Volume 50, October 16, 1964

Varsity Club

Dear Parent

In the interest of raising funds for much needed athletic equipment for all sports, the Kingston High School Varsity Club plans to sponsor an auction sale. Examples of items to consider are: dishes, clothing, toys, furniture, appliances, tools, books, etc. Please keep in mind that the condition of items is not important. What might be worthless to you might be of value to others.

The collection period will encompass 3 or 4 weeks with the auction itself being held in November.

Silver Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. John Burns were the honored guests Sunday at a family gathering in honor of their silver wedding anniversary which is October 17.

After a very delicious Swiss steak dinner at Reinmanns dining room, the family gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. McLaughlin. In the evening they enjoyed ice cream and a beautiful wedding cake made by Mrs. Joyce Barrons.

Those present, in addition to the honored guests were Mr. and Mrs. Keith Walker and family, Jack and Mary C. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold McLaughlin, Mrs. Dorothy Roain, Jane and Kathy, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Torr, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schobert, Jim Soper, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parker and family, and Miss Wanda Hunter.

Science Scholarship

Kingston High School’s top science student will be the recipient at graduation of the Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award Medal. According to Principal John Holodnick, the winner is eligible to complete for the annual Science Scholarships sponsored by Bausch and Lomb Incorporated at the University of Rochester.

In 8500 secondary schools throughout the nation, the Award is presented to the graduating student with the best record in science studies. Since its introduction in 1932, there have been 179,000 winners. Surveys indicate that about one-third of this number have been encouraged by the Award to attend college and follow scientific careers.

Seniors who stand at the top of their class in science studies should check with Mr. Holodnick late in 1964 to determine their eligibility for the Science Scholarship competition. Only winners of the Honorary Science Award are eligible to compete for the Scholarship.

White Creek Floral Club

The club met Thursday at the School House for dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Darling were hosts. Mrs. Darling and helper Mrs. Coltson served a delicious potluck dinner at one o’clock.

The meeting was called to order by the Pres. Alice Hampshire.

We sang "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," with Mrs. Nellie Williams at the piano, after which the 42nd Psalm was read.

There being no old business, the matter of new business was discussed. The first Card Pary is to be the 24th of Oct. The committee being Alice Hampshire and Ellen Coltson. There being no further business the November Club is to meet with Mr and Mrs. Claude Sirdan at their home Nov. 12, 1964.

The Lord’s Prayer was repeated and the meeting was turned over to the recreation committee which was Marion Jeffrey.

Elva Coan.

Band Boosters

The October meeting of the Band Boosters will be held this coming Monday, the 19th, at 8 p.m. in the Band Room. Part of the program will include the showing of films taken at Band Day, and of the band performing at the Reese game. Refreshments will be served following the business meeting.

New Arrivals

Mr. and Mrs. James Daily, Jr., are proud parents of a daughter born Saturday, October 10. The proud grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. James Daily, Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. D. Cumper.

Social Notes

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson McIntyre and son Kevin of Owosso spent the week end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Moore.

Mrs. Elizabeth McCool, who has been a patient in the hospital in Saginaw, returned home Saturday.

Sunday callers at Mrs. J. H. Hunters home were Mr. and Mrs. Wm.Kitchen of Marlette and the Reverend Travers.

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons visited her father Mr. Wm. D’Arcy who is a patient in the Saginaw General Hospital Sun. Mr. D’Arcy has had surgery.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neal spent Sunday with her sister Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Warden in Lapeer.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moore of Lapeer were recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Moore.

Mrs. Wm. Tong of Detroit spent a few days visiting her sisters Mrs. Laura Thorp of Reese and Mrs. Leland Ensign.

Recent dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons were Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Lyons and family of Croswell.

Mr. and Mrs. Dilles Walker of Drayton Plains returned their mother Mrs. Cecil Walker to her home Saturday. Mrs. Walker has been visiting her children and grandchildren for the past 3 weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moore of Lapeer and Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Moore called on Mrs. B. E. Moore’s sister Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Titus and family in Flint.

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Duckwitz of Imay City and Mrs. Harold Falls of Ann Arbor were Thursday afternoon callers at the Fred Neal home.

Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Moore were callers in Lapeer Friday. They visited with Mrs. Josephine Smith in the Suncrest Convalescent Home and Mrs. Bernice Walker.

Mrs. Wm. Tong of Detroit and Mrs. Leland Ensign called man in Caro Monday.

Teachers Attend Meeting

School will be dismissed next Thursday and Friday, October 22 and 23, to enable teachers to attend the annual fall meetings of the Michigan Education to be held in Saginaw.

The theme for the division meetings, "Directions for the Future," is based upon the report of the NEA Project on Instruction, Schools for the Sixties. Many discussion and demonstration groups have programs to implement the recommendation of the report.

East Dayton

Ted and Ed Froede, Mrs. N. Hunter and Mrs. Jessie Streich of Howell were Sunday dinner guests of Mr.and Mrs. Jack Milford and girls. On their way home they took Mrs. Streich to her home in Howell.

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hunter and Becky visited Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ross Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. D. Dow were week end guests of her uncle Mr. and Mrs. Murrey Docherty.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lockart were Wednesday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Murrey Docherty.

Mrs. Grant Trisch and Mrs. Leon Spencer entertained the East Dayton Aid at the Hall Wednesday.

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