1967 Kingston Community School Activities

Taken from the 1967 Yearbook, "The Kingston Cardinal."

Contributed by a former Kingston High School Graduate.

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1966 Homecoming

1966 Kingston High School Homecoming Queen: Barb Fox

Queen Candidates:
Liz Denman
Cheryl Kelly
Barbara Fox

1965 Kingston High School Homecoming Queen: Jean Seibert

Queen’s Court:
Marcia Hubbard
Carol Rayl
Connie Flikkie

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Fred Peter, Dick Taylor, Francis Wolak, Shelley Schwaderer, Doris King, Lois Walls, Dale Allen, Richard Miller, Grant Gettel. Debbie Trzemzalski, Gary Simmons, Vice President; Lonnie Bewernitz, President; Sue Ross, Secretary; Karey Henderson, Treasurer; Jane Peter, Corr. Secretary.

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Ed Bilicki, Janie Franckowiak, Nancy Russell, Diane Robinson, Mrs. Opperman, Barb Kolacz, Sandra Silvernail, Joann Hergenreder, Dale Allen, Nancy Chappel, Marion McCloskey, Sharon Rickwalt, Linda Robinson, Vickie Wiley, and Janet Moore.

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Linda Robinson, Judy Ross, Barbara Bragg, Marianne Lugowske, Becky Hunter, Susan Gray, Connie Flikkie, Melissa Mileski, Christine Cherniawski, Sue Ross

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Ricky Smith, Ron Barrons, Lois Woods, Cheryl Kelly, Vera Sabo, and Marianne Lugowske.

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J. Hergenreder, C. Cameron, K. Crigger, D. Silvernail, L. Salas, Mr. Smith, N. Simmons, D. Van Horn, C. Walls, E. Van Horn, G. Gettel, P. Patterson, C. Kitts, D. Bergeman, M. Wilkinson, L. Crittenden, L. Campbell, D. Davis, S. Schwaderer, P. Thompson, D. King, J. Harper, L. Crittenden, D. Marquardt, L. Walls, B. Hunter, E. Schmuhl, B. Schrader, M. Spear, B. Moore, L. Spear, B. Fox, D. Taylor, B. Lalko, D. Rieck, E. Moore.

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B. Moore, A. Ross, D. Cook, K. Davis, D. Adamczyk, D. Lemanski, R. Pyles, R. Smith, S. Lalko, L. McLaughlin, P. Thompson, R. Smithhart, A. Cherniawski, R. Miller, S. Dennis, A. Chantiny, D. Lalko, J. Gottler, L. Campbell, J. Patterson, J. Robinson, G. Swalwell, D. Byron, K. Corlis, C. Flikkie, S. Bragg, V. DeLisle, T. Bilicki, D. King, D. Zeilinger P. Russell, B. Schrader, K. Darling, D. Rieck, C. Cherniawski, S. Ross, C. Klimek, J. Harneck, R. Rayl, L. Jaynes, C. Nicol, M. Lock, Mr. Smith, L. Woods, L. Curry, R. Gusek, D. Randall, P. Patterson, R. Sarles, M. Mileski, L. Crittenden, S. Schwaderer, N. Simmons, M. Wilkerson, B. Green.

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J. Robinson, C. Smock, T. Nickens, D. Kelley, P. Lyons, B. Lalko, J. Roberson, J. Peter, C. Sefton, D. Trzemzalski, C. Koehler, C. Kelley, D. Marquardt, C. Williamson, S. Grow, A. Stover, E. Lockhart, R. Dibble, C. Cook, S. Bilicki, R. Spear, L. Trish, C. Kitts, C. Brigham, A. Williamson, P. McCloskey, C. Richter, M. Burns, S. Snay, C Clouse, D. Lalko, D. Hans, D. McAlpine, P. Finley, Mr. Smith, J. Lemanski, B. McCloskey, T. Smith.

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T. Cherniawski, H.Traster, T. Cherniawski, D. Pohlod, S. Prahin, R. Carb, D. Bilicki, B. Russell, D. Dibble, W. Montei, J. Gilmore, T. Robinson, W. Stover, K. Williamson, J. Langmaid, B. Snover, C. Franckiowiak, M. Lugwske, D. Begeman, L. Clink, L. Curry, G. Stover, Mr. Harper, R. Cross, M. McLaughlin, R. Cook, D. King.


"The National Future Farmers of America was organized in November 1928, in Kansas City, Mo. The FFA has approximately 380,000 active members, 9000 local high school Chapters, located in agriculture areas throughout the 50 States and Puerto Rico.

The Kingston FFA received its charter from the Michigan Assn. of FFA in Feb 14, 1956 under the advisorship of Mr. Chuck Mumby. In 1962 Mr. Lewis C. Harper became the advisor. The FFA operates under a Program of Work covering 12 specific areas. It costs about $1,000 per year to carry out the program of work. Some areas covered are: Leadership Camp for all officers, 2 delegates to State Convention, up to 6 delegates to the National Convention, participating in district Leadership Contest, State Judging Contest, and State FFA Broiler Contest.

The FFA participates in the County Fair and Saginaw Fair. We engage in the 304 Bushel Corn Contest. We operate a demonstration corn plot project. Carl King was our first State Farmer. Larry Clink is a sentinel to the Region 3 North Leadership Camp. The FFA take educational tours in the summer to keep abreast of the changing times."

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T Crigger, S. Traster, L. Dombrowski, R. Clink, S. Reynolds, S. Galubenski, S. Maynard, B. Kolacz, L. Lester, B. McCloskey, K. Crigger, T. Bilicki, R. Gusek, L. Warner, L. Periso, A. Steele, N. Russell, J. Franckiowiak, G. Cameron, P. Owens, A. Williamson, N. Chappel, L. Salas, M. McCloskey, C. Brigham, M. J. Nickens, J. Lemanski, L. Conely, J. Begeman, L. Gottler, J. Harneck, C. Rayl, R. Rayl, P. Russell, C. Franciowiak, Mrs. Miller, B. Snover, S. Rickwalt, B. Hunter.

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Editor Brett McLaughlin
Associate Editor Kay Cooper
Sports Editor Randy Lyons
Staff Artist Ron Barrons
Head Typist Virginia Trzemzalski
Mechanical Supervisor Larry Barrons
Chief of Mimeography Wayne Moore
Student Council Rep. Rod Kramer
Reporters Paul Miller, Rod Kramer, Pat Russell, Renae Rayl, Jane Peter, David Roberson, Linda Lester, Kathy Chapel, Susan Gray, Pam LaFond, Sue Ann Kelley, Susan Kelley, Darrell, Sarles, Norman Easton, Kathy Chantiny, Trish Crigger.
Advisor Mr. Bradley

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Judy Ross, Mrs. Opperman, (Advisor), Cheryl Kelley, Brenda Lalko, Sue Ross, Becky Hunter, Sharon Galubenski, Susan Gray, Becky Snover, Doris Zeilinger, Margie Spear, Carol Walkiewicz, Vera Sabo, Phil Wolak, Linda Lester, Kay Cooper, Marianne Lugowske, Jan Moore, Judy Lemanski, Cathy Franckowiak, Linda Harris, Vicki Wiley.

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Mrs. Inez Cammon Janet Moore
Patty Cammon Judy Ross
Virie Cammon Sharon Galubenski
Steve Cammon Phil Wolak
Mr. Will Cammon Vicki Wiley
Mrs. Sorenson Linda Harris
Willie Williams Barb Fox
Mary Alice Smith Sue Ross
Clara Curtis Cheryl Kelley
Lt. Shirley Anderson Susan Gray
Ed Smith Jim Parrott
Director Mr. Harrison

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Valedictorian --- Cheryl Ann Kelley

Miss Cheryl Ann Kelly, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kelley of Hurds Corner Road, Caro. She was born October 29, 1949, and has attended Kingston Community School for 6 years.

Cheryl’s future plans are to further her education at the University of Michigan and Atlantic School.

With the high scholastic ability she has achieved at Kingston. We are sure Cheryl will be successful in any field of endeavor she chooses.

Salutatorian --- Karey Gene Henderson

Mr. Karey Gene Henderson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Henderson of 3865 South Kingston Road. He was born September 12, 1949, and has attended Kingston Community School for 13 years.

Karey’s future plans are to attend college at Michigan State University or the University of Michigan. He plans to become either a mathematics teacher or a special agent for the Central Intelligence Agency.

With his high academic record, we are sure Karey will be successful in any field he chooses.

Next Three

Miss Judy Ross is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ross, of Froede Road, Caro. She has attended Kingston Community School for 4 years.

Judy’s future plans are to attend Michigan State University. She plans on entering the college of mathematics. After graduation she would like to work in the field of forestry or aviation

Miss Sharon Galubenski, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Galubenski of Bevens Road, Kingston. She has attended Kingston Community School for 13 years.

Sharon’s future plans are to attend Central Michigan University where she will major in English, and minor in Speech and possibly Journalism.

Miss Becky Snover, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roy Snover of 3811 Shaw Road, Kingston. She has attended Kingston Community School for 13 years.

Becky’s future plans are to train to become an Assistant Bio Chemist in Bay City, Michigan.

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