1961 Kingston Community School


Contributed by a former Kingston Community School Graduate

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Boniface Brighton Robert Peter
Juliet Brighton Kathy Biston
Wendy Brighton Pam Foldenauer
Etta Pyle Celeste Rassette
Verne Early Jim Peter
Diana Brisbane Irene Wnuk
Graham Dawson Ron Koppelberger
Don Overton Arlo Ruggles
Serena Vigalante Janet Gilmore
Jobyna Rowland Ruth Richter
Roxy Roth Janet Wnuk
Faculty Advisor Mrs. Lawrence Opperman

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Janice Nagle Diane Fritz
Mr. Nagle Don Legg
Mrs. Nagle Jane Harmon
Lottie Diane Richter
Jess Pomery John Harp
Jerry David Hawley
Dave Dale Jaynes
Louise Nancy Rossman
Myrtle Sue Henderson
Myra Jason Lois Gilmore
Faculty Director Mr. John Wyler

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Coach Mr. John Wyler, Pam Foldenauer, Tom Green, Betty Denhoff, Annabel Crittenden, Jane Ross, Tom Lanway, Ted Nelson.

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David Kolacz, Karen Bilicki, Mary Rassette, Pat Czerwiec, Sara Harp, Mary Lou Koppelberger, Arlene Grow, Kathy Biston, Celeste Rassette, Pam Foldenauer, Nancy Nelson, Ted Nelson.

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Ruth Richter, Marilyn Simmons, Irene Wnuk, Nancy Horner, Shirley Kelley, Lorna Smith, Nancy Plane, Mabel Walker, Sally Chappel, Donna Berry, Pat Driscoll, Wilma Howey, Carol Ross, Don Legg, Diane Fritz, Paul Torongeau, Nancy Rossman, Bill Froede.

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Kathryn Wolak, Chris Schawaderer, Janet Gilmore, Lois Gilmore, Jane Harmon, Betty Denhoff, Arlene Hergenreder, Nancy Plane, Kathy Biston, Pam Foldenauer, Nancy Nelson, Ruth Richter.

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Royal Cripps, Ron Koppelberger, Sue Henderson, Kathy Biston, Eddie Henderson, Doug Cramer, Elton Cummings, Tom Kaminski, Robert Peter, Arlene Hergenreder, Karen Bilicki, Elaine Wolak, Ann Zajac

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Crowning Queen Judy Penfold at the 1960 Homecoming by Football Co-Captains Royal Cripps and Ron Koppelberger. The Homecoming is sponsored each year by the Student Council.

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Physics, Robert Peter, 1st Place
Biology, Paul Weeks, 1st Place
General Science, Tom Kaminski, 1st Place

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Basketball: Kathy Biston, Sue Henderson, Janet Wunk, Pam Foldenauer
Football Nancy Rossman, Pam Foldenauer, Sue Henderson, Virginia Francis

Junior Varsity

Basketball: Jane Houghton, Charlotte Berry, Iva Cooper, Carol Churchill

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Majorettes: Mary Lou Koppelberger, Marilyn Peter, Janet Wnuk June Hawley

Band Members: Kathryn Wolak, Katheen Biston, Chris Schwaderer, Lynn Bilicki, Judy Biston, Grace Parrot, Mabel Collier, Carol Sarles, Diane Fritz, Eddie McGinnis, Paul Weeks, Bob Roberson, Bill Walkwiewicz, John Taylor, Gary Plane, Paul Richwalt, Jerry McGinnis, Diane Wilkins, Roger Pohlod, Jack Burns, Don Weeks, Tom Kaminski, Sharon Silvernail, Jennie May Slack, Robyn Snover, Bob Fox, Ray Van Horn, Sally Siebert, Ron Koppelberger, Corinne Moore, Joyce Searls.


Dedication of Post Office at Clifford

Mayors Exchange Day

The Football Games

Homecoming "Snake Dance"

Band Day at Ann Arbor October 8

Tri-County Honors Band at Sebewaing January 28

Annual Band Concert February 20

District Band Festival at Flint March 18

Combined Band and Glee Club Concert May 5

Armed Forces Day Parade at Bay City May 14

Memorial Day Parade May 30

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Rebecca Lashbrook, Karen Hunter, Charlotte Berry, June Hawley, Sharon Silvernail, Arlene Mathews, Sandra Armstrong, Ruth Goodall, Carol Goodall, Pat Haney, Nancy Horner, Nancy Plane, Judy Havens, Hazel Kelley, Shirley Kelley, Diane Wilkins, Carol Ross, Esther Traster, Wilma Howey, Betty Denhoff.

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Richard Hubbard, Richard Vassallo, Bill Froede, Roger Rieck, Richard Lanway, Paul Torongeau, David Hawley, Bob Smeaton, Don Jaynes, Ernie Simmons, Bill Zeilinger, Richard Harp, Lee Chappel, Eddie Henderson, Joe Cripps, William Armstrong, Gary Plane, Jerry McGinnis, Melvin Sarles, Dave Clinesmith, Ray Van Horn, Raymond Dennis, Harry Ragatz, Robert Berry, Delbert Kruger, Richard Lucius, Ron Bower, Howard Sarles, Mike Dawson, Dale Jaynes, Lee Burda, Fred Traster, Roger Pohlod, Jim Gymory, Gus Heineman, Arnold Grow, David Curtis, Dennis Long, Don Weeks, Richard Montei, Eddie McGinnis, Keith Lippowiths, Larry Smith, Norm Foldenauer, Hank Jaster, Ron Swalwell, Wesley Scott, John Lucius, Leonard Smith, Gary Bower, Jim Pfaff.

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