karen is planning to become a high school teacher.

Miss Karen Dennis, who as earned a point hour ratio of 3.86 has been chosen as our Salutatorian of 1964.

Karen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Williamson, has been active in the Bible Club, and the Youth for Christ Club. For the last two years she has held the position of Teacher Assistant. Miss Dennis also held the position of Editor on the staff of the school paper the "Courier," last year and this.

Karen Dennis had the honor of being awarded the important Bausch and Lomb Science award this year.

Miss Dennis has been awarded a scholarship from Central Michigan University where she plans to study Math and English. Karen plans to become a high school teacher.

Servicemen’s News

Theodore L. Nelson, Seman, USN, and Raymond W. Nelson, Seaman, apprentice, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie H. Nelson are serving aboard the dock landing ship USS Hermitage operating in the Caribbean area.

Hermitage carried combat equipped Marines and is capable of delivering them to a sea assault beachhead. While in the Caribbean, she has participated in a number of sea assault exercises designed to maintain the combat readiness of the Atlantic Fleet.

Green Praised by Both Parties

In one of the most unusual gestures of commendation witnessed on the Floor of the House of Representatives in recent years, saw leaders of the Democratic party join with Republican leaders in the introduction of a Resolution praising Speaker of the House, Allison Green (R-Tuscola County) as "a great friend, trusted leader and capable statesman."

The unusual Resolution, coming on the heels of many weeks of bitter debate between the two parties, was introduced by Representative Joseph J. Kowalski, D-Detroit, Minority Floor Leader,; Robert E. Waldron, R-Grosse Point, Majority Floor Leader, Walter G. Nakkula, (R-Gladwin), Dominic J Jacobetti, D-Negaunee. Democratic support for the Resolution was unusual because of Green’s support as the top Republican official in the House.

The Resolution commended Green for "his tolerance of partisan debate, his humor in the midst of difficult situations, and his sincere regard for colleagues regardless of party affiliation." Green , as presiding officer, has won the admiration of all his gentle prodding of members who wander from the subjects of debate.

As the Lansing State Journal noted in its columns, "He was not so gentle recently, however, when he abruptly shut down an evening session of the House because of the inattention and dilatory debate tactics being employed by some members." The net result of this shut down, meant the legislators had to work overtime that week.

But for all his firmness and driving force, Democrats and Republicans alike voted adoption for a commendation of the highest order.

Postal Service Adjustment

The limited adjustments in some Postal Services ordered in Washington, March 10, 1964 by Postmaster General John A. Gronouski to save 12.7 million will begin to take affect in Kingston, Michigan and other cities May 4, Postmaster Walter Parrott said.

Service changes affecting the Kingston, Michigan post office will include the following:

1. Postal Money Orders will no longer be issued on Sat.

2. Rural Carriers will not accept money order applications on Saturday

3. Some miscellaneous Window Services are affected on Saturday also.

The Postmaster emphasized that no essential major services are affected under the orders. Letters and other first class mail will be handled with the same priority as before. At the Kingston Post office, because there are rural routes, all mail will be delivered six days a week, and all mail at the Post Office before 5:00 p.m. will be dispatched six days a week.

The economy step is in line with President Johnson’s programs under which the recent Federal Income tax cut was provided.

New Arrivals

Mr. and Mrs. James Reehl are parents of a baby girl born Sunday, April 26 in the Caro Community Hospital

Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. William Reehl of Bad Axe and Mrs. and Mrs. Leo Reitz of Kingston.

Card of Thanks

We wish to express our sincere thanks to the people of Kingston and vicinity, and especially to Mr. Walter Harmon and Rev. Alan Weeks for your kindness, sympathy, your prayers, gifts of flowers food and the letters and cards sent during our recent loss of son and brother.

Mrs. Winnie Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Burns

I wish to take this opportunity to thank my relatives, and friends for cards, gifts, and visits received while I was in the Marlette Community Hospital. Thanks also to Dr. Winfield and Dr. McGunagle, Nurses, Nurses Aides, and Gray Ladies for the fine care I received while there. Your kindness and thoughtfulness will always be remembered.

Senior Class Presents

Who killed Aunt Caroline is still a mystery. It has been rumored that it was just a case of suicide, others maintain it was out and out murder!

The mystery will be solved Friday and Saturday nights May 1 and 2 in the Kingston High School Gym. The meager price of 75 cents for adults and 50 cents for students will be charged to view this stirring mystery.

"Who Killed Aunt Caroline" will begin at 8 p.m. and is sponsored by the seniors.

Come and find out "Who Killed Aunt Caroline."

School Board Meeting

The regular meeting of the Kingston Community School Board of Education was held in the library on Monday, April 27, 1964.

The board appointed Mrs. Wellington Plane and Mrs. Leon Trisch as census enumerators. The census will be taken during the last 20 days of May.

The Board of Canvassers were approved for the school elections. They are Mr. Eldon Denhoff and Mrs. Marjorie Henderson, with terms to expire on December 31, 1965, and Mr. Albert Ruggles and Mr. Albert Ruggles and Mr. Arnold McLaughlin for terms to expire on December 31, 1967.

Election inspectors were chosen for the annual election to be held on June 8, 1964. They were Mrs. Eleanor Peters, Mrs. Elizabeth Wenzlaff, Mrs. Geneva Bass, and Mrs. Adelaid Plane.

The public budget meeting will be held on June 2, 1964 8:00 p.m. The regular annual meeting will be held after the polls are closed on Monday, June 8, beginning at 8:00 p.m.

The subject of an Adult Edcuation Program will be discussed. It is proposed that there will be adult classes offered beginning next fall for all adults who show an interest. These classes would enable adults to complete work for their own benefit. Credit would be applied toward meeting the requirements for a high school diploma. Many people have previously expressed interest in this type of program.

An In-Service education program will begin in Kingston next fall which is primarily designed for teachers but to which anyone wanting college credit could be admitted. The first class will be Education 408 and will allow 2 semester hours of credit.

The contracts of 21 teachers were approved by the board for the next school year.

The next regular meeting will be held on May 25, 1964 at 8:00 p.m.


The next meeting of the PTA will be held Monday, May 4 at 8 p.m. in the Multi purpose room. Program will be election of officers and two films: "Elkton, Pigeon, Bayport Area School Story" and "School Building 1963."

Candidates for offices are as follows: President Edward Nemeth; Father V. President., Dale Kelley and Don Roberson; Mother V, Pres., Shirley Koehler and Jane Ann Lalko; Teacher V. Pres., Rudolf Walk, Bill Rupprect, and Louis Wenzlaff; Secretary, Mrs. Rex Walls, Mrs. Edward Nemeth and Mrs. Robt. Parker; Treasurer, Mrs. Jesse Bruce, Jr., Mrs. Arnold McLaughlin, and Mr. Carlyle Everett.


The family of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Franklin have been saddened by the death of their son-in-law John J. Schmiegel, last April 17. Helen Marie Franklin and John Schmiegel were married in 1943 in Kingston.

Social News

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Quiel and family of Taylor and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Catlin and family of Detroit were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Torongeau.

Glenna Gould of Caro spent Monday at the home of her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wan Wagoner.

Mr. and Mrs. Van Burmeister, Larry, Jeanne, Connie, and Terri Jane of Monroe were weekend guest of their parents Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Burmeister.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Tong, Mr. Josephine Cojacari, Nancy and Robin of Detroit, and Linda Tong of Ferndale spent Sat. afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign and Mr. and Mrs. James Caswell. In the evening all attended the wedding reception of Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Creason at the East Dayton Community Hall. Others who attended from here were Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ensign, Mr. and Mrs. Basil Hudson, and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ensign.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Grindley of Pontiac were weekend guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Walker of Caro and Mrs. Cecil Walker called on Mr. and Mrs. Jake Shagena in Deckerville, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Dora of Fruitport, Michigan were Fri. callers of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Torongeau.

Mrs. J. H. Hunter and Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons attended the Youth Rally at the North Branch Pilgrim Holiness church Saturday afternoon and evening.

Mrs. Leland Ensign, Mrs. Douglas Ensign, and Mrs. James Caswell attended a baby shower for Mrs. Leonard Liedel in Fenton.

Mr. Earnest Torongeau is a patient in St. Luke’s Hospital in Saginaw.

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons called on Mr. Wm. D’Arcy in Cass City Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Wiswell, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Moore, and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Emerson McIntyre and Kevin of Owosso were Sunday dinner of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons and Ed were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. J. H. Hunter.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Linahan and family of Detroit were Saturday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rassette.

East Dayton News

Mr. and Mrs Albert Ross and Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hunter spent the weekend in the North for opening of trout season.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Wingert and children spent he weekend at the Albert Ross home.

Linda Lester spent the weekend with Rebecca Hunter.

The East Dayton Ladies Aid had a bazaar, bake sale and rummage sale, April 24 and 25 at Walter Harmon’s Furniture store.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Froede were Sunday night guests at the Ed Froede home. Sunday evening callers were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Berry and Joan, Mrs. Martin Jaster and Mrs. Emma Wilkinson.

Kingston Methodist Church

Missions is the theme for the whole day this Sunday. Doug Weeks will be speaking on "The Bible Basis for Missions," in our morning services. The challenge of missions to the world in pictures that you can see for yourself will be presented for your consideration and discussion.

In the afternoon following the worship service we will pot luck for all the families of the church. You are cordially invited to this time of fellowship.

In the evening we will show the Mission film "The Uncommitted" in Deford. This film is not intended merely to entertain you but to disturb and challenge to real commitment to Christ, in a world that is committed against Him.

We invite you to come to all these services including Sunday School at 10 a.m. Worship at 11 a.m. and in the evening at 8 p.m. in Deford.


Jane Ross and Faye Campbell were among more than 80 4-H girls from throughout the state who studied the Michigan dairy industry during the 1964 4-H Dairy Foods Conference at Michigan State University’s Kellogg Center, April 19-21.

The program, the first of its kind in Michigan, was designed to teach young women the nutritive value of the dairy products and create appreciation for the Michigan dairy industry through knowledge of career opportunities in marketing and promotion of dairy products.

Major emphasis throughout the program was on giving these young women a better understanding of dairy foods and teaching them to serve as resource persons in their respective home counties.

Dr. Charles Stine, associate professor of food science at Michigan State University, spoke on the new dairy products available to Michigan families.

"Freeze-dried foods are becoming more and more popular," Dr. Stine said, "Foods with high water content, such as cottage cheese and shrimp, are the first frozen and then dried under a high vacuum." He pointed out that this process and another, spray-dried foods, are being used on many of today’s products. "Iced milk, because of its low butterfat content, is creating much appeal," he noted, "especially to people on restricted fat diets."


LeRoy G. Burns

LeRoy G. Burns, 61, passed away very suddenly at the home of his mother on Sat., April 17. He was born Nov. 16, 1903 in Burnside.

Mr. Burns made his home in Saginaw at 1511 Federal St. He was an employee of the Chevrolet Parts Division in Saginaw. He was a veteran of World War II.

Mr. Burns leaves his mother, Mrs. Winnie Burns of Kingston and a brother Lauren of Flint.

Funeral services were held Monday, April 20 from the Harmon Funeral Home with Rev. Alan Weeks officiating.

Pall bearers were Lo Burns, Robert Peter, Sherwood Heineman, Dean Jeffrey, Donald Bass and John Burns.

Burial was in the Kingston Cemetery.

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