ADVERTISERS 1966 Kingston Yearbook

The information from the Kingston Yearbook was contributed by a former Kingston Student.

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navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Kingston Methodist Church, Pastor, Rev. Charles Stawn
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Pastor, Rev. Raymond Pilarski
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Pilgrim Holiness Church, Pastor, Rev. Raymond Dean
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) IGA, Leads the Way, Quality Groceries, Meat & Produce, Support Your Local Home Owned and operated Store, John Burns, Prop. North Branch, Kingston, Marlette
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) THE KINGSTON STATE BANK, 4% Savings Accounts, 4% Certificates of Deposits, member of ABA, IBA, MBA, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Christmas Club, Industrial Loans, Monthly Payment Loans, Safe Keeping, Travelers Checks, Commercial Accounts, Real Estate Mortgages, Automobile and Implement Loans, Safe Deposit Boxes, Collections.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) MARLETTE COACH COMPANY, Marlette, Michigan, Americus, Georgia, Lewistown, Pennsylvania, Great Bend, Kansas, Hermiston, Oregon.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) MOORE’S SERVICE, "Quality Products at Prices You Can Afford." Kingston, Michigan
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Kingston’s Bright & Clean, Self-Service Laundry & Dry Cleaning
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Kingston’s Drug Sundries, Your Needs; If We Don’t Have It, We’ll Get It!
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) THE KINGSTON LUMBER CO. Building Supplies, Transit Mix Concrete, Lumber, Phone 683-2280, Kingston, Michigan
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) KINGSTON OIL & GAS, Henry Hergenreder, Pure Oil Products, Phone 683-2560, Kingston, Michigan.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) BARDEN’S HARDWARE, Frigidaire Appliances, Philgas, Maytag Washers, Seidlitz Paints, Phone 683-2505, Kingston, Michigan
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) THE KINGSTON DAIRY BAR, For Fine Food That’s Extra Good Eating
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) THE KINGSTON ELEVATOR CO. "We Aim to Please", Beans—Grain—Coal—Feeds--Seeds & Fertilizer, Phone 683-2220.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) THE KINGSTON ENTERPRISE, Congratulations to the Graduating Class
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) THE TUSCOLA COUNTY ADVERTISER, Caro, Michigan, Best Wishes to The Kingston Cardinals and Kingston High School. Follow the Kingston Cardinals in the "Thumb’s Largest Weekly Newspaper"
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) C. B. SCHWADERER & SON, Standard Service, Ford, New & Used Cars, Standard Oil Produce. Phone: 683-2410, Kingston, Michigan
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) L & S STANDARD SERVICE, Tune Up --Tires-- Batteries--Brakes Service, Cass City, Michigan, Phone 872-2342.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) CASS CITY I.G.A. FOODLINER, Table Rite Meats, Everyday Low Prices, H. Lenda, Prop.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) DEFORD ELEVATOR CO. For Better Quality Seeds, Beans—Grain—Seed—Bulk Fertilizer, Phone: Cass City 872-2460, Deford, Michigan.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) WKYO, Best Wishes Class of ’66. Thumb Area News, Music & Sports.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) THE COACH HOUSE, Reservations, Marlette 635-6771, Marlette Golf and Country Club, Cocktail, Lounge, Restaurant, Open Seven Days, Serving 12 Noon to 8:30 P.M. Smorgasbord – Thursday Evenings 6 to 8:30 P.M. Sunday Dinner, Served 1:30 P.M. Till 8:30 P.M. Dancing Saturday Nights.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) MODERN HOMES, INC. "For the Finest in Mobile Living". 2490 Van Dyke, 635-93-1, Marlette, Michigan.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Tri County Gas, Gas for Heating & Cooking Bulk and Bottle Delivery "E.Z. Terms"
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Earl Long Furniture, Marlette, Michigan
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) STATE BANK OF SANDUSKY, Marlette Office, Marlette, Michigan
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) HARMON’S FURNITURE AND FUNERAL HOME, Congratulations to the Annual Staff
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) PARKER BROS. FURNITURE & APPLIANCES, General Electric, Phone 683-2250.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) WM. MANASSE, Diamonds, Watches, Caro’s Leading Jeweler, Graduation Gifts
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) HAWK SALES CO, INC. Your Super Mobile Home Mart, Phone ME 5-6081 & ME 5-8771, 3412 South Main Street, Marlette.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) KINGSTON INSURANCE AGENCY, "You’ll Never Graduate from a Better High School", Congratulations.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) POLEWACH STORES, INC. 3065 Main Street, Marlette, Michigan, Phone ME 5-2741, Shoes -- Dry Goods – Ready – to – wear.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) JUBB MOTOR SALES, Phone 635-5911, Marlette, Michigan
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) CARO FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE ELEVATOR CO. Since 1914, 422 Wells Street, Caro, Michigan, Caro, Marlette
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) DONALD LANWAY REAL ESTATE, Phone 673-2032, 528 N. State Street, Caro, Representing B.C. Calka, Broker.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Compliments of FUELGAS COMPANY OF CASS CITY, Jct M-81 and M-53, Cass City, Michigan, Phone 872-2161.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) CROFT-CLARA LUMBER, INC. Everything in Building Materials. Box 95, Cass City.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) WILSON MOTOR SALES, Marlette, Phone ME 5-6371, Congratulations Class of ’66 From Your Area Factory Authorized Pontiac Dealer.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) BULEN MOTORS, Cass City, Michigan, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) MAC & SCOTTY DRUG STORE, Cass City, Michigan, Phone 872-2613, Complete Drug Store Service Complete Drug Store Service, Prescriptions – Our Speciality
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) AUTEN MOTOR SALES, Cass City, Phone 872-2300, Ford Cars & Trucks.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) WILLIAM H. ZEMKE, Cass City, Michigan, Established in Kingston Township in 1918, Real Estate.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) DELIA’S BEAUTY SHOPPE, Kingston, Michigan, Phone 683-2515, Hair Styling Designed for You.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Compliments of LEGG’S MEAT MARKET & COZY INN RESTURANT, Fine Foods, Good Meats, Kingston, Michigan.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Compliments of STOREY QUALITY PLUMBING, Tom Storey, Licensed Master Plumber, Phone ME 5-4381.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) ASHER’S, Men and Boy’s Wear, Cass City
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) LLOYD TAYLOR SAND & GRAVEL, Fill Sand, Road Gravel, Washed Gravel. Kingston, Mich.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Compliments of THE KINGSTON BARBER SHOP, Eugene Henderson, Phone 683-2265.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) THUMB APPLIANCE CENTER, 6422 W. Main, Cass City, Phone 872-3505.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) DR. E. C. FRITZ, D. D. S., Phone 872-3434, Cass City.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) International Harvester Dealer, JEFFERY FARM SALES, 5984 State St. Kingston.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) CASA PIZZA, Phone ME 5-3091, Marlette, Carry Out Service
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Compliments of THE CASS CITY STATE BANK, Phone 872-2050, Cass City
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Compliments of HARTWICK’S FOOD MARKET, Cass City
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) KINGSTON GIFT SHOP, Church & School Supplies, Kingston, Mich.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Compliments of KRITZMAN’S DEPT. STORE. Cass City.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) HENRY DIEM, INC. Quality Farm Equipment John Deere, Marlette, Phone 635-3681.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) BRADLEY EQUIPMENT CO. John Deere Dealer, Bean Windrowers, Chain Saws, 377 Montague Ave. Caro, Michigan, Phone 673-3939.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) MASSOLL’S SALES, 317 S. State St. Caro. Chrysler – Valiant Plymouth & Dodge, Dodge Power—Giant Trucks. Phone 673-2413.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) LARRY’S ELECTRONICS, TV and Radio Repairs. 218 N. State St. Caro., Phone 673-3424.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF AMERICA, Caro Division, Ted Roskie, Mgr. 348 N. State St. Caro. Phone 673-3138.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Linoleum –Tile, Carpeting – Paints, CARO FLOOR COVERING CO. Phone 673-2535, 189 N. State St, Caro.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) BELL-GREIG MOTORS, INC. Pontiac, Buick & GMC Trucks, Sales & Service, Caro, Phone 673-3220.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Let’s Go Bowling, HARMONY HILL REC., Open Bowling from 1:00 P.M. Everyday & Saturday & Sun. 10 automatics.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) THE SHERWIN- WILLIAMS CO., Paints, Varnish, Leads, Oils, & All Painters’ Specialties, 200 N. State St. Caro, Michigan.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) IGA FOODLINER, Caro, Michigan
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) CARO SURPLUS STORE. 1006 E. Caro, Nick Decker, Prop. Phone 673-4262.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Farm Equipment, SAVOLE IMPLEMENT SALES, Marlette. Phone ME 5-3611.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) "Say It with Flowers", CARO FLORAL SHOP, 315 Pearl St. Caro. Burnell & Lucille Holden, Phone 673-2222.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) HOOPER DRUG STORE, INC. Phone 673-2224, Prescriptions. H. Galloway, R. Ph. Caro, Michigan.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Flowers for All Occasions. ESTHER’S FLORAL & GIFT SHOP, 418 W. Frank, Caro. Phone 673-2535.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Marlette Farmer’s COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR CO. Beans, Grain, Feed, Fertilizers. Phone ME 5-6911, Marlette.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) BARRONS GROCERY, General Merchandise, Beer and Wine, Phone 683-2365, Wilmot, Michigan.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Toridhet Burk’s Water System. ED’S PLUMBING & HEATING, Residential & Industrial, Phone 683-2250. Kingston, Michigan.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) MEL COLE, Registered Jeweler, Keepsake Orange Blossom Diamons, First with the Finest – At budget Terms!, Marlette.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) FRUTCHEY BEAN COMPANY, Clifford, Mich.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Best Wishes Class of 1966, THE ANNUAL STAFF.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) FREDERIC BETAVERNIER, JR., General Insurance Fire – Auto, Phone MU 8- 3115, North Branch, Mich.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) MAY HARDWARE, Sporting Goods, Singer Sewing Machines, Payments Made EZ, Marlette.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) COOK IMPLEMENT SALES, Marlette, Mich.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) FELCH’S GROCERY, Chuck & Delores. "A Good Meeting Place", Clifford
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) Compliments of B. A. CALKA REAL ESTATE, 11 Salesmen & 3 Offices to Serve You, 6306 W. Main St. Cass City, Phone 872-3355.
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) New and Used Auto Parts RUSHLOWS GARAGE & WRECKING CO, Caro, Phone 673-3234, General Repair, New and Used Steel.

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navydiam.gif (915 bytes) THE BAUER CANDY COMPANY
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) HENRY’S BARBER SHOP
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) ATKINS & DRILLOCK
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) HEINEMAN’S
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) KONRAD’S BAKERY & COFFEE SHOP
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) RYAN’S MEN’S WEAR
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) WRIGHT’S SHOE REPAIR
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) FRANK’S MUSIC STORE
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) COLLINS SHOE STORE
navydiam.gif (915 bytes) MARLETTE CLEANERS

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