Volume 50, Number 43, November 20, 1964


Theodore L. Nelson, seaman, USN, and Raymond Nelson, seaman apprentice sons of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie B. Nelson of Kingston are visiting ports in the European area following participation in the largest amphibious combat training exercise in the Atlantic since World War II.

Both are serving aboard the dock landing ship USS Hermitage.

The operation called "Steel Pike" featured U. S. and Spanish Marines landing from landing craft and helicopters of combined U. S.-Spanish Fleet of 94 vessels which included ships the U. S. Military Sea Transport service and chartered ships of the U. S. Merchant Fleet.

The mock assault on the beaches of Southern Spain was staged by Marines of the Second Marine Division, Second Marine Aircraft Wing and Force Troops, Fleet Marine Force Atlantic, along with a battalion of Spanish Marines.

"Steel Pike" showed the ability of the U. S. and Allied amphibious forces to rapidly transport large numbers of troops and all their equipment, get them ashore and maintain them for as long as necessary. It also trained the forces of both countries in conducting joint operation. The Hermitage launched landing craft carrying the Marines and their equipment during the beach assault portion of the operation.

Attend Conference

L.C. "Red Draper of Millington, sales representative in this area for Investors Diversified Services, Inc., (IDS), attended a career recognition conference conducted by the company in Minneapolis, its headquarters, on October 19, 20, and 21, 1964. He qualified on the basis of his sales record and services performance during the past twelve months, dating from October 1963.

Stuart F. Silloway, IDS president, and William B. Boscow, vice president – sales were the principal speakers. Herbert A. Johnson, director – sales training, conducted the meetings.

Investment securities issued by certificate and mutual fund companies in the Investors Group, which IDS heads and insurance offered by Investors Syndicate Life Insurance and Annuity Company, another Investors Group member, were discussed by specialists in these fields.

During a tour of the home office, salesmen saw the automated operations used in the vast accounting system which implements the company’s many unique customer services. The conference closed with a reception and banquet given by the president, Stuart F. Silloway, on behalf of the company.

Lodge to Honor Past Masters

The Kingston Lodge No. 430 F& A.M. is having a dinner and dance Saturday evening, December 5, 1964 at the Kingston High School honoring Past Masters.

A ham dinner will be served at 7:00 p.m. and there will be continuous dancing from 9:00 to 12:00. Music will be furnished by the Fred Gunsell orchestra.

The principal Speaker at the dinnerLeRoy B. McInally. Mr. McInally is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin C. McInally of North Branch. He was born there and moved to Kingston when he was two years old He attended the English School and graduated from Kingston High School in 1923. He went to Detroit in 1925 and graduated from the Detroit College of Law in 1931. Mr. McNally is a senor partner in the law firm of McInally in the Peobscot Bulding. He is a member of Delta Theta, PhiLaw Fraternity, American Bar Association, State Bar Association of Michigan and Detroit Bar Association.

He is a member of Acaia Lodge No 477 since 1937 served as its Worshipful Master of Acadia Chapter R.A.M. No. 168 a member and Past Patron of Grosse Point Rams No., Chapter OES No 423, member of Church OES member of OES, No. 432, the member of Church Methods

Chemistry Class

At present, our chemistry class is involved in acquiring basic knowledge concerning terms, physical and chemical properties of matter, and the latest interpretation or theory on atomic structure. We are using a book called "Chemistry" by Garrett, Richardson, and Kiefer, which ahs a 1964 copyright date. Although students find the book demanding, they are making progress and appreciate the fact that we do have a current book from which to study. However, it appears the greatest student enjoyment in chemistry is in laboratory participation, which is scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is understandable since students have more freedom to work and progress on their own initiative.

The following students achieved a "B" or better average in chemistry for the first six weeks period:

Gail Crigger, Donna Houghton, Thomas Kaminski, David Kolacz, Mary Rassette, Jake Richter, David Trzemzalski, Anea Vlasopolos, William Walkiewicz and Elaine Wolak.

John Holodnick, Chemistry Instructor.


The October meeting of the Kingston PTA was called to order by President Jack Wesch.

The treasurer reported a balance on hand of $304.24.

Mrs. Wallace read a report from Mrs. Opperman about the book fair. Mrs. Wallace made the motion that post cards be sent to all PTA members with information concerning the book fair at the next PTA meeting. Mrs. Denhoff seconded the motion.

There was a discussion of purchasing something for the school with the money we have on hand. A committee of Mrs. Maxine Peter, Mrs. Denhoff and Mrs. Wenzloff was appointed to provide a list of materials needed for the school.

Mrs. Parrot asked if we would like to send a girl to Girls State and a boy to Boys State this year. Mrs. Peter made the motion to send a girl and boy and Mrs. Wallace seconded the motion.

Mr. Holodnick suggested we might think about having a school carnival for a money making project. Mr. Holodnick, Mrs. Wenzloff, and Mrs. Wesch were appointed to look into this.

Mrs. Wm. Kramer moved the meeting be adjourned and Mrs. Parrott seconded it. Meeting was adjourned.

A movie was shown by the Conservation Department of a bear hunt in Michigan’s Upper Penisula.

Lunch committee for the Nov.16th meeting was Mrs. Anna Campbell, Beatrice Cooper, Thomas Dale, Don Darling and Eldon Denhoff.

June Wesch, Acting Secretary.

New Arrivals

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Campbell are proud parents of a son born Thursday, November 5 in the Cass City Community Hospital. He has been named Richard. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cummings and Mrs. Ann Campbell all of Kingston.

Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Green are parents of a daughter born November 2, in the Hills and Dales Hospital at Cass City. She weighed 6 lbs 8 ozs and will answer to the name of Kathy Jean. Her grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neal of Kingston and Mr. Stanley Green of Caro.

Announce Engagement

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Rossman of Kingston announce the engagement of their daughter Nancy, to Robert Harter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Harter of Dansville. Both the bride and groom are graduates of Lansing Business University and are employed in Lansing.

A February wedding is being planned.

Society News

Mrs. Sylvia Dibble has returned home from the Hills and Dales Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons were Sunday afternoon callers of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Robb and family at Washington.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wynn and Rhonda were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Emerson McIntyre and Kevin on Friday in honor of Kevin’s 2nd birthday.

Saturday guests of Mrs. Forest Wilmot was her cousin Mr. Orville McBride of Sandusky.

Archie Rodenbo of Auburn Heights is spending the week end hunting in this vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rassette were Saturday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gendron of Flint.

Mrs. J. H. Hunter was a recent caller of her nephew Wrayborn Krohn in the Cass City Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Catlin and family of Detroit spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Torongeau. The grandchildren are staying with the Torongeau’s while their parents hunt near Petosky.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Godell of Saginaw were Wed. evening supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Evans.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Maxam, daughter Jill and Dianne Darbee of Lansing spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schraderer.

Kingston News

Mrs. Phylis Ashcrot spent from Monday until Friday with her sister Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gilliland. She entered St. Luke Hospital in Saginaw on Friday for treatment.

Mrs. Lyle (Shirley) Ludlow and Scott Kin of Montpelier, Ohio spent a few days with her mother Mrs. Sylvia Dibble.

Mrs. Etta Elliott is spending some time in Detroit with her children.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hartt left last Thursday for Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wasolowski, Mr. Leo Weber, and Mrs. Eugene Rassette attended the St. Paul’s Seminary in Saginaw Sunday for 5 o’clock afternoon mass.

Mr. and Mrs. Amber Jones left Tuesday for their winter home n Port Richey, Florida.

Mrs. Laura Thorp, fell and broke her pelvis bone. She is in the Cass City Community Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign are spending some time at their cottage near Gladwin.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ingersoll of Prudenville and Mrs. Besse Orgram of Saginaw were Tues. visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons.

Lois and Bonnie Coan of Pontiac spent Saturday with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Jim Coan.

Mrs. Hugh Hendricks of Marlette is staying with Mrs. John Annin.

Mr. and Mrs. Willard Marlow of Flint spent Sunday with Mrs. Sylvia Dibble. Mrs. Marlow is a cousin of Mrs. Dibble.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Legg and grandson Michael Hubbard of Pontiac and Mrs. Jack Johifs of Auburn Heights were Sun. dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Legg. They also called on their Mrs. Laura Thorp who is still a patient in the Hills and Dales Hospital in Cass City.

Mrs. John Annin returned home Sunday after spending 2 weeks at the Morris Dunford and Charles Soper homes in Marlette.

White Creek Floral Club

The Floral Club met Thurs. with Mr. and Mrs. Claude Sirdan for dinner. A bountiful pot luck dinner was served by Mrs. Sirdan and her helpers Mrs. Legg and Mrs. Jeffrey to which everyone did justice.

The meeting was then held. It was called to order by the president Alice Hampshire. It was opened by reading the 82 Psalm and singing, "O Beulah Land."

The secretary and treasurers reports were given and approved. The club donated a blanket to Mrs. John Fox.

Two new members were admitted to the club. It was decided to accept the Irl Spear offer and a committee appointed to look after the same. The meeting was closed by repeating the Lord’s Prayer.

The next meeting will be with Mr. and Mrs. Irl Coltson for dinner at the school house for the December meeting.

The meeting was turned over to Ellen Coltson and Joan Darling the entertainment committee who sponsored Bingo.

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