Faculty and Staff, Kingston School 1966

Contributed by a former Kingston High School Student

Source:  Kingston Community Schools Yearbook, titled 1966 Cardinal.

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"You were made for enjoyment, and the world was filled with things which you will enjoy" 1.

We, the staff of the 1966 Cardinal, have taken great pride in putting out the yearbook for your enjoyment.

We hope that though the years, this book will be with you and bring back great memories of the trials, tribulations, joys, and sorrows that you have encountered at Kingston High School.

Ruskin 1.

Mary Denhoff

Editor – in – Chief

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Mr. Orrie Reiman, President

Mr. Thomas Dale, Superintendent

Mr. Jack Wesch, Vice President
Margaret Gettel, Secretary
Mr. John Holodnick, Principal
Mr. Gary Koehler, Secretary
Mr. Edward Bilicki, Treasurer
Mrs. Ann Reimann, Secretary
Mr. John Fox, Trustee
Mr. Clarence Richter, Trustee
Mr. Richard Thorp, Trustee

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Mr. Theodore Bebow. Mathematics
Mr. Thomas Bradley, Social Studies
Mr. John Conner, Band, Chorus
Mrs. Beatrice GeBauer, English
Mr. Lewis Harper, Agriculture
Mr. Wilbert Lang, Language
Mr. Dallas Harrison, Social Studies, English
Miss Ida Simmons, Commercial
Mr. Kelly Kidder, Speech Therapy
Mr. William Miller, Junior High
Mr. Jerome Schwartz, Guidance Counselor, Social Studies

Mr. Lewis Lester, Science, Mathematics, Coach

Mrs. Evelyn Miller, Home Economics, English
Mrs. Jacqueline Opperman, English, Librarian

Mr. Louis Wenzlaff, Commercial, Coach

Mr. Samuel Conkey, English

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Daryl Thorp
Boyd Jarvis
Steve Moore
Clinton Rieck
Allen Nickens
Manuel Sapien

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Bus Drivers

J. Curry
W. Plantz
B. Houghton
J. Zyrowski
R. Rieck
W. Harmon
B. Simpson
H. Taylor

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