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Bollinger Co Mo
Death Records
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Date of Report Name Sex Race or Color Age Occupation Date of Death Single, Maried, widower or Widow Nationality Where Born How long a resident in this state Place of Death Cause of Death Complication Duration of Complication Duration of Disease Place of Burial Date of Burial Name of Undertaker Place of Business Name and residence of physician returning certificate
293 Apr 7 1886 Shelby Crump male white 25y farmer Mar 7 1886 single
Was born in Missouri from birth Lutesville Retro Pharyngeal Abcess about Marble Hill E. P. Biggs MD Lutesville
299 May 15 1886 John M. Cook male
68y 6m 3d Farmer Apr 23 1886 5am Married American Tennessee 66y Farm 8 miles N of Marble Hill in German Township
Acute pneumonia 4 days 2 weeks on farm Apr 24 1886 Lincoln German Twp H. S Chandler MD
305 June 11 1886 Ephriam Coits male white 21y
Feb 22 1886 6pm single
Cape County life Apple Creek TP cardiac & renal dropsy Bronchitis
1 month Coit's graveyard Oak Ridge S.R. Chamber MD Sedgewickville MO
340 Dec 2 1886 David Clubb male white 49y 8m 20d Farmer Sept 25 1886 Married
Tennessee State 30y Wayne Township Bloody Flux & remittent fever 14 days Wayne Twp Sept 26 86 Franklin Rush Wayne Twp T.H. Bailey MD Scheperville MO
3 Jan 3 1887 William D. Clubb male white 31y farmer Oct 21 1886 3am Married USA Wayne Tp Bollinger Co MO since birth Wayne Twp Typhoid fever 14 days Lacy grave yd. Oct 22 1886 Henry Gains Liberty Tp Bollinger Co J.C. Cubbage Wayne Tp Bollingers Mills P.O.
14 Mar 8 1887 Reutha Anzetta Cheek female white 2m 14d
Feby 23 12am single American Union Township
Union Township Peritonitis caused by exposer to cold Tubercular meningitis 1 week 4 weeks James Ellis Graveyard Feby 24 Wiley Neaph Patton MO A.B. Mayfield MD German Township Mayfield MO
18 Mch 24 1887 Mrs. Martha F. Cublr female white 45y 10d farmers wife Feb 7 1887 11pm Widow American Fredericktown Mo life native Wayne Township Phthisis Pulmonalis ague 8 months 8 months Colis Club's burial ground
Wm. S. Gaines MD can't read Wayne Co MO
35 Aug 26 1887 Mary Ellen Chostner female
Aug 4 1887 9am single American Bollinger County MO 22 years German Township Acute Dysentary 2 weeks Lincoln & Stephens German Twp H.S. Chandler MD Chandler's Store
40 Feb 11 1887 J. Caldwell female white 35y
June 27 1887 widow American Missouri 35 years Bollinger Phthisis Pulmonalis 1 year Ebenezer Church Bollinger Co MO
Rick Caldwell Bollinger Co MO A.J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO
41 Feb 16 1887 Mallison Molineaux female white 20y 5m 28
June 17 1887 2:30pm single American Cape Girardo MO
Mollineaux's Mill Whitewater Township Pnuemonia 6 days Probst Church Jan 15 1887 John Stinnerr Mollineaux Mill Jas. A Turner MD Sedgwickville MO
42 Oct 10 1887 James David Newkirk male
9m 1d
Aug 30 1887 single US Liberty Tp Bollinger MO 4 months Liberty Township Bollinger Co MO Inflamation of stomach & Bowels 21 days Liberty Twp Aug 31 187 F.G. Lambert Liberty Township T.H. Bailey MD Schepperville MO
47 Apr 23 1887 Presha Cole female white 20y
Apr 18 1887 5:30 pm single American Bollinger Co lifetime Bollinger Co LoranceTp Phthisis Diarrhorea
2 years Bollinger Co MO C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
50 May 9 1887 Levina C. Cobb female white 32y 6m housewife May 1 1887 4am Married American Cape Co MO lifetime Lutesville Puerperal fever gangreen of left foot &Phlegmasia Doleus 3d 7weeks Lutesville MO May 2 1887 Warren Lutesville MO C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
17 Dec 27 1888 Robert Curr male white 14d
Dec 4 1888 4pm
American Wayne Twp lifetime Wayne Township not known want of attention 14 days no disease Hinkle farm
Wm. S. Gains Lounder
2 Jan 3 1890 Adam Crites male american 14y 4m farmer Dec 16 1889 single American Born in Bollinger Co Cerolrs spinal fever 11 days
buried 17th Jno I. Ellis MD Sedgewickvlle MO
14 Sept 25 1883 Dyre male white 10m
July 12 1883 single American Lorance Township 10 m Lorance Township Inflamation of the Bowels Cemetery near Philip-Hahns W.C. Talley Marble Hill MO
16 Oct 6 1883 William Carol Donaldson male white 17y 11m
Sept 17 1883 7pm single Native of Missouri since birth C.M. Johnsons Di?ehrae 1 year Hahn Burial Ground Sept 18 1883 August Sander MD Marble Hll MO
45 Decr 29 1883 John H. E. Debrock male white 1y 5m
Decr 15 83 7pm single German 4 miles German C Church 1y 5m 4 miles of the German C Church Lobular Pneumonia 13 days Vinemount Decr 17 1883 Gisberger Vinemount M.S. Obrien Vinemount 0
69 Mar 8 1884 Margaret Amr. Davis female white 32y farmers wife Mar 7 1884 6am Married American Tenn. 25y Union Township Pneumonia 13 days Pleasant Valley March 8 1884
Patton MO Okelly & McKinney Margrand MO
102 Aug 22 1884 Guesberg Durbon male white 24y farmer Apr 3 1884 Married USA ILL. 6y Fillmore Township Typhoid fever 5 weeks Cowen Graveyard April 5th 1884 Jacob Hinkle Wayne Twp B.B. Henley Bollingers Mill MO
161 Feby 17 1885 John Debrock male white 67y 2m
Jan 20 1885 12am widower German Germany 25y 3 miles from Vinemount Pnuemonia 5 days G.C. Church Jan 22 1885 Coffin from Lutesville
M.S. Obrien MD Vinemount MO
162 Feby 17 1885 John Daniels male white 18y farm Jan 24 6pm single American In Indiana 6y Union Township Cerebro Spinal Congestion 30 hours Union Township T.K.Okelley MD Patton MO
190 Apr 11 1885 Wm. D. Dulaney male white 3y 10m 15d
Mar 5 1885 1am single
on farm of B L Frances near ? since birth at place of birth Rubeola Bronco Pneumonia 4 days 19 days Jas. A. Crites burying ground
A. R. Jaques MD Lutesville MO
221 July 311885 John L. Doggett male white 62y 8m 22d farmer July 19 1885 11pm Married American Tenn.
Whitewater Township Diabetes phthisic
3 months Flatwoods School House T.K. Okelley MD Patton
274 Jan 2? 1886 M???? Calder female white 40y
Nov 10 2am widow A???? Wayne Township since birth Wayne Township Php????????? Se??????? 6 weeks Lutesville MO can't read
281 Feb 25 1886 John W. Dees male white 13y
Feb 20 1886 4pm single American Illinois 8 years Lutesville MO Spinal fever 11 days Lutesville
C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
269 Jan 8 1886 Infant of Benjamin & Cora Dunn male white 1d
Dec 16 1885 2 am single American Fillmore Township
Fillmore Township Mother bitten by ????/Viperous Serpent during 1st month of Utero gestation 2 sentences can't read
Fillmore Township Decr 16 1885 W.L. Turner Wayne Co MO Wm. S. Gains MD Wayne Co MO
300 May 17 1886 Margaret Elisa Deck female
March 26 1886 4pm Widow American Cape Girardo Co MO
near Glen Allen MO Typhoid fever exhaustion
3 months Decks burying grounds
can't read
August Sander MD
10 Feby 22 1887 Mary Jane Dilley female white 40y wife Jan 28 1887 Married
Ind. 3m Bollinger Co MO Pnuemonia 8 days Glen Allen MO Jan 30 1887
Lutesville MO A.J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO
28 June 29 1887 Ben H. Dunn male white 2?y farmer June 3 1887 Married Am Born in this county from birth Filmore Twp. Hemoptyrin
about 2 years from time to time 2 years E. P. Biggs MD Lutesville
54 Aug 29 1887 George Alexander Dunn male white 8y 9m 17d
Aug 7 1887 8am single American Wayne Co MO lifetime Filmore Township Remittant fever Serofula 6 years 3 days Frank Turners Aug 8 1887 neighbors
Wm. S. Gains MD Loundes MO
59 Dec 30 1887 Missouri Dockins female white 11m 21d
Dec 21 1887 4pm single American Bollinger Co MO
German Township Croup
one and one several days Cook Graveyard Dec 23 1887 Wm Robertson Marble Hill Susan C Cook neighbor
11 Jan 18 1888 Autz. Albert Duniphira male white 4m 2d
Jan 4 1888 single American Wayne Twp lifetime Wayne Township Congestion of Brain 12 hours on farm
Wm.S. Gains Loundes MO Jan 5 1888
5 Apr 18 1889 Delila Durham female white 54y 5m 17d farming Dec 2 1888 10am Married
Summer Co Tenn 11y Bollinger Missouri Tubercular Consumption of both lungs from 5to 6 years Sh??l?a?d yard Dec 3 1888 neighbors
Wm. S. Gains MD Loundes MO
5 Dec 17 1891 Nancy Homan Dewhitt female white 17y
Dec 8 1891 single American Bollinger Co MO
German Township Seopus PO Typhoid & Pneumonia Bronchial trouble 15 days 27 day Seopus MO Dec 15 1891 J.P. Dalton Patton MO

Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

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