1968 Kingston Community School Activities

Taken from the 1968, "Kingston Cardinal Yearbook."  Contributed by a former Kingston Community High School Graduate. 

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"The Staff of the ''68 Cardinal would like to extend their deep appreciation to Mrs. Jacquelin Opperman.  She has, this year, and in past years, been the guide for the annual staff.  She has provided encouragement and knowledge.   We realize it has cost her much, not onlyl in time but in spirit too.  We hope, Mrs. Opperman, that you have enjoyed working with us as much as we have with you.   It is with this thought that we dedicate this yearbook to you."

The transcription of this yearbook is dedicated to the memory of those 1968 Senior class members who as of July 15, 1998, are deceased.

William "Bill" Everett

Marcia Hubbard

William "Bill" Russell

Patricia "Pat" Russell

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The staff of the ’68 Cardinal has spent a lot of time putting this book together.

We have taken on a policy of making this years book "something different." If you have noticed, the first change is in the cover. Also the divisions in the book are rearranged so that the most interesting section is first. Every section is set up differently than in past years.

We hope you appreciate our time and efforts in making Cardinal ’68 "something different" and enjoyable to you.


Brenda Lalko

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Editorial Staff

Editor – in – Chief Brenda Lalko
Activities Editor Carol Walkiewicz
Athletic Editor Ron Barrons
Senior Editor Judy Lemanski
Underclassman Editor Marjorie Spear
Elementary Editor Doris Zeilinger
Advertisement Editor Dale Allen
Adminisration Editor Renae Rayl
Advisor Mrs. Jacqueline Opperman

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Queen's Court:

C. Kilmek, J. Harneck, J. Hergenreder, J. Peter, S. Vassallo, B. Kolacz, B. Fox, W. Kilmek, N. Crigger

Last Year's Queen - Barb Fox

This Year's Queen - Jane Peter

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Queen’s Court and Escorts:



B. Kolacz R. Wolak
S. Vassallo T. Clement
J. Peter D. Nelson
J. Hergenreder D. Roberson
J. Harneck B. Sherwood
C. Klimek A. Ross

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R. Vassallo, D. Roberson, P. Neff, B. Montie, J. Gilmore, D. Clinesmith, T. Roberson, E. Singleton, A. Cherniawski, B. Russell, K. Maynard, B. Crosby, G. Mock, T. Cherniawski, R. Synder, R. Carb, D. Marquardt, D. Tait, D. Cross, B. Kelley, J. Langmaid, B. Stover, D. Dibble, A. Adamczyk, D. Cook, B. Sherwood, L. Campbell, H. Traster, P. Patterson, R. Smith, M. Kelly, D. Adamczyk, R. Hampshire, B. Hubbard, A. Mason, T. Moris, B. Thane, D. Rickwalt, S. Perkins, C. Crittenden, Mr. Harper, K. Crigger, T. Smith, C. Cook, C. Cerniawski, B. Cook. M. McLaughlin, L. Curry, G. Stover, R. Finley, R. Adamczyk, J. Lemanski.

"The 51 members of the Kingston FFA are part of 11,000 FFA members of the state of Michigan and part of the 450,000 national FFA members in 9,000 FFA chapters in 50 states. This year the ruling came from the National Headquarters that girls could belong to the FFA.

In following the FFA through the year we find in the Spring the freshman class won a silver award in the state poultry contest 4.5# birds in 8 weeks. Larry Clink, Lyle Curry and Ron Adamczyk were top team in Tuscola County soil judging contest. The FFA barbecued its home raised birds in its annual Parent and Son Banquet. The FFA barbecues for the PTA in its annual Memorial day feast. Lyle Curry Jr. and Stan Prahin were the Chapter Delegates to State Convention.

During the summer we visited the Kellogg cereal plant in Battle Creek, Mich. We became Region 7 and District 3. Gerald Stover was appointed Sentinel of Reg. 7, Dist. 3.

In the Fall we had a Donkey ballgame and helped in the Tuscola CROP drive. Our corn demonstration plot yielded 106 bushel of corn per acre. Lyle Curry, Jr. topped that with 115 bushel of corn per acre winning the corn contest award.

During the winter we had our Christmas party and planned a spring dance with the FHA. Lyle Curry, Jr. applied for the State Farmer degree in January."

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J. Harneck, E. Moore, N. Chappel, C. Rayl, L. Dombrowski, S. Reynolds, J. Chambers, R. Gusek, B. Delisle, K. Darling, J. Hergenreder, M. Nickens, J. Lemanski, L. Salas, C. Galubenski, A. Jaster, L. Curry, M. Brandibur, P. Krigger, C. Cameron, N. Russell, J. Frankowiak, Mrs. Miller, (Sponsor), R. Rayl, B. Kolacz, P. Russell, S. Rickwalt, L. Gottler.

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C. Walls, M. Boyle, F. Green, D. Chambers, L. Campbell, B. Sherwood, G. Stover, B. Russell, G. Gilmore, R. Jaynes, L. Crittenden, G. Nichol, Mr. Burmeister (Advisor), B. Kelley, B. Montei, D. Roberson, P. Neff, D. Clinesmith, B. Cook, R. Finlay, F. Walker, R. Wolak, D. Trzemzalski, C. Collins, D. King, D. Roberson.

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Mr. Bebow, F. Peter, B. Miller, W. Moore, E. Bilicki, P. Miller, D. Packey, Mr. VanParis, W. Boyl, B. Everett, D. LaFond, R. Barrons, G. Harneck, Mr. Binder, D. Allen, L. Barrons, D. Lalko, B. McLaughlin, B. Diegel.

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C. Klimek, C. Galubenski, Mrs. Reimann, S. Brief, B. Bragg, D. King, L. Robinson, G. May, N. Simmons, D. McAlpine, T. Nickens, R. Rayl, L. Woods.

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S. Bragg, D. King, E. Van Horn, B. Sherwood, F. Walker, D. Van Horn, C. Flikkie, D. King, P. King, D. Tait, P. Russell, R. Rayl, L. Conely, B. King, B. McCloskey, S. Rickwalt.

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C. Flikkie, President P. King S. Vassallo
J. Hergenreder, V. Pres V. Trzemzalski J. Peter
A. Chantiny, Secretary A. Olsowy T. Clement
B. Everett, Treasurer R. Arronc B. Walkiewicz
Mr. Comber, Advisor P. Lyons S. Bragg
  D. King S. Miller
  S. Kwasniewski D. Miller
  E. Brittion A. Adamczyk
  D. Adamczyk P. Russell
  P Crigger D. Zeilinger
  L. Walls S. Rickwalt

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D. LaFond, R. Barrons, G. Simmons, T. Cherniawski, P. Miller, T. Clement, Mr. Barclay (Advisor), C. Cherniawski, M. King, B. Everett, J. Peter, A. Olsowy, M. Brandibur, G. Cameron, L. Anger, M. Hubbard, L. Crittenden, A. Zajac.

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E. Singleton, D. Packey, G. Gettle, D. Van Horn, L. Henderson, E. Kolacz, M. Wnuk, J. Harper, D. Lonsway, J. Traster, T. Brown, J. Clouse, Pres.- B. Miller, Sec-Treas- Barbara Bragg, Ralph Chappel, H. Traster, Mr. Harrison (Advisor)

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Gary Simmons, Pres Louis Salas Ron Adamczyk Fred Peter
Bob Miller, V. Pres. Paul Miller Dan LaFond Dale Allen
Jane Peter, Sec Jim Borek Jennifer Peter Judy Lemanski
Larry Barrons, Treas. Norma Simmons Shelly Schwarderer Doris King
  Lois Walls    

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Chairmen of the Editorial Board Brett McLaughlin
Editor-in-Chief Renae Rayl
Business Manager Jane Peter
Production Manager Larry Barrons
Manager of Special Publications Paul Miller
Head Typist Virginia Trzemzalski
Staff Artist Ron Barrons
Production Staff Wayne Boyl, Shelly Snover, Barbara Bragg
Reporters Tony Cherniawski, Dennis Nelson, Glen Walls, Wayne Moore, Tom Clement, Bill Everett, Jack Nickens, Pam Lyons, Shirley Reynolds, Janis Chambers, Dorothy Allen, Judy Hergenreder, Trish Crigger, Sharon Vassallo, Marcia Hubbard
Advisor Mr. Thomas Bradley

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D. Hahn, D. Marquardt, L. Curry, R. Snyder, B. Russell, P. Russell, C. Sefton, D. King, S. Silvernail, J. Harneck, P. Pattterson, P. Finley, L. Trish, C. Cherniawski, J. Hergenreder, T. Crigger, G. Simmons.

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J. Hergenreder, J. Lemanski, D. Robinson, C. Rayl, E. Moore, L. Spear, S. Grow.

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Tom Arsdale Tom Clement
Oke Stimson Bret McLaughlin
Caroline Barbara Bragg
Anthony Arsdale Gary Simmons
Sylvia Webster Trish Crigger
Dean Marlow Glen Walls
Peaches Carter Ann Olsowy
Asma Pat Russell
Barb Sanford Renae Rayl
Birdie LaVerne Sharon Vassallo
Alfred Murgatody Bill Everett
Chuck Mayo Larry Barrons
Director Mr. E. Comber
Student Director Dick Taylor
MAKE UP S. Rickwalt, S. Maynard, R. Barrons, J. Hergenreder
PROMPTERS J.Lemanski, J. Hergenreder
SOUND EFFECTS E. Nelson, W. Boyl

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R. Jaynes, M. Hubbard, L. Robinson, N. Chappel, K. Crigger, J. Hergenreder, E. Moore, R. Snover, G. Cameron, E. Schmuhl, L. Spear, E. Lilicki, B. Kolacz, D. Silvernail, D. Allen, B. Lalko, R. Rayl, M. Spear, D. Zeilinger, J. Lemanske, C. Walkiewicz, R. Barrons.

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B.Lalko, D. Allen, R.Barrons, J. Lemanske, Mrs. Opperman, R. Rayl, M. Spear, D. Zeilinger, C. Walkiewicz.

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Editor in Chief Brenda Lalko
Administration Editor Renae Rayl, Ellen Moore, Joan Hergenreder
Seniors Editor Judy Lemanske, Roger Jaynes, Marsha Hubbard
Underclassmen Editor Marjorie Spear, Evelyn Schmuhl, Sandra Silvernail
Elementary Editor Doris Zeilinger, Lorretta Spear, Linda Robinson
Activities Editor Carol Walkiewicz, Barb Kolacz, Gloria Cameron
Sports Editor Ron Barrons, Ed Bilicki, Karen Crigger
Advertising Editor Dale Allen, Nancy Chappel, Rochelle Snover
Photographer Carol Walkiewicz
ADVISOR Mrs. Opperman

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Mr. Smith, P. Lyons, A. Chantiny, C. Flikie, D. Miller, S. Miller, K. Corlis, R. Miller, J. Gottler, S. Schwarder, B. Lalko, A. Ross, D. Lemanski, R. Smithart, D. Bryon, F. Walker, J. Peter, J. Harneck, D. Lalko, L. McLaughlin.

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D. Marquart, J. Harper, Mr. Smith, D. King, D. Van Horn, R. Hampshire, G. Walls, L. Campbell, B. Lalko, N. Simmons, P. Thompson, P. Stevens, M. Wilkinson, B. Woods, E. Van Horn, M. Wnuk, R. Clink, S. Silvernail, R. Taylor.

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E. Moore, D. Rieck, B. King, N. Simmons, E. Schmuhl, R. Spear, D. Taylor, B. Lalko, S. Schwarderer, D. Marguette, J. Roberson, J. Harper, B. Marquette, P. Thompson, W. Moore, R. Stevens, E. Van Horn, B. Woods, M. Wilkinson, L. Walls, M. Hubbard, M. Spear, L. Spear, G. Gettel, D. Houghton, L. Campbell, D. Van Horn, R. Hampshire, G. Walls, Mr. Wayne Smith, L. Salas, G. Cameron, S. Silvernail, J. Hergenreder, M. Wnuk, R. Clink, J. Peter, B. McCloskey.

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Jane Peters, Marcia Hubbard

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Mr. Gary Lee Simmons is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Velda Simmons of Rossman Rd., Kingston, has compiled a 3.743 point average in seven semesters of work. He has attended the Kingston Community School for 12 years.  At the present time, Gary is serving as president of the Student Council. He is also a member of the National Honor Society. Following graduation, Gary plans to attend Bethel College. We’re sure Gary will be successful in any field of endeavor he chooses.


Mr. Thomas Clement is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Carl Clement and the nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Clement of Cemetery Rd,. Kingston. He has compiled a 3.628 point average. Tom attended the Kingston Elementary and Junior High Schools, and continued his education in Marlette and Chesaning before returning to Kingston prior to his Senior year.   Following graduation, Tom plans to attend the University of Michigan, majoring in liberal arts. With his high academic record, we’re sure Tom will be successful in any field his chooses.

Following Three

Brett McLaughlin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold McLaughlin of E. Sanilac Rd., Kingston.  Brett has been both the president and vice president of his class.  He is a member of the National Honor Society.  He aslo has been a member of the KHS varsity club and a member on the football and basketball teams.  As Editor of the COURIER he has served two years.  After graduating Brett plans on attending MSU, majoring in journalism.

Miss Barbara Bragg is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Bragg of Phillips Rd., Kingston.  During her years at Kingston Barbara has been active in chess club, National Honor Society, Journalism and she has also been a student teacher.  Barbara has received an honor for her work in the field of world history.   Barbara as of the present time has no definite plans after graduating.

Miss Connie Collins is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rex Collins of Phillips Rd, Kingston.  During her years at Kingston, Connie has participated in cheerleading and has received awards in typing and as the most improved junior.  Upon graduating with a 3.333 average Connie has plans of attending a business school as a means of furthering her education.

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R. Rayl, A. Chantiny, B. B. Bragg, D. King, C. Galubenski, S. Bragg, S. Sxhwaderer, C. Rayl, L. Conely, D. Allen, B. McLaughlin, B. Miller, D. Trzemzalski, G. Walls, G. Simmons, T. Cherniawski, H. Clement, N. Simmons.

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D. Trzemzalski
G. Walls
B. Miller
T. Clement
S. Bragg
N. Simmons
S. Schwaderer

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Copyright July 1998

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