1968 Seniors Kingston Community School

Taken from the 1968, "Kingston Cardinal Yearbook."   Contributed by a former Kingston Community High School graduate.

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The 1968 Senior class was in the 4th grade during the 1959-1960 school year. The class changed in size, 33 then, 44 now. The next year we had one new addition to our class, she was Judy Lemanski. In the sixth grade Cathy Chantiny came to the class. When we finally reach Jr High we had five new members in our class: Connie Collins, Pat and Bill Russell, Virginia Trzemzalski, and Fred Green. In the eighth grade we had more new members than any other year, six in all, Renae Rayl, Shirley Maynard, Devere Clinesmith, Paul Miller, Pat Neff, and Lyle Curry. The next year Trish Crigger, Willy Montie and Linda Robinson joined our class. In the tenth grade we had no new members, but in the eleventh grade we had two join our class, Tony Cherniawski and Ray Finley. This year we had two new members Fred Armstrong and Ray Nelson, and two old members who returned: Tom Clement and Ann Olsoway. This is how Our Great Class of ‘68came to be 44 strong.

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Class of 1968

William "Willie" Montei Sharon Vassallo Larry Campbell
Glen Walls Judith "Judy" Hergenreder Lyle Curry
Darrell Chambers Patricia "Pat" Russell Sharon Rickwalt
Anthony "Tony" Cherniawski Raymond "Ray" Finley Devere Clinesmith
Paul Miller Ann Olsowy Dennis Nelson
Patrick "Pat" Neff Jane Peter Wayne Moore
Gary Simmons William "Bill" Everett Ronald "Ron" Barrons
Marcia Hubbard Connie Collins Gerald Harneck
Daniel "Dan" Pohlod Virginia Trzemzalski Judith "Judy" Lemanski
Horace "Tom" Clement Brett McLaughlin Larry Barrons
Linda Robinson William "Bill" Russell Edward "Ed" Van Horn
Fred Green Raymond "Ray" Nelson Marion McCloskey
Donald "Don" Roberson Shirley Maynard Renae Rayl
Richard "Dick" Taylor Wayne Boyl David "Dave" Roberson
Barbara Bragg Patricia "Trish" Crigger Kathy Chantiny

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