1960 Kingston Cardinal Activities

Contributed by a former Kingston Community School Graduate

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Gayle Peter, Pat Burns, Janet Wnuk, Sharilyn McLaughlin, Kathryn Biston, Dolores Cabic, Bob Schwaderer, Everett Wingert, Grace Parrott, Pat Biston, Diane Fritz, Marilyn Everett, Carol Sarles, Chris Schwaderer, Corinne Moore, Mabel Collier, Nancy Mathews, Eddie McGennis, Dick McCool, Pat Ross, Janice Moore, Jane Harmon, Jim Brown, Roger Pohlod, Director George Ellert, Tom Kaminski, Jack Burns, Sharon Silvernail, Jennie Slack, Bobby Moore, Larry Taylor, Ray Van Horn, Ron Koopelberger, Ed Francis, Garry Plane, Bob Roberson, Don Legg

"This past year has been an active one for the band. The 38 members took part in everything from marching at football games to playing overtures at concerts.

The first major event on the agenda was Band Day at Ann Arbor. This was followed by marching at football games and at the Homecoming. The pep band was heard as the home basketball games. Ed Francis, Jancis Moore, and Dolores Cabic were selected to attend the Tri-County band concert at Millington and Kathryn Wolak, Kathy Biston, Marilyn Everett, and Delores Cabic won a first division rating with their clarient Quartet at the Solo and Ensemble Band Festival held at Caro, and went on to the State Festival at M.S.U. in April.

A Christmas concert was given in December, followed in February by a Winter Concert.

In March the Band went to Flint and took part in the Band Festival at Kearsly High School.

The Annual Spring Concert featuring the Senior Band and Glee Club was presented on April 27. The school activities of the band will end with their appearance at the Honors Assembly and also the local Memorial Day services."

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Janice Moore, Patricia Sehl, Shirley Kelly, Nancy Nelson, Sharon Silvernail, Sandra Armstrong, Donna Berry, Harry La Blond, George Sylvester, Paul Weeks, Corinne Moore, Mary Kramer, Carol Sarles, Celeste Rassette, Annabel Crittenden, Wilma Howey, Nancy Plane, Carol Ross Vera LaFave, Marilyn Pfaff,

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Joe Peet, Celeste Rassette, Katherine Biston, Marilyn Richter, Nancy Nelsen, Diane Richter, Ruth Richter, Jane Houghton, Jim Green, Pam Foldenauer, Ron Cassie, Jim Soper, Sharon Brief, Karen Bilicki, Arlene Grow, Elaine Houghton

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Richard Ross, Kathryn Wolak, Betty Denhoff, Jane Harmon, Everett Wingert, Mary Kramer, Nancy Plane, Arlene Hergenreder, Chris Schwaderer, Robert Peter, Ron Koppelberger, Gayle Peter, Janice Moore, and Lois Gilmore.

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Sharlyn McLaughlin, Pam Henderson, Norma Cummings, Janet Gilmore, Kathryn Wolak, Judy Penfold, Shirley Dibble, Pam Foldenauer, Janet Wnuk, Nancy Heineman, Gayle Peters, Pat Burns, and Pat Ross

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Nancy Rossman, Gayle Peter, Norma Cummings, Pat Burns


Nancy Rossman, Carol Ross, JoAnn Mayer, Norma Cummings


Elaine Houghton, Carol Churchill, Corinne Moore, Annabel Crittenden

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Albert Denhoff, Arlene Hergenreder, Elton Cummings, Carol Ross, Richard Ross, Sharon Brief, Robert Lester, Ruth Richter, Robert Bell, Ronald Koppelberger, Robert Schwaderer, Dolores Cabic, Janice Moore

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Dick Ross, Ed Francis, Robert Schwaderer, Virginia Francis, Corinne Moore, Roberta Snover, Kathern Wolak, Betty Denhoff.

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Senior Play

Benita Bolt Gayle Peters
Lutie Spinks Dolores Cabic
Rebecca Bolt Pat Burns
Martha Grubb Norma Cummings
Twink Staff Jim Soper
D. Hippocrates Joy Bob Schwaderer
Henry Goober Ed. Francis
Phineas Plunkett Joe Peet
Miss Prunella Figg Pat Ross
Cadwalleder Clippy Dick Ross
Mrs. Gertie Glossop Janice Moore
Cynthia Glossop Marilyn Everett
Jack Gorden Everett Wingert

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Junior Play

Mr. Midnight Shirley Dibble
Rita Baxter Pam Foldenauer
Jane Baxter Janet Gilmore
Victrola Celeste Rassette
Fred Dana Ron Koppelberger
Leroy Doyle Robert Peter
Edwina Cook Ruth Richter
Belinda Elliot Jan Wnuk
Nada Owens Irene Wnuk
Patsy Farrel Judy Penfold
O’Brien Dan Anger
Keith Garland Jim Peter
Harvey Smith Arlo Ruggles
Mrs. Dana Kathryn Wolak

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Bus Heineman, Howard Sarles, Milton Woodruff, Richard Crittenden, Mike Dawson, Elton Cummings, John Harp, Fred Traster, Roger Pohlod, Gerald Rock, Ernie Simmonds, Richard Kelly, Royal Cripps, Eddie McGennis, Dale Jaynes, Jim Sura, Bill Zeilinger, Steve Poleshuk, David Hawley, Darrel Rock, Melvin Sarles, Robert Cripps, Robert Smeaton, Carl Papki, Bill Froede, Richard Lanway, Richard Vassallo, Richard Hubbard, Dan Swalwell, Richard Lucius, Bob Roberson, Keith Lippowiths, Leonard Wilkerson, Bill Dawson, Henry Jaster, Harry LaBlond, Roy Jaster, Norman Foldenauer, Arlo Ruggles, Ralph Yens, Don Swalwell, David Clinesmith, Tom Green, Pat Driscoll, Bill Jeffrey, Ray Van Horn, Ron Swalwell, Roland Armstrong.

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1st Place Everett Wingert
2nd Place Jim Peter
3rd Place Robert Peter

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General Science

1st Place Ken Wilkinson
2nd Place Marilyn Peter
3rd Place Ruth Goodall

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1st Place

Dolores Cabic

2nd Place Jane Harmon
3rd Place Nancy Nelson

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October 1998

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