Volume 50 Number 34 September 18, 1964


John E. Kitts

John E.Kitts, 33, passed away suddenly Saturday morning, September 12, at his home in Kingston.

He was born September 9, 1931 Pontiac, Michigan

Mr. Kitts and the former Shirley Reimann were married April 2, 1955, He was a Navy veteran in the Korean War.

He leaves his wife, Shirley; 5 children, Corinne, Cathy, Tina, James and John Paul all at home; his mother Mrs. Ruth Kitts of Clifford; 5 brothers, Paul, Drayton Plains; Robert, Owoss; William, Vernon; Thomas, North Branch; Patrick, Owosso, and a sister Mrs. Margaret Ann Hoag of Clifford.

Rosary was recited at 9 p.m. Sunday, September 13 at the Harmon Funeral Home.

Funeral services were held Monday, September 14 at 11 a.m. from the Harmon Funeral Home with burial in St. Michael’s Cemetery.

Pallbearers were Morris Adair, Richard Westerby, Marner Briggs, John Barden, Mike Lalko, and Robert Phillips.

In Memoriam

In memory of Harry N. Smith who passed away seven years ago September 19, 1957.

Gone is the face we love so dear,

Silent is the voice we loved to hear;

To far away from sight or speech,

But not too far for thoughts to reach.

Sweet to remember him

Who once was here,

And who though absent,

Is just as dear.

Always remembered by his daughter Mrs. Josephine Vieau.

Appointed to F.H.A. Committee

Carl F. Bittner, 9216 W. Van Geisen Road, Reese, has been appointed as a member of the three man Tuscola County Farmers Home Administration committee, the agency’s County Supervisor Robert B. Abbott announced this week. The appointment is for three years.

Mr. Bittner succeeds Carl D. Middleton whose 3 year term expired this year. The other two members serving with Mr. Bittner are Vernon M. Zimmer of Unionville and Roderick V. Hood of Silverwood.

The local Farmer’s Home Administration county committee reviews applications by farmers and other rural families for seven different type so agricultural, housing and water loans made in Tuscola County. In addition, the committee advises with the county supervisor regarding the adapting of national loan policies to local conditions

Mr. Bittner has spent his lifetime in farming and is currently operating a 250 acre cash crop farm. Crops consisting principally of beans, beets, and wheat. He retired from the dairy business about 9 years ago.

Mr. Bitner is active in community affairs. He is married and has two sons and one daughter. His family also shares in his interest in community activities, as well as, the farming program.

County Supervisor Abbott says that Mr. Bittner’s practical farming experience will be valuable in contributing to the county committees actions when they review loan applications.

Planning Consultant Hired

The Village of Kingston has hired a Planning Consultant and named a planning commission.

Planning consultants are Raymond W. Mill and associates of Midland, Michigan.

Planning commission is Albert Peter, Jr., John Barden, Sr., Arnold McLaughlin, Irene Schwaderer, Tom Dale, Dwane Gettle, Arnold Moore, and Ted Froede.

Representing the Village on this committee is Sherwood Heineman.

Operation Open House

Five Kingston area families participated in a hospitality program by hosting international students in their homes during an extended week end.

This was the first occasion for the families to join the 2 year old Christian Rural Hopsitality Council in this area which cooperates with the Protestant Foundation for International Students at the University of Michigan. Because Michigan has 4,000 of the 18,000 students and scholars her for a short term in the United States, families of rural communities join to welcome these university students as guests in their home and to extend friendship to students while they are in Michigan.

Some 85 families, from an area extending from Deckerville, Ubly, Bayport, Elsie, Vassar, and Hemlock assembled at the Caro High School Thursday evening to await the arrival of the students from Ann Arbor. At 9:15 students of many nations of many religions (including Moslem and Buddist) of various ages, arrived to join their "assigned" families. Some families welcomed more than one student. Two families hosted entire families of parents and 4 children.

In our area, guests and their hosts were:

Mrs. L. Phaovibul of Thialand, with the Eugene Hergenreder’s

Mr. Takaya Konishi of Toyko, with the Bill Schwaderer’s

Fr. Jos. Jonczuk of Poland, with Fr. Ray Pilarski.

Jan Cappuyns of Belgiu, with the George Westerby’s

Matasuki Yamani of Japan, with the John Wolak’s.

The entire group reconvened at Caro, at the fairgrounds on Sunday afternoon for a specially prepared program followed by a picnic.

The Kingston families, particularly, agreed that "something wonderful" had taken place; the presence of these guests was sincerely enjoyed, and language difficulties did not seem important at all. At one time, when the Kingston visitors gathered at the trailor factory for a tour, the exchange of languages would have perplexed and delighted a linguist, for in the effort to communicate, English was supported by French, German, Japanese, Polish and a form of Belgian.

The scene at the fairgrounds when the buses were departing resembled those pictured when ships sail from their docks. Families remained at the buses until all students boarded; small children insisted on being held up to the bus windows for a farewell, and students and families alike exchanged "I’ll be seeing you" in just about every language. Some had already made plans for future visits to one another; all agreed on one point – the visits were too short.

Enough cannot be written, in support of this very fine, and very important program; and the significance and impact this approach in all parts of our country toward striving for world understanding and peace for the future.

Floral Club White Creek

The White Creek Floral Club met with Mr. and Mrs. James Coan on Thursday, September 10.

Dinner was served at 1 o’clock by Mrs. Coan and her helpers Mrs. Hampshire and Mrs. Cargill. A bountiful pot luck dinner was served to 13 members one visitor and several men.

The meeting was called to order by the president Mrs. Hampshire. It was opened by reading in unison the Second Psalm.

The report of the school reunion was given by Mrs. Verna Weaver, bills paid and the balance was recorded with the treasurer.

The Secretary called the roll and we answered by paying our dues. We repeated the Lord’s Prayer in unison.

Our next meeting is to be with Mr. and Mrs. Don Darling in October at the school house for dinner. Her helpers are Mrs. Ellen Coltson and Mrs. Treassa Hunter.

The meeting was then turned over to the recreation committee Mrs. Verna Weaver and Mrs. Nellie Williams. Bingo was enjoyed.

Elva Coan, reporter.

Celebrates 100th Birthday

Mrs. Laura Vick of 4845 S. Kingston Road, celebrated her 100th birthday on Sunday, September 13. Mrs. Vick wa born September 13, 1864 in Wood County, Ohio. Although ill Mrs. Vick had a very wonderful birthday with many gifts, friends calling and cards and telegrams being sent.

She and the former George Vick had three children. Two are still living. A son William of Grover City, Pennsylvania and her daughter Mrs. Beulah Drake. She has a granddaughter Mr. Virginia Sweitzer of Grove City, Pennsylvania and 3 great grandchildren.

Mr. and Mrs. William Vick are visiting their mother at the present time, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Drake of Kingston where she lives.

Purely Local

Nina Roberts, 5 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Ricketts is a patient in Marlette Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. James Caswell and Mr. and Mrs. Leland Ensign spent the weekend at their cabins near Gladwin.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hobbs and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Grindley of Owosso were weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moore and Ellen Marie.

Rev. and Mrs. Bob Ingersoll of Houghton Lake, Mrs. Alfred Orgran of Saginaw, and Ben D’Arcy of Silverwood were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alton Lyons and Mr. Wm. D’Arcy.

Mr. and Mrs. Les Reddaway and Mr and Mrs. H. B. Metzer of Flint visited Mrs. J. H. Hunter Wednesday.

East Dayton

Mrs. Montford Robinson and daughter Kathleen, and Mrs. Bernice Placy of Pontac called on Mrs. J. H. Hunter, Friday.

Mrs. Cecil Wilson and Mrs. N. Hunter were hostesses for the East Dayton Community Aid Wednesday, September 9. They planned their annual Ham Dinner which will be October 6th with a bazaar and a bake sale.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Roberson entertained the Wells Dayton Farmers Club September 3 at the East Dayton Community Hall. The Froedes’ and Mrs. N. Hunter will entertain October 8th.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson and Mrs. and Mrs. Alex Hunter attended the V.F.W. Supper and meeting at North Branch Thursday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Docherty accompanied Mrs. Wm. Hood and Mr. and Mrs. R. Hood to Bay City to see Wm. Hood who has had surgery at Bay City General Hospital.

Mrs. Nina Hunter and Ed. Froede called on Rev. and Mrs. Hugh Putnam Friday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hunter and daughter were Sunday supper guests of Mrs. N. Hunter and the Froede’s, evening guests were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rochealau and Jerry. Walter Putnam, Martha Knoblet and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Berry.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson and Mrs. Rachel Russell visited Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wilson over the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Murrey Docherty visited Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilcox Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Ward visited Mr. and Mrs. Murrey Docherty Wednesday.



The Probate Court for the County of Tuscola

In the matter of the Estate of Russell S. Curry, deceased.

At a session of said Court, held on the 4th day of September A.D. 1964

Present, Honorable Timothy C. Quinn, acting Judge of Probate

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the petition of Earl Seddon praying that the administration of said estate be granted to Richard Ross or to some other suitable person; and that the heirs of said deceased be detemined, will be heard at the Probate Court on October 8, 1964 at 1:30 p.m.

IT IS ORDERED, That notice thereof be given b publication of a copy hereof for three weeks consecutively previous to said day of hearing, in the Kingston Enterprise, and that the petitioner cause a copy of this notice to be served upon each known address by registered, certified or ordinary mail (with proof of mailing), or by personal service at least fourteen (14) days prior to such hearing.

Timothy C. Quinn, Acting Judge of Probate

A true copy, Beatrice P. Berry, Register of Probate.

Social Notes

Mrs. Minnie Stewart and Mr. and Mrs. Ross Rickers were Sunday visitors at the Loie Evans home.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Boyle and Scott visited at the Ed Froede home Sunday forenoon. They will be living in Mr. Pleasant until January.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo Beech and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Beech of Dearborn were host at a family get together at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Meat of Stow, Ohio over the Labor Day weekend. They also visited the magnetic well in Chardon, Ohio.

Recent guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Burmeister and children of Auburn Heights, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Smiley of Pontiac and Mrs. Donald Gould and daughter of Caro.

Mr. and Mrs. John VanCleave visited relatives in Roscommon the past week.

Mrs. Mary Clark daughter and granddaughter of Waterford were Friday callers at the Loie Evans home.

Society News

Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Childers and children were Saturday callers at Jim Coans

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ellis of Pasadena, California spent from Friday through Sunday at the Leo Legg home and called on other relatives and friends.

Mrs. John Annin was pleasantly surprised Saturday when her five sisters came to wish her Happy Birthday. Those who came and enjoyed a cooperative dinner were Mrs. Charles Henderson of Marlette, Mr. and Mrs. Basil Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Stout of Bay City, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Legg, her daughter Mrs. Maurice Dunsford of Marlette and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dunsford of Mt. Pleasant. She received many lovely gifts. Mrs. Minnie Stewart called in the afternoon.

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