Volume 50, Number 35, September 25, 1964

Candlelight Wedding

A pretty candlelight wedding ceremony was solemnized Sat., August 8, when Miss Denise Pauley became the bride of Mr. Everett Wingert at the First Baptist Church in Mason. The pastor, Rev. Murl Eastman officiated at the double ring ceremony

The bride is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. O. Keith Pauley of Mason and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arvin Wingert of Kingston.

Brett and Craig Schaffer, twin cousins of the bride lighted the candelabra at the altar and down the center aisle of the church.

Mrs. Dale McCalla, a friend served as matron of honor. Cousins of the bride, Miss Judith Schafer of Grand Rapids, Miss Phyllis Torres of Detroit and Miss Georgeanne Torres of Oklahoma city were bridesmaids. Gowns were fashioned by a friend, Mrs. M. V. Kennedy of Mason.

Attending the bridegroom as best man was James Peter of Kingston. Groomsmen were Robert Peter, Kingston and college roommates, Frank Yockey, of Detroit and Alan Wheaton of Ionia. Seating the guests were cousins of the groom, Dale Wingert, Kenneth Frenzel and Paul Phelps of Mayville, and a friend, Gerald Schafer of Flint.

Miss Joanne Eastman accompanied Warren Emerick. Miss Mary Torres, a cousin of the bride, registered the guests. Mrs. R. E. Anderson of Grand Rapids served the bride’s cake and Miss Melinda Brown of Melbourne, Australia served the groom’s cake. Also serving at the bride’s table were Miss Gineen Janson of Mason, Mrs. James Green, of Lansing and Mrs. Barbara Choate of Ann Arbor.

The bride who attended the University of Michigan has enrolled at the University of Washington for the fall term. The bridegroom, a 1964 graduate of the University of Michigan will also attend the University of Washington for graduate work.

After September 1 they will make their home in Seattle, Washington.

Pre nuptial parties were given by Mrs. W. V. Kennedy, Mrs. Dale McCalla, Mrs. Marvin Janson and Mr.s Elliott Moore.

Soil Conservation Pond Tour

A farm pond tour will be held on Tuesday, September 29, 1964, starting at 9:30 a.m. in the Tuscola Soil Conservation District, Maynard McConkey, District Chairman, announced today.

The tour will start at the Leonard (Max) Wilcox pond located 4 miles South of Kingston, then 1 miles East on the Lanway Road, or 1 miles North of Clifford on Kingston Road then East on Lanway Road. This is a fill type pond, stocked with fish and used as a family recreation area. One end has been left shallow for the benefit of waterfowl.

The second stop will be at the E. Jack Clothier pond located mile West and mile south of the Wilcox pond, on Cemetery Road. This is a pit type pond constructed this spring and is not entirely completed.

Next is the Charles Bussure, Jr. pond located on Mayville Road 3 miles East of Kingston Road at corner of Mayville and White Creek Roads. This pond is in the process of construction and is an opportunity to see some of the factors involved in such a project.

The afternoon session will began at 1:00 p.m. at the Reynold Johnson farm at the corner of North Lake Road and Swaffer Road. This is about 4 miles West of Mayville on Saginaw Road ( old M-38) then 2 miles South on North Lake Road to Swaffer Road. Johnson’s pond has a spring as a water supply and is used by the family for fishing and swimming.

The second afternoon stop will be at the Bernard Rohrer pond at the corner of Lane Road and Barnes Road, or 1 mile East of Sheridan Road on Barnes Road. This pit type pond has a spring and a well to furnish water. It also has a shallow end for waterfowl.

The final stop will be at the Reuben Meyer pond 2 miles south of Millington on M-15 then 1 miles east on the Birch Run road, or mile west of Sheridan Road on Birch Run Road. This pond is used for commercial trout fishing. It is a combination pit and dam type of pond. A flowing well furnishes part of the water supply.

Wilbur Kellogg, Work Unit Conservationist, and David Dyer, Agricultural Engineer, of U.S. Soil Conservation Service, and William Mason, District Fish Biologist, Michigan Department of Conservation, will conduct the tour. The public is invited.

Servicemen’s News

Pvt William J. Kupek, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lewicki, Kingston, stationed at San Diego, California completed his Boot Training, September 3rd, the before his 18th birthday. On completion they moved to Camp Pendleton for 5 weeks of extended training.

Pvt. Bill reports his platoon Co. K. scored 401 points in their final drill. It’s the third time in the history of K. Co. the recruits have scored this high.

Being a recruit in the fourth week Pvt. Bill was appointed 3rd squad leader with 17 pvts. under him and remained so to this day.

He passed the Proficiency mark second highest in his Plt. 4.6 out of possible 5.0. Next highest was honor man with 4.8.

On his written test X.2 scored 88. Missed the PFC stripe by points but scored high in qualifications into the electronic field.

Pvt. Wm. says the Marine Corp is great. It’s challenging and he’d do it again if he had it to do over.

Things that helped him thru Boot Camp was fervent Prayer, being physically prepared by taking sports at school, determination, "I’m going to make it" and above all he says "all kinds of mail, each day at Mail Call there is nothing so great as a letter from home to make a guy fee high in spirits."

Pvt. Wm. says "If you know or have some one in service or away from home, remember them frequently with a letter, soon. You cannot write too often.

Mr. Richard Wynn Joins Church Staff

Mr. Richard (Dick) Wynn has joined the Staff of the Kingston Pilgrim Holiness Church as music director and youth counselor. Dick began his duties on September 13th. The church held a welcome reception for the Wynn’s on Wednesday evening in the parsonage fellowship room. Dick and Janet and their daughter Ronda are living at 3274 Washington Street, Kingston. Dick is Tuscola County Youth for Christ Club Director.

Wilmot Family Gathers

53 members of the Wilmot family gathered at the East Dayton Hall for a Farewell party honoring Mrs. Pearl Harding of Brea, Calif. Who has been visiting in Mich.

Guests were present from Pontiac, Royal Oak, Warren, Leonard, Mayville, Port Huron, Kingston, and Salem, West Virginia.

Purely Local

Mr. and Mrs. Clare Ballard of Marlette and Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Evans enjoyed a trip to Port Austin, Grindstone City, and around the Thumb, Sun. The Fall colors are starting to come on the trees.

Mr. and Mrs. Van W. Burmeister, Larry, Jeanne, Connie and Terri of Monroe were week end guests at the home of their parents Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Burmeister. Sunday callers were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Spear of Detroit, Mrs. Ernie Barns and Janet of New Baltimore.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neal visited relatives at Imlay City Sunday.

Mrs. John Richter and Mrs. Fred Neal were business callers in Saginaw Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pridmore of Detroit called on relatives her Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Grover of Auburn Heights were visitors at the Mrs. Frank Parker and Mr. and Mrs. John Van Cleave homes Sunday pm.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim McCabe of Lansing spent the weekend visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Clement in Marlette. They also visited their grandmother Mrs. Frank Parker and Jim and Bob Parker and family.

Society News

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gilliland are in Illinois attending a WWI reunion.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Moore honored Mrs. Wiswell with a birthday dinner. Those attending were Mrs. A Defoe, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gerou, and Sherri, Mr. and Mrs. Max Defoe and family of Pontiac, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wynn and Ronda.

Mrs. Arnold Moore, Mrs. Raymond Dean, Mrs. Cecil Walker, Mrs. Don Roberson, Mrs. Pearl Silvernail, and Mrs. J. H. Hunter attended the Michigan State Convention of World Gospel Mission, in Battle Creek the past week.



School opened for the fall term on September 8 with an enrollment of approximately 725 students in grades Kindergarten through 12. There were 390 in the elementary school and 345 in the High School. Enrollment by grade are as follows.



1st grade


2nd grade


3rd grade


4th grade


5th grade


6th grade


At present there 13 students in the special education room.

High school enrollments are as follows

7th grade


8th grade


9th grade


10th grade


11th grade


12th grade


New teachers for the school year include Mrs. Nancy Rupprecht – grade 4, Mrs. Eileen Greenleaf – grade 2 and 3, Mrs. Aneita Denhoff – grade 5, Miss Marilyn Marcin – High School English and Speech, and Mr. John Holodnick – High School Principal.

In Memoriam

In memory of Forest Wilmot who passed away 10 years ago September 21.

Gone but not forgotten.

Mrs. Forest Wilmot and family

East Dayton

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hunter and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gerger of Fingall, Ontario were Sat. and Sunday guests of Mrs. Nina Hunter and the Froedes.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnatt Marshall of Rochester were Friday night guests of her neice Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hunter.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson took her mother to her home in Clare Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hunter and Rebecca, and Mrs. Nina Hunter attended the wedding of Ronald Hunter and Miss Bettie Lou Graves at Miss Better Lou Graves at Flint Presbyterian Church Saturday evening. The reception was held at the Legion hall.

Mrs. Elva Hall of Prescott spent the past week with Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hunter.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wilson are visiting friends at Caburg, Ontario this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Selenske and daughters were Sunday guests of her mother Mrs. Alfred Walls.

Mr. and Mrs. Murrey Docherty were guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Stratton Sunday. Other guests were their sisters and brothers.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hempal entertained relatives Sunday. They had their baby baptized.

Mrs. Nina Hunter, Ed and Ted Froede, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wenzlaff were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wenzlaff. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Eastman of Cass City.

Mrs. Rose Froede and Mrs. Wm. Froede and Brian were Sunday evening callers at the Ed Froede home.

Wells Dayton Farmers Club will meet with Froedes and Mrs. N. Hunter October 1.

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