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Bollinger Co Mo
Death Records
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Date of Report Name Sex Race or Color Age Occupation Date of Death Single, Maried, widower or Widow Nationality Where Born How long a resident in this state Place of Death Cause of Death Complication Duration of Complication Duration of Disease Place of Burial Date of Burial Name of Undertaker Place of Business Name and residence of physician returning certificate
241 Oct 15 1885 (Baby) Bridges female white 3m ordinary infantile Sept 20 1885 12m single USA Bollinger Co MO 3 mo Marble Hill MO Erysipelas cause unknown ?? General external & internal
3 weeks Marble Hill MO Pro Public A.J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO
264 Dec 31 1885 Green F. Bradshaw male white 39y 9m 14d farmer Dec 29 1885 3pm Married USA MO 39y Wayne Twp Congestive Chill 24 hours George Graveyard Dec 30 1885 George Braden Castorville B.W. Henley MD Bollinger MO
283 Mar 1 1886 sppose to be Billings male white 4d
Feb 26 1886 9pm single American Marble Hill MO 4d Marble Hill MO Morbus Caesuleus about 9 hours Marble Hill MO Feb 26 or 27 George Seabaugh Sedgewickville MO W.C. Talley Marble Hill MO
284 Mar 5 1886 Elizabeth Bowman female white 52y 52m 10d farmer Feb 26 1886 12m widow American Knox Co Tenn
near Sedgewickville Bollinger Co MO Consumption Sedgewickville Feb 28 1886 W.W. Roberts MD
286 Mar17 1886 Lewis A. Brindel male
51y farmer Feb 11 1886 8pm Married American Indiana
Bollinger Co MO Tuberculosis 6 weeks Bollinger Co MO Feb 28 1886 C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
294 Apr 17 1886 Willia Baok male white 57y farmer Apr 2 1886 3pm Widower USA Georgia 25y Wayne Twp Phthisis Pulmonalis 2 years Hinkle Graveyard
Wallingsfod Liberty Twp J.C. Cubbage Bollinger MO
301 May 21 1886 Baskett male white infant 2 hours
May 1 1886 pm single American near Marble Hill life Lorance Twp near Marble Hill May 2 1886 J.D. Beach MD Marble Hill MO
330 Oct 7 1886 Zella Blanc Bollinger female white 5y 7m farmers daughter Sept 7 1886 2pm single Missouri
life German Township Congestive stomach 4 days Patton the 8th T.K. Okelley MD
333 Oct 4 1886 Mary L. Burns female white 2y 2m 13d
Oct 4 1886 10pm single American Bollinger Co MO 2y 2m 13d near Bessville Membranous Croup 5 days Union Oct 5 1886 L. Burns & A.W. Cox Bessville Jos.Dines MD Bessville MO
336 Nov 1 1886 Louis Borkner male white 8m 22d
Oct 7 1886 single American Cape Girardo Co MO life Bollinger Co MO Summer Complaint about 4 weeks Fiedheim Cape Co MO Oct 8 1886 Gustav Borkner Fiedheim
16 Mar 21 1887 William Boatner male white 73y farmer Mar 2 1887 Married
South Carolina
Bollinger Pneumonia Fever 10 days Bollinger Co MO Mar 3 1887 Andrew Cavaness Bollinger Co MO A.J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO
29 July 11 1887 John Black male white 27y Engineer June 30 1887 3am Married USA Franklin Co Illinois 4 y Liberty Twp No 1 acute Phthisis about 5 months Kings Chapel July 1 1887 Barney Corey Liberty Twp No1 J.C. Cubbage Bollinger MO
39 Feb 11 1887 C.C. Ball female white 35y wife Jan 22 1887 Married
Cape County MO 35y Bollinger Co MO Peritonitis 10 days Cape County MO
A. Warren Lutesville MO A.J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO
43 Mar 5 1887 I.G. Blake male white 30y farmer Jan 26 1887 Married Am Born in Ind. about 4 y Lorance Tp Typhoid fever 26 days Hahn graveyard Jan 27 1887 E. P. Biggs MD Lutesville
51 Aug 24 1887 Sophia Bazel female
July 30 1887 8pm Married
near Marble Hill from birth near Marble Hill MO Congestive Chill of the bowels can't read Hahn graveyard August Sander MD Marble Hll MO
10 May 25 1888 John Bollinger Sen male white 62y 8m 22d farmer May 23 1888 1130am Married American Missouri during life Patton MO Chronic Cyslitis can't read can't read 30 days 20 years Patton MO (crossed out) T.K. Okelley Patton MO May 24 1886
13 Aug 6 1889 Sarah Bollinger female white 75y farmer Aug 2 1889 1pm Married American Missouri 65y German Township Cholera Morbus 21 days Patton MO Aug 3 1889 T.K. Okelley Patton MO Aug 3rd
1 Mar 21 1889 Ida Ellen Biffle female white 8m
Jan 14 1889 single USA MO
Crooked Creek Inflamation Bowels 2 weeks N.C. Griffith MD Bessville MO
11 Oct 7 1889 Mattie Barber female white 21y
Sep 15 1889 single American
Phthisis Pulmonalis intermittent fever 4 weeks 9 months Jno I. Ellis MD Sedgewickvlle MO
5 Apr 25 1890 Jane Barnett female
56y 4m 8d
Apr 18 1890 10pm Married American Tenn 10 years Seopus MO Spinal Menigitis Bronchitis pnuemonia 2 weeks 1 week Coles Chapel
A.J. Lincoln German Twp H. S. Chandler MD Seopus MO
6 Dec 15 1891 Burrow male white 7m 28d
Aug 15 1891
American Bollinger Co MO 7m 28d Bollinger Co MO ? & inflamation of spine 5 weeks Bollinger J.P. Dalton Patton MO
5 Aug 17 1883 Sary Causey female white 28y day laborers wife July 9 1883 4am Married USA Bollinger Co MO all her life German Township peritonitis ruptured 9 days German Township Aug 11 1883 A. G. Chandler German Twp W. H. Mayfield MD Mayfield MO
12 Sept 21 1883 Julia W. Conrad female white 2y 3m 24d
Aug 30 1883 about noon single
Bristol always Bristol Diphtheria 5d Whitewater Church
N.C. Griffith MD Patton MO
25 Nov 6 1883 Mary Ellen Conrad female white 11y 3m 9d
Oct 6 1883 7am single
near Whitewater Church always Near Whitewater Church Diphtheria 5d Whitewater Church Oct 7 1883 N.C. Griffith MD Patton MO
52 Jan 25 1884 Alfred Conrad male white 74y 8m 6d farmer Dec 17 1883 12 Married American North Carolina 56y 7 miles from Patton Inflammation of Bladder not known Mount Pisgah Cemetery N.C. Griffith MD Patton MO
58 Feby 10 1884 Coots male white 3d
Dec 21 1883 single
Wayne Twp
Wayne Township Bold Hives 3 days Ladd Graveyard
A. J. Coots father of child
63 Feby 21 1884 Frances C. Cheneweith female white 30y 5m 6d farmers wife Jan 27 1884 12 Married American Cape Girardo 30y 3 1/2 miles from Laflin MO Exhaustion from Childbirth Retention of placenta 8 hours 36 hours Laflin
J.C. Clingingbrush Laflin MO M.S. Obrien Laflin MO
65 Feby 27 1884 Catherine Cureton female white 46y farmer Feby 18 1884 8am Married American Tenn (crossed out) Bollinger Co MO 35y Whitewater Township Pnuemonia 7 days Pulliam Graveyard T.K. Okelley MD Patton MO
77 Mar 31 1884 Isabella Crader female white 24y 5m 5d housewife Mar 24 1884 11am Married American America
near Lutesville MO Uremic 2 days Bollinger Co MO Mar 26 1884 W.G. Waldo Lutesville MO Pittman & Witmer Marble Hill & Lutesville
83 Apr 28 1884 William Clinton Craes 45y
Mar 15 1884 7pm single 8m near Bollingers Mill MO Abcess of Spleen 48 hours Bollingers Mill Mar 17 1884 Anderson Gobble Wayne Twp B.W. Henley MD Bollinger Mill MO
98 Aug 14 1884 Araminta Catherine Caby female white 27y 10m 24d
July 24 1884 Married
Bollinger Co 27y Bollinger Co MO Tubercular Consumption Hemorhoids 10 months 19 months J.M. Crites July 25 1884 Baker & Crites
W.R. Emery MD Lutesville MO
145 Dec 23 1884 Eliza Jane Clark female white 42y 5m 7d Merchant Decr 4 1884 2am Married American Jackson Co ILL about 17 y LutesvilleMO Typhomalarial fever Child bed Placenta Previa heavy hemorage instrumental delivery Lutesville MO Decr 12 1884 W.G. Waldo Lutesville MO A. Sander & W.C. Talley Marble Hill MO
193 Apr 13 1885 Mary Frances Chenoworth female white 2y 9m 4d
Mar 15 1885 1am single American Bollinger Co MO 2y 3 miles from Vinemount Rubeola Pnuemonia 6 days 5 days V. Hoods g.y. Mar 17 1885 C. from Laflin
M.S. Obrien MD Vinemount MO
195 Apr 14 1885 Fanney Cheek female white 4y 2m
Mar 12 1885 9am single USA Arkansas one Wayne Township measles 8 days Bollingers Mill Mar 13 1885 Anderson Gobble Wayne Twp J. C. Cubbage Wayne Township
217 July 16 1885 G.W. Clark male white 55 about Farmer June 21 1885 2am Married American not known 6 or 7 years Bollinger Co MO Chronic Diarrhoea Gangreen of Lungs 2 or 3 weeks many years Hahn g.y.
Waldo Luteville C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
219 July 31 1885 William Cook male white 1y 4m 15d none July 20 1885 4pm
American near Sedgwickville life Sedgwichville Bollinger Co MO Cholera Infantum 6 days Sedgewickville July 22 1885 friends
W.W. Roberts MD Sedgwichville MO
249 Oct 23 1885 Oda Edward Crites 2y 1d
Aug 10 1885 6pm
German Cape Girardo Co MO life
Cholera Infantum Entaro colletus 2 weeks 4 weeks
Aug 11 1885 Critesville
S.R. Chamber MD Sedgewickville MO
252 Nov 12 1885 Lucinda E Chronister female white 16y
Oct 28 1885 single
Bollinger Co MO life Bollinger Co MO Brights Disease 4 months Boll. Co MO Oct 29 1885 C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
258 Nov 9 1885 Sophrona Cox female white 5y 2m
Oct 241885 1am single American Crooked Creek Twp life Crooked Creek Twp Whooping cough 25 days C.N. Miller graveyard Oct 24 1885 John Zimmerman Glen Allen MO W.D. Brinley MD Glen Alen MO
274 Jan 22 1886 Matilda Calder female white 40y
Nov 10 1885 9am widow USA Wayne Township since birth Wayne Township Phlegmonius Erysipelac 6 weeks Cato Grave Yard Nov 11 1885 Gerorge Berry Wayne Twp J.C. Cubbage MD Wayne Township

Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

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