1967 Faculty Kingston School


Kingston, Michigan

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This 1967 Cardinal has been put together by the Annual Staff of Kingston High School for you, the Students of K.H.S.

We hope, as time passes and as you look back at your 67 yearbook, that it will bring happy and well remembered memories of your years here at Kingston.

Along with the happy memories we hope you will remember K.H.S. as a beginning of your knowledge.


Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief Judy Ross
Administration Susan Gray
Senior Editor Cheryl Kelley
Underclassmen Becky Snover
Elementary Editor Brenda Lalko
Activities Editor Sue Ross
Sports Editor Becky Hunter
Advertising Editor Sharon Galubenski
Advisor Mrs. Jacquelin Opperman

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School Board

Mr. Charles Richter President
Mr. John Fox Vice-President
Mr. Gary Koehler Secretary
Mr. Edward Bilicki Treasurer
Mr. Richard Wynn Trustee
Mr. Louis Wenzlaff Trustee
Mr. Marvin Kramer Trustee

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Mr. Robert Cameron Superindendent
Mrs. Margaret Gettel Secretary
Mr. John Holodnick Principal
Mrs. Ann Reimann Secretary

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Mr. Jerome Schwartz Counselor
Mrs. Gloria Schilinger French
Mrs. Jacqueline Opperman Sup. Libraries, College Prep.
Mr. Thomas Bradley Social Science, Journalism
Miss Ida Simmons General Business, Office Practice, Shorthand, Typing
Mr. Theodore Bebow Mathematics, Coach
Mr. Dallas Harrison Social Sciences
Mr. Lewis Lester Science, Chemistry, Coach (Forestry)
Mr. James Van Paris Biology, Science, Chemistry, Coach (Football)
Mr. Edwin Comber English, Science, Sociology
Mr. Richard Robinson Economics, Bookkeeping, Business Math
Mr. Wayne Smith Band, Choir
Mrs. Evelyn Miller Home Ec., English
Mr. William Miller Science, Math
Mr. Leo Bye English, Literature
Mr. Lewis Harper Agriculture
Mr. Lee Burmister Shop

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Clinton Rieck
Steve Moore

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Bus Drivers

B. Simpson
B. Houghton
J. Zyrowski
J. Curry
L. Burmister
W. Harmon
L. Lester
C. Rieck
H. Taylor

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Cafeteria Staff

Cooks Mrs. Christine Plane
Mrs. Joyce Roberson
Staff S. Vassallo, Lo. Robinson, E. Kolacz, P. Chernaiwski, T. Williamson, L. Barrons, D. Roberson, L. Baker, K. Crigger, L. Anger, C. Kitts, J. Weber, N. Bragg, C. Prahin, B. Randall, J. Lock, L. Gottler, T. Crigger, J. Lemanski

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