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Audrain County Cemeteries

Index to Names at East Lawn Cemetery

East Lawn is the newest cemetery in Mexico and all burials will  probably be after World War II.

Eastlawn Cemetery Burials
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Cafer-Clement  C.Continued  Cliburn-Cutler 
Dameron-Dickey D.Continued  Diederick-Dysart - DeH. DeHaven-DeWitt
Easton-Ellis E.Continued Elson-Ewing -
Failey-Forgy F. Continued Forman-Fulton
 G.  Galen-Guy -
Haff-Harwick - H. Continued Harkelroth-Hycz -
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Jackson-Jones - J Continued Jones-Jung-
Kable-Kysar -   L. Lafferty-LeCount
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NO dates, Names only. Many Thanks to Frances for this list of names and vitals on cemetery page
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This is a very large alphabetical file except for names beginning with DeH or DeO or other capital letters which are at the end of D. Use the DeH link above..

A.  and  B. beginning

B continued

 Acers, Edward R.
Acers, Ethel R.

Acuff, Dorothy M.

Acuff, Elizabeth G.

Adams, Arthur J.

Adams, Bernice C.

Adams, Betty L.

Adams, Carl E.

Adams, Clarence S.

Adams, Eunice A.

Adams, George P.

Adams, Harrison L.

Adams, Hershel B.

Adams, Hershel E.

Adams, J. Rudolph

Adams, Joe C.

Adams, Katharine M.

Adams, Laura  J.

Adams, Lillian Perelle

Adams, Louise I.

Adams, Nellie A.

Adams, Ollie Mae

Adams, Quinten L.

Adams, Robert B.

Adams, Robert B. Jr.

Adams, Ruby A.

Adams, Ruby Ann

Adams, Shannon Elroy

Adams, William H.

Adams. William J.

Adkins, George W.

Adkins, John

Adkins, Margaret M.

Adkins, Myrtle

Admire, Derwood S.

Admire, Leighton F.

Admire, Lorene E.

Admire, Nona V.

Admire, Rev. L.F.

Ahmid, Abdalah

Ahmid, Belle

Ahsens, Alice Karen

Ahsens, Doris S.

Ahsens, Robert J. II

Akers, C. Floyd

Akers, Frankie M.

Albright, Alma T.

Albright, Carl Joe

Albright, Walter H.

Alexander, Jeremy Ryan

Allen, Aniel Primus

Allen, Bobby Eugene

Allen, E. Dee

Allen, George D.

Allen, George R.

Allen, Helen Louise

Allen, Ina L.

Allen, Lavena E.

Allen, Marvin K.

Allen, Marvin R.

Allen, Mary F.

Allen, Neoma C.

Allen, Robert F.

Allen, Robert W.

Allen, Sandra L.

Allen, Wallace F.

Allison, Margaret R.

Allison, Robert E.

Allred, Bruce Douglas

Allred. Bryan Andrew

Allred, Carla Lynn

Alton, Jewel L.

Amelon, John Carr

Amelon, Lydia Ritz

Anders, Mary Catharine
Anderson, Anna Frances
Anderson, Alice M.

Anderson, Bill

Anderson, Delphia

Anderson, James E.

Anderson, John A.

Anderson, John E.

Anderson, Minda

Anderson, Monte E.

Anderson, Richard

Anderson, Robert

Anderson, Walter S.

Andrews, Elvis V.

Andrusejko,  Franciszek

Andrusejko, Jadwiga

Angell, Margaret

Angell, Robert Loren

Angert, Emma

Angert, Raymond A.

Anson, Everet W.

Apel, Herman

Apel, Katherine C.

Apel, Vinita E.

Applebee, F. Pauline

Applebee, John H.

Applebee, Patricia A.

Applebee, Robert C.

Armstrong, Alice M.

Armstrong, Butler

Armstrong, Georgia Iola

Armstrong, James A.

Armstrong, Pearle Y.

Armstrong, Rev. Robert L.

Armstrong, Ruth E.

Arnall, Clara Mae

Arnall, Frank

Arnold, A. Myrtle

Arnold, Annie E.

Arnold, Bernice

Arnold, Charles P.

Arnold, Charles P. Jr.

Arnold, Douglas J.

Arnold, Edward D.

Arnold, Forrest C.

Arnold, James E.

Arnold, Lewis W.

Arnold, Mary Ellen

Arnold, Mayme

Arnold, Norma J.

Arthur, Greeta B.

Arthur, J.B.

Arthur, John Burwell

Arvin, William B.

Ashburn, John W.

Ashcraft, Emmett J.

Ashcraft, Sarah A.

Asquith, Mary Jane

Asquith, Elmer D.

Aston, I. Davis

Aston, Inez E.

Atkins, Carl M.

Atkins, Grover C.

Atkins, Myrtle J.

Atkinson, Albert H.

Atkinson, Aurie M.

Atkinson, E. Marie

Atkinson, Roy G.

Atkisson, Carl W.

Atkisson, Dorothy May

Aussieker, Elmer L.

Aussieker, Keith L.

Avery, Clifford E.

Avery, Connie

Avery, Hale

Avery, Jason

Avery, Martha A.

Avery, Martin E.

Avery, Pearl

Avery, Wendi

Azdell, Dozier E.


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Bail, Fred E.

Bail, Jonathan Michael

Bail, Lois Marie

Bailey, John Thomas

Bailey, Mary Frances

Bailey, Mildred B.

Baker, Carrie L.

Baker, Edna O.

Baker, Ella Mae

Baker, Emma Lou

Baker, Georgetta

Baker, Gladys Dowell

Baker, Homer

Baker, James H.

Baker, James R.

Baker, Jason R.

Baker, Mancil Lee Sr.

Baker, Marshall J.

Baker, Mildred C.

Baker, Robert H.

Ball, Dora Grebe

Ball, E. Sue

Ball, Lebbius M.

Ball, Mollie

Ball, Russell

Ball, William

Ballew, Elva L.

Ballew, Merle

Ballew, Walter Roy

Bannister, Artie E.

Bannister, Gill J.

Barclay, Alta V.

Barclay, John F.

Barkelew, Barry Hammond

Barker, James Robert

Barker, Martha Page

Barnes, Barbara J.

Barnes, Bertie M.

Barnes, Deither W.

Barnes, Earl G.

Barnes, Elizabeth K.

Barnes, Lorene F.

Barnes, Margaret A.

Barnes, Ray P.

Barnes, Robert Franklin

Barnes, Thelma Bonney

Barnett, Courtney Michael

Barnett, Jesse L.

Barnett, Joe L.

Barnett, Martha M.

Barrett, Peggy Marie

Barrow, Lettice E.

Barrow, Ola Belle

Bartolacci, Joe C.

Battles, Janet Fay

Batts, George F.

Batts, Velma Louise

Batty, Fred L.

Batty, Norma J.

Bauer, Fannie

Bauer, Jane Ann

Bauer, Kenneth M.

Bauer, Mike J.

Baumgartner, George E.

Baumgartner, Jennie M.

Baysinger, Cecil C.

Baysinger, Emma W.

Baysinger, Lena B.

Baysinger, Ruth

Baysinger, Verna

Beacom, Berenice

Beacom, Edwin E.

Beamer, Baby

Beamer, Caroline Boswell

Beamer, Jennie Walker

Beamer, John F.

Beamer, Karen E.

Beamer, Omar G.

Beatty, Clarence E.

Beatty, Faye Marie

Beatty, LeRoy F.

Beckley, John H.

Beckley, Lawrence K.

Beckley, Maimee

Beedle, Alma

Beedle, Eugene

Belcher, Beulah M.

Belcher, Donald R. “Deacon”

Belcher, Ellen Church

Belcher, Esther M.

Belcher, Everett E.

Belcher, Joe Allen

Belcher, Joseph H.

Belcher, Judy M.

Belcher, Odell

Belcher, Ronald E.

Belcher, Thomas E.

Belts, Edna G.

Belts, Edward A.

Belts, Ethel B.

Belts, William A.

Bennett, George C.

Bennett, Martha M.

Bentley, Clifford T.

Benus, Dorothy I.

Benus, Elmer R.

Berger, Charles P.

Berger, Edna E.

Berrey, Alta Mae

Berrey, Clayton R.

Berrey, Forrist C.

Berrey, Harold J.

Berrey, Lola W.

Berrey, M. Grace

Berrey, Max C.

Berrey, Pearl M.

Berrey, Raymond Warren

Berrey, Rith E.

Berrey, W. Estil

Berry, Clyde B.

Berry, Gaither H.

Berry, Harry Lewis

Berry, H. Frances

Berry, Wallace M.

Berry, Willa F.

Bertrand, Merlin A.

Bertrand, Patsey L.

Beshears, Dorothy A.

Beshears, John A.

Beynon, Harold Louis

Biggers, Alpha M.

Biggers, Lloyd Wesley

Bingham, Dorothy Lee

Black, Alva

Black, C.L.

Black, Helen G.

Black, Kim Cordai

Black, Mildred Annette

Black. Ruth E.

Black, Thomas H.

Blackburn, Alice M.

Blackburn, Betty Ann

Blackburn, Gilbert F.

Blacketer, Charles R.

Blacketer, Janie

Blackwell, Carla Kay

Blackwell, Hazel L.

Blackwell, Irvin E.

Blackwell, John W.

Blackwell, Opal E.

Blades, Herbert R.

Blades, Vinita L.

Blair, Ella M.

Blair, Joe E.

Blake, Charles Lee

Blake, Harold J.

Blake, Lore H.

Blakely, Bertha Mae

Blakely, Fredrich A.

Bland, E. Mae

Bland, Russell C.

Blum, Charles H.

Blum, Georgia A.

Blumer, Janet

Bock, Lena J.

Bock, William A.

Boicourt, A. Elmer

Boicourt, Beverly Ann

Boicourt, M. Bernice

Boles, Porter L.

Bond, Arthur D.

Bond, Arthur G.

Bonsall, Anna Maye

Bonsall, Dorothy L.

Bonsall, J. Robert

Bonsall, John Richard

Bonsall, Margaret May

Bonsall, Oliver T. “Ollie”

Bonsall, William R.

Boone, Frances E.

Boone, Nolan A.

Booska, Allen

Booska, Linnie E.

Booska, Robert A.

Booska, Ruth

Borden, Estel R.

Bosma, Aise H.

Bosma, Mary A.

Boswell, Amanda J.

Boswell, Betty L.

Boswell, Charley S.

Boswell, Frank E.

Boswell, Lee F.

Boswell, Marylee

Boswell, Russell B.

Botkin, Robert H.

Boulden, Carrie B.

Boulden, Edna May

Boulden, Vernie I.

Bowman, Lorn E.

Boyce, Malinda S.

Boyd, Idalice H.

Boyd, Kenneth H.

Boydstun, Clara Mae

Boydstun, Dennis C.

Boydstun, Infant

Boydstun, John W.

Boyer, E.J.

Boyer, Erie

Boyes, Ora L.

Boyes, Ruth V.

Bradford, Aubra L.

Bradford, Bessie L.

Bradford, Clark M.

Bradford, Flora G.

Bradley, Carl C.

Bradley, Ernest J.

Bradley, Ethel L.

Bradley, Georgia M.

Bradley, Glorane

Bradley, Jesse Q.

Bradley, Leona W.

Bradley, Omer G.

Bradley, Velma LaVerne

Bradley, Virginia

Bradley, Warren T.

Bramble, Lula E.

Bramble, William A.

Branch, Annabelle Precht

Branch, Ernest E.

Brandenburg, Dorothy E.

Brandow, Curtis W.

Brandow, Randy G.

Brandow, Wray B.

Branham, E. Velma

Branham, Freddie C. Sr.

Branstetter, John D.

Branstetter, Leta G.

Brashear, Adolph W. “Red”

Brashear, Catherine E.

Brashear, John A.

Breid, Richard Murville

Brenneman, Alfred Edwin

Brett, Helen B.

Brett, Herbert B.

Brett, Julia A.

Bridgford, Minnie B.

Bridgford, Ralph S.

Britt, Neva Dealphia

Britt, William Hampton

Brixey, Carl E. 

Brockman, Loren T.

Brockman, Ruth E.

Brocksieck,  Gertrude M.

Brooks, Lloyd V.

Brooks, Lois R.

Brooks, Oleta F.

Brooks, Russell Z.

Brown, Arthur A.

Brown, Blessing M.

Brown, Cleveland S.

Brown, Edythe H.

Brown, Eileen

Brown, Evelyn M.

Brown, Everett S. Sr.

Brown, Frank J.

Brown, Frank W.

Brown, H. Dalton

Brown, Irene

Brown, J.F. Jr.

Brown, J.F. Sr.

Brown, Jesse C.

Brown, John B.

Brown, Lawson N.

Brown, Marvin

Brown, Mary Virginia

Brown, Maude E.

Brown, Myrtle

Brown, Nelson Anthony Sr.

Brown, Norene J.

Brown, Perry E.

Brown, R. Eugene

Brown., Robert E.

Brown, Robert Eugene

Brown, Velma L.

Brown, W. Raymond

Brown, William E. Sr.

Brownd, Kimberly R.

Browning, Betty Rose

Browning, George W.

Browning, Hazel P.

Browning, Lola Tate

Browning, S. Earl

Browning, William J.T.

Bruce, Mary E.

Bruce, Roy L.

Bryan, Raymond H.

Bryson, Francis Wayne

Bryson, Lina

Bryson, Letta Opal

Bryson, William F.

Buck, Edward E.

Buck, Viola D.

Buckley, Lloyd W.

Buckley, Loretta

Buffington, Chester F.

Buffington, Laura Mae

Bullard, Marjorie F.

Bullard, Willie A.

Bunch, Ardie L.

Bunch, Charles Butler

Bunch, Frankie E.

Bunch, Walter

Burchfield, Cleo I.

Burchfield, Graydon C.

Burchfield, Helen

Burchfield, Nadine D.

Burchfield, William M.

Burdett, Betty M.

Burdett, Wallace E.

Burdick, Alice Bell

Burdick, Carl William

Burdick, Carol A.

Burdick, Chester L.

Burdick, Jennie E.

Burgess, Robert E.

Burgin, Harold R.

Burgin, Ruth O.

Burkett, Rosa L.

Burkett, Walter R.

Burkey, Andrew “Jack”

Burkhead, Scott A.

Burnett, Delta Ray

Burnett, E.S.

Burnett, Gene

Burnett, Mary E.

Burns, Florence L.

Burns, Robert F.

Burns, Zella

Burroughs, Edgar L.

Buroughs, Minna E.

Burt, Arretta

Burt, Leo

Burt, Marie

Burton, Emmette Y.

Burton, Lillian B.

Bush, Joe Chester

Bush, Ruth F.

Bussen, Melba M.

Byars, Adolph A.

Byars, Dolores Holtkamp

Byars, Gladys F.

Bybee, Emma A.

Bybee, Flossie

Bybee, Mart C.

Bybee, Mary M.

Bybee, Raymond

Bybee, Rhodes C.

Bybee, James J.

Byrd, Herbert R. “Ted”

Byrns, Clarence O.

Byrns, Lyle R.
Byrns, Myrtle J.

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Cafer, Jennie M.

Cafer, Perry D.

Caldwell, Frank C.

Caldwell, Mary M..

Calhoon, Joseph F.

Calhoun, A. Alice

Calhoun, Kelly

Calhoun, Ray

Calkin, Frank L.

Calkin, Lula Belle

Callahan, George E.

Callahan, Sandra D.

Cambell, Janet E.

Campbell, Alice E.

Campbell, Arthur F.

Campbell, Beulah Barnes

Campbell, Charles

Campbell, Cloyd J.

Campbell, Dorothy

Campbell, Doyne E.

Campbell, Edna M.

Campbell, Edwin R. Sr.

Campbell, Embert L.

Campbell, Floy G.

Campbell, George W.

Campbell, Harry L.

Campbell, Janet

Campbell, Johwan

Campbell, Leonard

Campbell, Lillie A.

Campbell, Mabel A.

Campbell, Mary E.

Campbell, Richard H.

Campbell, Wayne E.

Cannady, Alvin

Capps. Helen H.

Capps, Howard W.

Cargill, Myrtle M.

Carline, Norma J.

Carlisle, Georgia Jane

Carlisle, Ronald Earl

Carlyle, George R.

Carlyle, Harrell

Carlyle, Mittie C.

Carlyle, Rosa  Helen

Carmichael, Dale V.

Carmichael, Helen

Carr, Billie J.

Carroll, Ray B.

Carroll, Victoria B.

Carson, Betty L.

Carson, Dorothy E.

Carson, Eldred V. Jr.

Carson, Eldred V. Sr.

Carter, Anna B.

Carter, Arlene

Carter, Baby

Carter, Carrie E.

Carter, David P.

Carter, Donald H.

Carter, Dorothy L.

Carter, Edna B.

Carter, Elbert

Carter, Elizabeth

Carter, Gladys L.

Carter, Harold J.

Carter, Harold W.

Carter, Helen M.

Carter, James D.

Carter, Jim N.

Carter, John R.

Carter, John Stanley

Carter, John W.

Carter, Joseph D.

Carter, Lela Mae

Carter, Martha J.

Carter, Marvin

Carter, Mary Leah

Carter, Mary Martha

Carter, Richard T.

Carter, Sallie P.

Carter, Sam C.

Carter, Stanley R.

Carter, Sue V.

Cartilidge, Dottie

Cartilidge, Peyton

Casey, Charley E.

Casey, Jessie May

Casey, Lonnie B.

Casey, Thomas D.

Cash, Claude W.

Cash, Mable D.

Castle, Billie

Castle, Ray

Cauthorn, Ardis B.

Cauthorn, Mary Francis

Cauthorn, William W.

Chamness, Stephen Allen

Chaney, Ethelean

Chaney, Infant Son

Chaney, Lindsay D.

Chaney, Lucas E.

Chaney, Marlene

Chaney, Patricia Feger

Chaney, Russell W.

Chaney, Stanley

Chapman, Anna Belle

Chapman, Bertha

Chapman, Ethel B.

Chapman, Horace W.

Chapman, Roy

Charles, Bessie C.

Charles, E. Darlene 

Charles, Glen W.

Charles, Ira L.

Charles, Irvin

Charles, Pauline

Charles, Ryan David

Cheney, P. May

Cheney, William H.

Childers, Ernest Lee

Childers, Lula Lee

Chism, Naomi Dell

Chism, Ray F.

Chrane, Harold J.

Chrane, Nellie J.

Chrisman, Charles L.

Chrisman, Ruby M.

Christman, Nellis G.

Chrystal, Beulah M.

Chrystal, James M.

Clark, Arletha Marie

Clark, Charles F.

Clark, Myrtle M. Cargill

Clark, Rev. Victor R.

Clark, Sallie Ann

Clark Thomas A. “Tommy”

Clark, William R.

Clay, Danny G.

Clay, Gayle B.

Clay, Vera R.

Claywell, John L.

Claywell, Mabel P.

Claywell, William E.

Chedwick, Kegan Michael

Cleeton, A. Clarence

Cleeton, Carl

Cleeton, Ruth

Clement, Charles L.

Clement, Flodel C.

Clement, William Evert

C Continued
Clibourn,  I. Jerome

Clibourn, James D.

Cline, Ila Beatrice.

Cline, John C.

Clough, Carrie C.

Clough, George

Clough, George William

Clough, Victor A.

Coatsworth, Alan

Coatsworth, Charles Alan

Coatsworth, Cynthia Anne

Coatsworth, Dorothy

Coatsworth, Hilda K.

Coatsworth, Ralph

Cockrill, Walter Woodson

Coffey, Mary Catherine Webb

Coil, Carl B.

Coil, Carson

Coil, Clark C.

Coil, Fontella I.

Coil, Iva May

Coil, Lottie B.

Coil, Mattie Belle

Coil, Mildred Robinson

Coil, Pearl

Coil, William E. “Bill Ed”

Coldwell, Lenora

Coldwell, Thomas L.

Cole, Georgia T.

Cole, Wesley

Coleman, James W.

Collet, Kenneth H.

Collier, Wm.

Colvin, George L.

Colvin, George S.

Colvin, Les

Comstock, Geneva

Comstock, John M.

Cone, Forest W.

Coolley,  E. Umbra

Coolley, Sammie T.

Coonce, Claude R.  

Coonce, Emma A.

Coonce, James R.

Coonce, Lorene

Cooper, Ernest W.

Cooper, Mabel L.

Coose, Laura Jewell

Coose, Lester Mann

Coose, Lucile T.

Coose, Wilford E.

Cornelison, Billie

Cornelison, Ida F.

Cornelison, Wayne S.

Cornet, Anna L.

Cornet, Lilburn

Cornet, Paul M.

Cornet, Pearl

Cornett, Becky

Cornett, Elaine

Cornett, Ralph

Cossey, Marion L.

Cossey, Stella I.

Couden, William Oscar

Counts, Edna B.

Cowger, William A.

Cowley, Reba W.

Cox, Anna Margaret

Cox, Frances E.

Cox, Hazel L.

Cox, Jack D.

Cox, James F.

Cox, James T.

Cox, Jessie F.

Cox, Leonard A.

Cox, Mary J.

Cox, Nellie M.

Cox, Nellie W.

Crabtree, Frank C. Sr.

Crabtree, Rose Savant

Craghead, Arlene

Craghead, Nolan “Gene”

Craghead, R. Lyndall

Craghead, Ruby H.

Craig, Robert Ely

Craig, Robert Ely Jr.

Craig, Verge E.

Cranmer, Alta I.

Cranmer, Harold J.

Creasy, Percy F.

Creasy, Ruby E.

Creed, Edna

Creed, John A.

Creed, Russell

Creel, Edna Dorothy Rose

Creel, William Ray

Crews, Carl G.

Crews, Floyd H.

Crews, Helen H.

Crews, Lavisa M.

Crim, Harold

Crim, Helen

Crites, Alice Keith

Crockett, David K.

Crockett, David K. Jr.

Crockett, Eula E.

Crockett, Jerry R.

Crockett, Louis M.

Crockett, Louis M.

Crockett, Myrtle

Crockett, Ray H.

Cross, Carl D.

Cross, Mary M.

Cross, Norma Jane

Crosswhite, Elsie

Crosswhite, James

Crowder, J. Walter

Crowder, V. Ruth

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Crump, Bill

Crump, Edna Mae

Crump, Helen P.

Crump, James W.

Crump, Leo

Crump, Mary Jane

Crump, Michael Lee

Crump, Richard Allen

Crump, T.W.

Crystal, Beulah M.

Cullop, Jesse B.

Cullop, Nancy K.

Culwell, Luther C.

Cunningham, Elliot P.

Cunningham, James A.

Cunningham, M. Aurellia

Cunningham, Mary A. “Dee”

Cunningham, Robert V.

Cunningham, Vivian G.

Cunningham, William F.

Cupp, L.L.

Cupp, Thelma

Curry, Harold V.

Curry, Jesse E.

Curry, John W.

Curry, Marry Margaret

Curry, Merrel D.

Curry, Mildred S.

Curry, Ora L.

Cutler, Mary Clifton

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D. Continued

Damron, George Davis

Damron, Rose Mary

Daniel, Charles V.

Danklef, Herman D. Jr.

Danklef, Herman D. Sr.

Danklef, Jewell W.

Danser, Alice Gallaudet

Danser, Elizabeth H.

Danser, Evangeline Hayward

Danser, James W.

Danser, Lee Hayward

Darnell, Etta jane

Davenport, Charles P.

Davenport, Charlotte R.

Davenport, Clare B.

Davenport, Katherine H.

Davenport, Mildred L.

Davenport, Ray L.

Davenport, Sybel F.

Davenport, Thelma

Davenport, William L.

David, Oscar J.

Davidson, Alan Wayne

Davidson, Alice Jane

Davidson, Forest C.

Davidson, Glenn S.

Davidson, Lillie

Davidson, Mary E.

Davidson, Nora

Davidson, Ollie

Davidson, Spencer T.

Davis, Alice M.

Davis, Archie

Davis, Arron Lee

Davis, Bertram O.

Davis, Carrie B.

Davis, Dean

Davis, Edward W.

Davis, Edwin C.

Davis, Effie L.

Davis, Fred C.

Davis, George Elston

Davis, Georgia Gail

Davis, Ivan A.

Davis, Jackie Lee

Davis, James E.

Davis, James H.

Davis, John F.

Davis, John W.

Davis, Laura Louise Stalcup

Davis, Lillian

Davis, Louise

Davis, Mabel V.

Davis, Mable

Davis, Margaret Virginia

Davis, Marilyn Sue

Davis, Martha F.

Davis, Mary E.

Davis, Minnie R.

Davis, Nora

Davis, Price

Davis, Roy M.

Davis, Rozel

Davis, Ruby T.

Davis, William E.

Davis, William Earl

Dawson, Adah P.

Dawson, Eva P.

Dawson, George H.

Dawson, John J.

Day, Addison N.

Day, John M.

Day, Myrtilla B.

Dean, Alma J.

Dean, Alva Gibson

Dean, Billy J.

Dean, Claude Arnold

Dean, Kenneth Preston

Dean, L.L. Cill

Dean, Mary A.

Dean, Muriel A.

Dean, Paul V.

Dean, Phil D.

Dean, Ruby Bartolacci

Dean, Stanley E.

Dean, Tracy R.

Dean, Velma B.

Dean, Wanda R.

Dean, Wayne

Dean, William Lee

Decker, Fred M.

Decker, Naomi A.

Dehoben, Mary

Dell, Polly Jane

Denham, Douglas “Mark”

Derby, George

Derby, Thelma

Dever, Arthur w.

Dever, Grace L. Ragan

Dever, Jimmy Lynn

Dever, Joanna H.

Dever, R. Kenneth

Dewey, Jacqueline

DeWitt, Dorothy Y.

Dews, Hazel B.

Dews, John W.

Dick, Kenneth A.

Dickey, Artie Mishia

Dickey, Betty B.

Dickey, Charles H. Jr.

Dickey, Charlie H.

Dickey, Kenneth

Dickey, Roy C.    Back to Top

Diederich, Albert H.

Diederich, Nadine R.

Dillard, Bill

Dillard, Florence P.

Dillard, Grace M.

Dillard, J.W.

Dinwiddie, Alfred E. “Sonny”

Dinwiddie, Anna Belle

Dinwiddie, Henry A.

Divers, Eva Pauline

Divers, Russell L.

Dobyns, Ben F.

Dobyns, Besse

Docekal, Earl F.

Docekal, Margaret E.

Dodd, H. Cecil

Dodd, Lorene D.

Dodson, Betty

Dodson, Jery Lee “J.D.”

Dodson, Paul M.

Dodson, Pauline

Doerge, Donald P.

Doerge, Ida May

Doerge, Lillian M.

Doerge, Russell W.

Doerge, Walter Lee

Dollens, Harold R.

Dollens, Hattie Frances

Dollens, John F.

Dollens, Lena R.

Dollens, William Leslie

Domann, Albert H.T. D.O.

Domann, Mildred Crawford

Donaldson, Evelyn J.

Donaldson, Fay

Donaldson, Orpha

Donaldson, Walter R.

Donaldson, Wm. Roy

Donavan, William F.

Donohew, Sally A.

Donohew, William F.

Dorman, Alma Kathar

Dorman, Arnold Edward

Douglass, Ada

Douglass, French

Dove, Gary T.

Dove, John T.

Dove, Lutie Frances

Dowell, Karen Ann

Dowlin, Jess F.

Dowlin, Naomi E.

Doyle, Anne F.

Doyle, Cora Lena

Doyle, Edward M.

Doyle, John D.

Doyle, Lloyd A.

Drake, Susan E.

Dry, Lorene

Dubbert, Bernard J.

Dubbert, Mary J.

Dubray, Elizabeth C.

Dubray, Fal P.

Dubray, Fern Playter

Dubray, Glenn T.

Duckworth, Alberta M.

Duckworth, Carrie B.

Duckworth, Charles H.

Duckworth, Clara J.

Duckworth, Henry R.

Duckworth, John

Duckworth, John R.

Duckworth, John Thomas

Duckworth, Lee

Duckworth, Mary Tricia

Dudley, Christine M.

Dudley, Elon D.

Dudley, James Everett

Dudley, Russell A.

Duffen, Floyd C.

Duffen, Mabel Ruth

Dull, Edna Agnes

Dull, Harvey Tremble

Duncan, Alma C.

Duncan, Byron V.

Dunham, Josephine

Dunham, Roy Y.

Dunn, Darwin C.

Dunn, Garry

Dunn, Larry

Dunn, Maurice Gene

Dunn, Merle L.

Dunn, Wynema H.

Durfee, Everett

Durham, Dayton Fay

Durham, Elaine M.

Durham, Flavous M.

Durham, Hazel

Durham, Jack F.

Durham, Julius A.

Durham, Mary Hazel

Durham, Ossie R.

Duvall, Mary Elizabeth

Dysart, Richard L.

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DeHaven, Frnia

DeHaven, LeeRoy

DeKoning, Leonard

DeKoning, Mavis

Delong, Clifford J.

DeOrnellis, Anna

DeWitt, Dorothy Y.

DeWitt, Lyle Y.
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E. Continued

Easton, Earnest E.

Eastin, Rosa E.

Eckert, Louis A.

Eckley, L. Pearl

Eckley, Lee Hope

Eckley, M. Florence

Eckley, Martha L. Riggs

Eckley, W. Leonard

Eddy, Alvy E.

Eddy, George A.

Eddy, Josephine

Eddy, Leland E.

Edwards, James R.

Edwards, John W.

Edwards, Sarah E.

Edwards, Wanda M.

Ehrlich, Hazel Dean

Ehrlich, Lee Taft

Eick, Donald F.

Eick, Edna G.

Eick, Edwin G.

Eick, Ruth M.

Eisele, Dale L.

Eisele, Nancy C.

Ekern, Paul Chester

Ekern, Sallie Mays

Elam, Everette

Elam, Jane

Elgin, Russell M.

Elgin, Virginia

Elich, John

Elich, Mana B.

Elizondo, Rebecca J.

Elizondo, Robert J.

Elliott, Hugh E.

Elliott, Mary T.

Ellis, Alfred C.

Ellis, Arthur W.

Ellis, Clyde W.

Ellis, Essie D.

Ellis, Frances M.

Ellis, Guy M.

Ellis, James Payne

Ellis, Jane

Ellis, John W.

Ellis, Leslie H.

Ellis, Lucy B.

Ellis, Mary E.

Ellis, Mary M.

Ellis, Octave F

Back to Top

Elson, Laila Pearl

Elson, Laurence N.

Elson, Ralph R.

Elzea, Elizabeth

Elzea, Jesse W.

Elzea, Mac H.

Elzea, Ruth L.

Epperson, DeAnn

Epperson, Richard Lee

Epperson, Viola Fern

Epple, Jason Andrew

Epple, Kathryn Christman

Epple, Lawrence King

Epple, Melanie Sue

Epple, Peter Christman,

Epple, Sarah Elizabeth

Erb, Henry W.

Erb, Marie Anna

Erdel, Ada Melahn

Erdel, Alan Edward

Erdel, Beulah C.

Erdel, Clarence L.

Erdel, Edward L.

Erdel, G. Edward

Erdel, George C.

Erdel, George D.

Erdel, Lonabe

Erdel, Margaret James

Erdel, Ruth G.

Erdel, Ruth McCord

Erisman, Alice Mae

Erisman, Christian Lowell

Erisman, Nina R.

Erwin, Bonnie

Erwin, Emmett

Estes, Eunice T.

Estes, Tom B.

Evans, Kenneth E.

Evans, Margaret E.

Evans, Robert J. Jr.

Evans, Sebastian J.

Everett, Mary Lee

Everett, Robert Kimberly

Everman, Terry H.

Every, Ballard F.

Every, Edith M.

Ewing, Callie Ruth

Ewing, Ross C.

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F. Continued

Fairley, Herbert C.

Fairley, Thelma L.

Farmer, Lou Ann

Farmer, Paul D.

Farrah, B. Griffin

Farrah, Elsie E.

Farrah, Everett E.

Farrah, Frank C.

Farrah, Lee Nadine

Farrah, Olgie E.

Farris, Anna Mae

Farris, Charles Herman

Farris, Lawrence E.

Farris, Loyd F.

Fegan, Fielding Edward

Fegan, Thelma Iola

Feger, Frances

Feger, Jacob E.

Femmer, Dora L.

Femmer, Louis C.

Ferguson, Ada A.

Ferguson, Frank T.

Ferguson, George B.

Ferrier, Clara M.

Ferrier, George M.

Ferrier, Vernon O.

Ferrier, Virginia G.

Fierge, Gayle B.

Fierge, Russell Jr.

Fike, James A.

Fike, Jane H.

Filbert, Scott T.

Fine, Henry C.

Fine, Ida P.

Fine, Maxine L.

Fine, Robert C.

Fisher, A. Blanche

Fisher, Charlene

Fisher, Lewis R.

Fisher, Mary E.
Fisher, Mervyn

Fisher, Raymond

Fisher, Robert

Fisher, Ronald

Fisher, Teresa Sue

Fisher, William T.

Flick, Marjorie

Flittner, Altha K.

Flittner, Nelson M.

Floyd, Alva M.

Floyd, Emery L.

Floyd, Herbert C.

Floyd, Lola B.

Flynn, Brice J.

Flynn, Ruth J.

Flynn, W. Sidney

Fogle, Maude M.

Forbis, Annie Bessie

Forbis, Eddie V.

Foreman, Homer L.

Foreman, Leona E.

Foreman, Zola M.

Forgy, Alice Mae

Forgy, Everett Lee

Forgy, Mundy Irene

Forgy, W. Ferris

Back to Top

Forman, Bobby E.

Forman, Forrest G.

Forman, Lula C.

Forman, Randall Warren

Forrest, Nellie M.

Forrest, Thomas David

Forrest Wm. Howard

Forsee, Clifford W.

Forsee, Frances H.

Forsee, Helen D.

Forsee, Mary

Forsee, Thomas R.

Fowler, Mary Virginia

Fox, C.M.

Fox, Nellie Bruce

Fox, William Hardly

Francis, Bertram M.

Francis, Herbert H.

Francis, Wretha M.

Franklin, Nita E.

Franklin, Robert B.

Frazier, Albert V.

Frazier, Cora E.

Freeman, Baby

Freeman, Bettie E.

Freeman, Grace

Freeman, Jay H.

Freeman, Leo

Freeman, Michael W.

Freeman, Ruby L.

Freeman, William E.

Frey, Billy

Frey, Margaret V.

Frey, Roland O. Sr.

Fricke, Michelle Dawn

Friday, Frances L.

Friday, Glenn E.

Friedberg, Paul W.

Friedrich, Garry W.

Friedrich, Gary J.

Frisbie, Charlie 

Frisbie, Edna

Frisbie, Elender Buchanan

Frisbie, John Birt

Frosch, Harold M.

Frosch, Mary L.

Fry, Charles T.

Fry, Edna Ellen

Fry, Grace L.

Fry, Velma J.

Fry, W. Wallace

Fuhrer, Alice U.

Fuhrer, Billy N.

Fuhrer, Dorothea A.

Fuhrer, Ermadell K.

Fuhrer, Everett

Fuhrer, Fletcher

Fuhrer, Hulda M.

Fuhrer, Irvin W.

Fuhrer, Louis H.

Fuhrer, Orville L.

Fulkes, James S.

Fulton, Lucille

Fulton, William D.

Fulton, William R.

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G. and  H.


Galen, Marilyn

Gall, George C.

Gall, Hattie S.

Gall, Richard L.

Gall, Sarah C.

Gallaway, Albert I.

Gallaway, Elsie S.

Gallop, Charley Lee

Gallop, Lisa Leigh

Gardner, Clara K.

Gardner, George H.

Gardner, Hazel G.

Gardner, William J.

Garland, Earl C.

Garland, Geneva L.

Garlock, Charles E.

Garlock, Lola Mae

Garrett, Evelyn

Garrett, Helen McGee

Garrett, Kenneth E.

Garrett, Robert Alan

Garrett, Sean C.

Garrett, Willie E.

Garza, Angelita Belne

Gaston, Curtis E.

Gaston, Olivia A.

Gates, Christina Marie

Gates, Nora M.

Gates, Ronald E. Jr.

Gates, W. Vernon

Gentry, Gary Ray

George, Dell D.

George, Frances B.

George, Harold A.

George, Wastella S.

Gibbons, Claude C.

Gibbons, Edith F.

Gibbons, Melba J.

Gibbons, Raymond

Giboney, Robert Bert

Giboney, Robert Owen

Giboney, Vandelecht Mayme

Gibson, Georgia E.

Gibson, Lillian G.

Gibson, William D.

Gibson, William L.

Gieseker, Evalene F.

Gieseker, George H.

Gieseker, Herman

Gieseker, Sophia

Gifford, C. Jason

Gifford, Lucy F.

Gilbert, Bernice P.

Giles, Celsus W. (Wright)

Giles, Naomi

Giles, William E. “Willie”

Giles, Willa Frances wife of W.E.

Gilman, Huston D.

Gilman, Josephine A.

Gilman, Michael

Gilmore, Eula B.

Gilmore, Sidney H.

Gipson, Dean F.

Gipson, Jesse E. Sr.

Gish, Carroll R.

Gish, Chester C.

Gittings, Edna Mae

Glasford, Dorothy H.

Glasford, Earl L.

Glass, Florence Irene

Glass, William John

Goe, Albert O.

Goe, Allen O.

Goe, Edna M.

Goff, Henry W.

Goff, Nannie M.

Goff, Robert B.

Goff, Robert Eugene

Gola, Oll

Gola, Rosa Lee

Golden, Beverly D.

Golden, Cecil B.

Golden, Martha L.

Goldsberry, James H.

Goldsberry, Mary L.

Gonzalez, Anita Maria

Gooch, Ernest W.

Gooch, Maude M.

Good, Floda L.

Good, Howard L.

Good, Robert K.

Goodson, Arthur E.

Goodson, Elwyn L.

Goodson, Lucille P.

Goosey, Millerd C.

Gordon, Boyd F.

Gordon, Harold E.

Gordon, Kenneth V.

Gordon, Marie J.

Gordon, Ruby E.

Goreham, Marie G.

Gorrell, Alphonso

Gorrell, Ethel H.

Goslin, Chas. Fred

Goslin, Jack

Goslin, Johnny F.

Goslin, Nora Belle

Gourley, Jay H. Jr.

Gourley, M. Isabelle

Graff, Arnold H.

Graff, Velma R.

Graham, Hattie L.

Grainge, Gladys P.

Grainge, Orville J.

Grantham, Bertha Schooler

Grantham, Henry C.

Graue, Robert F.

Graue, Rosa E.

Graupman, Gracie D.

Graupman, Harry A.

Graupman, Lurie Elfie

Graupman, Marvin E.

Graves, Earl C.

Graves, Shirley

Graves, Thelma Lee

Gray, Leota D.

Gray, Ray W.

Grebe, Florence D.

Green, A.P.

Green, Allen P.

Green, Josephine B.

Green, Robert S.

Greenburg, Ethel Mae

Greenburg, Fred

Greenburg, Frances V.

Greenburg, Richard

Greenburg, Richard W.

Greeno, Carl C.

Greeno, Margaret I.

Greeno, Robert W.

Greeno, Stella B.

Gregg, Gertrude E.

Gregg, Glenn W.

Gregory, Hazel G.

Gregory, Horace F.

Griffin, Albert Harold

Griffin, Baby Boy

Griffin, Bobbye

Griffin, George L.

Griffin, Harold

Griffin, James

Griffin, Lenora Wade

Griffin, Mary R.

Griffin, Patricia

Griffith, Bessie

Griffith, Bessie M.

Griffith, Blondie

Griffith, Della M.

Griffith, E.L.T.

Griffith, Laura L.

Griffith, Lucille E.

Griffith, Marvin E.

Griffith, Mary

Griffith, Ralph E.

Griffith, W. Ansel

Grimes, Louretta Pearl

Grimes, Thomas Jefferson

Groves, Grace E.

Groves, William M.

Guile, Anna Belle

Guile, Charles

Guile, Pansy M.

Guile, Roy A.
Gullion, Lee E.

Gurwell, Jesse A.

Gurwell, Jessica L.

Gurwell, Mardelle J.

Guy, Garvin M.

Guy, Monta M.


H.     Back to Top
Haff, Jay G.

Haff, Russie

Hafner, Hedwig W.
Hagan, Dan

Hagar, Ddorothy I.

Hagar, Jennings B.

Hagedorn, George P.

Hagedorn, John

Hagedorn, Maude

Hagedorn, Ruby Reeves

Hagedorn, Walter E.

Hagedorn, Zenade

Hager, Effie S.

Hager, Leoda P.

Hager, Leonard

Hager, Robert P.

Hahn, Eddie D.

Haley, Martha R.

Haley, William L.

Hall, Elsie M.

Hall, French D.

Hall, Glenn G.

Hall, J. Ernest

Hall, Julie Lucille

Hall, Kenneth L.

Hall, Lena B.

Hall, Leo H.

Hall, Mary V.

Hall, Mildred L.

Hall, William A.

Halter, Raymond

Ham, Ethel B.

Ham, Stanley V.

Hamilton, Ddorothy Sue

Hamilton, Ellis S.

Hamilton, Garnett G.

Hamilton, Rowena

Hammett, Ruth Marie

Hampton, Alberta V.

Hampton, Rudolph R.

Hancock, Carole Lee

Hancock, James W.

Hancock, Stella J.

Handthorn, David R.

Handthorn, Lucille

Hanna, Alma V.

Hanna, James Alva

Hanna, Kevin William

Hanna, Laura M.

Hanna, Mary Lois

Hanna, Roy Leon

Hanna, Samuel P.

Hannah, Arbelle J.

Hannah, Crystal

Hannah, Helen C.

Hannah, Homer R.

Hannah, James M.

Hannah, Opal O.

Hannah, Roy J.

Hannah, Thomas D.

Hanstein, Edward L.

Hanstein, Frances E.

Harbit, Andrew

Harbit, Minnie L.

Harbit, William Proctor

Hardman, John J.

Hardman, Linda M.

Hardwick, J. Virginia

Hardwick, Jack

Hardwick, Robt. T.
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Harkelroth, Della

Harkelroth, William W.

Harmon, Bertha G.

Harper, Alice P.

Harper, Loyd L.

Harris, Bonnie S.

Harris, Clarence F.

Harris, Helen M.

Harris, Lewis B.

Harris, Orville R.

Harris, Robert H.

Harris, Tilda

Harrison, A.Y.

Harrison, Albert Yates

Harrison, Donald F.

Harrison, Frank

Harrison, Jennie Martin

Harrison, Martellus

Harrison, Mary Lou

Harrison, R. LeRoy

Harrison, Sebrina K.

Harrison, Shirley J.

Harrison, Wanda

Harshbarger, Clara R.

Harshbarger, Clayton R.

Harshbarger, Nettie Pearl

Harshbarger, Walter L.

Hartegan, Bobby Ray

Hartegan, Daisy E.

Hartegan, F. Leslie

Hartegan, Jackie Lee

Hartegan, John N.

Hartegan, John W.

Hartegan, Josephine M.

Hartegan, Ralph E.

Harvey, Bessie S.

Harvey, Debra

Harvey, Ernest L.

Harvey, Ernest R.

Harvey, Griffin

Harvey Helen L.

Harvey, Henry T.

Harvey, Joseph W.

Harvey, Michael

Harvey, Russell T.

Harvey, Shawn M.

Harvey, Stella N.

Harwood, Charles W.

Harwood, David A.

Harwood, Lena L.

Harwood, Pearl P.

Hassler, Ellen

Hassler, Hubert E.

Hawkins, Clark W.

Hawkins, Lucille

Hawkins, M. Stanley

Hawkins, Rose B.

Hayden, Eeeula L.

Hayden, Virgil A.

Hayes, Helen F.

Hayes, Jesse M.

Hayes, Margaret B.

Hayes, Maude R.

Hayes, Ralph T.

Hayes, William T.

Hays, Bessie M.

Hays, William F.

Hayward, Lee

Hearn, Eleanor

Hearn, Howard

Heaton, Beth Rrianne

Heckart, Bessie K.

Heckart, Clarence A.

Heckart, Henry D.

Heckart, Marvin T.

Heckart, Nora M.

Heckart, Rosa O.

Heckman, Erma Mae

Heckman, Robert S.

Heiser, F. Paul

Heiser, Jean J.

Helm, Samuel N.

Heltenbert, Cecile Eddy

Henage, Hiram R.

Henage, Pearle F.

Henderson, Charlotte

Henderson, Lottie

Henderson, Walter W.

Henderson, Wynn

Hendrix, Ethel L.

Hendrix, Harry T.

Hendrix, Ray R.

Hendrix, Rolla R.

Hendrix, Ruth E.

Henning, Gladys I.

Henphill, Doris

Henphill, Gene

Henry, Howard T.

Henry, Lucille N.

Heuer, Herbert T.

Heuer, Margaret

Heuer, Roger M.

Hibbs, Gerald R.

Hicks, Barba Tratchel

Hicks, Perry Alfred

Hildebrand, Fern

Hildebrand, Inez V.

Hildebrand, John M.

Hildebrand, Rolland

Hilkemeyer, Bud

Hilkemeyer, H.E.

Hill, Chuck

Hill, David B.

Hill, David R.

Hill, Dib

Hill, Elizabeth D.

Hill, James

Hill, James M.

Hill, Kathryn E.

Hill, Mary K.

Hill, Micheal R.

Hill, Robert W.

Hill, Ruth O.

Hill, Teresa Lynn

Hill, Vivian

Hillyer, Alfred M.

Hillyer, Clara E.

Hillyer, Willis A.
Hinch, Cecil

Hinch, Rosa V.

Hinten, Dorothy A.

Hinten, E. Lorraine

Hinten, Fay O.

Hinten, Marion R.

Hinton, A.

Hinton, Gilbert C.

Hinton, Lucy B.

Hite, Glen T.

Hite, Glen T. Jr.

Hite, Marie S.

Hite, Oretta R.

Hite, Thomas F.

Hoard, Bessie B.

Hoard, Harris E.

Hobbs, Bertha E.

Hobbs, Othel L.

Hocker, O. Glen

Hodge, Bess

Hodge, Betty

Hodge, James Orville

Hodge, William F.

Hodges, Jo Ann

Hodges, Thomas M.

Hodgson, John C.

Hoffman, Ervin J.

Hoffman, Gary Lee

Hoffman, Karl A.

Hoffman, Lola M.

Hoffman, R. Ione

Hoffmeyer, Louise H.

Hoffmeyer, Oscar W.

Hogan, Evlyn A.

Hogan, George E.

Hogan, Hazel N.

Hogan, S. Richard

Holcombe, Earl W.

Holdemon, Letha Faye

Holdemon, Maynard L.

Hollingsworth, Della M.

Hollingsworth, Fred E.

Hollingsworth, Kim

Hollingsworth, Mabel C.

Hollingsworth, William H.

Hollingsworth-Shanda, Frank

Hollingsworth-Shanda, Lillie

Hollingsworth-Shanda, Nelle

Holman, Mamie Jane  

Holtcamp, Annabelle N.

Holtcamp, Dorthy L.

Holtcamp, James F.

Holtcamp, Lucy Ruth

Holtcamp, William Henry

Holtcamp, William M.

Holtkamp, Albert W.

Holtkamp, Donald L.

Holtkamp, Edna B.

Holtkamp, Grover Lee

Holtkamp, Harold H.

Holtkamp, Ocie Ellen

Holzhauser, Wayne

Homolya, Dorothy M.

Homolya, Harry P.

Hook, Robert Clark Jr.

Hoover, Betty J.

Hoover, Henry B.

Hoover, Ina E.

Hopke, Michael Eugene

Hopkins, Betty Jo

Hopkins, Bob K.

Hopkins, Cordelia B.

Hopkins, Herod E.

Hopkins, Kara Suzanne

Hopper, Hazel

Houchins, Laura S.

Houchins, Reuben E.

Houf, Estelle B.

Houf, Ralph S.

Howard, Hattie

Howard, Iva Lloyd

Howard, L. Janie

Howdeshell, Joseph

Howdeshell, Lela G.

Howdeshell, Thomas I.

Hubert, Emil E.

Hubert, Leona G.

Hubert, Louis P.

Hubert, Mary M.

Hublitz, Mary E.

Huckabey, Ella Mae

Huddleston, Mary T.

Huddleston, Robert O.

Hudson, Gerry D.

Hudson, James W.

Hudson, Jeffrey A.

Hudson, Margaret G.

Hudson, Robert L.

Huey, Baby

Huey, Ella F.

Huff, Beatrice L.

Huff, Bina Mae

Huff, E. Earl

Huff, Harold E.

Huff, J. Fred

Huff, Mildred H.

Huff, Scotty L.

Huffman, A. Lee

Huffman, Annie Lee

Huffman, Billie Y.

Huffman, George A.

Hughes, James A.

Hughes, Nita M.

Hull, Nelle L.

Hume, F. Butler

Hume, Marjorie A.

Humphrey, Harry

Humphrey, Hulda

Hutchinson, Elaine J.

Hutchinson, William T.

Hycz, Robyn Sue

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I. and J.

J Continued and K.

Iman, Louis A.

Imel, Cora M.

Ingebritson, Minnie C.

Ingebritson, Peter L.

Ingram, Helen M.

Ingram, Robert R.

Inlow, Charles E.

Inlow, Elmo B.

Inlow, Esther D.

Irion, George

Irion, Katherine H.

Irion, William C.

Irion, Zelpha M.

Isemann, Carl A.

Isemann, Ida E.

Isgrig, Basil E.

Isgrig, Elsie E.

Isgrig, Helen R.

Isgrig, J.C.

Isgrig, John

Isgrig, Larry Wayne

Isgrig, Leona

Isgrig, Wallace E


Jackson, Clayborn B.

Jackson, Frances J.

Jaeger, Eugene E.

Jaeger, Mildred C.

James, George P. Sr.

James, Howard K.

James, Julia K.

James, Loretta A.

James. Nellie E.

James, Walter H.

Janes, Eugenia J.

Janes, Pearl A.

Jeffrey, James M.

Jenkins, Francis M.

Jenkins, Idalee

Jerichow, Russell

Jesse, Earl T.

Jesse, Frances L.

Jesse, Harold E.

Jesse, James V.

Jesse, Nelle M.

Jesse, Phyllis J.

Jesse, Raymond B.

Jesse, Robert M.

Jett, Deborah

Jett, Elmer

Jett, Juanita M.

Johnson, Bert

Johnson, Bonnie S.

Johnson, Carl Price

Johnson, Charles J.

Johnson, Chris

Johnson, Donald Van

Johnson, Dudley

Johnson, E. Carl

Johnson, Earl

Johnson, Franc E.

Johnson, Frank

Johnson, Gladys V.

Johnson, Jerry Dean

Johnson, John A.

Johnson, Julia

Johnson, Larry Dean

Johnson, Louise

Johnson, Nadine

Johnson, Oren

Johnson, Ralph E.

Johnson, Robert D.

Johnson, Ruby

Johnson, Sallie A.

Johnson, Sid H.

Johnson, William N.

Johnston, E. Glenn

Johnston. Edna M.

Johnston, Helen V,

Johnston, J. Oscar

Johnston, John A.

Johnston, Mildred L.

Joiner, Paul W.

Jones, Debbie L.

Jones, Dorothy L.

Jones, Earl T. Sr.

Jones, Elbert Wayne

Jones, Elroy

Jones, Ethel R.

Jones, Fern

Jones, Frank E.

Jones, Glenn W.

Jones, Gloria M.

Jones, Harrison Douglas

Jones, Hazel B.

Jones, Jacque R.

Jones, Jesse Glenn

Jones, Jill Ann

Jones, John A.

Jones, Judy K.

Jones, Julia E.

Jones, M. Margaret

Jones, Marvin W.

Jones, Merle R.

Jones, Michelle

Jones, Myrtle Jessie

Jones, Noralee

Back to Top


Jones, Patricia A.

Jones, Retta M.

Jones, Richard Lee

Jones, Seth A.

Jones, Terry R.

Jones, William C.

Jones, Wilma Frances

Jung, Birdie L.

Jung, Carl E.


Kable, Armin Ray

Kable, H. Roy

Kable, Leona F.

Kable, Ralph E.

Kable, Wanda L.

Kakac, Blanche

Kakac, Victor O.

Kallenbach, John David

Kappelman, Elmer W.

Kappelman, Elsie

Karhoff, Doris Jean

Karhoff, James Jr.

Karhoff, Jaqueline S.

Karhoff, Terry James

Karnes, Jennie

Karnes, Mattie

Kehl, Ada F.

Kehl, Charles F.

Kehl, Harry R.

Kehl, Susie G.

Keith, Susan

Kellerhals, Claud V.

Kellerhals, Lillie E.

Kelsay, Cecelia

Kelsay, Earl L.

Kelsay, Geroy H.

Kelsay, Jesse

Kelsay, Margaret I.

Kemp, Lucy E.

Kemp, William M.

Kendall, Dale

Kendall, Lorene Dry

Kennedy, Jewell M.

Kennedy, Thomas J.

Kennett, William Lee

Kersting, Jennie M.

Kersting, Joe L.

Kersting, LeRoy

Kersting, Leona E.

Kersting, Shirley

Kesler, Adolphus M.

Kesler, Gracie L.

Kesler, John J.

Kesler, Mary E.

Kessler, Frank

Kessler, Lucille

Kidd, Jason Wayne

Kilmer, Judy K.

Kilmer, Michael

Kindig, Arlene

Kindig, Edward L.

King, Ernest D.

King, Lawrence P.

King, Mable N.

King, Margaret L.

King, Sarah L.

King, Thomas W.

Kirtlink, Bertha

Kirtlink, Darold E.

Kirtlink, Dorothy

Kirtlink, Gordon

Kirtlink, Ray

Klenke, Twins

Klusman, Henry E.

Klusman, Mary E.

Knarr, Edward

Knarr, Lorene

Knight, Homer L.

Knight, Naomi

Knipfel, Inez Bernice

Knipfel, John Wesley

Knox, Albert

Knox, Edna M.

Koen, George D.

Kombrink, Alpha

Kombrink, Edward J.

Kombrink, Henry A.

Kombrink, Hilda D.

Koppenhafer, Richard C. Jr.

Kotsenburg, Elmer J.

Kotsenburg, Mildred M.

Kotsenburg, Pat

Kotsenburg, Patricia Ann

Kramer, Frank C. Jr.

Kramer, Frank Sr.

Kramer, Mary Jean

Kramer, Sallie John

Kribble, Elmer G.

Kribble, Richard D.

Kribble, Ruby I.

Krienke, Nathaniel J.

Kropf, Evelyn L.

Kropf, James H.

Kysar, Cecil

Kysar, Ervin  Riley

Kysar, Troy Dean

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L. and  M.

M. Continued

Lafferty, Gladys P.

Lafferty, Joseph T.

Lahs, Helen D.

Lahs, Patricia

Lahs, Percy C.

Lamberson, Cephus

Lamberson, Floyd Lee

Lamberson, Ruby Y.

Lampton, Ollie L.

Lampton, Zula J.

Landry, Verna M.

Langmoe, Jake

Langmoe, Sadie

Latta, Elizabeth E.

Latta, Joe Randall

Latta, William L.

Lavinder, Frances I.

Lavinder, Robert A.

Lawrence, Baby

Lawrence, Baby Boy

Lawrence, Bernice

Lawrence, Everett O.

Lawrence, Helen E.

Lawrence, Vencil

Lawson, Albert

Lawson, Eula B.

Lawson, Sandra Kay

Lazear, B.W.

Lazear, Lyda Fox

Leach, Buford W.

Leach, Girthel C.

Leach, Homer A.

Leach, Hugh

Leach, Hugh

Leach, Lois

Leach, Oscar W.

Leach, R. Catherine

Leach, R. Jewell

Leach, V. Sue

Leach, Walter E.

Leach, Wanda K.

Lear, Deloris F.

Lear, Wallace

Lederle, Michael A.

Lexerle, Walter A.

 Lee, Eleanor L.

Lee, Olin B.

Leonard, Charles H.

Leonard, Katie

Leopold, Clifford G.

Leopold. Gladys M.

Levvis, Lon J.

Levvis, Mary B.

Lewis, Dee Anna

Lewis, Don

Lewis, E. Bricie

Lewis, Gina

Lewis, Grace L.

Lewis, Howard N.

Lewis, Kevin Eugene

Lewis, Loraine Pierce

Lewis, M. Evelyn

Lewis, Maude A.

Lewis, Randy

Lewis, Tamra

Lewis, Wilbern E.

Lewis, William O.

Lierheimer, Charles L.

Lierheimer, Nellie A.

Light, Aaron E.

Light, Evelyn H.

Lilly, Frank

Lincoln, Annabelle

Lincoln, Orel H.

Lincoln, Ryan Scott

Lineberry, John H.

Lineberry, John Kelly

Lineberry, Lola F.

Lipp, A.L.

Lipp, Alfred L.

Lipp, Cleveland

Lipp, Cora Margaret

Lipp, David R.

Lipp, Faye

Lipp, Josephine

Lipp, Veda Mae

Little, Patsy R.

Littrell, Buford B.

Littrell, Daniel L.

Littrell, Essie Lee

Littrell, Fred N.

Littrell, Harold W.

Littrell, Ida F.

Littrell, James E.

Litterll, Jewell

Littrell, Laura M.

Lochridge, Joseph F.

Lochridge, Mattie B.

Logerman, H. Lloyd

Logerman, M. Adeline

Long, Grace

Long, Hume

Long, Marie

Long, Thomas E.

Lotton, Herbert H.

Love, Clarence A.

Love, Edna M.

Love, R. Paul

Love, Veda C.

Lowe, Lula M.

Lowe, Perry A. Jr.

Lowry, Edward

Lowry, Margaret

Loyd, E. Lester

Loyd, Robert J.

Loyd, Rose M.

Luckaman, Otto W.

Luckaman, Ruth M.

Lueking, Benita E.

Lueking, Wesley C.

Luke, Charles J.

Lyle, Ovid C.

LeCount, Helen L.

LeCount, John K.

LeCount, Marie E.

LeCount, William K.


Machin, Estella L.

Machin, John B.

Mackey, Cleo C.

Mackey, Orma E.

Mackey, Raymond C.

Maddox, Bessie M.

Maddox, Doug

Maddox, Ella M.

Maddox, Hazel

Maddox, James Emmet

Maddox, John

Maddox, W. Roy

Magruder, Baby

Mahood, Carl A.

Mahood, Viola May

Main, Thelma B.

Main, Verl F.

Malcomson, Joshua S.

Manning, Alma Dell

Manning, George

Manning, Mable

Manning, Ralph H.

Manning, Robert

Manning, Roy

Mantle, Virginia

March, Affia

March, Robert

Marietta, Vernon B.

Marietta, Wilma I.

Maris, Suzanne

Markley, Ralph C.

Marlow, B.M.

Marlow, Jack

Marquette, Jason Paul

Marshall, Alice O.

Marshall, Erma L.

Marshall, Gordon E.

Marshall, Jean H.

Marshall, Harold J.

Marshall, Madge H.

Marshall, Pearl O.

Marshall, Una S.

Marshall, William E.

Marten, Ludwig A.

Marten, Olive R.

Martena, John

Martena, Sophia

Martens, Alice R.

Martens, Chas. J.

Martens, Erwin C.

Martens, Jettie

Martens, John A.

Martin, Betty G.

Martin, Daryll Wayne

Martin, Donna Jane

Martin, Eva Lee

Martin, Faryll Layne

Martin, G. Harrison Jr.

Martin, Helen Johnson

Martin, James Henry

Martin, Nora L.

Martin, Oscar H.

Martin, Rolla H.

Martin, Rose Marie

Martin, Selma M.

Martin, Terry Ray Jr.

Martin, Vernon A.

Martin, Virginia

Martin, William C.

Mathes, Guy Noel

Mathes, Zeffa Hall

Matthiessen, Krista A.

Mattingly, G. Lavon

Mattingly, Gary Mitchell

Mattingly, Mike

Maupin, Alice June

Maupin, Elizabeth

Maupin, William A.

Maxwell, Beulah A.

Maxwell, Billie M.

Maxwell, Charles E.

Maxwell, Charles Eugene

Maxwell, Glenn

Maxwell, J. Howard

Maxwell, Marion Dowell

Maxwell, Viola L.
Mayes, Fred A.

Mayes, Marjorie S.

Mayes, Martha K.

Mayes, W. Leo

Maylee, Cassandra Sue

Maylee, John David Sr.

Maylee, Leslie Ellen

Maylee, Robert Sean

Maylee, Sadie Marie

Maylee, Sam

Meador, Ethel M.

Means, Arvile Jack

Means, David A.

Means, John W.

Means, Mary L.

Mechlin, Harold K.

Mechlin, Richrd W.

Mechlin, Richie

Mechlin, Virginia M.

Meissert, Jane

Meissert, Jeffrey L.

Meissert, Joe C.

Meissert, John R.

Meissert, Katheryn A.

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Melahn, Edward F.

Melahn, Laura

Melahn, Laura B.

Melahn, Marie L.

Melahn, Orville B.

Melahn, P.L.

Melahn, Wallace E.

Melson, G. Norton

Melson, Minerva J.

Menefee, Kenneth R.

Menefee, Mabel

Menefee, Paul E.

Menefee, Sharon J.

Menefee, Thomas E.

Meng, Chloe A.

Merrick, Anna M.

Merritt, Mary E.

Merritt, Thomas B.

Merry, Wayne

Merry, William L.

Messer, Audrey G.

Messer, Fort W.

Metcalf, Cecil

Metcalf, Marie

Meteer, Ila B.

Meyer, David A.

Meyer, Florence A.

Middleton, Beulah C.

Middleton, Donlia A.

Middleton, Joseph F.

Middleton, Opal M.

Midgett, Kathleen J.

Midgett, Robert K.

Mildred, C. Craig

Mildred, Eula R.

Mildred, G. Vincil

Mildred, Mildred E.

Miles, Nora McGee

Miles, Thomas t.

Miller, Anna Lois

Miller, Archie W.

Miller, Bessie B.

Miller, Donald Lewis

Miller, Donald P.

Miller, Dub

Miller, Earl B.

Miller, Eileen Kidd

Miller, Ernest D.

Miller, Fayetta

Miller, Fern A.

Miller, Helen E.

Miller, Ida Alice

Miller, James H.

Miller, John A.

Miller, Judith Ann

Miller, Kenneth B.

Miller, Lawrence H.

Miller, Leona R.

Miller, Marjorie E.

Miller, Martha E.

Miller, Martha M.

Miller, Mary Lois

Miller, Robert A.

Miller, Russell Dean

Miller, S. Ladoyt

Miller, Sadie G.

Miller, Sheldon

Miller, W.D.

Million, Ira D.

Million, Leta T.

Mills, Betty Jo

Minks, Geneva L.

Minks, Milton L.

Minney, Robert G.

Minor, Sebastian S.

Misenhetter,  Helen K.

Misenhetter, John W.

Mitchell, Anderson B.

Mitchell, Clyde A.

Mitchell, Clyde E.

Mitchell, Elizabeth Merle

Mitchell, Evelyn F.

Mitchell, Gloria I.

Mitchell, Ida L.

Mitchell, Joe F.

Mitchell, Kenneth Robert

Mitchell, Lela E.

Mitchell, Margaret

Mitchell, Merle Alfred

Mitchell, Noah T.

Mitchell, Wayne M.

Mittendorf, Gerda

Moe, Florence E.

Moe, Ingemon

Mollet, Elmer L.

Mollett, John Emil

Money, Myrte

Mongler, Callie A.

Mongler, William J.

Monk, Harold L.

Moore, Betty Nan

Moore, Carl O.

Moore, Georgia Belle

Moore, Henry Clay

Moore, Lillian D.

Moore, Mary C.

Moore, Michelle Renae

Moore, Paul M.

Moore, Paula G.

Moore, Peggy D.

Moore, Roy C.

Moore, Thomas T.

Moore, Walter D.

Moore, William Harry

Moorhead, Barbara J.

Moorhead, Joseph

Moorhead, Rena B.

Moran, Patricia

Moreau, Doris Jean

Moreau, Edward C.

Morgan, Idell J.

Morgan, Irven L.

Morgan, Murl H.

Morgan, Ralph E.

Morgan, Ronald M.

Morris, Agnes K.

Morris, Alice M.

Morris, Anna

Morris, Emmett L.

Morris, Frank B.

Morris, Grace L.

Morris, Mary B.

Morris, Thomas L.

Morris, Tilden H.

Moser, Dorothy M.

Moser, J. Lawrence

Mosley, ____

Mueller, F. Theodore

Mueller, Fred T.

Mueller, Revenda

Mundy, Almer L.

Mundy, Bessie R.

Mundy, Elva L.

Mundy, Estil L.

Mundy, Sam L.

Murphy, Anabel

Murphy, C. Leo

Murray, Franc L.

Musgrove, Bonnie Jean

Musgrove, Eula Virginia

Musgrove, John Henry

Myers, Ardelle

Myers, Emery P.D.

Myers, Mary M..

Myers, Roy C.

McAffrey, Celia G.

McAffrey, William W.

McCabe, Lucille M.

McCabe, William W.

McCall, Robert E.

McCallum, Kathryn B.

McCallum, William L.

McCameron, Samuel A.

McCameron, William Lee

McCameron, Zelma

McCloud, Elbert V.

McCloud, Lillie J.

McClure, John W.

McClure, Miriam N.

McCord, Glen D.

McCord, Ruby W.

McCord, Ruth

McCory, Raphael F.

McCown, Carl

McCown, Iva E.

McCown, John W.

McCown, Maggie

McCoy, Florence E.

McCoy, Frank

McCoy, Harry W.

McCoy, Laura N.

McCoy, Neta D.

McCoy, Pauline L.

McCoy, Thomas F.

McCoy, William H.

McCue, Mary Virginia

McCue, William Wallace

McCully, Homer Jr.

McDaniel, Grace Nesbit

McDaniel, Oliver A.

McDermott, Lewis E.

McDonald, Marie

McDonough, Nancy J.

McDonough, Robert G.

McElfresh, Ethel M.

McElfresh, Thomas C.

McElhiney, Lora M.

McElhiney, Roy

McFadin, Claude L.

McFadin, Minnie M.

McFarling, Mary Jane

McGee, Ben W.

McGee, Bennie M.

McGee, Chester H.

McGee, E. Frances

McGee, Farley

McGee, Jewell

McGee, Joseph M.

McGee, Mamie L.

McGee, Marvin L.

McGee, Mary Ellen

McGee, Minnie A.

McGee, Oren C.

McGee, Roscoe S.

McGee, Ruby E.

McGee, Tony J.

McGee, Willie

McGinnis, Charles R.

McGinnis, Fannie L.

McGinnis, Joseph r.

McGrew, Joe F.

McGrew, Maudie E.

McGuire, Hazel L.

McGuire, Ralph W.

McIlhatton, Elsie Nora

McIlhatton, James Burton

McKenzie, John P.

McKenzie, Myrleen

McMillin, Roy W.

McMorris, Chester L.

McMorris, Mattie M.

McMurtry, Don C.D.D.S.

McMurtry, Joseph M.

McMurtry, L. Larue

McMurtry, Verne Belle

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Neal, Nadine

Neale, Colby Bruce

Neale, Howard A.

Neale, Reva D.

Neely, Golden E.

Neely, Mollie E.

Neff, Geo. M.

Neff, Mildred

Nelson, Grace J.

Nelson, James E.

Nelson, Letha M.

Nelson, Richard H.

Nevins, Laura B.

Nevins, Other W.

Newbrough, Albert A.

Newbrough, Clara E.

Newbrough, Clark

Newbrough, Evelyn P.

Newbrough, Frances E.

Newbrough, Herbert M.

Newbrough, Hugh F.

Newbrough, James H.

Newbrough, Justin Nicole

Newbrough, Martha A.

Newbrough, Mattie J.

Newbrough, Opal L.

Newbrough, Paul R.

Newbrough, Robert A.

Newbrough, Vernon E.

Newbrough, Virginia K.

Newell, Lana K.

Newell, Stacy Dawn

Newman, Douglas

Newman, Edward K.

Newman, Georgia L.

Newman, John H.

Newman, John P.

Newman, Mark A.

Newman, Ransom A.

Newman, Raymond S.

Newman, Stella B.

Newman, Vivian L.

Newsom, Betty

Newsom, Floyd

Nichols, Beulah

Nichols, C.H.

Nichols, Dorothy R.

Nichols, Fred Edward

Nichols, Gladys C.

Nichols, Mae Browning 

Nichols, Melvin E.

Nichols, Otto Guy

Nichols, Pat

Nichols, William B.

Nichols, William J.

Niedergerke, Hazel R.

Niedergerke, Russell E.

Nisbet, Emma L.

Noel, Alma B.

Noel, Bruce

Noell, Opal Singleton

Noell, Ralph Gordon

Nolting, Almond R.

Norfleet, Betty

Norman, John R.

Norman, Ora O.

Northcutt, Alice

Northcutt, Emmett W.

Northcutt, Harold E.

Northcutt, Helen L.

Northcutt, J. Kevin

Northcutt, Jimmie L.

Northcutt, Virginia

Norton, Hazel Hopper

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O’Connor, Christopher

O’Connor, Darlene

O’Connor, Mable

O’Connor, Mable Ruth

O’Connor, Nathan

O’Connor, William H.

O’Neal, Wanda J.

O’Rourke, E. Hellene

Offutt, Helen L.

Offutt, R. Melvin

Ogar, Adolph A.

Ogar, Velda Kane

Ogden, Ferd

Ogden, Helen M.

Ogden, John F.

Ogden, Ruby V.

Ogle, Ludia M.

Ogle, Ralph A.

Oliver, Bud

Oliver, Evelean

Oliver, Mary Ann

Oliver, Nelson David

Oliver, Samuel P.

Oller, Gayle S.

Oller, Martha J.

Orcutt, Dorothy Nell

Orcutt, Elsie Darlene

Orcutt, Floyd L.

Orcutt, Marjorie L.

Orcutt, Mary M.

Orcutt, Viola

Orcutt, Walter J.

Orcutt, Willis

Orr, Edith M.

Orr, James L.

Orr, Marilyn

Owen, Addison Brown

Owen, Betty L.

Owen, Brown

Owen, Frances

Owen, Walter G.

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Q.  and  R.

Pace, Gertrude U.

Pace, John M.

Pace, Mary E.

Pace, Merry Sue

Pace, Robert D.

Pace, Twin Boys

Page, Catherine

Page, JoAnne

Page, Marion L.

Page, Wesley H.

Palmer, Lisa Ann

Palmer, Walter S.

Parrott, Anthony

Parrott, Georgia D.

Parrott, Lyndle E.

Parrott, Margaret L.

Parrott, Robert W.

Parrott, Virginia F.

Parrott, Walter O. Sr.

Parsons, Robert W.

Pasley, Cleo

Pasley, Estelle

Pasley, Leo

Pasley, Marie

Patrick, Charles A.

Patrick, Glen

Patrick, Mary Evelyn

Patrick, Neva B.

Patrick, Olive E.

Patrick, Oral

Patterson, Charles

Patton, Ami I.

Patton, Harry N.

Patton, Lillian L.

Patton, Olga M.

Patton, Paul R.

Patton, William D.

Payne, Eula Grace

Payne, Evalena

Payne, George L.

Peak, Herbert A.

Peak, Howard

Peak, Lewis Roe

Peak, Mannie Bell

Peak, Margaret M.

Peak, Velma

Pearl, Ethel L.

Pearl, George Marion

Pearson, Howard L.

Pearson, Martha B.

Pearson, Richard E.

Pearson, Robert E.

Peck, F. Howard

Peck, Vivian E.

Pederson, John

Pederson, John Barry

Peer, Louise W.

Peer, Paul J.

Peery, Ethel V.

Peery, George C.

Peery, John T.

Peery, Mary E.

Peery, Pamela Jean

Peery, Ruth A.

Pehle, Angelia

Pehle, Elizabeth L.

Pehle, Goldie M.

Pehle, Oscar C.

Pehle, Samantha

Pehle, Scott E.

Pehle, Warren E.

Pemberton, Eunice P.

Pemberton, George H.

Penrod, Sylvia Roxann

Perkins, Eddie W.

Perkins, Joseph  E.

Perkins, Zella Ruth

Perry, James B.

Perry, Madolyn P.

Peters, Erma R.

Peters, Jefferson B.

Peterson, Harvey

Peterson, Helen

Peterson, Masiane

Peterson, Walter

Peterson, Warren

Pfeifer, A.F.

Pfleging, Dorothy

Pharis, Charles L.

Pharis, Vivian

Phillips, Bernetta M.

Phillips, Bobbye Lee

Phillips, Dennis R.

Phillips, Gerald W.

Phillips, James C.

Phillips, James W.

Phillips, Jimmie C.

Phillips, Luella M.

Phillips, Lybbye E.

Phillips, Mindy Mae

Phillips, Nina F.

Phillips, Patricia Lahs

Phillips, Richard E.

Pierce, Augusta F.

Pierce, Mark T.

Pierson, Harry D.

Pierson, Mary A.

Pilkington, Opal Golden

Pine, Daisy S.

Pine, Noah L.

Piper, Baby Boy

Pipkin, Claude R.

Pipkin, Mildred R.

Platte, Jeffery R.

Playter, Charles R.

Playter, Edna D.

Pledge, A.C.

Pledge, Stella

Plybon, Dewey

Plybon, Willie

Poage, Emmitt F.

Poage, Etta E.

Poage, Jewell V.

Poage, Marietta

Poff, Norma J. Arnold

Pollard, Francis T.

Pollard, M. Gertrude

Pollard, Nancy S.

Pollard, T. Clifford

Pomroy, Essie M.

Pomroy, William P.

Pool, Velma L.

Pool, William A.

Porter, Leona B.

Poslick, Mary J.

Poslick, William L.

Potter, Aubrey G.

Potter, Faye Comstock

Potter, Hazel L.

Potter, John Howard

Powell, Bill

Powell, Charles T.

Powell, Clara E.

Powell, Claude

Powell, Doris Irene

Powell, Evelyn Pratt

Powell, Fletcher R.

Powell, George T.

Powell, Goldie D.

Powell, Martha

Powell, May Etta

Powell, Ralph

Powell, Wm. H.

Power, Laura A.

Power, Wayne E.

Prater, Curtis A.

Prater, Hester

Prater, J. Frances

Prater, Patsy J.

Prater, Raymond

Prater, Roland C.

Precht, Carl John

Precht, Ira

Precht, Margaret

Precht, Twins

Presnell, Roumal

Presnell, Roy M.

Price, James E.

Price, Thelma Jo

Prior, George Les

Prosser, Ray E. Sr.

Prucha, Britnee A.

Pruessner, Nora M.

Pruessner, Paul H.

Pulis, Buddy

Pulis, Catherine M.

Pulis, Charles H.

Pulis, Edward W.

Pulis, Harold Ray

Pulis, Helen M.

Pulis, Jack

Pulis, Maude

Pulis, Nancy R.

Pulis, Nellie B.

Pulis, Stanley F.

Pulis, Turner T.

Pulis, William T.

Pulliam, Ernest P.

Pulliam, Pearl G.

Puntney, Grace M.

Puntney, Lawrence E.

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Quick, Anne E.
Quisenberry, Garrett B.
Quisenberry, Lillian E.



Rachal, Paul M.

Rachal, Virginia H.

Rahmeyer, Emery H.

Rahmeyer, Laura L.

Rahmeyer, William F.

Rahroni, Samad John

Ramage, Ara Belle

Ramage, David E.

Ransdell, Jacqueline

Rapelje, Mary V.

Rask, Karl

Rask, Leona W.

Ravenscraft, Emma F.

Ravenscraft, Emma P.

Ravenscraft, Rebecca G.

Ravenscraft, Robert F.

Ravenscraft, William H.

Rawlings, Charles D.

Rawlings, Mertie K.

Rawlings, Nellie Ruth

Rawlings, William J.

Ray, Arlene

Ray, J. William

Ray, James R.

Ray, Lillian D.

Ray, Robert W.

Ray, Sucylle C.

Redmond, Oretta May

Reed, Carson

Reed, Dorothy Anne

Reed, Mabel

Reeves, Ethel E.

Reeves, Harold E.

Reeves, Mary C.

Relford, Elmer

Relford, Eva M.

Remley, Bennetta L.

Remley, Bobbie G.

Remley, Dewey F.

Remley, Edith A.

Renfrow, Ethel Mae

Renfrow, Robert C.

Rhoades, LeRoy

Rhoades, LeRoy Jr.

Rhoades, Lola M.

Rhoads, Becky Cornett

Richards, Frank W.

Richards, Harry

Richards, Howard H.

Richards, Ira M.

Richards, Lillian M.

Richards, Lillie M.

Richards, Marguerite Virginia

Richards, Mary Jane

Rickard, Mabel Gish

Ridgeway, Frances H.

Ridgeway, M. Gayle

Ridgeway, Vivian E.

Ridgeway, W. Bruce

Riggs, Martha L.

Riggs, Sarah E.

Riggs, W.C. Jr.

Riley, Asa L.

Riley, Hazel V.

Riley, Margaret

Riley, Robert P.

Ristow, Beatrice B.

Ristow, Otto A.

Ritz, Floss D.

Ritz, James D.

Ritz, Lucille S.

Rivers, Anna S.

Rivers, Anna Viola

Rivers, Donald L.

Rivers, Eva Tate

Rivers, Gerald F.

Rivers, James C.

Rivers, Kenneth R.

Robbins, Jack

Roberts, Glenn

Roberts, Kristina Lynn

Robinett, Erea B.

Robinett, Hobart M.

Robinson, Al N.

Robinson, Billie N.

Robinson, Birdie E.

Robinson, Floyd L.

Robinson, Glen F.

Robinson, Ilene B.

Robinson, Onie M.

Robinson, Susan D.

Robinson, William G.

Robinson, Writa Belle

Rockwell, Floyd A.

Rockwell, Helen M.

Roe, Henry J.

Roe, Offie B.

Rogers, Bessie

Rogers, Roy Franklin

Rogers, Shannon R.

Rogers, Thomas M.

Rohrer, Donnie Joe

Rohweder, Helen A.

Rolle, Charles E.

Romdall, Loche O.

Romdall, Ruby A.

Rose, George

Rose, Glenda

Rose, Lisa D.

Rosenthal, Eldon P.

Rosenthal, Eugene G.

Rosenthal, Mary A.

Rosenthal, Peggy J.

Rosenthal, Reinhard W.

Rosenthal, Richard F.

Ross, Alberta

Ross, June

Rouse, Betty J.

Rudasill, Elizabeth

Rudasill, Harper M.

Rudasill, Winifred W.

Runyon, Clarence H.

Runyon, Glenna M.

Runyon, Joyce D.

Runyon, Marcella L.

Ruse, Clyde F.

Ruse, Lucy A.

Ruse, Margaret Browning

Russell, Elizabeth I.

Russell, John H.

Russell, L. Elsie

Russell, Roy R.


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S. S. Continued   T.    U.   and  V.

Salmons, Carrie M.

Salmons, Richard L.

Saltzman, Dorral G.

Sampson, Cory Wayne

Sandbothe, Pauline M.

Sannebeck, Martha L.

Sannebeck, Ralph T.

Sapp, C. Virgil

Sapp, Dorothy D.

Scherer, Betty M.

Scherer, Carol J.

Scherer, Kenneth M.

Scherer, Ray B.

Schneider, Louise C.

Schneider, Richard J.

Schnetzer, Hubert C.

Scholl, Effie C.

Scholl, Kyle P.

Schooler, Bertha

Schrader, Ernest P.

Schrader, Ethel P.

Schrader, Lois B.

Schrader, Oscar F.

Schramek, Jerome P.

Schramek, Rosetta F.

Schremp, George W.

Schremp, Julia A.

Schroff, Hazel Mae

Schudel, Claude E.

Schudel, Mattie P.

Schulte, Warren

Schulte, William

Schultz, Burl F.

Schultz, Osie A.

Schutte, Anna Dorothy

Schutte, Christine Carolyn

Schutte, Donald F.

Schutte, Doris G.

Schutte, Emma H.

Schutte, Fred A.

Schutte, George H.

Schutte, John Wallace

Schutte, Mary E.

Schutte, Sandra F.

Schutte, William C.

Schwanke, Donald G.

Scobee, Bessie

Scobee, Effie

Scobee, Lulu E.

Scobee, W. Noel

Scott, Nell M.

Scott, Della C.

Scott, Herbert C.

Scott, L. Ayres

Scott, Nadine V.

Scott, Nannie

Scott, Nellie J.

Scott, Robert L.

Scott, Virginia B.

Scott, W. Thornton

Scrogin, Jack

Scrogin, Josie

Sells, Charles O.

Selsor, Iris E.

Senf, Fred

Settle, Mary Francis

Sewell, Essie

Sewell, Evelyn B.

Sewell, James Edward

Sewell, Robert L.

Seymour, Joe C.

Seymour, Marie

Shaffer, H. Olive

Shaffer, Raymond F.

Sharp, Estill A.

Sharp, Eugene

Sharp, Glenn

Sharp, Helen

Sharp, Jacob C.

Sharp, Leroy

Sharp, Lewis

Sharp, Linda E.

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Sharp, Pauline

Sharp, Pauline Elizabeth

Sharp, Susan M.

Sharp, Violet E.

Sharpe, Everette Dewey

Shay, Donald F.

Shay, Ila U.

Shea, Bernice t.

Shea, Edward W.

Shelden, Jim B.

Shelden, M. Helen

Shellabarger, Grace W.

Shellabarger, Jacob L.

Sherrow, Charles Dean

Sherrow, Glenn E.

Sherrow, Grace M.

Sherrow, Kenneth Ray

Sherwood, Dorothy M.

Sherwood, Harold L.

Sherwood, Rebecca L.

Shilling, Paula G. Moore

Shipp, Elva B.

Shipp, Melvin Rudy

Shipp, Noah A.

Shire, Betty J.

Shire, Cecil R.

Shire, Chas. T.

Shire, Mary Beth

Shire, Mildred V.

Shire, R. Mike

Shire, William R.

Shock, John A.

Shock, Roymae

Shockley, John F.

Shoemaker, Barbara J.

Shoup, Donald

Shoup, Helen

Shuey, George E.

Shuey, Helen D.

Shupert, Herbert F.

Sidwell, Laura R.

Sidwell, Robert Duncan

Sidwell, William H.

Silvers, Jeffrey Dale

Simpson, Frances

Simpson, Huron

Sims, Abbie L.

Sims, Allie Sue

Sims, Barbara Lee

Sims, Chas. Fred

Sims, Churchill K.

Sims, Eulah Mae

Sims, Fletcher

Sims, James H.

Sims, Jennie Pearl

Sims, O. Glen

Sims, O. Roy

Sims, Robert R.

Sims, Ruby W.

Sims, Ruth Anna

Sims, Ruth L.

Singleton, Michael B.

Singleton, Milton A.

Sinnett, Dorothy M.

Sinnett, James M.

Sitton, Elaine Evelyn

Sitton, Fontella G.

Sitton, Paul M.

Skinner, Frances C.

Skinner, Horace A.

Slater, Irene L.

Slater, James H.

Slaughter, Mary Louise

Smith, Allen G.

Smith, Audrey C.

Smith, Austin

Smith, Ava L.

Smith, Baby

Smith, Billie Jean

Smith, Carl K.

Smith, Charles Jerome

Smith, Chauncey F.

Smith, Clara H.

Smith, Claude

Smith, Dewaynia A.

Smith, Donna E.

Smith, Dorothy L.

Smith, Edna

Smith, Frank W.

Smith, George T.

Smith, Hume

Smith, James E.

Smith, James Michael

Smith, James W.

Smith, Joe H.

Smith, John A.

Smith, Larry L.

Smith, Larry L.

Smith, Lillie B.

Smith, Linda

Smith, Lorene Crystal

Smith, Louise C.

Smith, Lucille

Smith, Marion Ray

Smith, Mary B.

Smith, Mary Katherine

Smith, Mary Lou

Smith, Michael Lee

Smith, Ollie J.

Smith, Opal Gooch

Smith, Orpha B.

Smith, Paul C.

Smith, Pleasant Ray

Smith, Richard B.

Smith, Robert M.

Smith, Robert T.

Smith, Robert V.

Smith, Robert W.

Smith, Roy E.

Smith, Ruby Ann

Smith, Russell T.

Smith, Stella Mae

Smith, Velma M.

Smith, Walter E.

Smith, William Dale Jr.

Smith, William F.

Smith, William S.

Smith, Wilma L.

Smith, Yvonne M.

Smithey, Anna Maude

Smithey, James E.

Smithey, Opal P.

Smithey, Stockwell F.

Sneed, Gussie L.

Sneed, Thomas P.

Snell, Brian K.

Snow, Bernice M.

Snow, C. Walter

Snyder, Leonard W.

Snyder, Ruby E.

Snyder, Walter L.

Soldan, Leonard C.

Sonwalt, Fanny M.

Sonwalt, Henry

Sonwalt, Lee L.

Sonwalt, Mary M.

Sonwalt, Sadie

Soule, Baby

Spencer, Donald D.

Spencer,  Mary D.

Spires, Infant

Spires, Charles H.

Spires, Wanda M.

Spitzner, Bessie May

Spitzner, Calvin J.

Spitzner, Donald Leland

Spitzner, Edward

Spitzner, Kathleen

Spitzner, Velma Pearl

Spotswood, George P.

Spotswood, Mattie Hall

Spradlin, Edith Elenora

Spradlin, Robert E.

Spurling, Mary Winifred

Spurlock, George A.

Spurlock, Phyllis J.

Squires, Frances

Squires, Glenn D.

Squires, Harold

Squires, Helen C.

St. Clair, ____

Stalcup, Harry J.

Stalcup, Jessie

Staley, Martha G.

Stanberry, Norma Jean

Stanberry, Paul Russell



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Stanford, Travis Lee

Staples, Elsie M.

Staples, John W.

Staples, Leroy

Staples. Minnie B.

Staples, Orville C.

Stegeman, Alfred A.

Stegeman, Mardelle G.

Stegeman, Sandra Dee

Stegemann, Charles B.

Stegemann, Ella R.

Steinman, August N.

Steinman, V. Fern

Stephens, Emmett G.

Stephens, Infant

Stephens, John Joseph

Stephens, Mary V.

Stephens, Robert A.

Stephens, Roy L.

Stephens, Ruth L.

Sterner, Lena M.

Sterner, William H.

Sterrett, E. Lorraine

Stevens, Deana

Stevens, Eugene R.

Stevens, Harley E.

Stevens, Henry

Stevens, Reta R.

Steveson, Earl Cole

Steveson, Hazel C.

Stewart, George E.

Stewart, Jasper E.

Stewart, Mabel R.

Stewart, Maude M.

Stiegman, Garford L.

Stone, C. Margaret

Stone, Leattia P.

Stone, Lilbern L.

Stoner, Billy Ray

Stoner, Charles R.

Stoner, Edward S.

Stoner, Hattie E.

Stoner, Sylvia

Strange, Claude M.

Strange, Norma M.

Stratton, Ed

Stratton, Hattie

Stratton, Ruth

Stratton, Walter

Stringer, John N.

Stuart, Barbara J.

Stuart, Bessie M.

Stuart, Cap

Stuart, Ccharles

Stuart, Dicy L.

Stuart, Edgar

Stuart, Ethel M.

Stuart, Joe Ed

Stuart, John L.

Stuart, Lyndell A.

Stuart, Lyndell A. Jr.

Stuart, Marcella L.

Stuart, Michael M.

Stuart, Pauline Dodson

Stuart, Russell

Stuart, Ruth A.

Stuart, T. Virgil

Stubblefield, Fay F.

Stubblefield, Finis L.

Stubblefield, Monte R.

Stull, Iynell Louise

Stuller, John W.

Stuller, Mary A.

Stumpf, Finley J.

Stumpf, Zada I.

Styles, Charles E.

Styles, Flora E.

Sudbrock, Delbert L.

Sudbrock,. Phillip

Sulgrove, A. Monroe

Ssulgrove, Harold D.

Sulgrove, Mary Ruth

Sulgrove, Minnie G.

Sullivan, Charles S.

Sullivan, Virginia M.

Summers, C. Howard

Summers, Maude Ellyn

Summers, Nora Belle

Surber, James C.

Surber, Mary E.

Surls, Mark Anthony

Sutton, James W.

Sutton, Maude N.

Sutton, Richard Lee

Swanson, Philip G.

Sweeney, James F.

Sweeney, Lillian Mae

Swindell, Dorothy Potter

Swindell, Roy William

Sword, John T.

Sword, Lula E.

Sword, Russell D.

Sydenstricker, Josephine E.

Sydenstricker, Ralph E.

Sydenstricker, Ronald D.




Talley, Ben F.

Talley, Bennie L.

Talley, Joseph W.

Talley, Willa M.

Tally, Larry J.

Tally, Phyllis A.

Tanner, Bertha H.

Tanner, Charles E.

Tanner, Grace M.

Tanner, Lyndall M.

Tanner, Robert F.

Tanner, Ruth I.

Tarrants, Carl A.

Tarrants, Hazel L.

Tarrants, John W.

Tarrants, Lella G.

Tate, Arthur C.

Tate, Carl L.

Tate, Carl Lee Jr.

Tate, Ethel L.

Tate, Forest

Tate, Glea

Tate, Nellie E.

Tate, Onie M.

Tate, Oscar L.

Taylor, Barna

Taylor, Carrie M.

Taylor, Carter B.

Taylor, Ferdinand

Taylor, George W.

Taylor, Katherine K.

Taylor, Lewis B.

Taylor, Maggie

Taylor, Mary L.

Taylor, Ollie H.

Taylor, Vida M.

Taylor, Virginia J.

Teague, Mary E.

Teague, Virgil J.

Tennyson, Arnold

Terry, E. Lucille

Terry, Gladys R.

Terry, Leon F.

Terry, William Y.

Thomas, Charles C.

Thomas, Harold E.

Thomas, John H.

Thomas, Leta C.

Thomas, Mildred M.

Thoma, Stanley L.

Thompson, Chester D.

Thompson, Elsie E.

Thompson, Grace H.

Thompson, Sam Denson

Thompson, Thomas H.

Thompson, Zola Hardin

Thornton, R.W.

Thornton, Kenneth Glen

Thornton, Marie

Throckmorton, Adella A.

Throckmorton, Ralph W.

Tiller, Everette L.

Tiller, Rheva R.

Tillman, Joseph A.

Tillman, Ruby Ellen

Tilly, Baby Boy

Todd, Arthur W.

Todd, Delsie M.

Todd, Harry E.

Todd, Nadine E.

Todson, Peter

Todson,Velma B.

Toll, Harold T.

Tomlinson, Pauline

Tomlinson, Shelby

Tompson, Evelyn C.

Tompson, John S.

Toncray, Esther O.

Toncray, Gail C.

Torreyson, Willard B.

Torreyson, Frances W.

Torreyson, Genevieve

Torreyson, Glenn L.

Torreyson, Marie

Torreyson, Ralph L.

Torreyson, Walter L.

Totten, Mildred

Totten. Paul M.

Towson, Hugh A.

Towson, Waunetta L.

Trammell, William D.

Tratchel, Barba

Tratchel, Frankie L.

Tratchel, Walter D.

Travis, George David

Tremaine, Lloyd V.

Trindle, John Fleming

Trindle, Marilyn

Turner, Charles L.

Turner, Darrel L.

Turner, Lena B.

Turner, M. Lucille

Turner, Orville M.

Turner, William V.

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Ulrich, Effie M.

Ulrich, Guy L.

Umstattd, A. Drew

Underwood, Butchie

Underwood, Nita

Utterback, Cora L.

Utterback, David O.

Utterback, Geneva L.

Utterback, Maurice A.



Valentine, Isabelle E.

Valentine, Lloyd A.

Vance, Hattie Katherine

Vance, J. Roy

Vance, Jesse H.

Vance, Naomi R.

Vance, V. Velton

Vance, Vida L.

Vandevier, Belle

Vandevier, Ray

Vandrew, Edna

Vandrew, Floyd N.

Van Horn, F. Gertrude

Van Horn, Otto S.

Vanlandingham, Charles

Vanlandingham, Martha Berry

Vanlandingham, N. Florence

Vanlandingham, Sylvia

Vanlandingham, William H.

Van Landingham, Harrison F.

Van Schyndell, Faye

Van Schyndell, Tresa

Van Skike, Homer N.

Van Skike, Nita B.

Van Wyngarden, Rudolph W.

Van Wyngarden, Velma L.

Varner, James Edward

Varvil, Clarence F.

Varvil, Grace A.

Vassos, Florence

Vassos, Milton

Vaughn, Harry E.

Vaughn, Sudie L.

Vehlewald, Fern F.

Vehlewald, Oliver H.

Vidal, Kathy Atkins

Vvore, Donald

Vore, Marvell


W. W. Continued   No X,  Y. and  Z.

Waddington, Bert

Waddington, Rose

Wade, Cloyd E.

Wade, Susie I.

Wagner, Clifford W.

Wagner, Mildred F.

Walker, Allen B.

Walker, B.M.

Walker, Christine

Walker, Clyde F.

Walker, Diane C.

Walker, Dorothy D.

Walker, Harrison K.

Walker, J. Harvey

Walker, Jessie M.

Walker, Katherine B.

Walker, Mable F.

Walker, Mary K.

Walker, Rose F.

Walker, Rosella D.

Walker, Ruby L.

Walker, T.D.

Walker, Thomas B.

Walker, William P.

Wallace, Addie E.

Wallace, Anita F.

Wallace, Edgar S.

Wallace, Edwin W.

Wallace, Kenneth Lee

Wallen, Dorma Lee

Wallen, Lawrence H.

Walter, Elmer L.

Walter, Maud L.

Walters, Audrey S.

Walters, Lon E.

Walton, Franklin E.

Ward, Anna Mae

Ward, Edith

Ward, Homer L.

Ward, James L.

Ward, Joseph N.

Ward, Melvin C.

Ward, Roy

Ward, Wilfred E.

Wassell, E. Arvilla

Watkins, Jesse W.

Watson, Forrest E.

Watson, Jeanne F.

Watts, Doris

Watts, Essie M.

Watts, Irvin W.

Watts, J.T.

Watts, Joe K.

Watts, John T.

Watts, Levi

Watts, Margaret R.

Watts, Mattie L.

Watts, Nannie B.

Watts, Peggy L.

Watts, Tony B.

Weakley, August Q.

Weakley, Darlene J.

Weakley, Infant Son

Webb, Guy

Webb, Rex W.

Weber, Bradford Mitchell

Weber, Edward A.

Weber, Jane Clement

Weber, Melba B.

Weinand, Carl J.

Weinand, Teresa K.

Weitkemper, Harry C.

Weitkemper, Helen

Welch, John H.

Welch, Sarah E.

Wells, Cherry

Wells, Clarence E.

Wells, Cora Jane

Wells, E. Irene

Wells, Howard F.

Wells, James A.

Wells, Lucy I.

Wells, William Frederich

Wells, William W.

Wenger, J. Elbert

Wenger, Katherine P.

Wenger, William F.

Wenger, Willie E.

Werner, Alta M.

Werner, M. Glenn

Wertz, Anna Fay

Wertz, Junior R.

West, Erma I.

West, Paul E.

Westbay, Calvert Lee

Westbay, Clarence

Westbay, Gary Wayne

Westbay, Gertruce O.

Westbay, Velma Ruth

Westbay, Walter E.

Whalen, Eugene

Whalen, John

Whalen, Mary Belva

Whalen, Virginia A.

White, Ernest L.

White, Margaret Kathryn

White, Nellie M.

Whitehead, Benton L.

Widaman, Benton L.

Widaman, Ellery B.

Widaman, Virginia L.

Wieken, Kimberly Mae

Wiggs, John W.

Wilburn, Bertha C. Koch

Wilburn, Daniel L.

Wilburn, Kayla M.

Wilburn, Lawrence A.

Wilburn, Timothy Robert

Wilkerson, Donald

Wilkerson, Elsie E.

Wilkerson, Evert

Wilkerson, Mabel F.

Wilkerson, Mary

Wilkerson, Riley

Wilkerson, Wm. Frank

Williams, Albert A.

Williams, Anna B.

Williams, Cecil C.

Williams, Chester L.

Williams, Dorothy F.

Williams, Douglass E.

Williams, Ethel C.

Williams, Hugh J.

Williams, Jackie Lee

Williams, Jackie M.

Williams, James H.

Williams, Lewis B.

Williams, Nina E.

Williams, Rod Ed Jr.

Williams, Sharon L.

Williams, Terry H.

Williams, Thelma B.

Williams, Virgil Price Jr.

Williams, Wallace E.

Williamson, Gerald M.

Williamson, Morris B.

Williamson, Rachel E.

Williamson, Sandra N.

Willingham, Burl B.

Willingham, Clara M.

Willingham, Louis W.

Willingham, Martha C.

Willingham, Roy A.

Willingham, Roy P.

Willingham, William P.

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Willis, Betty

Willis, Elmer M.

Willis, Howard G.

Willis, Ialeene J.

Willis, Lena R.

Wills, James L.

Wills, James Michael

Wills, Maud

Wilson, Anna Bess

Wilson, Carl G.

Wilson, Daniel

Wilson, Ethel A.

Wilson, H. Sidney

Wilson, Jesse L.

Wilson, Kenneth D.

Wilson, Larry L.

Wilson, Loyd F.

Wilson, M. Elizabeth

Wilson, M. Ivern

Wilson, Mark S.

Wilson, Milford W.

Wilson, Ora E.

Wilson, Thomas T.

Wilson, Virgil L.

Wilson, William Joseph

Wilson, Wilma J.

Wilson_Teague, E. Beatrice

Wilson_Teague, Otha H.

Wilson_Teague, Raymond E.

Wilson_Teague, Willie E.

Winter, Alpha J.

Winter, Arthur A.

Winter, Clifford E.

Winter, James E.

Winter, Nellie

Winters, Diana

Wirth, Chas. C.

Wirth, Harold M.

Wirth, Loretta J.

Wirth, Nellie

Witchie, Eva V.

Witchie, Wallace E.

Wolfe, Leo W.

Wolfe, Mildred A.

Womack, Anna Mae

Womack, Etta Mae

Womack, Hollie L.

Womack, Margaret

Womack, Nancy L.

Womack, Orbie

Womack, William E.

Wood, Clyde

Wood, Furnish L.

Wood, Harry L.

Wood, Josephine G.

Wood, Mary Winifred

Wood, Mildred B.

Wood, Neal S.

Wood, Otis C.

Wood, Rosa B.

Wood, Sallie M.

Woods, Claude E.

Woods, Georgia Iola

Woods, James Vernon

Woods, James W.

Woods, Jennifer Elaine

Woods, Minnie

Woods, Pearl

Woods, Raymond J.

Woods, Wallace

Woods, William E.

Woodsmall, John H.

Woodsmall, Norma M.

Woodsman, Vicky

Woodworth, David E.

Woodworth, Gertie F.

Woolery, Rosaline J.

Woolfolk, Annie C.

Woolfolk, Ruby C.

Woolfolk, Warren Dee

Woolfolk, William O.

Wooten, Lucille

Wooten, Nannie L.

Wooten, Oleta C.

Wooten, Roy D.

Wooten, Tom D.

Worley, Dollie

Worley, Herman

Worley, John C.

Worley, Malvern O.

Worley, Snodie M.

Worner, Letitia C.

Worsham, E. Lucille

Worsham, I. Eugene

Worthey, Buren A.

Worthey, Edna L.

Worthington, David L.

Worthington, James M.

Wraith, Rev. George B.

Wray, James W.

Wright, Bernadine

Wright, Bland M.

Wright, Clarence L.

Wright, Dolly I.

Wright, Elsie G.

Wright, James H.

Wright, Opha B.

Wyatt, Kenneth E.

Wyatt, Rebecca Lynn

Wyatt, Rosemary E.

Wybrant, Ben R.

Wybrant, Elizabeth M.

Wyss, Frances

Wyss, Nettie B.

Wyss, William B.

Wencel, Lenora

Wencel, Ray D.




Yaeger, Arloie

Yaeger, Joseph V.

Yager, A.P.

Yager, Arthur P.

Yager, Edna

Yager, Ethel L.

Yager, Eva Lee

Yager, Roy J.

Yager, Susie C.

Young, Anna

Young, Aubrey L.

Young, Clarence E.

Young, Jasper N.

Young, Kevin Dean

Young, M. Marjorie

Young, Otis

Young, Virginia

Young, Zelma M.


Zuck, Lillian M.
Zuck, W. Eldon

Zuroweste, Adam L.
Zuroweste, Roberta K.


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