Kingston 1966 Activities

Contributed by a former Kingston Student.

Taken from the 1966 Kingston Yearbook, "The Cardinal."

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Co-Editors: Elaine Wolak, Mary Lou Houghton
Reporters: Nancy Adamczyk, Marianne Luhouske, Vera Sabo, Donna Wilkerson, Susan Kelley, Pam LaFond, Kay Froede, Carolyn Berry, John Taylor, Helen Spzunar, Sharon Forbes, Kathy Chapel, Mary Denhoff, Lynn Bilicki, Kay Cooper, and Terry Pyles.
Advertising: Bob Fox and Doug Kramer
Adviser: Mr. Thomas Bradley

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Advisor: Mr. Lang
Officers: Lois Woods, Secretary; Ron Parrino, President; Vickie Mileski, Vice President; Doris King, Treasurer.
Members Barbara Woods, Alice Chantiny, Janet Moore, Mary Lou King, Dan Packey, Jack Nickens, Grant Gettel.

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Paul Rickwalt, Donna Wilkinson, Kathy Chapel, Jante Luhouske, Kay Cooper, Linda Kruger, Sue Lester, Darlene Jocham

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7th Grade: Shelley Schwaderer, Richard Miller
8th Grade: Ellen Moore, Dale Allen
Freshmen Grant Gettel, Doris King
Sophomores: Dick Taylor, Trish Crigger
Juniors: Sue Ross, Correspondence Secretary, Lonnie Bewernitz, Vice President
Seniors: Bob Fox, President, Jean Seibert, Secretary, Ron Hunter, Treasurer

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Advisor: Mrs. Opperman

Bill Walkiewicz, Pam LaFond, Mary Lou Houghton, Elaine Wolak, Mary Denhoff, Ron Lemanski, Cathie Galubenski, Vera Sabo, Marianne Luhouske, Shirley Maynard, Marcia Hubbard.

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Sponsor: Mr. Schwartz

Carol Walkiewicz, Nancy Adamczyk, Becky Hunter, Judy Ross, Mary Lou Houghton, Cheri Kelley, Elaine Wolak, Brenda Lalko, Mary Denhoff.

"The 1965-1966 Debate Team fought the battle of numerous victoriously in two ways: On the one hand, the team was down to a low membership of only five, but managed to gain an additional and much welcome four members. These members were recruited from willing and able Junior and Freshman girls. On the other hand, the team occurred constantly changing positions from first place to final fourth within a league consisting of twelve experienced schools.

Equally good was the team’s standing within the State League. Kingston won 6 out of 8 debates. Happily the team consisting of Nancy Adamczyk, Elaine Wolak, Mary Lou Houghton, Mary Denhoff, Cheri Kelley, Judy Ross, Becky Hunter, Carol Walkiewicz, and Brenda Lalko brought home a plaque from the Detroit Free Press for Excellence in Debating.

While we are losing battle – proven veterans from the Senior Class our future looks bright and a tradition of Excellence in Debating must be upheld."

Mr. Jerome G. Schwartz, Sponsor


Directors: Mr. Connors and Mr. Dick Wynn

Debby Davis, Norma Simmons, Debbie Dale, Dolly Silvernail, Nancy Adamczyk, Glen Walls, Larry Campbell, Marcia Hubbard, Wayne Moore, Bret McLaughlin, Paul Miller, Grant Gettle, Paul Rickwalt, Delbert King, Linda Crittenden, Larry Crittenden, Debbie Rieck, Ellen Moore, Judy Biston, Lynn Bilicki, Brenda Lalko, Beck Hunter, Ed Van Horn, Patty Patterson, Mariann Wilkinson, Margie Spear, Loretta Spear, Lois Walls, Boyd Moore, Shelly Schwaderer, Becky Schraderer, Shiela Wesch, Mary Jo Nickens, Denise Kelley, Pam Lyons, Mary Denhoff, Jane Peter, Linda Gottler, Darlene Jocham.

"With the lost of our better players through graduation we are however, doing all right.

This year we are not going to have a "Dixieland Band" as last year.

Right now we are working for a future concert. We have a new director by the name of Dick Wynn. He is from Marlette and works for "Youth for Christ."

The band received a new fiberglass Bass wigh was very much needed.

When spring comes we will probably march."

Bob Fox

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Jane Peter, Mary Denhoff, Pam Lyons, Linda Gottler, Denise Kelley

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F.F.A. (Future Farmers of America)

Chapter Advisor: Mr. Lewis C. Harper

D. Clinesmith, A. Williamson, L. Clink, C. King, M. Lucius, P. Williamson, R. Cross, D. King, D. Begeman, D. Pohlod, F. Green, R. Tucker, E. Tait, E. Haney, L. Curry, M. Sapien, L. Crittenden, W. Russell, D. Roberson, P. Neff, D. Roberson, W. Montie, D. Clinesmith, R. Adamczyk, R. Jaynes.

"The primary aim of the F.F.A. is the development of Agriculture, Leadership, Co-operation and Citizenship through our program of work, 1. Supervised Farming: 2. Co-operation; 3. Community Service; 4. Leadership; 5. Earnings and Savings; 6. Conduct of meetings 7. Scholarship; 8 Recreation; 9. Public Relations; 10. State and National Activities.

We learn by doing, in raising, veal calves, and broilers; by entering the State F.F.A Broiler Project; State Poultry Judging and Soil Judging Contests; Planting Demonstration plots; Demonstrating Sheep Shearing; and sponsoring Gun Safety Contests. Recreation is provided through our summer baseball and our winter basketball games.

Our Delegates to the National Convention were Richard Cross, Delbert King and Robert Cook. The Delegates to the State Convention were Vice Pres. Larry Clink and Gerald Stover.

Summer Educational Tours were made to various Agricultural enterprises, and to Education Day during M.S.U. Farmer’s Week.

The F.F.A officers are Pres. C. King; V. Pres. Larry Clink; Sec D. Clinesmith; Reporter A. Williamson; Sentinel R. Cross; who attended leadership camp in April to learn their duties. The Chapter is planning their annual Sweetheart Dance, with a Box Social. It costs around $450.00 to carry out our program and we raise this from a Popcorn Concession, Seed Sales, and Plot Projects."

Mr. Lewis C. Harper is the Chapter Advisor

F.H.A. (Future Homemakers of America)

Advisor: Mrs. Miller

Barb Bragg, Sharon Galubenski, Renae Rayl, Virginia King, Susan Traster, Carmen Spaian, Marion Lucius, Pat Russell, Judy Lemanski, Sharon Rickwalt, Becky Hunter, Virginia Grow, Kathy Franckowiak, Beck Snover.

"We are the Future Homemakers of America.

We face the future with warm courage and high hopes.

This year we worked on many projects. We started the year off with a bang by selling stationary. Then we earned extra money by selling cupcakes, fudge, brownies and cookies.

During Farmer’s week, we took a trip with the Future Farmers of America to Michigan State University. We had an exciting time from the time we left Kingston till the time we got home.

But our major trip was when we went to Detroit. All of us enjoyed our visit through Hudson’s. We ended our day by seeing a very good picture at the Cinerama.

"All in all we know our year was complete, but have hope of improvement next year."

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Advisor: Mrs. Opperman
Editors: Cheri Kelley, Elaine Wolak, Becky Hunter, Judy Ross, John Taylor, Mary Denhoff, Virginia Grow, Mary Lou Houghton, Candy Snover
Staff: Pammy LaFond, Marianne Lugowski, Sue Ross, Bruce Wells, Ron Lemanski, Sharon Galubenski, Vera Sabo, Janet Luhowski, Brenda Lalko, Linda Krugar, Donna Wilkinson.

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"This year the Annual Staff has had quite a change of pace by turning to a new yearbook publishing company. The American Publishing Company now pastes our pictures in for us, thus saving us time and bother. Also, this way our yearbook will have a more professional look than in previous years.

By signing a 5 year contract with the American Publishing Company we have received a new camera. This gives our staff two (2) cameras. We already had a small Kodak Instamatic 500.

We hope that all of the new changes and ideas in our yearbook will be of help to you as you look through the 1966 CARDINAL."

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QUEEN: "Our Homecoming Queen this year was MISS JEANIE SEIBERT (escorted by Mr. Bill Walkiewicz)
Jean’s court consisted of Janet Lugowski, Liz Denman, Cheri Kelley, Ranae Rayl, Sharon Vassallo, Pam Lyons, and Janet Harneck.
The title as Queen was given to Jean via Cinderella Ceremonies during halftime of the game.
The Senior’s float, entitled ‘Cleopatra’, won first place in the parade.

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