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5/2/04 Q: I found my great grandfather's listing in the Civil War list for Elmwood--P. W. Harding. Do you know if his wife, Mary Jane (Denman) Harding  is buried there also? Dod 2/11/1895.
A: Sorry, I do not know, maybe someone else can answer you.The complete email answer was sent to another person, who then sent it on to Mr. Urban.
I received an answer from him, asking about obtaining a paper copy of a 1880 census page.
A: Mr. Urban, due to the size of the census page images, you can grab it here 1880
and copy, print or save/download it to your computer- and re-size it. Please let me know when you have done this and I will eliminate the image from the website.
A - Mary Harding was still living in the 1930 census, listed as m-i-law age 77, b. IN. living with William H. Jackman age 58 b. MO.,President of Printing Co., wife Gertrude age 52 b. IL., Sec'ty at Printing Co., daughter Mary A. age 11 b. MO., married at ages 32 (w) and 38. (h) (ca. 1910) is this Gertrude the wife of a son (deceased or divorced ) of P.W. and Mary Harding, married the 2nd time?
Willard Urban