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Bollinger Co Mo
Death Records
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Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

Date of Report Name Sex Race or Color Age Occupation Date of Death Single, Maried, widower or Widow Nationality Where Born How long a resident in this state Place of Death Cause of Death Complication Duration of Complication Duration of Disease Place of Burial Date of Burial Name of Undertaker Place of Business Name and residence of physician returning certificate

86 May 3 1884 Christian Eaker male white 82y 3m Minister of the Gospel Apr 3 1884 12n Widower English North Carolina 67y near Laflin MO Paralysis General Disability
J.M. Finny Laflin MO

191 Apr 11 1885 Annia Eaker female white 49y 6m Housekeeper Mar 26 1885 6pm Married
Tennessee 40y At residence of her husband Wm. Eaker Sr. Lorance Township Chronic Diarrhoea 11 years Eaker burial ground
W. A. Jacques MD Lutesville MO

200 Apr 15 1885 Sarah A. Eaker female white 36y 5m 1d farmers wife Mar 6 1885 11pm Married US Tennessee Macon Co 25y Liberty Township No 2 Measles, pneumonia Apnoea Phthisic 3 years 9 days Liberty Township March 8 1885 Elijah Shelton Lorance Township T.H. Bailey MD 2 miles South of Shepperville

205 Apr 22 1885 Columbus Jackson Eaker male white 26y 2m 25d farmer Apr 13 1885 12am Married US Liberty Township 26y Liberty Township  Typhoid Pneumonia Apnoea Congestion of brain 5 days 10 days Liberty Township Apr 14 1885 Manuel Mouser same township T.H. Bailey MD 2 miles South of Shepperville

208 May 18 1885 John Ellege male white 49y 6m farmer May 13 1885 Married American Tennessee 20y Bollinger Co MO Chronic Diarrhoea 2 years Bollinger Co May 14 1885 C. M. Witner MD Marble Hill MO

234 Sept 21 1885 Estes male white 1y 1m
Aug 1885 Single American Bollinger Co MO life Bollinger Co MO summer complaint Cholera Infantum 3 weeks Bollinger Co MO C. M. Witner MD Marble Hill MO

259 Nov 12 1885 Dina Elfrank female
Aug 28 1885 Married American Cincinnatti Ohio 20y at home near Vinemount MO Chronic Diarrhoea Parturition
1 year Vinemount graveyard Aug. Sander MD Marble Hill MO

296 Apr 22 1886 Sarah Elliot female white 90y Farmer Mar 29 1886 8am Widow American Kentucky about 40 Whitewater Township Jaundice with obstruction of the gaul duct 4 weeks
Mar 30 1886 T. K. Okelly Patton

325 Sept 20 1886 Johana Eftink 25y
Aug 23 1886 11am Married American Bollinger Co MO all her life Near Vinemount Bollinger Co MO Pernicious fever Convulsions 2 days 7 days Vinemount graveyard August Sander MD

326 Sep 20 1886 Estelle Elfrank female white 4y 1m 16d
Aug 17 1886 pm single American Marble Hill MO all her life Marble Hill MO Convulsions 11 hours Vinemount burial ground Aug 18 1886 August Sander MD  Marble Hill MO

13 Feby 28 1887 Lulier Edmeston female white 23y 1m
Oct 18 1887 Single USA Ark 2y Wayne Township Typhoid fever 26 days White Graveyard Oct 19 1886 Henry Gains Wayne Township B.N. Henley MD

19 Mch 24 1887 Mary J. Eaker female white 24y Housekeeper Feb 16 1887 Married A.m. Bollinger Co MO was born in this state Lorance Tp. Abcess of Lung about 4 or 5 months E.P. Biggs MD Lutesville MO

32 Aug 3 1887 Delle Ann Eaker female white 5m 12d
July 12 1887 3 am Single American Bollinger Co MO all life Liberty Twp. Brain Fever 2 days Eaton Grave yard July 13 1887 E. Shelton & B.L. Francis
Wayne Eaker father

57 Oct 15 1887 Susan Frances Ea??s female white 52y 8m 9d housewife Aug 10 1887 11:30pm Married American Henry Co Tenn 28 years Lorance Twp. Bollinger co MO Typhoid fever about 5 weeks Marble Hill MO Aug 11th 1887 Carroll Johnson
A.J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO

3 Nov 20 1891 Maro?ia Ellinghouse
white 4y 2m 4d
Oct 20 1891 5:15pm
unreadable house membranous croup Tonsilitis 5 days 12 hours A. C. Griffith Bessville Mo

30 Nov 7 1883 Willaim Fears male white 1y 1m
Sept 13 10pm single USA Near Bollingers Mill 1y 1m Wayne Township Cholra Infantum 36 hours Cato Grave yard Wayne 
A.J. Lincoln Wayne Township B.N. Henley MD Bollingers Mill

44 Dec 25 1883 Mary Viola Fowler female
Oct 30 10th hour
USA Bollingers Mill Bollinger Co MO since birth Bollingers Mill Dentition Diarrhae 14 days 60 days Bollingers Mill
Anderson Gobble Wayne Township J.C. Cubbage MD Bollingers Mill

132 Nov 5 1884 John Fisher male white 25y Farmer Oct 15 1884 1pm single USA Franklin Co MO life Bollinger Co MO Brights Disease 1 year Pace graveyard
John Taylor
C. M. Witner MD Marble Hill MO

150 Jan 13 1885 Philafena Funke female white 1y 2m 3d
Nov 30 1884 11:20pm single
Cincinnatti Ohio 8 months 1 1/7 miles W of Glen Allen on the farm knonw as the Smith farm
Catarrhal Pnuemonia
4 days Methodist ground near Glen Allen Decr 2 1884 Waldo made coffin by friends W. A. Jacques MD Lutesville MO

196 Apr 14 1885 Mary Fish female white 39y
Mar 7 1885 12m Married USA Bollinger Co MO 39y Wayne Township Measles Copilary Bronchitis 5 days 10 days on husbands farm March 8 1885 Anderson Gobble Wayne Township J.C. Cubbage MD Bollingers Mill

198 Apr 14 1885 John Thomas Fish male white 12y
March 16 1885 7am Single USA Wayne Township Bollinger Co MO all life Wayne Township Measles Endo carditis 8 days 14 days Fathers farm March 17 1885 Anderson Gobble Wayne Township J.C. Cubbage MD Bollingers Mill

232 Sept 17 1885 Dannie Fleming male white 1y 4m
Sept 16 1885 Single
Lutesville Convulsions caused by teething 1 week Hahn G.Y. Sept 17 1885 E.P. Biggs MD Lutesville MO

244 Oct 24 1885 James Sherman Fowler male white 11m 29d
Oct 6 3pm Single
Liberty Township Bollinger Co MO life Liberty Township Diarrhoes and Scrofula 30 days Liberty Township Oct 7 1885 Anderson Bess Liberty Towbship T.K. Bailey MD

255 Noc 14 1885 Pernesa Fife female white 30y 6m 20d farmers wife Oct 21 1885 9am Married
Bollinger Co MO life Liberty Twp Bollinger Co MO Malaria & Vomiting 7 weeks Liberty Twp Oct 22 1885 Jacob & Henry Shell Liberty Twp T.K. Bailey MD 2 miles S of Schepardville

262 Decr 19 1885 Lucrecia Floyd female white 68y 6m 12d
Decr 12 6am widow American KY 28y Lorance Township Typhoid Malaria Fever Pneumonia 8 days 19 days
Decr 13 1885 S. T. McGee Glen Allen MO M.D. Brinly MD Glen Allen MO

268 Jan 2 1886 Wm A. Francis male white 2y 2m 26d
Dec 3 1885 Single
Was born in this county life Lorance Twp. I can't say possitively he was in a dying condition when I was called. Had been treated by Dr. Jaques 5 weeks 22 days Shell g yd E.P. Biggs MD Lutesville MO

302 June 3 1886 Sarah Freezie female white 32y Farmer May 2  8am State of Missouri 32y Whitewater Township Puerperal Septicaemia inflamation of the liver 5 weeks T.K. Okelly MD Patton 

9 Feby 16 1887 Louis Fowler male
50y 7m 13d Farmer Jan 1 1887 9am Married
Tennessee Henry Co about 4 years Liberty Township Bollinger Co Mo Pneumonia 10 days Liberty Township Jan 3 1887 Joseph Roberts Liberty Township MO T.K. Bailey MD 2 miles S of Schepardville MO

3 Jan 6 1888 Peter Fisher male white 72y Farmer Dec 7 7pm Married Holland Holland 20y Leopold Bollinger Co MO Pneumonia age
10 days Leopold Dec 8 1887 Coffin made at home
M.S. Obrien Leopold

3 Mar 15 1890 Elisha Wm Fisher male white 26y 11m 23d Farmer Dec 7  7am Married Holland Holland 9y Lorenz Pneumonia Typhoid 6 days 14 days Setzl
N.O. Griffith MD Bessville MO

28 Nov 7 1883 James Geren male white 40y Farmer Sept 20 1883 6pm Married USA Jefferson Co Ohio 3y Wayne Township Epilepsy not known Bollingers Mill Sept 22 1883 Anderson Gobble Wayne Township W.B. Henley by J.C. Cubbage Wayne Township

93 June 7 1884 Frances Isabell Gra? female white 3y 6m 22d
May 19 1884 7pm Single
German Township all life German Township Remittant Fever Inflamation of Brain 3 days 9 days Trinity Church May 20 1884 John P. Limbaugh Sedgwickville MO W. H. Mayfield  MD

99 Aug 15 1884 Joseph Gebhart male white 72y 2m 11d Farmer Aug 1 1884 Married German Germany 40y Whitewater Township Cholera Morbus 48 hours St. Maures Church Perry Co MO
L. Hood Perryville MO H. B. Futrell Arnsburgh Cape Girardeau Co MO

100 Aug 18 1884 Effa Luretta Greer female white 1y 4m 26d
Aug 6 1884 Single American Missouri 1y 4m 26d Crooked Creek Township Dysentery 3 days Crooked Creek Township Qug 7th 1884 John Zimmerman
C. E. Haynes  Bessville MO

127 Oct 29 1884 W.W. Greenwood male white 3y
Oct 17 1884 6m
USA Liberty Township 3y Liberty Township Dysentery 8 days Liberty Township Oct 18 1884 W.?. Waldo Lutesville Mo T. K. Bailey Lutesville MO

136 Nov 22 1884 Cala Palina May Grimsley female white 4y 8m 13d
Nov 17 1884 5am Single USA Wayne Township MO 47 8m 13d Wayne Township Pseudomembranous Croup immediate cause Congestive fever 9 weeks 24 hours Wayne Township Nov 17 1884 Anderson Gobble Wayne Township T.K. Bailey Shepperville MO

227 Aug 14 1885 Edward B. Grable male white 22y 5m 2d Farmer July 3 1885 1:25pm Single American Cape Girardeau Co MO
German Township Phthisic Pulmonslis Tonsilitis
2 years or over Trinity Church yard July 4 1885
Oak Ridge S.R. Chamber MD Sedgwickville MO

288 Mar 17 1886 D.J. Green female
33y housewife Mar 10 1886 Married American Indiana 4y Bollinger Co MO Peritonitis Miscarriage 8 days 4 days Bollinger Co March 11 1886 C.M. Witner MD Marble Hill Mo

341 Dec 6 1886 Mary S. Gibbs female white 72y 3m 7m housewife Dec 2 1886 Widow American Lincoln Co N.C. 36y Bollinger Co MO Catarrhal Pneumonia 6 weeks C. M. Witner MD Marble Hill MO

1 Jan 3 1888 Simaline Cook 62y 2m 4d
Dec 21 1887
American near Sedgwickville
near Sedgwickville Bollinger County MO Paralysis 21 days near Sedgwickville friends W.W. Roberts MD

4 Jan 9 1888 Barbara Corgy female white 36y 2m 2d tending house hold duties Dec 20 1887 9pm Married American Fulton Co I??d 7y Liberty Twp Bollinger Co MO Abortion and inflamation of the stomach 7 days Green Briar Dec 22 1887 T.H. Bailey MD Sheppardsville

Christopher C. Gorce male white 87y 5m 21d school teacher Jan 29 1892 12:30pm Married US S.C. 34 y Crooked Creek Old age La grippe 10 days
Old ????? Creek Jan 30 1892 N.C. Griffith  Bessville MO

3 Aug 3 1883 Robert Oscar Hahn male white 8m 9d
July 31 1883 7am
American near Lutesville
Near Lutesville Cholra Infantum Dysenteric 4 days 8 days family ground
W.C. Waldo
A. R. Jaques MD  Lutesville MO

17 Oct 8 1883 Sophrona Huffman female white 1y 15d
Sept 11 1883 Single American
1y 15d near Laflin Morbid Detention ac with severe diarrhoea 6 months Laflin Sept 12 1883 Daniel Clingingsmith Laflin M.S. Obrien Vinemount Bollinger Co MO

50 Jan 15 1884 Rufus Hahn male white 1y 2m 6d
Nov 22 1884 7qm Single American Lorance Township 1y 2m 6d Lorance Township Scarlatina Pneumonia
7 days Gravel Hill Nov 23 1884 A.G. Chandler Bollinger W. H. Mayfield   Mayfield MO

54 Jan 30 1884 Monroe Hahn male white 20y 4m 3d
Decr 25 1884 10 Married American Bollinger County 22y 4m 3d near Lutesville MO Typhomalarial fever Peferation of Bowels 14 hours 28 days Jesse Hahn August Sander  Marble Hill MO

71 Mar 24 1884 Anna Hahn female white 22y housewife Mar 7 1884 2:50 Married American Cape Co MO 22y Bollinger Co MO Puerperal Septicaemia  4 days Hahn Graveyard March 19th 1884 Waldo Lutesville C.M. Witmer  Marble Hill Mo

73 Mar 26 1884 Annie Hagan female white 18y
Nov 3 1883 8am Widow American Missouri
Wayne Township Erysipelas 15 days Hunington Cemetery Nov 4th 1883 M.A. Grinter  Brownwood MO

Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

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