Volume 50, Number 18, May 29, 1964

To Attend NDEA Summer Institute

Mrs. Hermina Bril, 5670 Sanilac, Kingston , Michigan teacher of French at the Kingston High School, has been selected to participate in the National Defense Education Act Summer Language Institute sponsored jointly by the United State Office of Education and the College of Saint Teresa, Winona, Minnesota. Over 150 applications were reviewed.

The Institute will open on June 17 and close August 5. The 52 participants, all secondary school teachers of French have been selected from 21 states. This is the fourth NDEA Institute at the College of Saint Teresa and the 1964 Institute at the College of Saint Teresa and the 1964 Institute objective is the intensive preparation of teachers of French is three areas, language, culture and professionals preparation.

Participants will have the opportunity to observe demonstration classes and to take part in a seminar on methods and techniques. All courses and related activities will be conducted entirely in French in order to develop mastery of the spoken and written word. Native speakers will be housed with the participants and they will conduct the language classes at the noon and evening meals.

Director of the NDEA Summer Institute in French at the College of St. Teresa is Sister M. Jeremy, O.S.F. (Laval University and the Sorbonne) and Associate Director is Sister M. Gamille, O.S.F. (Officer d’Academie, Docteur es Lettres, Sorbonne, University of Paris).


Jane Ross

The director of admissions at Michigan State University has announced the awarding of four scholarships to Tuscola County 4-H Club members. The scholarships varied in amount, depending on the financial need of each of the four recipients.

Receiving 4-H scholarships for 1964 include Janice Dewinski of Caro; Jane Ross, Kingston, George Tiedgen, Caro, and Rodney Welsh of Millington.

The scholarships are awarded to incoming freshman on the 4-H club records and their accomplishments in high school.

Garry Plane

Garry Plane has been announced as the winner of the 1963 Dekalb Agricultural Accomplishment award given to outstanding Seniors in Vocational Agriculture Departments. To receive this award, he excelled in scholarship, leaderships, and Farm Program activities during his four years in high school.

Garry is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wellington Plane, of Rt. 2, Kingston. Garry attends the Kingston High School in Kingston and has been President and Vice President of Kingston FFA and President of Region 3 North FFA, also member of the Student Council.

His farming program consisted of crops and beef calves. After high school Garry plans to attend Saginaw Business School majoring in business. Garry is the 2nd Dekalb Agriculture award winner form Kingston High School. And as such his name will be engraved with the other winners on a special Honors plaque provided by the sponsor.

Frutchey Bean Co Sells Kingston Elevator

On Wednesday of this week, Mr. McIntyre of the Frutchey Bean Company of Saginaw, informed this newspaper that the elevator in Kingston has been sold to Mr. L. Wm. Brethauer of Saginaw. The elevator will go under the name of Kingston Elevator Co.

Mr. Charles Brown of Marlette has been employed as the new manager. He will be moving to Kingston in the near future.

Mr. Brethauer is at present the manager of Saginaw Seed and Supply, a division of Frutchey Bean Co.

The new management will take over officially on Monday June 1.

Everett Wingert

Everett Wingert was graduated from the University of Michigan, Friday May 22. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree at exercises held in Michigan Stadium where President Lyndon B. Johnson gave the Commencement address.

Mr. and Mrs. Arvin and Miss Mildred Phelps attended the graduation program.

Local Girl Receives Honor Grades

More than one third of the 1,279 students enrolled at Oakland University during the Winter Term achieved honor grades.

Among the 476 students on the Dean’s List were 145 freshmen, 43 sophomores, 81 juniors, an d 207 seniors.

Classification of grades placed the honor students in one of three categories. University Scholar – grade point average of 3.9 or higher, with no grade below 3.0. Student of Great Distinction -- grade point average 3.50 to 3.89, with no grade below 3.0. Student of Distinction – grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and completion of three or more courses.

There were 13 freshman, two sophomores 12 juniors, and 35 seniors named University Scholars. Students of Great Distinction included 30 freshman, seven sophomores, 21 juniors, and 69 seniors. In the Students of Distinction class there were 102 freshman, 34 sophomores, 48 juniors, and 103 seniors.

There was one on the Dean’s list from Kingston. She is Corinne Moore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Moore.

White Creek Floral Club

The White Creek Floral Club met with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seddon with eleven members and two guests present.

After visiting a while the meeting was called to order by President Alice Hampshire.

The meeting was opened by reading the Beatitudes and singing the first stanza of "Sweet Hour of Prayer."

The Secretary’s and Treasurer’s report were read and accepted. A short business meeting was held, collection of dues and reciting the "Lord’s Prayer" in unison. The meeting was turned over to the recreation committee, Mrs. Coltson, and Mrs. Jeffery.

Supper was served by Mrs. Seddon and her committee. After which it was decided to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Pat Cannon at the school house June 11, 1964.

Kingston News

Jack Ogg and wife to spend the month of June touring Europe.

The Ogg’s leave New Orleans the lst of June, flying to New York City where they will visit the World’s Fair. Then fly to France over to Paris then down to French Riviera to Nice and Monoco, down the Italian Riviera to Pisa and Rome, on to Florence Venice, Innsbruch, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium returning to Paris and home to New Orleans. Both the Ogg’s have very responsible positions in New Orleans.

Mrs. Ogg and Judy Mathews wish them "BonVoyage."

Kingston News

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore and Ellen Marie spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hicks and Tammy in Wheaton, Illinois. While there they attended the spring concert of the Wheaton College Concert Choir of which Rex is the director.

Mr. and Mrs. James Coan spent the weekend with their daughters Bonnie and Lois in Pontiac.

The folks that were at the White House of John and Cecile VanCleave were Faye and Wm. Hanby, Orchard Lake, Lucille and Leo Coulter, Royal Oak, Lola and Rex Boomer, Pontiac, Nancy Boomer and friend Bill, Mrs. Minnie Stewart, Mary and Louise Legg, Roscommon, and Pamela Legg of Grayling.

Mr. and Mrs. John Rose of Saginaw were weekend guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Richter.

Mr. and Mrs. Amber Jones and Mr. and Mrs. John Van Cleave attended the Golden Wedding Open House in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Legg in Livonia Sunday.

Sunday surprise callers of Mrs. J. H. Hunter were Mr. Irvin Stauffer and Mrs. Mary Ramsier of Elkton.

Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Moore, Mrs. Wiswell, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Moore and Mr. and Mrs. Emerson McIntyre and son Kevin of Owosso had Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wynn and Rhonda of Pontiac in honor of Rhonda’s first birthday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neal were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Richter.

Mrs. Nina Hunt spent a few days with Mrs. Margaret Walls.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Gilmore and sons spent the weekend at their cabin near Gladwin.

Friday afternoon and supper guests at the Ed Froede home were Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Froede of Chuls Vista, Calif., Mrs. Emma Wilkison, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Milford Sr. of Pontiac Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Froede remained until Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson and Mrs. Rachel Russell were in Detroit last Monday and visited Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meldrun and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson took her mother back to her home in Clare Monday.

Wayne Hackel was surprised Sunday at a birthday dinner given in his honor. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Emil Richter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Lester, and family, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hackel and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ford, and family of Marlette, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sefton and family, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Gilmore and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kerr and Emerson Doerling of Vassar. Pot luck dinner was served at 2:00 o’clock. Wayne received several nice gifts.

Millage Proposal

"Good Education at no Extra Cost"

The Board of Education have passed a resolution to ask the voters approval of a millage proposal at the regular school election to be held on June 8, 1964. The proposal is not a request for additional millage but a request that the present millage rate be continued for two years. Briefly, the proposal will request a levy of 3 mills for 2 years, 1964 and 1965. The present voted millage has expired.

Kingston has been allocated 9 mills by the Tax Allocation Board. This would bring in $40,707. A favorable vote on the millage proposal would bring in $13,568. The total income from local taxes would be $54,275.

Income from State sources total $157,309. Income from other districts total $22,000. Total income is $233,584.

Budget Expenditures for next year have been pegged at $231,584.

It is apparent that, if the school is to continue to operate in the black, the millage is absolutely essential.

Walter Wolak

Donald Lanway

John Fox

Arvin F. Wingert

Clarence Richter


Orrie Reimann


Frank Parker

Mr. Frank Parker, 73, lifelong resident of Kingston Passed away very suddenly Monday, May 25 at his home. He was born April 15, 1891 in Kingston Township.

Mr. Parker and the former Hazel Legg were married in August of 1917 in Flint, Mich. He was a Veteran of WWI.

He leaves his wife, one daughter Colleen Clement of Marlette, three sons, George of Jackson, James and Robert of Kingston, one sister, Mrs. Edna Booth of Midland and 17 grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Thursday, May 28 at 2 p.m. from the Kingston Methodist Church with Rev. Alan Weeks officiating. Burial was in the Kingston Cemetery.

Koylton Community Church Announcing V.B.S.

June 15-19, 9 a.m. till 12 noon. You’ll have a grand time playing outdoors in the country as well as learning more about your Bible. Anyone needing transportation please call and let us know as we will have at least 4 pick up cars.

"It is time to seek the Lord" (Hosea 10:12)

East Dayton News

Sunday visitors at the Froede home here were his niece Mr. and Mrs Bazell Holmes and family, Mrs. Emma Wilkison, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Froede of Chuls Vista, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hunter of Flint, and Wm. and George Curry of Troy.

Mrs. Alex Hunter entertained a group of ladies for a Tupper wear party Thursday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Murrey Docherty attended a family get together Sunday to help her brother George Steele celebrate his 80th birthday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hunter and daughters were Saturday afternoon Saginaw shoppers.

Mrs. Martin Duetsch and sons of Sandusky visited her parents a few days last week.

Swimming Lessons

Information on Caro Community Swimming Program.

Swimming applications will be given at my home on Saturday, June 6 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Anyone over age 7 is eligible. These forms must be signed by a parent, a doctor and returned to me by June 15.

The price per child is now $2.50. Do not bring suitcases beach bags or other large cases to lessons. There will be more details later.

Mrs. Mike Lalko

Kingston, Michigan.


The Kingston Boots and Bridle 4-H Club met with their leader Robert Phillips on may 25 after school. The purpose of the meeting was elect officers which are as follows: President, Doug Kramer, Vice Pres. Sandy Heineman; Sec. Jane Peter; Treas., Lonnie Bewernitz, and Reporter Brenda Lalko. Discussion was held on a trip to Bob-Lo for members and any parents who wish to go.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, June 3 at 7 o’clock at Kramer’s Barn. It is important that all members attend.

Principal Hired

Mr. John Holodnick of Caseville has been hired for the position of high school principal. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Dakota and a Master of Arts degree from Central Michigan University.

Mr. Holodnick is experienced, having taught 2 years at Channing, 5 years at Amada, and 8 years at Croswell prior to accepting a position at Elkton-Pigeon where he has been for 10 years.

Mr. and Mrs. Holodnick have six children six children. They will move to Kingston during the latter part of August.

Pubic Budget Hearing

To meet the requirements of Public Act No 43, the Board of Education, Kingston Community schools will conduct a Public Budget Hearing on June 2, 1964, at 8:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria.

State of Michigan

The Probabe Court for the County of Tuscola,

In the Matter of the Estate of James Osborn, Deceased

At a session of said Court, held on May 18th, 1964.

Present, Honorable Timothy C. Quinn, acting Judge of Probate

Notice is hereby given that all creditors of said deceased are required to present their claims in writing and under oath to said Court, and to serve a copy thereof upon Manford Osborn of Deford. Michigan fiduciary of said estate, and such claims will be heard by said Court at the Probate Office on July 30t, 1964 at 11 a.m.

It is ordered, that notice thereof be given by publication of a copy hereof for three weeks consecutively previous to said day of hearing, in the Kingston Enterprise, and that the fiduciary cause a copy of this notice to be served upon each known party in interest in his last know address by registered, certified or ordinary mail (with proof of Mailing), or by personal service at least fourteen (14) days prior to such hearing.

Timothy C Quinn

Acting Judge of Probate

A true copy Beatrice P. Berry, Register of Probate C. Bates Wills, Attorney

Caro, Michigan.


Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jarvis and family of Royal Oak spent Sunday with relatives here and attended the Baccalaureate services at the High School on Sunday evening.

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