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General Grant Camps at Mexico

 Reports of the Younger Gang members from the  Intelligencer 1889

from Mexico Intelligencer May 23, 1889 -List of patients from Audrain county with their dates of admission, presently at the Asylum for the Insane at Fulton, Mo.

Civil  War Reminiscences, ( Pasqueth)  Mar. 25, 1937 p 6/5 & 6 Mexico Ledger

Rush Hill Community Church  from the Mexico, Mo Message May 20, 1915 5/3,4 & 5

The Community of Thompson from the Mexico, Mo Message November 27, 1913 page 1 cols 4 & 5

Village of Rush Hill Weekly Ledger Nov. 24, 1910 p1 col 6

Young's Creek Post Office from the St. James Journal, 5 Oct. 1901

Early Banking Article from Mexico Weekly Ledger Nov. 8, 1923 pg 6 cols 3 & 4

1929 Article from the Confederate Veteran by Joe Lee Bomar, narrative as told by his father.

Martha Scott Johnson, born a slave, honored on her 90th birthday, a respected  and beloved citizen of Mexico

Scott Baskett house torn down  -from Weekly Intelligencer Aug. 11, 1910 2/3

Destruction of Old Lewellyn Home on North Jefferson from Mexico Ledger 25 yrs ago col.

Killings at Martinsburg from   Copied from Mexico Intelligencer (weekly) Dec. 20, 1888 p3 c1, 2, 3 & p6 c1

" Bill Anderson's Victims"    ( "Bloody Bill") published Dec. 1873 Centralia Guard and Columbia Statesman
New Light on Massacre 1923 The Intelligencer (weekly) Sept. 18, 1924 pg 7 cols 5 & 6

Newspaper article on the death Lieut. Ira Luther Cooper, of the St. Louis police department, one of the highest ranking colored police officers in the United States. Family lived in Mexico, some annotation.

Early Banking in Mexico  Mexico Weekly Ledger Nov. 8, 1923 pg 6 cols 3 & 4

Man Who Served With Quantrell’s  Band in Civil War Had Lived Here Over Half Century

Slave Once Sold at Auction Here is Almost 100  Mexico Weekly :Ledger, May 19, 1932 p3 c2

George Clark and Fannie Clark, Former Slaves

The Ham Brown Massacre   The Mexico Weekly Ledger June 30, 1932-the lone Audrain County survivor

Audrain County Newspapers Excerpts     from The Intelligencer (weekly) Feb. 14, 1907 pg 2 col 3 through May 30, 1907 & From The Mexico Mo Message, 28 Aug. 1913 pg 1 col 7  new

Mexico Weekly Intelligencer 1910  vital stats- births, deaths, marriages

 Mexico  Intelligencer (weekly) 1889 lots of births, deaths and marriages

Chronology of Events in Martinsburg, 1918

The Intelligencer, Mexico, 1920

The Intelligencer, Mexico, October 1920

The Intelligencer, Mexico, 1930

The Mexico Ledger, 1930

The Mexico Ledger, November 1930

The Mexico Ledger, 1952

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