1961 Kingston Community School Sports

Contributed by a Former Kingston Community School Graduate



Albert Denhoff, Dennis Rieck, Bill Kupiec, Jerrry McGinnis, William Armstrong, Lee Chappel, Dennis Long, Don Weeks, Doug McCool, Ray Van Horn, Bob Roberson, Ed McGinnis, David Hawley, Butch Cummings, Roger Rieck, Ron Brown, Royal Cripps, Tom Green, Gary Sarles, Gary Bowers. Coach John Wyler, Assistant Coach Phil Taylor.


Kingston 28 Port Hope 13
Kingston 6 Ubly 0
Kingston 0 Ak-Fairgrove 21
Kingston 0 Unionville 38
Kingston 6 Mayville 14
Kingston 0 Reese 26
Kingston 13 North Huron 18

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Bill Dawson, Bob Roberson, Dan Swalwell, Tom Green, Tom Lanway, Arlo Ruggles, Len Wilkinson, Ron Koppelberger, Royal Cripps, Burton Lester, Don Weeks, Coach Mr. Phil Taylor, Assistant Coach Mr. John Wyler.


Kingston 47 North Branch 39 Kingston 54 Mayville 45
Kingston 49 Kinde 55 Kingston 49 Reese 54
Kingston 42 Ak-Fairgrove 43 Kingston 44 Ak-Fairgrove 55
Kingston 39 Imlay City 61 Kingston 69 Sebewaing 53
Kingston 41 Unionville 44 Kingston 53 Unionville 51
Kingston 48 Sebewaing 59 Kingston 60 North Branch 67
Kingston 49 Unionville 44 Kingston 82 Mayville 62
Kingston 52 Reese 47        

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Kingston 48 Caseville 39
Kingston 56 Unionville 49
Kingston 39 Owengage 59

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Bill Kupiec, Butch Cummings, Albert Denhoff, Dennis Rieck, Doug McCool, Ray Van Horn, Coach Mr. Jerry Peter, Larry Taylor, Jim Gymory, Gary Cooper, Gus Heineman, Jeff Whitney, Joe Cripps.


Kingston 38 North Branch 59 Kingston 53 North Huron 48
Kingston 35 North Huron 45 Kingston 35 Ak-Fairgrove 40
Kingston 44 Ak-Fairgrove 45 Kingston 43 Sebewaing 67
Kingston 39 Mayville 60 Kingston 42 Unionville 43
Kingston 47 Sebewaing 57 Kingston 42 North Branch 62
Kingston 36 Unionville 57 Kingston 54 Mayville 56
Kingston 28 Reese 45 Kingston 38 Reese 57

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Butch Cummings, Len Wilkinson, Tom Lanway, Bill Zeilinger, Dan Swalwell, Doug McCool, Melvin Sarles, Bob Smeaton, Mike Dawson, Bill Froede, Bob Roberson, Ron Koppelberger, Walt Zajac, Howard Sarles, Richard Vassallo, Coach Phil Taylor, Albert Denhoff, Bill Dawson, Larry Taylor, David Hawley, Dennis Rieck, Jim Gymory, Don Weeks, Burton Lester, Joe Cripps.


April 20 Akron-Fairgrove Home May 4 Unionville Home
April 27 Sebewaing Away May 11 Mayville Home
May 2 Capac Away May 18 Reese Away

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Ron Bower, Gary Cooper, Joe Cripps, Butch Cummings, Ron Koppelberger, Jim Peter, Coach John Wyler, Ed McGinnis, Ron Swalwell, Tom Lanway, Arlo Ruggles, Bob Roberson, Gary Bowers, Royal Cripps, Hank Jaster, Tom Brown, Larry Smith, Ray Van Horn, David Hawley, Jerry McGinnis.


May 3

Unionville Invitational

May 18


May 27

Western Thumb Association Meet

May 20


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