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Bollinger Co Mo
Death Records
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Date of Report Name Sex Race or Color Age Occupation Date of Death Single, Maried, widower or Widow Nationality Where Born How long a resident in this state Place of Death Cause of Death Complication Duration of Complication Duration of Disease Place of Burial Date of Burial Name of Undertaker Place of Business Name and residence of physician returning certificate
29 Nov 7 1883 John Able male white 96y farmer Oct 19 1883 12 n Married USA Cape Girardo Co MO
Liberty Twp Coryza & Neglect 7 days Vinemount Oct 22 1883 F. Korn Liberty Twp W.B. Henly by J.C. Cubbage Wayne Twp
31 Nov 7 1883 Thomas Granville Atchison 2y 1m
Oct 12 1883 11pm Single USA near Bollingers Mill Lib Town
near Bollingers Mill Liberty Twp Membranous Croup 4 days White Graveyard Oct 13 1883 Henry Gains Liberty Twp W.B. Henly Bollingers Mill
43 Dec 13 1883 Cora Ellen Atchison female white 1y 10m 1d
Nov 11 1883 8 am single USA Liberty Twp Bollinger Co MO since birth Liberty Twp psudo Membranous Croup 5 days White Graveyard Jarot
Henry Gains Liberty Twp J.C. Cubbage Bollinger MO
103 Aug 22 1884 Elizabeth Ash female white 28y 7m 10d
April 13 1884 Married USA KY 8 years Wayne Twp Dropse,general taking cold after child birth 2 months Cato Grave Yard April 15 1884 Walings ? Wayne Twp W. Henly Bollingers Mill MO
134 Nov 7 1884 Francis Abernathy female white 3y 8m 4d
Oct 31 1884 3pm single USA Lorance Twp life 1 1/2 miles South East of Lutesville Acute Gastritis Congestion of Liver same day as disease visted per 4 days Ealter Burying Ground
W.G. Waldo Lutesville Twp A.B. Jaques Lutesville MO
188 Apr 10 1885 Daniel Aldich male white 17y farmer Apr 1 1885 2pm single American Bollinger Co MO 17 y Bollinger Co MO Obstruction of Bowles 11 days Bollinger Co MO April 2 1885
C.M. Witmer Marble Hill MO
222 Aug 3 1885 Missouri E. Austin female white 19y 4m 14d
July 30 1885 2am Married American ILL 9 y Lorance Twp Asthma Friendship Cemetery July 30 1885 A.L. Gibbs Glen Allen MO M.D. Brinly MD Glen Allen MO
228 Aug 21 1885 Joseph Homer Austin male white 7d
Aug 6 1885 4 am single American Bollinger Co MO 7 d Lorance Twp Fits 30 hours near Pat Murphys Aug 16 1885 A.L. Gibbs Glen Allen MO Laurence Austin Glen Allen MO
322 Sept 18 1886 Mary Atkins female
May 10 1886 single
Liberty Twp since birth Liberty Twp Diarrhoea 4 weeks Liberty T May 11 1886 Joseph Roberts Liberty T T.S. Obaily MD S. Scheppersons
13 Sept 21 1883 Mattie E. Burns female white 24y 5m 5d rail road mans wife Sept 13 1883 12pm Married
Arkansas 22y 5 miles from Walton on the Margranol Road
Dysintery about 6 days 2 1/2 weeks Pleasant Valley Church Sep 14 1883 None W. Waldo A.C. Griffith MD Fallon MO
15 Oct 2 1883 Benie Black male white 5y 7m
Sep 22 1883 2am single American Pok Co MO 3y Marble Hill Lorance Twp MO Menigitis Remittant fever 10 days 15 days Marble Hill Lorance MO
Lutesville MO
C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
23 Oct 30 1883 Elias A. Brigman male white 52y 1m 20d wheelwright Oct 24 1883 10pm Married
North Carolina 5y LutesvilleMO Acute Pneumonia 9 days Jessie Holmes near Lutesville
W.G. Waldo
A.B. Jaques Lutesville MO
61 Feby 12 1884 Ellen Brantlet female white 20y 11m 11d pauper Jany 27 1884 5am single American Ohio 16y County Poor Farm Epileptic Convulsions not known
15 days County Poor Farm Jan 28 1884 C.M. Johnson Marble Hill MO Garret Stevens Supt poor farm Marble Hill MO
62 Feby 16 1884 Amnusty Berney Markham female white 5m 19d
Jan 19 1884 12am
American String Ridge
String Ridge Lobular Pneumonia 10 days String Ridge Jan 20 1884 M.S. Obrien Vinemount MO
75 Mar 31 1884 John Belchamber male white 21y railroader Jan 22 1884 11am single American Bollinger Co MO 21 y Glen Allen Consumption 2 years Glen Allen Mar 21 1884 W.G. Waldo Lutesville MO W.H. Pittman MD Lutesville MO
90 May 13 1884 Elizabeth Barber female white 5m 14d
Apr 24 1884 single German Bollinger Co
Lorance Twp Functional Disease of Liver & intestinal irritation 1 month W.C. Talley Marble Hill MO
95 July 21 1884 Bowman male white 4m 2d
July 16 1884 10 am single
Marbe Hill MO 4m 2d Marble Hill MO Intestinal Irritation with spasms Indigestion never was healthy July 17 1884 Marble Hill MO
W.C. Talley Marble Hill MO
101 Aug 20 1884 Naomi Bush female white 51y
July 15 1884 widow American Wayne Co MO 51 y Bollinger Co MO can't read 23 months Jack Sitz Graveyard A. Keehn Castor MO
117 Sep 24 1884 David A. Bollinger male white 3y 9m 24d
Sept 5 1884 11am
USA Fillmore Twp
Castor MO Tyhoid malaria 2 days Stinder Graveyard Sept 6 1884 A. Keehn Castor MO
151 Jan 13 1885 Joseph W. Bess male white 2y 4m 20d infant Jan 7 1885 4pm single
Lorance Twp 2 m S of Lutesville
Farm house of his father Peter Bess 2 m S of Lutesville Membranous Croup 10 hours Wesley Shell Graveyard 1/2 m S of Lutesville
David Hahn
A.N. Jaques MD Luteville MO
153 Jan 26 1885 Alpha Roena Bohnoack female white 1y 3d
Jan 26 1885 2am single American Marbe Hill MO life Marble Hill MO Capillary Bronchitis 10 days Marble Hill MO Jan 27 1885 Waldo Lutesville MO C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
159 Feby 16 1885 Charles Beatty male white 21y farmer Jan 24 1885 single American Wayne Twp Bollinger Co MO 21y Marble Hil MO measles collapse of lungs 1 day 8 days at the famiy burial ground August Sander MD Marble Hll MO
164 Feby 19 1885 Laura St. Bair female white 14y
Feby 16 1885 11pm single American Jefferson Co IND 6y Lorance Twp of Bollinger Co MO measles pnuemonia broncheal 4 days 12 days Hahn graveyard Feby 18 1885 Waldo Luteville MO C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
197 Apr 14 1885 Homer Wesley Burrow male white 1y 7m
Apr 10 1885 1pm single American Bollinger Co Mo since birth Marble Hill MO Capillary Bronchitis anemia and Erysiplas running through period 13 mo 24 hours Marble Hill MO Apr 11 1885 C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
201 Apr 15 1885 John Abby Brauff male white 8m 11d
Dec 2 1885 single German Cape Girardo Co MO 8m 11d Liberty Twp Bollinger Co MO Cerebrospinal mengitis 12 days B.H. Rutland MD Luteville MO
203 Apr 15 1885 Amand Bell female white 20y 11m 11d housekeeper Mar 13 1885 Married English Missouri 20 Liberty Twp Cerebrospinal fever 13 days B.H. Rutland MD Luteville MO
204 Apr 15 1885 (infant) Bollinger male white 8d
Mar 20 1885 8am single
Whitewater T.S. Bollinger Co MO
Whitewater T ship 7 1/2 months child only cause not known sick 1 day Sedgewickville Mar 21 1884 S.R. Chamber MD Sedgewickville MO
237 Oct 7 1885 Tid. Brotherton male white 6y farmer Sep 3 1885 11am single American Bollinger Co 6y Whitewater Twp Fluse Bronchitis 5 days 12 days Flat Woods house school Sep 4 1885 T.K. Okelley MD Patton MO

Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

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