Kingston, Michigan

Contributed by a former Kingston Community School Graduate


We of the annual staff believe that education is the light of life. We have tried to convey this message by using a candle on each of our division pages. It is our hope that the candle of education in your life never burns out, but goes on and on to give you constant companionship.

So now sit back and reminisce with us the trials, tribulations, joys and sorrows encountered by

the students at K.H.S. while trying to light their minds with a little more knowledge.

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Arnold Moore Donald Lanway
Arvin Wingert Lloyd Taylor
A.F. Widger Walter Wolak
Louis Wenzlaff  

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George Hackett, Superintendent Rauli Aho, Principal
Violet Aho,Secretary Elaine Czerwiec, Secretary

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Jerry Peter, World History, Jr. Geography, History Jacqueline Opperman, Librarian, English
Lee Burmeister, Mechanical Drawing, Shop, Mathematics John Wyler, Government, American History, Speech, Sports
Rauli Aho, Algebra, Geometry George Hackett, Chemistry
Phil Taylor, Jr. History, Science, Coach Betty McBride, Biology, English, German
Donald McBride, Typing, Bookkeeping, Office Practice, General Business Emory Ingersoll, English, English Literature, Journalism
Merle Gohs, Homemaking Chuck Mumby, Agriculture, Mathematics
George Ellert, Bank, Glee Club Richard Peter, Science, Mathematics, 7th, 8th, 9th

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CUSTODIANS: Steve Moore, Joe Sefton, Don Bass

CAFETERIA STAFF: Mrs. Edith Burda, Mrs. Christine Plane

BUS DRIVERS: Les Nelson, Gene Hergenreder, Tony Mileski, Don Bass, Lloyd Taylor, Harland Legg, Clayton Hunter, Lloyd Cornish, Albert Ruggles, Amber Jones.

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November 1998

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