Henry Thumme

Picture Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thumme of Germany.  Mr. Thumme was born March 20, 1858, in Detroit, Michigan, and moved to St. Clair, and remained there several years.  Married Rachel Ricket in November, 1879.  She was born June 6, 1862, in Detroit.  They have two children, Charlie, born November 4, 1882; Herbert, born February 8, 1885.  Henry Thumme married Caroline Unger, April 26, 1887.  She was born February 21, 1863, in Germany.  He has two children by his second wife; William, born December 20, 1888; Henry, born August 6, 1895.

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From Platbook of Tuscola County, Michigan 1902, page 72.  Submitted by Sherrye Woodworth Nov 2000.