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The Kingston Depot Committee is involved in rebuilding the old depot in Kingston, Michigan with the goal of making it a Community building with historical ties. This work is being done under the auspices of the Village of Kingston.  We have several publications of historical significance for genealogists. All proceeds go toward the rebuilding of the Kingston Depot. Please see Committee holdings below. If you would like to help us with this project, please e-mail Richard and Jan Peter.

We will soon be putting online our Quasqui-Centennial publication, "Kingston, MI, 1857 - 1982."




Publications for Sale:

Kingston Commemorative Postcard - This postcard features a replica of a 1910 print of the Depot with the train stopped for passengers. 


Kingston, Michigan, 1857 - 1982 - Lots of great history regarding Kingston, along with many biographies of Kingston Pioneers, and many pictures. 


Pictures for Sale: Most date in the 1910 era and cover the following topics: Train Wreck "Head-on Collision".


Lumbering Photos for Sale:   Lumbering in Kingston area that include the cook's house with lots of men posing, timber, old equipment, hauling logs; Farming in those early days with a John Deere Reaper.


"Nellie" - The regional story of a little girl named Nellie who moved to Kingston with her parents in 1903 when she was four years old. This book describes what life in Kingston was like during that time period. The book is printed on heavy cover stock and is spiral bound. 


"Walk Through Time" - This book tells the stories of 44 homes and 30 businesses in Kingston. It contains 16 original drawings by local artist, Bob Sims. It is spiral bound and printed on 24# paper. 


**If you are interested in any of the above items please contact Richard and Jan Peter  by clicking on either their name above or the e-mail button below.  Checks for any orders need to be made out to the Village of Kingston.  Payment can be mailed to  Jan Peter, 3074 Kingston Road, Kingston, Michigan  48741.

**Larger sized and higher quality photos are also available. Ask for more details if interested.



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