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Bollinger Co Mo
Death Records
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Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

Date of Report Name Sex Race or Color Age Occupation Date of Death Single, Maried, widower or Widow Nationality Where Born How long a resident in this state Place of Death Cause of Death Complication Duration of Complication Duration of Disease Place of Burial Date of Burial Name of Undertaker Place of Business Name and residence of physician returning certificate

35 Nov 12 1883 John B. May Male
34y 10m Farmer Oct 25 1883  1am Married
Bollinger Co MO 34y &10m At his farm on Cane Creek Malarial Typhoid Fever Presperation of Bowels
6 weeks Wesley Shell Graveyard August Sander MD Marble Hill MO

38 Nov 28 1883 Alven L. McMillian Male White 1y 24m
Nov 2 1883 11:40pm Single
Lorance Town Bollinger Co MO all his life Lorance Township Bollinger Co MO Dysentery immediate cause convulsions
3 days Lessley Grave yard Nov 4 1883 Lyman A. Cheney MD Bufordville MO

47 Decr 31 1883 Maloney John Male White 20y 8m Farmer Decr 27  1pm Single American Webster Co Ky 12y Bollinger Co Mo Typhoid fever 13 days Myers Cemetry C. M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

49 Jan 10 1884 Sarah E. Myers Female White 11y
Dec. 15 1883 11pm Single American Bollinger Co  11y 2 1/2 miles from Vinemount Typhoid pneumonia Acute Bronchitus about 10 days 14 days 3 miles German Church
not known
M.S. O Brien  Vinemount

84 Apr 28 1884 Daniel Myers Male
64y Farmer Mar 16 1884 12m Widower USA Madison Co MO

130 Oct 31 1884 Alfred N. Maberry Male White 9y 9m10d
Oct 31 1884 12:15 pm Single USA Mo Life Crooked Creek Dropsey N.C. Griffith Patton Mo

133 Nov 5 1884  Cora M. Murdock Female White 8m
Oct 6 1884 4am Single USA Cape Co Mo Life Marble Hill Mo Cholera Infantum 2 weeks Marble Hill Mo Oct 7 1884 C.M. Witmer Marble Hill

154 Feby 4 1885 Ira Martin Female White 3y 1m 13d
Jan 1   9:30pm Single USA Union Twp. Bollinger Co Always Patton Pneumonia 10 days Near Younts Store
N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo

155 Feby 4 1885 Lewis Emil Mabeus Male White 2y 3m 1d
Jan 5 1885 8am Single American Crooked Creek Croup 4 days Liberty Church Jan 6 1885 Peter Slin????? of Patton MO C.E. Haynes MD Bessvillle MO

168 Feby 27 1885 Frank Albert Mayer Male White 1y 7m
Feby 22  6pm Single American Marble Hill Mo Life Marble Hill MO Bollinger Co MO Cattarrhal Pneumonia Measles, Diarrhoea & Teething 23 days 24 days Beach
C. M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

170 Mar 11 1885 John Marion Miles Male White 25y 1m 2d Farmer Febry 15 1885  5pm Married
Illinois Co not known about 15y Bollingers Mill Measles,consa Asphyxico Pneumonia and congestion of brain 2 days 8 days Bollingers Mill Feby 16 1885 Anderson Gobble Wayne Township T. K. Bailey MD Sheperville MO

192 Apr 13 1885 Willie Virginie Mabrey Female White 19y 2m 3d Servant Mar 20 1885  3pm Single American Bollinger Co MO 19y 3 miles from Vinemount Rubrola Pneumonia Catarrhal 9 days 4 days Hoods Grave y. March 22 1885 C from Laflin
M.S. O Brien MD Vinemount MO

215 July 14 1885 Martha Miller Female White 31y Farmers wife Jan 15 1885 12m Married American Dade Co Mo
Bollinger Co Mo Typhoid pneumonia 28 days Trace Creek June 16 1885 A. J. Mayfield MD Maison

223 Aug 5 1885 Polly Ann Lovinia Mingle Female White 14y 10m 13d
July 6 1885 6:15am Single
Bollinger Co MO
Union Township Congestive Fever 4 days Patton July 7 1885 N.C. Griffith Patton Mo

229 Aug 28 1885 Allis Monroe Female
July 28 1885 11am Married American Jefferson Co Ind. 4m near Glen Allen Mo Pneumonia Heart Disease failure of hearts can't read 10 minutes 3 weeks Glen Allen G. yard July 29 1885 August Sander MD Marble Hill MO

233 Sept 21 1885 Rhoda Masters Female White 20y 
Aug 30 1885 8am Single American Bollinger Co Mo Life Bollinger Co Mo Typhoid Fever Inflamation of the Womb 10 days 10 days Bollinger Co MO Aug 31 1885 C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

240 Oct 10 1885 Author Devictor Mayer Male
3y 11m
Sept 10  2pm
American Marble Hill Mo Life Marble Hill Mo Typhoid fever 28 days Marble Hill Mo Sept 11 1885 August Sander MD Marble Hill MO

245 Nov 5 1885 Joel Myers Male White 13y
Sept 13 1885 Single USA Mo 13y Wayne Township Gastn Enteritis 4 days White Grave yard
Gilbert Sturgeon Wayne Township B.W. Henley MD Bollingers Mill

266 Decr 21 1885 Daniel Robert Miles Male White 4y 1m 14d
Decr 6  6pm Single USA Mo 4y Bollinger's Mill Congestive Fever 6 days Bollinger's Mill Decr 7th Monroe Summers
B.W. Henley MD Bollingers Mill

277 Feb 13 1886 Moses Jefferson Masters Male
Jan 31 1886 6pm Married
Cape Co Mo
Liberty Township Pneumonia & Rheumatism 9 days Liberty Township Feb 3 1886 Robt Harris can't read T.H. Bailey MD 2 miles south of Shepperville

287 Mar 17 1886 Ada Massey Female White 13y
Mar 6 1886
American Bollinger Co  Life Bollinger Co Mo Pneumonia Scrofula life 10 days Bollinger Co C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

315 Aug 17 1886 Flora Ellen Miller Female
4m 15d
Aug 15 1886 am Single USA Bollinger Co all life Whitewater Township Summer Complaint 3 months Presbyterian Church WW Township F. Schumer Elisha M. Miller   father

337 Oct 1 1886 Hesikiah Mayfield Male White 4m 28d
Aug 10  4m Single American Bollinger Co 4m 28d German Township Bollinger Co MO Cholera Infantum Inflamation of Brain 4 days 8 days German Twp Aug 11 1886 JJ Mayfield Bollinger Co J.J. Mayfield MD Mayfield P.O.

20 Mch 24 1887 Lutitia A. Manere Female White 42y 4m 15d
May 2  7am Married American Mo from birth Lorance Tp Pneumonia 11 days Friendship Cemetery
John Zimmerman
M.D. Brinley MD Glen Allen Mo

31 Aug 1 1887 Parasetti Abigail Mingel Female White 3m 10d
July 9 1887 12m Single US Mo Union
Union Malarial Fever 6 days on the farm July 10 1887 none
N.C. Griffith Patton Mo

41 Feb 16 1887 Mallison Mollineaux Female White 20y 5m 28d
Jan 17 2:30pm Single American Cape Girardeau MO
Mollineaux's Mill Whitewater Township Pneumonia 6 days Propt Church Jan 15th John Stammer Mollineaux Mill Jas. A. Turner MD Sedgwickville Mo

10 Sept 13 1889 Samuel B. Moore Male White ?8y 4m
Aug 15 1889 3am Married US Mo 9y Filmore General Dropsy several months Crooked Creek
N.C. Griffith MD Bessville

12 Oct 7 1889 James Mullnaux Male White Sept 14 1889 Widower French America
Whitewater Township Cholera Morbus John I. Ellis MD Sedgwickville MO

1 Jan 3 1890 S.S. Myers Male White 1m
Nov 9 1889 Single American Born Bollinger Co MO can't read can't read Ulcerative Stomalitus Bronchitis 3 weeks John I. Ellis MD Sedgwickville MO

2 Apr 24 1891 Bertie D. Ma?aser Male White 4y
Oct 27 1890 10am Single US MO Lorenz Membraneous Croup 24 hours N.C. Griffith Bessville MO

6 Nov 29 1892 Lovie May Minter Female White 4m 2d
Oct 27 1892 4pm Single US MO
Fillmore Cronic Pneumonia don't know Trace Creek
N.C. Griffith Bessville

60 Feb 12 1884 Elizabeth Mc?inepsey Female White 75y
Feb 10 1884 1pm Widow American North Carolina 35y Lorance Township Cold 2 weeks John Bailey Feb 11 1884 C.M. Johnson Marble Hill Mo Eli Backs Marble Hill MO

72 Mar 26 1884 George McKee Male White 1y 6m 9d
Mar 9 1884 Single
Liberty Township 1 1/2y Liberty Township Accidental scald 2 hours Vinemount
Henry Vandeven
T. K. McKee  Marble Hill MO

74 Mar 26 1884 Franklin McGuire Male White 24y Farmer Mar 14 1884 ?am Single American Illinois 2y Wayne Township Pneumonia fever considerable typhoid symptoms 9 days
James George Mar. 15 M. A. Gunter can't read MO

119 Oct 13 1884 Louis McCutchin Male White 2y 9m 20d
Aug 30 1884 8 1/2pm
USA Fayette Co ILL 5m Liberty Twp. Bollinger Co Mo Miningitis of head and  Spinal colum Flux 5 days
Liberty Twp Aug. 31 George Myers Sanfords factory T.H. Bailey Liberty Township MO

144 Dec 23 1884 Mary Jane McGrau? Female White 24y 2m 17d
Dec 6 1884 5:45am Married US Mo KY 8y Union Township Uterine Hemorrhage Retention of Placenta near home Dec. 7 N.C. Griffith Patton Mo

152 Jan 26 1885 Riley McKee Male White 21y Farmer Jan 23  1pm Single American Ind. 6y Bollinger County Cancer of Rectum 9 months Wayne Co Jan 24 1885 ?once
C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

172 Mar 14 1885 Elizabeth C. McPherson Female White 25y 13d
Mar 14 7am Married American Lorance Twp Bollinger Co MO 25y Lorance Township Bollinger Co MO Child birth, followed by retention of Placenta. Causing instra uterine hemorrhage 6 hours did not see patient till 2 hours after death W.C. Talley MD Marble Hill MO

Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

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