Notes from Ledger titled:  Minutes of the Silvernail Reunion August 1919


On page 7 appeared the names:  Mrs. Lillian Silvernail and Mable


On page 8  at the top appeared the names: Ernest Bowker, Vera Bowker.

On page 8 at the bottom appeared the names: William M. Barrons born July 30, 1881; Clara M. Barrons, born Aug 28, 1886; Eula Estella Barrons, born May 16, 1907; Harold Davis Barrons, born May 20, 1910; Doris Alberta Barrons, born July 9, 1920.


Page 9 at the top appeared the names:  Earl Silvernail born May 30, 1890; Janet Silvernail born Mar 27, 1900; Marguerite Marcella Silvernail born Aug 29, 1921; Arthur Ronald Silvernail born Sept. 13, 1922.

In the middle of this page appears the name Homer.


Page 12 titled:  “DEATHS”

On this page appears the following information:

Hicks, born Feb 5, 1844, Died May 5th 1921

Lucy Jarvis Silvernail, born June 4th, died June 29th 1921

Arthur Silvernail died Jan 15th 1920

George Silvernail died September 15th 1923


Page 13-15


The first Silvernail reunion was held at the home of Charles Silvernail, August 24th 1919.  Devotional Exercises – Prayer by George Silvernail.  Election of Officer:  President – George Silvernail; Vice President – Charles Silvernail; Secretary-Treasurer – Clara Barrons; Correspondent Secretary – Lillie Van Horn; Chairman of Program Committee – E. J. Van Horn; Table Committee – Lucy Silvernail.  Collection $2.26.  Reunion to be held second Thursday in Aug 1920.  Adjourned. 


Minutes of the Silvernail Reunion Held at the home of Charles Silvernail, Aug 11, 1920.  Devotional Exercises and programs as follows:  Recitation by Francis Van Horn, Recitation by Ira Otis.  Recitation by Jennie Silvernail; Son by all, “Who So Ever Will May Come.”  Recitation by Pearl Silvernail,  Recitation by Mildred Van Horn, Recitation by Clifton Silvernail, Recitation by Laurene Jarvis, Recitation by Florence Silvernail, Recitation by Donald Silvernail, Recitation by Doris Silvernail, Recitation by Cora Jarvis.  Son by Mildred and Alvin Van Horn.  Reading – “What have I done today” by Ira Otis.   Songs – “My Country Tis of Thee”, and “My Mother’s Prayer”  Victrola Selection – “Shall we meet beyond the river.”  Reading of the minutes of 1919.  Officers elected by uplifted hand.  President – George Silvernail, Vice President – Charles Silvernail, Secretary-Treasurer – Clara Barrons, Corresponding Secretary – Lillie Van Horn, Chairman of Program – Mary Rickwalt and Lillie Van Horn, Table Committee – Vera Bowker, Pearl and Jennie Silvernail.  Collection $3.69, Cards $1.00, Plates 50 cents, Expenditures $1.50.  Paid from Treasury.    Moved to Adjourn.


Minutes of the Silvernail reunion Aug 10, 1921.  Devotional Services.  Recitation by Jennie Silvernail, Mildred Van Horn, Song, Eula Barrons, Recitation by Donald Van Horn, Song by Mildred Van Horn, Recitations by Mary Rickwalt and George Silvernail, Song by Alvin Van Horn, Recitation by Francis Van Horn, Closing song, “God be with you till we meet again.”  Expenses paid from Treasury $2.25.  Collection $2.31.  Motion made to adjourn.  Carried


Minutes of the meeting of the Silvernail reunionr for the year 1922.  Silvernail reunion held August 9th 1922 at the home of Edward Van Horn.  Number present 55.  Number of non-relatives 10.  Called to order by George Silvernail.  Song, “What a friend we have in Jesus.”  Prayer by Mr. George Silvernail.  Song and recitation by the children.  Song, “Pearly White City,” by Mr. George and Charles Silvernail, Sr.  Song “Jesus sees me,” by Emma Jane Van Horn.  Reading, “Superstitions” by Mrs. George Silvernail deserve mention.  An enjoyable speech by Mr. John Kelly.  Announcement of Kelly and Silvernail reunion to be held at Devil’s Lake the 2nd Wednesday in June 1923, Lenaway County.  Vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Van Horn for their hospitality and Generosity.  Election of officers voted to keep same officers.  Election of assistant Secretary – Mrs. Mary Rickwalt.  Collection $2.73.  Expenditures: Plates - 60 cents, Meat $2.50,  Sugar 25 cents, Lemons 80 cents.  $3.09 left in Treasury.


Pages 16-17


Minutes of the Meeting August 8th 1923 at the home of Charles Silvernail, Sr. Devotional Exercises as follows:  Prayer by Clara Barrons, Song “There’s a land that is fairer than day,” “Will there be any stars in my crown.”  Recitation by Alvin Van Horn, Song by Emma Jane Van Horn,  Recitation by Mildred, “Glad Smiles of a Baby,”  Recitation by Francis Van Horn, Recitation by Donald Silvernail, “The Young Old Man,” Song by Alvin Van Horn, “Way Down upon the Shawnee River.” Instrumental Music by Lela Curry, Recitation by Jennie Silvernail, Ready by Bruce Silvernail, Recitation by Doris Silvernail, Song by all, “In that City,” Recitation by Alfred Silvernail, “A Prayer.”  Song by Clara Barrons, in memory of her mother, Song by George Silvernail, “A Soul in Sad Exile,” Recitation by Emma Jane Van Horn, Song by Francis Van Horn.  An appeal to “Prepare to Meet God,” by Mrs. George Silvernail.  Closing song, “Till We Meet Again.”  Reading of minutes of 1922.  Expeses for 1923, $2.55.  Relatives present 33, non-relatives 6.  Back from 1922  40 cents, paid from treasury $2.95.  Collection 2.18.  Balance $2.04.  Announcement of reunions.  Motion to adjourn. Carried.


Election of officers:  President- Homer Silvernail, Vice President – Glen Silvernail, Secretary-Treasurer – Clara Barrons, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer – Mary Rickwalt, Correspondence Secretary – Jennie Silvernail, Program Committee – “Chairman: Paul Silvernail and Ed Van Horn, Table Committee – Pearl Silvernail and Hazel Silvernail and Lillie Van Horn.  Motion made that Secretary to buy book to keep record of our meetings to be paid from Treasury.  Paid Jennie Silvernail 30 cents for cards July 15, 1924.  “Meeting of the Silvernail Reunion held at the home of Paul Silvernail, Cass City, Aug 11th, 1924.  Devotional Exercises conducted by President Homer Silvernail.  Prayer by Clara Barrons. Short program by the following children:

Recitations by Nina Silvernail, Donald Silvernail, Doris Silvernail, and Alfred Silvernail.  Solo by Mildred Van Horn, Song by Homer and Paul Silvernail.  Song by the children “Jesus bids us shine.”  Selections by audience.  Election of officers.  Motion was made that same officers be re elected for another year, except a change in Table Committee.  Mary Rickwalt.  Carried.  Motion  made reunion to be held (2nd Wed in Aug) at Charles Silvernail, Sr., Relatons 34, non relations 5.  Adjourn.    Expenditures, Secretary Book, 40 cents, Cards 30 cents, plates 70 cents, lemons 1.75, ice 25 cents, total $3.40.  collection, paid expenditures, balance left in Treasury  54 cents.  


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