Volume 50, Number 40, October 30, 1964

Governor Romney Visits Kingston

Governor George Romney arrived in Kingston around 5 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. He got out at the corner of Ross Street and walked to the School escorted by the Kingston Community School Bank under the direction of Mr. William Rupprecht.

Mr. Romney is quoted as saying at the banquet held in Caro Tuesday evening "that I was donw in the mouth until I got to Kingston where I had the best reception so far on my tour."

Sheila Wesch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wesch presented Mrs. Allison Green with a bouquet of roses.

John Burns, president of the Village of Kingston greeted the Governor at the school.

Orrie Reiman, president of the School Board introduced Allison Green, candidate for Secretary of State. Mr. Green in turn introduced Governor Romney who spoke on "The Progress in Michigan."

Other dignitaries present were Mike Warshawsky, candidate for Attorney General, Ferrell Roberts candidate for Judge for Court of Appeals, Roy Spencer running for State Representative and Frank Beadle for Senator.

Businessmen have Party for Children

The Kingston Businessmen’s Halloween Party will be held Saturday evening, October 31. There will be a weiner roast. Prizes will be given for costumes.

A short blast of the fire sirer at 7:45 will be the signal for the children to gather on main street to go to the property near the school for the roast.

At 9 p.m. the money for the winners will be delivered to the winners home and the child must be home to receive the money.

All persons in the community are asked to stop treating when the warning siren sounds.

Harvey Honored at Luncheon

James Harvey, Congressman from the 8th District of Michigan met several businessmen and farmers at a 11:30 luncheon at the Dairy Bar.

He spoke on the Federal Aid to Schools, the Postal Route changes, Redistricting of Michigan, The Agricultural controls in regards to sugar beets and wheat which affect our own State economy.

The importing of more meats and their effect on our own livestock production.

He approved the Peace Corps and many bills that would help our economy.

Mr. Harvey left at 12:40 to meet with persons in Mayville.

School News


The regular meeting of the Board of Education was held on Monday, October 26.

The names of 30 members of the community were presented to make up a Citizens Committee to study the various aspects of the school and to make recommendation to the Board of Education for improvement. Areas to be studied are curriculum, finance, buildings and community factors which influence each of these. The first meeting of this committee will be held on November 10 at 8:00 p.m.

The board made an agreement with the village council to lease the property east of the elementary school for 5 years to be used as a parking lot. No parking will be permitted on the road during school hours.

Due to overloading of all busses and longer routes and excessive cost in the operation and maintenance of older busses, it was decided to take bids on a new 66 passenger bus.

Current bills in the amount of $2,798.66 were authorized.

Society News

Mrs. Loie Evans has returned from the hospital but is still confined to a wheel chair.

Mr. and Mrs. Ward Waldie of Gaylor are here caring for her mother Mrs. Lillie Rossman during her illness.

Mr. Van Burmeister of Monroe, Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Burmeister and children, also Miss Donna Partrick of Auburn Heights and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Van Wagoner of Oxford were guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Burmeister on Sat.

Charles Seddon is a patient in the Hills and Dales Hospital.

Mrs. J. H. Hunter entertained Mrs. Pearl Silvernail Sun.

Mr. Wally Wilmot and boys spent Sunday with his mother Mrs. Hazel Wilmot.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sutphin of Waterford spent Wed. with his mother Mrs. J. H. Hunter.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rassette and family of Linwood spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rassette.

Mrs. Paul Thorp is a patient in a Saginaw Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Van Wagoner were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gould of Caro on Sunday in honor of her fathers birthday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clare Burmeister, Mark and Dawn of Clawson were recent overnight guests of their uncle John Burmeister.

Sunday visitors of Mrs. Sylvia Dibble at the Hills and Dales Hospital were her mother, Mrs. Julia Streeter, her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Streeter of Flint.

Mrs. Arlene Costello is visiting at the Dibble home while her mother is in the hospital.

Mrs. Wm. Owen of Dearborn was a guest at the home of Mrs. C. B. Schwaderer.

Mr. and Mrs. Louise Wenzlaff, Edward Froede and Mr. and Mrs. Ellwood Eastman attended the funeral of Ted Wenzlaff’s father-in-law at Port Huron Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lee Evans and sons of Dayton, Ohio spent a few days with his mother, Mrs. Loie Evans.

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Torongeau are caring for the Raymond Quiel children while their parents are attending a Police Chief’s Convention.

Mrs. Laura Thorp is spending some time with her daughter Mrs. Ray Francis in Reese.

Mr. and Mrs. James Stoner and two boys of Clawson had dinner with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Doc Stoner.

Mrs. Stanley Moore and Ellen Marie spent Thursday and Friday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Grindley in Owosso.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Torongeau , Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gendron of Flint, Mrs. Emma Gendron of Detroit, came Thursday to help Mrs. Rassette celebrate her birthday.

Mr. Kenneth Alexander of Detroit spent the week hunting in this area.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ensign and Tom of Marlette, Mr. and Mrs. James Caswell and family, Miss Kay Froede, and Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ensign enjoyed Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign.

Social News

Mrs. Hazel Jeffrey of Caro spent Wednesday with Mrs. Vernon Everett and attended the WSCS meetng.

Mr. and Mrs. Tewksbury of Port Ritchie, Fla. Are visiting in the area.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Coltson of Rochester spent Sun. with Mrs. Vernon Everett.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Schwaderer of Pampano Beach, Florida are visiting his mother Mrs. C. B. Schwaderer.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Harris of Dryden called on Mrs. Vernon Everett Sunday.

Mr. Frank D’Arcy called on Mr. Wm. D’Arcy at the Alton Lyons home Sunday.

Mrs. R. L. Defoe and Sherry Geror of Pontiac called at the Arnold Moore home Saturday.

East Dayton News.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Curry of Troy, Fred Froede of Pontiac, were guests at the Ed Froede home. Tuesday evening callers were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Berry and family, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Smith and daughters, and Dennis Reick.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wilson of Birmingham were Tuesday and Wednesday guests of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson.

Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Stratton were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Murrey Docherty. Afternoon callers were Mrs. Onalee Wells and her mother, Mrs. Wm. Brown.

Miss Maggie Lymburn is in Caro Hospital with injuries suffered Saturday by a cow kicking her.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ross and Judy were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hunter and girls.

Mrs. Nina Hunter and Ed and Ted Froede called on her uncle Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Churchill at Watrousville, Sun. afternoon.

Mrs. N. Hunter called on her sisters, Mrs. Frank Berry and Mrs. Luther Berry Saturday morning.

Mrs. James Daily, Jr. is improving and hopes to be able to come home the middle of the week.

Society News

Omitted last week

Mrs. Howard Pinknell of Romeo was a Saturday dinner guest of Mrs. J. H. Hunter

Mrs. Loie Evans returned to her home Saturday from the hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. John VanCleave called on Mr. and Mrs. James Coan Sunday.

Mrs. John Elliott returned home after visiting a week in Detroit and Harrison.

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Childers and children of Pontiac were Saturday visitors at the James Coan home.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Maxam and daughter Jill or Lansing were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schrader.

Saturday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rassette were Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Poissant of Detroit.

New Arrivals

Mr. and Mrs. John Rose of Saginaw are parents of a son, Gregory John, born Wed., Oct. 14. The grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. John Richter and Mr. and Mrs. John Rose of Beaverton. The great grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neal.

Society News

Omitted last week.

Mrs. Azelia Kadditz of Decker spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore and Ellen Marie.

Mrs. J. H. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons were Sun. dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sutphin of Waterford.

Mr. Wm. D’Arcy returned home from the hospital Thurs.

Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign and Alice Steele spent the week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks in Pontiac.

Sunday visitors of Mr. Wm. D’Arcy were Mr. and Mrs. Chelsea Rose of Deckerville, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie McCool of Kalkaska, Rev. and Mrs. Bob Ingersoll of Houghton Lake and Mrs. Bessie Ogram of Saginaw.

Mrs. Wm. Fitchett, and her daughter Mrs. Thelms Perkins of Elkton were Wednesday callers of Mrs. J. H. Hunter.

Mrs. Arnold Moore spent from Wednesday to Friday in Canton, Ohio, attending the Worlds Gospel Mission National Convention.

Mrs. Olga Gayer and family of Sandusky spent Saturday evening at the Ernest Tornongeau home.

Mrs. Hazel Wilmot returned home Saturday after spending some time wither cousin Mrs. Henry Spiekerman in Saginaw.

Kingston News

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Allen and children and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ruhl and son of Cass City spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. George Whaley and Brian in Parkersburg, W. Va. While there they visited a replica of the Model Home at the World’s Fair which is being built at Parkerburg. The Fenton Art Glass Factory at Williamston, W. Va. On the way home they saw the Belleville Dam being built on the Ohio River, a 65 million dollar Government project. Also the Warren G. Harding Memorial at Marion, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. Vallie Quiel of Taylor spent the week end at the Ernest Tonrongeau home.

Mrs. Sylvia Dibble is a patient at the Hills and Dales Hospital.

Mrs. Anna Brown of Pontiac called on Mrs. Loie Evans Monday.

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