E. P. Jones

Picture E. P. Jones was born in the township of Durham, Oxford County, Ont., September 24, 1846, where he resided till he was twelve years of age.  He then moved to the township of Bayham, Elgin County, and in 1880 to Bay City, Mich.  In 1882 he came to Wisner and rented a hotel of George Gager on the State road, of which he is now the proprietor.  He was married in 1865 to Miss Nancy Jane Weeks, who was born in South Dorchester, Elgin, County, Ont., January 5, 1846, and has three children - Charley Edward, born November 6, 1866; George Arthur, born August 25, 1868, and Clarence Whitfield, born March 14, 1880.

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From H. R. Page's History of Tuscola County, pages 206 and 207.  Submitted by Sherrye Woodworth Jan 2000.