Volume 50, October 9, 1964

Pink and Blue Shower

Mrs. Douglas Ensign was honored with a pink and blue shower Sunday, October 4. She received many nice and useful gifts, for which she thanked everyone. Guest were present from Bay City, Otisville, Lapeer, Detroit, Pontiac, Marlette, Drayton Plains, Holly, Fenton, Silverwood, Caro, Gagetown, Cass City, and Kingston.

85th Birthday

Mrs. Lillie Rossman of E. Rossman Road celebrated her 85th birthday September 25, 1964.

Quietly honoring their mothers birthday, the son, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Rossman and her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Waldie of Gaylord had a card shower and served Ice cream and cake to near relatives who called Friday evening.

The many lovely cards from distant relatives and friends made it a time to be remembered by everyone.

Guests were present from Pontiac, Lansing, Cass City, Lapeer, Marlette and Saginaw.

Democrats Meet

Tuscola County Democratic Committee has a full schedule for the month of October.

The Brown for Congress Dinner will be held Wednesday evening, October 14, at 7 p.m. at Community building in Vassar. State Treasurer Sanford A. Brown will be the guest of honor. He is candidate for the 8th congressional District. Mrs. Melvin J. Steward is chairman of the family style turkey and ham dinner.

ON Sunday, October 11 a box social will be held in the park hall in Richville at 3 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Hill are in charge

Coffee hours are being held in all parts of the county for candidates.

Lyle Thornton of Fostoria is chairman of this years Dollars for Dems drive and will be held 2 week ends during the month.

Football Notes

In spite of the fact that the Cardinals have suffered defeat in their first two league games, there has been some bright spots in both team play and individual efforts.

The overall play of the defensive line has been exceptional, with bone-jarring tackles being provided by Lee Daily, Lonnie Bewernitz, Doug Kramer, Dick McCool, and John Taylor with amazing regularity.

Jim Brandibur has provided some offensive highlights, such as his 77 yard scoring run against Sebewaing. Jim owes credit on this particular play to the good faking job turned in by Jack Burns and Ron Parrino which drew several defensive players our of position and enabled Jim to scamper goal ward untouched.

The end positions have been well handled thus far by Tom Kaminski, Dave Trezemzalski, and Bob Lester. This trio has been strong both offensively and defensively. Tom caught 2 TD passes in the exhibition season opener with Port Hope and only a yard and a clipping penalty kept him from a score in each of the two league games. Bob has also seen duty in the defensive backfield and at quarterback.

Dave Kolacz played his usual strong defensive game in both the Reese and Sebewaing encounters.

Continued effort of this sort for the rest of the season will give Cardinal fans plenty of excitement regardless of the outcome of the games.

Dick Ross

While in Poland this IFYE has often been burdened down with small articles when he goes shopping, as Polish stores don’t always have that handy paper bag found so easily in the stores in the states. I have finally succumbed to buying this handy article that all Polish males use when he goes to the store for his wife. This is a plastic netting, shaped much like a basketball net, with plastic handles attached. When not in use it can be wadded up into a compact bundle about the size of a baseball and put in your pocket. When in use, this handy item will hold the necessities the shopper needs, including meats, breads, toothpaste and razor blades.

Farm Bureau

On Wednesday evening, Sept 9, the Sanson Farm Bureau Group met at the Herman Leslie Home in Clifford, to elect new officers. The following officers were elected, to take over duties in October: Chairman, John Borek, Jr.; Vice Chairman, But Cobb; Secretary, Jean Boyl; Discussion Leader, Don Lanway; Ass’t Discussion Leader, Marvin Kramer; Minute Man, Wesley Boyl; Pkg, Reporter, Clarence Cox; Member county Women’s Committee, Trellis Borek; Citizenship Leader, Ruth King; Recreation Leader, Bernice Cobb; Song Leader, Bernice Leslie; News Reporter, Margie Kramer.

Howard Clement led a very interesting discussion on "Programs Take People and Power." We plan to hold the next meeting at the John Borek home on Wednesday eveing, Oct. 14.

Vows Repeated

In the afternoon of Sept 19, Karen Gail Krause, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William F. Krause of Akron and Theodore L. Nelson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Nelson of Kingston were united in marriage.

Serving the bride as maid of honor was Miss Maria Eligando of Caro, and bridesmaid was Miss Robyn Snover of Kingston.

Attending the groom was Robert Krause, brother of the bride and Dale Nelson, brother of the groom.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Nelson honeymooned in the Upper Pensinsula. Mrs. Nelso is making her home with her parents until her husband completes his active duty in the U. S. Navy.

Society News

Mr. and Mrs. Archie Rodenbo and family of Auburn Heights were weekend guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neal.

Mr. and Mrs. John Richter visited relatives in Port Huron and St. Clair on Sunday.

Mrs. Fred Neal, Mrs. John Richter and Mrs. Albert Denhoff were business callers in Saginaw Monday.

Edward Froede, Jr. spent a few days vacationing at the Wm. Curry cottage at Red Oak.

Mr. and Mr.s Gerald Grindley of Owosso, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore and Ellen Marie spent the week end touring northern Michigan.

Sunday dinner guests at the Froede home were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wenslaff, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ross and Judy, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Curry, other callers were Mr. and Mrs. Ben Boyle and Scott and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Berry and Dennis Reick.

Mrs. Henry Speikerman of Saginaw is spending a few days with her cousin Mrs. Hazel Wilmot.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gendron of Flint spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rassette.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Quiel of Taylor spent the weekend at the Ernest Torongeau home.

Mr. James Wilkerson of Pontiac and Miss Sue Hoffman of Redford were Friday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Barrons and family.

East Dayton

Mrs. Nick Ward spent Thursday and Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Murrey Docherty.

Mrs. Clayton Hunter returned from the hospital Thursday night.

The East Dayton Ladies entertained a Pink and Blue Shower honoring Mrs. Oscar Chantiny Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Grant Trisch and Mrs. Leon Spenser will entertain the East Dayton Aid October 14.

Mrs. Leon Spenser will entertain the Extension class October 16. Anyone wishing to join are welcome to come.

The Wells Dayton Farmers club met at the hall for a pot luck dinner Thursday evening. Mr. Ed Froede and Mrs. N. Hunter were host and hostess. Verald Stokes, Vice President called the meeting to order after the usual business Mrs. J. Daily presented Mrs. Wm. Fitzgerald of Caro who showed some lovely pictures that they had got on their trip to Hawaii and California. Her mother Mrs. Riley and sister Mrs. Anna Wittle were also guests.

Kingston News

Friday afternoon visitors of Mrs. J. H. Hunter were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Buschlein of Kilmannah. Mr. Buschlein is a cousin.

Mrs. Anna Campbell, Larry and Carol, Miss Marjorie Radloff, and Mrs. J. H. Hunter spent a few hours Sunday afternoon with Rev and Mrs. Lester Nelsen of Applegate.

Mrs. Delos Putnam of Caro was a recent caller of Mrs. J. H. Hunter.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks of Pontiac were weekend guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign.

Mrs. Jo Cojacari, Nancy and Robin of Detroit were Sunday visitors at the James Caswell home.

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