1968 Kingston Administration and Faculty

Taken from the 1968, "Kingston Cardinal Yearbook."   Contributed by a Former Kingston Community School Graduate.

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Mr. Marvin Kramer Trustee
Mr. Louis Wenzloff Trustee
Mr. Richard Wynn Treasurer
Mr. John Fox President
Mr. Edward Bilicki Vice President
Mr. Gary Koehler Secretary
Mr. Robert Wilmot Trustee

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Mr. Robert Cameron Superintendent
Miss Sharon Brief Secretary
Mr. Jerome Schwartz Principal
Mrs. Ann Reimann Secretary

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"This year’s Administration and Faculty at Kingston High School has many new faces. There are also many faces missing from other years.

There is a new Principal, and a new French and literature teacher. Also a new commerical teacher and a new coach for basketball, to name a few.

These and others are on the following pages. "


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Mr. Wayne Smith Mr. David Smith Mrs. Jacquelin Opperman
Mr. William Miller Mrs. Evelyn Miller Mr. Dallas Harrison
Mr. Lewis Harper Mr. Edwin Comber Mr. Lee Burmiester
Mr. Thomas Bradley Mr. David Binder Mr. Theodore Bebow
Mr. Gary Barclay Mr. James Van Paris Mr. Ray Van Horn
Regular Substitute Teachers Mrs. Eleanor Peter Mr. James Hosner

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Christine Plane, Joyce Roberson

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Cafeteria Staff

Linda Gottler, Dan Cook, Dave Marquardt, Dave Thane, Ricky Smith, Sharon Vassallo, Pat Lis, Toni Smith, Carolyn Cook, Becky McCloskey, LoAnn Langmaid, Diane Hahn, Susan Wolak, Judy Hergenreder, Pam Lyons, Janette Roberson, Mirian Massenburg, Virginia Trzemzalski, Ann Jaster, Janet Roberson, Shirley Maynard.

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Bus Drivers

Mr. Van Horn, Mr. Fox, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Harmon, Mrs. Zyrowski, Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Houghton, Mrs. Curry.

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Mr. Steve Moore, Jean Lalko, Leona Henderson, Susan Traster

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