J.W. McPherson

Picture Mr. and Mrs. James McPherson were born in Nova Scotia, and lived there several years; in 1851 they moved to Middlesex County, Ontario.  They had twelve children, Ester, Margaret, Clara, Selina, Isabella, Rufus, Anna, George, J.W., Frederick, and Sarah.  Mrs. McPherson's father, Thomas Cosens, was born in England, and her mother was born in Ontario.  They had ten children, Mary, Charlotte, Elizabeth, John, William, Henry, Isaac, Cyrus, Joseph, and Nathan.  Mr. J.W. McPherson was born in Nova Scotia May 3, 1838.  He Married Charlotte Cosens December 1, 1862.  She was born August 13, 1839.  They remained in Ontario ten years.  Then came to Tuscola County, Michigan.  They have eight children, Elizabeth, born  September 24, 1863; Mary, April 2, 1865; John, December 30, 1866; William, July 16, 1869; Angeline and Emaline twins born May 6, 1872; Anna, August 16, 1873, George, March 18, 1876; Charlotte, January 3, 1879; Orvil, July 18, 1881.

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From Platbook of Tuscola County, Michigan 1902, page 72.  Submitted by Sherrye Woodworth Nov 2000.