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Bollinger Co Mo
Death Records
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Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

Date of Report Name Sex Race or Color Age Occupation Date of Death Single, Maried, widower or Widow Nationality Where Born How long a resident in this state Place of Death Cause of Death Complication Duration of Complication Duration of Disease Place of Burial Date of Burial Name of Undertaker Place of Business Name and residence of physician returning certificate

226 Aug 13 1885 Elizabeth James female white 44y 7m 9d Farmer July 24 1885 12m Married
Bollinger Co MO
Liberty Township Cerebral  Congestion Rheumatism 12 years 7 days Cane Creek Cem. July 25 1885 Elijah Shelton Lorance Township W.C. Talley MD Marble Hill MO

248 Nov 6 1885 Martha C. Jones female
29y 11m 18d
Oct 23 1885 7am Married
Cape Co MO life Marble Hill MO Typhoid Fever Abortion 3m & 2d 28 days Aug. Sander MD Marble Hill MO

309 June 28 1886 Mary Webb Jones female white 22y 7m 11d
June 17 1886 2:15pm Married US Ills. 17y Union Tp. Malaria Congestion of brain about 20 hours 4 weeks Near Hutmans Mill N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo

318 Aug 30 1886 D.A. Johnson male
Aug 20 1886 8 1/2 pm Married American Bollinger Co MO
Bollinger Co Mo Suicide  Gunshot wound through brain 12 hours Marble Hill Mo Aug 21 1886 H. Robinson
C. M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

319 Aug 30 1886 F. M. Johnson female white 36y 8m 28d Housewife Aug 21 3pm Married American Tenn. USA 20y Bollinger Co MO Murder Gunshot wound in brain 30 hours Marble Hill Aug 22 1886 C. M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

49 May 6 1887 Nancy Jones female white 18y
April 8 3pm Single American Whitewater Township 18 y Whitewater Township Pnuemonia 4 days Whitewater Tp. April 10th James A. Turner MD. Smithville MO

55 Oct 3 1887 John Franklin Jarrett male white 5m 21d
Sept 5 1887 7 Single American Filmore Township lifetime Filmore Township Congestive Fever 2 days Wayne Township
James Jarrett Filmore Township

8 Dec 15 1891 Nary Parrilla Jones female white 19m
Aug 3 1891
American Bollinger Co 2 years Near Mayfield Inflamation Stomach & Bowels 3 weeks Mayfield Church Aug 4 1891 J. P. Dalton Patton MO

34 Nov 12 1883 George W. King male white 74y 4m 12d Farmer Sept 5 1883 5am Married
Native Born Co North Carolina 42y At his farm Old age and chronic constipation 3 years at his family burial ground August Sander MD  Marble Hill MO

59 Feb 11 1884 F.F. Klenn male white 49y 28d Timber Contractor Nov 15 1883
German St. Louis 49y 10 Township Pneumonia 10 days 8 hours Cruse Grave Yard Nov 16 1884 Perry Jones Lakeville MO D.M. Simmons Lakeville MO

111 Sept 5 1884 John Killiom male white 1y 3m 1d
July 7 1884 11pm
USA Cape Co MO life Lutesville Inflammation of Brain 2 weeks near Sedgwickville
Crites Lutesville S.R. Chamber MD Sedgwickville MO

94 June 26 1884 Samantha Ellen Long female white 43y 2m 17d
May 28 1884 12-35 Married
Middle Tennessee 33y near  Lutesville Cirrhosis 2 weeks J.M. Crites Grave Yard
W.G. Waldo Lutesville A. R. Jaques   Lutesville

118 Sept 26 1884 Rose Lankston female white 5m 1d
Sept 5 1884 Single USA Whitewater Township born here Whitewater Twp. Mo Cholera Infantum about 2 weeks N. C. Griffith  Patton MO

121 Oct 6 1884 B.H. Lester male white 56y Farmer Sept 27 1884
English KY. 7y Liberty Township Eryisipalis not Traumatic 18 days B.H. Ruteland Lakeville MO

122 Oct 6 1884 M.M. Lester female white 53y
Aug 2 1884
English KY.
Liberty Township Mo Phthisis Pulmonalis about 2 years B. H. Ruteland Lakeville MO

142 Dec 17 1884 S. Kaiser male white 47y Farmer Nov 17 1884 9am Married German Germany 25y On his farm Suicide  Gunshot wound in head instant death Hahn Grave yard Nov 19 1884 Waldo Lutesville Mo C.M. Witmer MD Coronor Marble Hill MO

183 Apr 4 1885 July Ann Kern female white 32y 6m farmers wife March 3   7:30pm Married
Laurence Co Ind. 4y Liberty Township No. 2 Typhoid pneumonia apnoea measles 9 days 21 days Laurence Ind. March 7th Waldo Lutesville Mo T.K. Bailey MD 2 miles S of Shepperville

160 Feby 16 1885 John Kregle male
25y Farmer Oct 5 1884 Lorance Twn Bollinger Co MO 25y At his fathers residence Malara Typho Fever Perforation of Bowels 6 hours about 12 weeks at his fathers g.y. August Sander MD  Marble Hill MO

275 Jan 29 1886 Hannah Kruegel female
66y 5m 24d
Jan 23 1886
German Germany 35y At her home near Marble Hill Mo Bollinger Co Typhoid fever abcess of liver 1 year
at home January 29 1886 August Sander MD  Marble Hill MO

295 Apr 17 1886 Doretta King female white 48y
Apr 13 11:30pm Widow German Germany 37y Wayne Township Congestion of the Stomach Pneumonia 7 days 12 days Hinkle Graveyard Patton MO
Anderson Gobble Wayne Township J.C. Cubbage MD Wayne Township

308 June 23 1886 Emma Kinder female white 15y
June 11  11pm Single
Bollinger Co Mo since birth Wayne Township Cerebro Spinal Meningitis 6 days Cato graveyard June 13 1886 AA. J. Lincoln Wayne Township J.C. Cubbage MD Wayne Township

3?? Aug 30 1886 Ida Frances King female white 17d
Aug 16 1886 8:45pm Single
Patton MO always Patton MO Convulsions 6 hours Patton MO Aug 17 1886 none
N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo

44 Mch 24 1887 Martha Ann Kinder female white 39y H.F. Kinders wife a farmer Mar 12 1887 10pm Married American Bollinger Co MO 39 y Lorance Township Mercurial Salivation from the use of Caloquel prescobed by another physician 12 days Lorance Township Mar 13 1887 G. N. Miller near Bessville MO E. N. Bretz MD Glen Allen Mo

56 Sep 9 1887 Henry Killian male white 30y Farmer Aug 22  10pm Married American Mo during life Crooked Creek Township Pirneous Intermitting fever 3 days Mount Carmel Church Aug 23 1887 T.K. Okelly MD

4 Apr 18 1890 Jayson James male
13y 7m 14d farming April 2nd 1890 Single
near Sedgwickville Pneumonia 12 days Sedgwickville Jon? T. Ellis MD Segwickville MO

6 Aug 28 1883 Ferdenando Lutes male white 1y 9m
Aug 25 1883 10am Single American Lutesville 1y & 9m Lutesville Bollinger Co MO Cholera Infantum Inflamation of Brain 6 hours 2 weeks Family grounds 8/26/1983 G.W.Waldo Lutesville Mo C.M.Witmer Lutesville MO

8 Sept 13 1883 Daisy E. Ledbetter female white 1y 11m 24d
Aug 23 1883 3am Single
Indiana 1y Lutesville Cholera Infantum 1month ar intervills Lutesville
W.G. Waldo Lutesville A.R. Jaques MD Lutesville MO

22 Oct 30 1883 Minta Ellen Liley female white 24y 9m
Oct 8 1883 12 1/2pm Married
Kentucky from infancy Liberty Township Bollinger Co Mo Typho Malariel Fever 2 weeks & 5 days Ephraim Myers Buriel Ground
Thomas Mc???? Country A.R. Jaques MD Lutesville MO

Sec 92,118,12.1&1212 "K" 4 L among the K

156 Feby 14 1885 Lydia Lanings female white 4y 16m 24d
Feb 6 85 12:30am Single USA ILL. 4y Crooked Creek Pneumonia Whooping Cough don't know 3 weeks Piney Union Feby 7 1885 none
N.C. Griffith MD Patton MO

157 Feby 14 1885 Frances A. Leming female white 39y
Jan 30 1885 10:30p Married USA ILL. 4y Crooked Creek Uterine Hemorage Retention of Placenta Piney Union Feby 1st 1885 none
N.C. Griffith MD Patton MO

169 Mar 6 1885 Margaret Lee?ley female white 52y
Sept 14 1884 7pm Widow American Missouri 52y Laflin MO Typho Malarial fever 15 days Dr. J.M. Finney Laflin MO

173 Mar 17 1885 Florence Leming female white 12d
Feby 12 1885 6:30am Single
Bollinger Co MO always Crooked Creek Want of Nutrition N.C. Griffith MD Patton MO

178 Mar 28 1885 Louisa Ledbetter female
Mar 11 4am Married Illinois Illinois 2y Lutesville Mo Consumption 8 months Jesse Hahns
Waldo Lutesville Isaac D. Beach MD Marble Hill MO

212 June 19 1885 Martha Alice Lambert female white 11m 21d
May 20 1885 6pm Single Caucasion Liberty Town No 1 11m 21d Liberty Township No1 Mengitis of the brain & spinal morrow with abscess in the brain 21 days Liberty Township May 21 1885 John Taylor Liberty Township T.H. Bailey MD Shepperville MO

225 Aug 11 1885 B.F. Loney male white 63y Farmer June 26 1885 pm Married
German Township Paralytic Stroke German Township June 27 1885
Jackson MO C. H. Angel MD Patton MO

238 Oct 7 1885 Caria Limbaugh female white 1y Farmer Sept 25 1885 Single American Bollinger Co MO 1y German Township Entero Calitis 3 weeks Don't know T.K. Okelly MD

302 June 11 1886 Henry Augst Monroe Longe male white 1y 1m 13d
Mar 27  71/2am Single American
life Sedgewickville ?nanition and abuse enteroc olitis teething and ??? Gums 2 days before death
2 months can't read Mar 28 1886 Glaspello Sedgwickville  S.R. Chamber MD 

316 Aug 29 1886 Charles E. Lincoln male
1y 5m 23d
Aug 10  10am Single American Bollinger Co MO
German Township Dysentery 15 days 6 miles N Marble Hill residence Peter Bess Aug 11 1886 A. G. Chandler
H.S. Chandler student with W.C. Talley MD Chandlers Store

23 May 20 1887 Linis Lincoln male
2y 5m
May 8   3pm Single American Bollinger County MO
German Township 8 miles North Marble Hill Measles Croup 4 days 8 days Chostner Graveyard H.S. Chandler MD Chandlers Store

36 Sep 3 1887 Frederick Alfred Limbaugh male white 8m 20d
Aug 7 1887 9pm Single USA Bollinger Co
German Dysentery Teething
about 3 weeks Pullum Cemetery August 9th 1887 none
N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo

45 Mch 23 1887 Sarah Ellen Lutes female white 19y 2m 22d Home duties Mar 6 1887 6:30pm Single
Lutesville during life Lutesville Mo in same room in which she was born Burns caused by falling in the fire while in a state of Epilepsy py?mia
5 weeks & 6 days Shell Burying ground 1 mile south of Lutesville Mar 7 1887 A. Warren Lutesville Mo A. R. Jaques MD  Lutesville MO

12 Jun 18 1888 William Adam Lacy male white 8y 1m 1d
Apr 12 1888 Single American Marble Hill MO lifetime Wayne Township Pneumonia on farm
Wm S. Gains Loundes MO June 5 1888

6 June 29 1889 Charley Knowls male white 4m
June 26 1889 3 Bollinger County 4 months Patton Flux Choleramabus 36 hours Patton June 27 1889 J.P. Dalton Patton Bollinger County MO J.P. Dalton Patton MO

4 Dec1 1891 Heathi B. Kitterman female white 51y housewife Sept 13 1891 Married
He?rt county Kintucky 3y Lutesville MO Billious Intermittant fever Colapse 4 hours 7 days St. Louis Mo Sept 15 1891 August Sander  Marble Hill MO

Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

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