George Gager

Picture George Gager was born in York County, Ontario, in 1881.  When a mere boy he went to Lincoln and from there to Huron County, thence in 1864 to Flint, Mich., where he resided until 1872.  He then came to Tuscola County and settled in the township of Wisner on section 28.  In the fall of 1877 he purchased a hotel on the Bay City and Cass River State Road, which he kept for several years.  In 1882 he formed a partnership with A. W. Barney and built a steam saw-mill on section 32.  He was married in 1859 to Miss Margaret Morrison, of Huron County, Ont., who was born in Scotland in 1830 and came to America in 1844.  Mr. Gager has held the office of township clerk three years and that of justice of the peace seven years.

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From H. R. Page's History of Tuscola County, page 206.  Submitted by Sherrye Woodworth Jan 2000.