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Bollinger Co Mo
Death Records
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Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

Date of Report Name Sex Race or Color Age Occupation Date of Death Single, Maried, widower or Widow Nationality Where Born How long a resident in this state Place of Death Cause of Death Complication Duration of Complication Duration of Disease Place of Burial Date of Burial Name of Undertaker Place of Business Name and residence of physician returning certificate

79 Apr 3 1884 Susan Hahn female white 24y 9d
Mar 21 1884 3pm Single
near Lutesville 24y at place where born Tubercalosis 2 months Jesse Hahn
Jacob Hahn near Luteville MO A.R. Jaques Lutesville MO

85 May 1 1884 Philip Hahn male white 69y 10m 26d
Apr 26 1884 3pm Widower American Bollinger Co 69y Bollinger County MO Endocarditis Gradual weakening and paralysis of heart 3 months Hahn Cemetery Apr 7 1884 Peter Hahn Marble Hill Mo C.M. Witmer  Marble Hill Mo

88 May 6 1884 Logan Hartle male white 69y 10m 26d Farmer Apr 13 1884 7 Married American Bollinger Co MO 69y Bollinger Co MO Diabetis Mellitis Pneumonia 9 days 10 years Mount Pisgah April 14 1884 Henry Hartle Whitewater Township H. B. Futrell Arnsburgh Cape Girardeau Co MO

89 May 13 1884 Bertie Hembree female white 1y 20d
Apr 26 1884 Single American Marble Hill MO 1m 20d Marble Hill MO Functional disease of liver resulting in irritation 40 hours
sentence unreadable Marble Hill W.C. Talley Marble Hill MO

96 Aug 7 1884 C.L. Hunt female white 3y 2m 2d
June 13 1884 11 Single
Missouri all life Lutesville MO Measles Dysentery & Cholic
3 weeks Marble Hill
W.C. Waldo Lutesville Mo W.H. Pittman Lutesville MO

113 Sept 10 1884 Mary Holloway female white 26y
Aug 25 1884 2pm Married USA Bollinger MO 25y At her home in Bo.Co. Mo Entric fever Catholic Church ????? Sept 10 1884 August Sander Marble Hill MO

114 Sept 20 1884 Wm Lee Harris male white 1y 5m
Aug 22 1884 8pm Single USA Liberty Township 1y 5m Liberty Township Diarrhoea Teething inflamation of stomach & bowles 3 days 6 weeks Liberty Twp Wayne G.Y. Aug 23 1884 John Harris Liberty T MO T. H. Bailey Liberty Township MO

115 Sept 23 1884 Lula Hopkins female white 1y 10m 29d
Sept 18 1884 Single USA Lorance Twonship MO 1y 10m 29d Lorance Township Inflamatory Croup 1 day W.C. Talley Marble Hill MO

116 Sept 23 1884 Minnie Hahs female white 24y 6m Farmer Sept 17 1884 1pm Married USA Cape Co MO
Marble Hill MO Phthisis Pulmonalis Chronic diarrhea
W.C. Talley Marble Hill MO

137 Apr 1 1884 George Thomas H?ffman male white 16y 8m Laborer Mar 15 1884 8am Single American Bollinger Co MO 16y Laflin Pneumonia   (double) Typhoid fever with spinal lesions
5 days Laflin MO March 16 1884 ? Clingingsmith Laflin MO J. M. Finney MD Laflin MO

176 Mar 28 1885 John Stevens Herrington male
1y 10m
Mar 15 1885 2pm Marble Hill
Marble Hill Measles  & Congestion 2 weeks Marble Hill MO March 14 1885 W.G. Waldo Lutesville J. D. Beach MD Marble Hill MO

181 Apr 3 1885 John Herman Holweg male white 6y none Mar 25 1885 2am Single German Bollinger Co 6y 3 miles from Vinemount MO Pseudo membranous Croup  23 hours Vinemount none M.S. Obrien MD Vinemount MO

199 Apr 14 1885 Sophia Hahn female white 42y
Apr 6 1885 1am Single American Bollinger Co all her life at her fathers house Lutesville Bollinger Co MO Insipient Consumption 9 months At Jesse Hahns G.yard August Sander MD  Marble Hill MO

206 Apr 24 1885 Lyda G. Holweg female white 4y 2m
Apr 1 1885 5pm Single German State MO 4y 3 miles from Vinemount MO Spd. Membranous Croup about 33 hours Vinemount Apr 3 1885 Coffin from Lutesville
M. S. Obrien MD Vinemount MO

209 May 19 1885 Francis Marion Hopkins male white 20y 4m 3d
May 13 1885 1am Single American Bollinger Co MO life Bollinger Co Consumption of Lungs 20 years Bollinger Co MO C. M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

218 July 18 1885 Daniel Hahn male white 53y Farmer July 12 1885 Bollinger Co MO 53y Lornance Township General Dropsy about 5 months Hahn G.Y. July 12 1885 E.P. Biggs MD Lutesville MO

246 Nov 5 1885 Martin T. Hahn male white 1y 2d
Sept 8 1885 2am Single USA Mo 1y 2d Wayne Township Laryngitis can't read too faint Aker Chapel Sept 8 1885 Henry Gains Wayne Township B.W. Henley MD Bollingers Mill

250 Nov 9 1885 John F. Holloway (Holweg) male
33y Farmer Oct 25 1885
American Cincinnatti Ohio 20y Bollinger Co MO Chronic Diarrhoea 4 years Vinemount Boll. Co MO Oct 27 1885 Mary Holweg  Lutesville MO

253 Nov 13 1885 Ellroy Perry Hatcher male white 52y 6m 9d Miller Oct 31 1885 Married
Missouri life Marble Hill MO Catarrhal Pneumonia 8 days Marble Hill MO Nov 1 1885 W. G. Waldo Lutesville Mo C.M. Witmer  Marble Hill Mo

256 Nov 16 1885 John F. Holweg male white 33y 8m 24d
Oct 24 85 10pm Married Hollander Ohio 15 or 16y 3 miles from Vinemount MO Phthsis Pulmonalis 2 or 3 days Vinemount Oct 25 ,85
Lutesville MO M.S. Obrien MD Vinemount MO

257 Nov 16 1885 Charles E. Haynes male white 56y 6m 10d Physician Oct 22 1885 4am Married American Ky unknown Bessville Congestion of Brain Malarial fever  4 weeks some 6 weeks Old Union Oct 25 1885 Fred Yount near Pleasant Valley J.Dines MD Bessville MO

263 Decr 29 1885 Artie Lorenzo Hopkins male white 3m 12d
Oct 20 1885 8am Single
Bollinger Co MO life Bollinger Co MO Cappillary Bronchitis 3 weeks Bollinger Co MO C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

271 Jan 16 1886 Mrs. Pop Holman female white 60 y
Dec 19 1885 Widow
Bollinger Co MO
Liberty Township Bollinger Co Mo Pneumonia T. H. Bailey MD

276 Feb 5 1886 Sarah Elizabeth Hustle female white
Farmer Jan 31 1886 Married American Cape Co MO
Lorance Childbed 18 days Hahns cemetery W.C. Talley MD Marble Hill MO

282 Feb 27 1886 Letty P.J. Hahn female
25y housewife Feb 19 1886 Married American Missouri from birth Bollinger Co MO Puerperal fever Analmic condition resulting from Material poisoning Through the care 15 days Bollinger Co MO
W.G. Waldo Lutesville MO Andrew J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO

298 May 15 1886 John Hahn 6d
Apr 26 86 2pm
American Union Twp.
Union Township Croup 24 hours Younts Store MO Apr 23 1886 Nan Heitman Whitewater J.P. Clark MD Union Twp.

311 July 19 1886 Elbert B. Hale male white 18d
July 18 1886 5am
American Near Bessville 18d Near Bessville Stsictasia Urethra All its life Old Union July 19 1886 William Cox Bessville J.Dines MD Bessville 

342 Dec 7 1886 George W. Harrington male white 49y 28d Printer Nov 10 1886 12m Married American New York S. 13y Diabetes Lead Poison
2 years
Marble Hill Nov 11 1886 Robertson
C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

343 Dec 7 1886 Minnie Hahn female white 10m
Nov 27 1886 Single AM Bollinger Co
Lutesville Strangulation from "Flem" in throat had cold 3 or 4 days E.P. Biggs MD Lutesville MO

344 Dec 15 1886 Hiram Hartle male white 66y 8m 19d Farmer & Carpenter Nov 15 12:30pm Widower American Whitewater Twp Boll Co
Whitewater Township Typhoid fever 23 days on his farm Nov 17th Jas. A. Turner MD Sedgwickville MO

17 Jan 29 1889 Susanah Hayne female white 79y Housewife Jan 5 1889   5 Widow
North Carolina 70 years Lutesville Mo Pnuemonia fever 6 days A. Warren Lutesville Mo A.J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO

37 Sep 15 1887 Elizabeth M. Hedrick female
47y farmers wife Aug 16 12 m Married American North Carolina about 20 years Seymore Township Congestive chill 3 days Big Creek Gravelton Aug 17th 1887 neighbors
Wm. S. Gains MD Loundes Wayne Co MO

38 Apr 13 1887 Kerby T??ois Hahs male white 2m 3d
Mch 22 1887 Single American none~~ Joseph M. Hahs parent Dollies Mill MO

52 Aug 26 1887 Sarah E. Hanners female white 2y 6m 3d
July 26 1887 4pm farm near Sedgwickville Bollinger Co MO born in state Died near Sedgwickville Flux about 10 days Sedgwickville July 27 1887 friends
W.W. Roberts MD

53 Aug 26 1887 Pollie E. Harman female white 2y 4m 15m
July 30 1887 10am
American near Sedgwickville MO unreadable sentence Departed this life near Sedgwickville Flux about 5 days buried at Sedgwickville Bollinger Co MO
W.W. Roberts MD

7 Feb 6 1888 James B. Hanks male white 48y Farmer Jan 18 10am Married American Virginia 3y Wayne Township Tubucler of the Bowels 8 months Michael Hinkles farm
Wm. S. Gains MD Loundes  MO Jan 24 1888

9 May 12 1888 Benj. Hopkins male white 31y 18d Laborer March 15 1888 5pm Married American Bollingers Mills friend lifetime at Widow Hedricks Cerebra Spinal Miningitis 48 houra Hopkins Graveyard
Wm. S. Gains Loundes Wayne Co MO Mar 12 1888

7 July 13 1889 Missouri C. Henderson female white 67y 3m 9d
June 16 1889 7pm Married US Tenn 47y Crooked Creek Supposed to be congestion fever I saw the patient a few minutes left ???? about 4 days Mt. Carmel Jan 18 1889 none
N.C. Griffith MD Bessville MO

4 Oct 3 1892 Alfred G. henson male white 75y 3m 28d Farmer Oct 15 1892 11:30 Widower US Mo 39y Crooked Creek Pneumonia 4 days Pleasant Valley Oct 16 /92 none
N.C. Griffith  Bessville

5 Nov 29 1892 Thos. Craddock Hawn male white 19y 5m 3d Farmer Nov 3 /92 pm Single US Mo
Crooked Creek Typhoid fever about 3 weeks Daniel Hawns
N.C. Griffth Bessville

310 July 16 1886 Infant male white 12hours
June 8th 1886 1am single
Bollinger Co MO
Liberty Tp. Precinct No 1 Bollinger Co  Missouri Not full time Hood's graveyard June 9th D. Clinglesmith Laflin Missouri A. Men?asing Acco?deus Liberty Tp Bo Co MO

321 Aug 30 1886 No name given it (Infant) female white 4 hours
Aug 25 1886 7pm single
Patton MO always Patton MO Premature Labor Pleasant Valley
N. C. Griffith MD Patton

9 Aug 28 1883 Rhoda Johnson female white 41y 6m 20d housewife Aug 20 1883 1am Married American
Cape Co Mo Lutesville MO Cholera Morbus 4 weeks Camp Ground 8-21-1883 W. G. Waldo Lutesville Mo W. H. Pittman & C. M. Witmer Marble Hill MO

64 Feb 22 1884 James Jaco male white 60y Farmer Jan 3 1884 10 ?m Married American Tenn. 35y Whitewater Township Pneumonia 2 days N. C. Griffith MD Patton

123 Oct 20 1884 Matilda E. Jackson female white 48y 4m Farming Sept 19 1884 11pm Married USA Tenn 4y Marble Hill MO Malaria Entisitis entisitis 3 weeks 6 weeks Marble Hill
W. G. Waldo Lutesville W. C. Talley Marble Hill MO W. C. Talley

143 Dec 19 1884 David James male white 65y Farmer Nov 24 1884 10am
English near Sedgwickville
near Sedgwickville  Dysentery or Flux about 3 weeks Sedgwickville Nov 25 1884 friends
W.W. Roberts MD  Sedgwickville MO

147 Jan 10 1885 Wm. Randolph James male white 9d
Decr 25 1884 9am Single USA Lorance Twp. Bollinger MO 9 days Lorance Township Phthisic 1 day Erellsizer Grave Yard Decr 26 Elijah Shelton
John E. James father Marble Hill MO

175 Mar 25 1885 John James Jordan male white 25y Farmer Jan 11 4am 12y Bollinger Co MO Rheumatism & Consumption 14 weeks Sitze Cemetry Madson Co MO
Sam. Swindell & Wiley Neph Patton Mo W. H. Pittman MD Marguand MO

207 May 18 1885 John B. Jamison male
55y Farmer May 15 1885 Married American Indiana 5y Bollinger Co Dilation of hart Dyspepsia 15 years 15 years Bollinger Co MO C. M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

216 July 15 1885 Ranson David James male white 11m 18d
June 9 1885 10pm Single American German Township from birth Whitewater Township Remittant Fever Meningitis 6 days 8 days Sedgwickville June 10 1885 George Seabaugh Sedgwickville  S.R. Chamber MD Sedgwickville MO

Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

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