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Surname Registry for Audrain County

This space is for you to add the names you are researching in hopes of connecting with others who have those same surnames in their family trees.  Feel free to email your coordinator with a list of your names and they will be added along with your current email address so you can be reached by others.  Please, if your email address ever changes, please send a quick email so it can be updated.  If you have a website, please include it in yor email and I will add the URL.

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Surname Contact name
Adams,Sarah E.) m. Asher ( children Jesse, James, Charles, Thomas Jefferson, Laura, Lucinda. Jean Lemons
Asher, Charles m. Sarah Adams Jean Lemons
Atkisson Helen Thomas
Baldwin Marina Dececo
Baldwin, Bruce abt 1870 Diane Francis  
BARNES-Vandalia area- Walter b. Aug 1883. Parents were Francis and Amelia ( Woolsey) Barnes Deborah
Barton |    Nancy Barton Bowers
Berrey/Berry Dorothy Franks
Beshears, Joseph M. & Elizabeth Gray (children Ella, Wm, Clyde,Joseph) Maureen Beshears  
Bittick, Mary Jane  Mary Bittick Gallano
Blankenship Dorothy Franks
Bodkin Rod Green
Bonsall Gary Bonsall Sr.,
Branstetter Ellen Kerley
Brock Maria Richter
Brooks, Elkana [h] (Benton City area) this line may have run out with the probable death of all sons, 1870-1880 need death records or dates of sons deaths Betty Brooks
Burrous Marina Dececo
Butler Bobbie L.
Byrns/Byrnes Rod Green
Caldwell Barbara Harvey Harper
Calhoun/Calhoon Joy Winet
Casper Marina Dececo
Coons, Margaret "Maggie" m. Jesse Asher (see Asher) Jean Lemons
Cornett Philip Cornett
Crump Jack Munson
Damrell Ida Hepler
Dawson Dorothy Franks
Dempsey Joan Silvers
Dore Joy Winet
Duffey/Duffy Bryan Miller
Dulaney see website at Dulaney Famiy Page Bob Dulaney
Dye Dorothy Franks
Dysart Jack Munson
Eller Rod Green
Eubanks Leslie Lee Hubbard Walton
Finks Dorothy Franks
Gay Joan Silvers
Gibson Marina Dececo
Gilbert, Samuel Craig Tina (Trisler Gilbert)
Goddard Linda Goddard Stout
Green Rod Green
Gregg Leslie Lee Hubbard Walton
Grimm Nancy Barton Bowers
Haggard Eleanore Haggard Baldwin
Hall - website Dave
Hamilton Kathleen Anderson
Hanger Marina Dececo
Harrison Peggy Harrison Reid 
Harvey Barbara Harvey Harper
Hays Helen Thomas
Heaton - website Dave
Hepler Ida Hepler
Hoover Barbara Harvey Harper
Howdeshell Tina Wells 
Helm Rod Green
Hendrix, William A  Sandy Brown  
Huddleston Pearl Thomas
Hudelson Pearl Thomas
Kemp Barb Saunders
Kirk Rich and Shirley
LeVaugh Jenn
Liter Bobbie L.
Martin ( (Frank Pepper Martin) brother of James Harrison Martin Brenda L. Keys
McClanahan ( James married Catherine Brooks) Betty Brooks
McDonald - see Sanford Mary Ann
Miller Bryan Miller
Moore Marina Dececo | Ida Hepler
Morris website: Brad Morris
Noel Helen Thomas
Norton Nancy Barton Bowers
Nowlin Philip Cornett
Ralls Jean Lemons
Reighley/Railey/ Raley  Railey/Raley/Reighly Joy Winet  | Bobbie L. |   
Roberson, James H Sandy Brown  
Robinson Rob Hamilton  |  Leslie Lee Hubbard Walton
Russell Bobbie McCLenny
Rutter       see   Rutter Genealogy Pat Bowen
Saling ( note: email takes you to a email registry page , click on name there or # 0001607 ) Kay Griffin Snow
Sanford website at Mary Ann
Saunders Barb Saunders
Schneider (Gus, Ernest, Albert, Charles) Betty
Schoneboom (Laddonia area) Cindy Schoneboom Gulledge
Senor Randy Senor
Shay Betty Brooks
Shea Maria Richter
Skaggs Nancy Barton Bowers
Smith Randy Senor
Snow ( note: email takes you to a email registry page , click on name there or # 0001607 ) Kay Griffin Snow
Stewart website- Brad Morris
Syler,Martin W. Mary Bittick Gallano
Tharp Rod Green
Throckmorton Rod Green
Utt Randy Senor
Walden   Eldred W. Melton
Wales Craig Borkman
Ward Barb Saunders
Willingham Ida Hepler
Wilson Marina Dececo
Winders, Andrew Jackson         Carolyne Kephart Gould
Woolwine Nancy Barton Bowers
Woods ( Audrain & Callaway Cos) Chuck Woods