Volume 50, Number 41, November 6, 1964

Election Returns

Johnson – President

Romney – Governor

Hare -- Sec of State, Kelly – Attorney General

Harvey -- Congressman

Hart – Senator

Beadle and Spencer elected to State Legislature

All County Officers were Re-elected to their respective posts.

Kingston and Koylton Township Officers on the ballot were elected

The Massachuett Ballot Proposal Was Defeated

The Amendment allowing the sale of beer and wine on Sunday was approved.

Honor Roll

Grade 7: Rochelle Snover, Nancy Chappel, Karin Crigger, Robert Miller, Linda Periso, Ed Bilicki, Ellen Moore and Bob Green

Grade 8: Denise Kelley, Doris King, Alice Chantiny, Evelyn Schmuhl, Lois Walls, Sandra Bragg, Cathie Galubenski, Brenda Lalko, Debra Davis.

Grade 9: Sharon Rickwalt, Glen Wall, Renae Rayl, Pat Russell, Pam Parrino, Wayne Moore, Judy Lemanski, Barbara Bragg, Erin Lanway, Gary Simmons, Richard Badics, Virginia Trzemzalski.

Grade 10: Sandra Heineman, Karey Henderson, Sharon Galubenski, Judy Ross, Janet Moore, Sue Ross, Fred Langmaid, Cheryl Kelley, Cathy Franckowiak, Rebecca Snover, and Janet Walkiewicz.

Grade 11: Nancy Adamczyk, Mary Houghton, Robina Snover, Virginia Grow, Ron Parrino, Mary Denhoff, Kenneth Bragg, and Jake Richter.

Grade 12: Nancy Hampel, Ann Zajac, Dave Trzemzalski, Dave Kolacz, Pat Czerwiec, Chris Schwaderer, Grace Parrott, Tom Kaminski, Bob Lester, Donna Houghton, Barbara Oleksy, Mary Rassette, Gail Crigger, Jeanette Randall, Alan Lock, Mary Lou Koppelberger.

Each six week period and concurrent with the honor roll, we are publishing the names of the boy and girl in each class displaying outstanding qualities of Citizenship and effort. We intend, by this means to give recognition to those people who may not make the honor roll but who are good citizens and contribute most effort in their school endeavors. Below are the last six weeks students receiving such recognition.


7th Grade


Dan Packey

Don Dibble

Alice Steele

Karin Crigger


8th Grade


Alice Chantiny

John Nickens

Dean Van Horn

Janice King


9th Grade


Garry Simmons

Erin Lanway

Pat Russell

Pam Parrino


10th Grade


Bruce Walls

Fred Langmaid

Sue Ross

Sharon Galubenski


11th Grade


Paul Rickwalt

Ron Lemanski

Helen Szpunar

Carmen Sapien


12th Grade


Dave Kolacz

Larry Cross

Arlene Matthews

Mary Rassette


Society News

Mr. and Mrs. Delos Stoner and Mrs. Leonard Randall were at Lake Michigan over the week end. Mrs. Stoner installed her daughter, Mrs. Leah Wilson as Worthy Matron of Farwell Chapter

Visitors at the Clarence Cox home the past 3 weeks were Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Smith and son, Michael, of La Grange, Ind. They are now making their home in Vassar. Mr. Smith is employed in Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Martin of Detroit, Mr. and Mrs. Clare Ballard of Marlette were Sun. callers at the Cleo Evans home.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Boyne of Leonard were Friday evening callers in the vicinity.

Sunday visitors at the Eugene Rassette home were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Genord and Mrs. Anna Poissant of Detroit.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Elliott of Millington spent Sunday with Mrs. John Elliott.

Mr. and Mrs. Dilles Walker of Drayton Plains called on Mrs. Cecil Walker Sunday.

Gail Penfold visited at the home of her father, Mr. Everett Penfold last week.

Mrs. Loie Evans and Minie Clark were Sunday dinner guests of her son, Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Evans.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rassette were pleasantly surprised Saturday when brother Thomas Rassette C.S.C. of Nortre Dame called for a short time.

Mr. and Mrs. Pony Dora of Fruitport spent a couple of days at the Ernest Torongeau home.

Mrs. Cecil Walker visited a friend in Marlette last Thurs., they called on Mrs. Eva Morgan who has been ill for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Quiel of Taylor were week end visitors at the Earnest Torongeau home. The Quiel children returned home after spending a week with their grandparents.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Walker and Freddie of Caro were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Cecil Walker.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ensign of Marlette were Sunday afternoon callers at the Leland home, they were joined in the evening by Mr. and Mrs. James Caswell and Alice.

Mrs. Vernon Everett visited at the Guy Jarvis home in Royal Oak the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Harland Legg and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Legg spent Sunday in East Lansing visiting Curt.

Mr.and Mrs Andrew Birthelmer have left for their winter home in Florida.

Joe Arnold Walker, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. John Van Cleave came from his home in Mobile, Ala, to drive the VanCleaves south for the winter. They left Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pettiplice of Port Huron and Miss Leone Dori of Argyle were Sunday callers of Mr. Wm. D’Arcy.

Jane Harmon of Kalamazoo was a week end visitor at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harmon.

Mrs. Ethel Annin spent Sat. in Marlette with her daughter Mrs. Maurice Dunsford.

Mrs. Leo Ashcroft called on her sister, Mrs. Charles Gilliland Thursday.

Mrs. Aletha Hawkins visited at the Stanley Hartt home Sunday.

Mrs. Leo Penfold and son Max of Kinde was a visitor at the Loie Evans home recently.

Mr. and Mrs. James Coan attended the 40th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rapson at Bad Axe.

Mr. and Mrs. Carson Legg, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Legg of Roscommon and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pridmore of Detroit spent last week end here hunting.

Mrs. Abbie Schwaderer called on Mrs. Loie Evans Thurs.

Mrs. Sam Miller of Clarkston spent Thursday and Fri. with her mother, Mrs. Loie Evans.

New Arrivals

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ensign are parents of a son born Nov. 2 in the Caro Community hospital. He weighed 8 lbs. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign and Mrs. Everett Rich of Silverwood.

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