Kingston Seniors 1966

Submitted by a former Kingston High School Student.

Taken from The Yearbook, "The Kingston Cardinal."

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Graduates, Class of 1966

Doug Kramer Jake Richter Candy Snover Ron Parrino
Bob Fox Jeanie Seibert Lynn Bilicki Ken Bragg
Virginia Grow Judy Biston Richard Dawson Carl King
Janet Luhouseke Carl Kinney Paul Rickwalt Carman Sapien
Mary Rushlow Pat Williamson Geraldine Clink Marion Lucius
Bill Walkiewicz Mike Dombrowski Donna Wilkinson John Taylor
Don Clinesmith Sue Lester Mary Denhoff Gerald Lasko
Diane Miller Nancy Adamczyk Paul Daily Ron Hunter
Elaine Wolak Dwain Dennis Ron Lemanski Carolyn Berry
Mary Lou Houghton Bob Hunter Virginia King Margie Kupiec
Mary Lou King Darlene Jocham Bob Zyrowski Linda Krueger
Helen Szpunar Doris Lockhart Tim Miller Ed Forbes
Terry Pyles Don Brigham Daryl Thorp Melvin Sylvester

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