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Bollinger Co Mo
Death Records
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Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

Date of Report Name Sex Race or Color Age Occupation Date of Death Single, Maried, widower or Widow Nationality Where Born How long a resident in this state Place of Death Cause of Death Complication Duration of Complication Duration of Disease Place of Burial Date of Burial Name of Undertaker Place of Business Name and residence of physician returning certificate

335 Nov 1 1886 Lavina McCray Female White 37y Housewife Oct 3  m Single American Bollinger Co MO 37y Lutesville MO  Consumption 3 months Lutesville  Oct 4 Warren Lutesville Mo C.M. Witmer MD M.H. MO

6 June 2 1890 Susan McKelvey Female White 23y 4m 11d
Aprl. 28 1890 6:20ppm Married US KY 11y
Puerpueral convulsions 24 hours N.C. Griffith MD Bessville MO

11 Sep 21 1883 Nugent Maud Female White 10m 3d
Aug 15 1883  around M Single
3 1/2 miles from Patton on P. Road always 2 1/2 miles from Perryville Road General Hemerage Diptheria
1 week Whitewater Church Aug 16 1883 none
N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo

18 Oct 19 1883 Nance Dora J. Female White 3m 6d
Sept 24 1883  9am
USA Liberty Township Bollinger Co MO since birth Wm J Welches Liberty Township Cape Girardeau Co MO Liver Complaint and Inflamation 3 months Laflin Bollinger Co MO Sept 26 1883 David Clingingsmith Laflin MO Adaline Manring ACC- Laflin MO

42 Decr 21 1883 Newel Oda Male White 2y 6m 18d
Sept 27 7am Single American Lorance Town all its life at it's fathers residence Convulsions & Embritis 4 days Same Township N.H. Mayfield MD Mayfield MO

91 May 16 1884 Isreal Pressnell Male White 90y Carpenter Apr 6 1884
American North Carolina
Smithville Old Age 90 years T.K. Okelly Patton MO

105 Aug 23 1884 Wm H. Newel Male White 19y 2m 3d Farmer Aug 20 1884 Single USA Bollinger Co MO 19y German Township Consumption 10 months Chostner Grave Yard
Henry Lincoln
J.J. Cole  Marbel Hill MO

166 Feby 21 1885 Eva Adaline Newkirk Female White 17y 6m 3d
Jun 30 1885 10am Single Bollinger Co MO Liberty Township No 2 2y Liberty Township  No 2 Typhoid Pneumonia opnoea Diarrhoea 10 days 12 days Liberty Township Jan 31 1885 John Taylor Liberty Township No 2 T. H. Bailey MD 2 miles South of Sheperville

182 Apr 3 1885 Timothy Franklin Nance Male White 17y 6m 3d Farmer Mar 9 1885  2pm Single American Missouri 17y 4 miles of Vinemount Cerebro Spinal Mengitis vary simple inflamation Rubeola 3 days 6 weeks & 5 days Hoods Grave yard March 10 1885 coffin from Laflin
M.S. Obrien MD Vinemount MO

261 Dec 5 1885 Jacob B. Null Male White 27y 10m 14d Farmer Nov 30 1885  11pm Married Missouri Liberty Town Bollinger Co 27y 10m 14d Liberty Township Pneumonia & Typhoid fever 16 days Liberty Township Decr 21 1885 Edward Shears Liberty Township  T. H. Bailey MD  Sheperville  MO

331 Oct 7 1886 Floid Neff Male White 3y Wagon mechanic Sept 29  6am Single
Patton Mo life Patton Mo Dysentery 15 days Patton Sept 30 1886 T.K. Okelly MD

338 Dec 2 1886 Martha Nelson  Female White 24y Farmers wife May 20 1885 Married
Illinois State 10y Liberty Township Dropy of the Heart and General Dropsey 4 weeks or 28 days Liberty Twp.  May 21,85 Edward Sooney Rum Branch this County T.H. Bailey MD Scheperville MO

42 Oct 10 1887 James David Newkirk Male
9m 10d
Aug 30 1887 Single US Liberty Twp Bollinger Co MO 4m Liberty Township Bollinger Co MO Inflamation of Stomach & Bowels 21 days Liberty Twp.  August 31st 1887 F.G. Lambert Liberty Township T.K. Bailey 2 miles South Schepperville MO

303 June 3 1886 W.E. R. Olds Male White 68y Farmer May 29  7am Married
State of Missouri 68y Patton Mo Ulcer of Stomach about 3 weeks Near Patton May 30 1886 T.K. Okelly MD

307 June 15 1886 Richard Obsine Male
53y 1m 2d Waggon maker May 26  7 oclock am
Ireland USA 1y Lutesville MO Tonsillitis 3 weeks Hahns cemetery May 27 1886 M.Warren Lutesville Mo Andrew J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO

6 Jan 31 1887 Infant Female White 1 1/2d Jan 8 1887 pm Single USA Bollinger Co MO all life on fathers residence in Lorance Twp not known Flatwoods Church yard
J.N. Yates
Thos. J. Ogelvie father Lorance Twp

20 Oct 30 1883 Perkins I. Benton Male White 39y
Sept 18 1883 9 1/2am Married
Bollinger Co MO 39y Residence of L. B. Francis 3 1/2 miles SW of Lutesville MO Malarial Fever py?mia from Erysipilas 3 days 5 days W.G.Waldo Lutesville Mo A.R. Jaques MD Lutesville MO

32 Nov 7 1883 Pope William Male White 30y Farmer July 28  4pm Married USA Wayne Township 30y Wayne Township Inflamation of the Brain 5 days Bennett Grave yard  July 30 A. Gobble Wayne Township W. B. Henley MD Bollingers Mill

71 SEC 91 "N"   Presnell

76 Mar 31 1884  Elizabeth Pittman Female White 37Y Housewife Mar 12 1884  8 widow
Roccastle Co KY 6y Bollinger Co MO Apoplexy 6 days Marble Hill Mo Mar 13 1884 Waldo Lutesville Mo W. H. Pittman   Lutesville MO

78 Apr 1 1884 John H. Pinturf 50y
Mar 6 1884  10 Married American Cape Co Mo 50y Cape Co MO Quick Consumption Chronic Malaria
9 years S????t??ville MO Mar 8 1884 D. Clingingsmith  Laflin MO J.M. Finney  Laflin MO

104 Aug 22 1884 Sarah Elizabeth Paine Female White 21y
Mar 22 1884 Married USA Mo 21y Wayne Cco Malarial Fever Chronic inflamation of Spleen & Liver
7 months Brantley Graveyard
Joe Davis Wayne Co B. W. Henley Bollinger Mill MO

108 Sept 21 1884 Mary Jane Powell Female White 14y 4m 22d
July 29 1884  7pm Single USA Ohio 9y 7 miles from Patton Malarial Fever 10 days Near Castor Aug 29 1884 N.C. Griffith Patton MO

109 Sept 3 1884 Sarah Perkins Female White 69y 4m 7d
July 18 1884 10pm Widow USA Apple Creek MO Life B.F. Hahn Bollinger Co MO Chr?aia Diaroha? Flux 8 days 30 days J.A. Perkins July 20 11884 Aug. Sander Marble Hill MO

123 Oct 18 1884 M.E. Propst Female White 25y 10m Matron of family Sept 20 1884  11pm Married USA Kinder Twp Co MO Life Lutesville Bollinger Co Tubercalosis 10 months Links burying ground
W.G.Waldo Lutesville A. R. Jaques  Lutesville MO

140 Dec 17 1884 William Parr Male White 70y about Farm hand about Aug 18 1884 9am Widower German  Germany 23y Bollinger Co MO Residence of Barton Snider Suicide Hanging 5 minutes
Aug 1? 1884 C.M. Witmer Coronor MD Marble Hill MO

146 Dec 29 1884 Rosetta Presnell Female White 2y
Dec 21 1884 9pm Single
Bollinger Co Mo 2y Union Township senao membranous Croup didn't need any
10 days Near Patton Dec 23 1884 T.K. Okelly Patton MO

174 Mar 24 1885 Asher Pipkin Male White 72y 2m 27d Farmer Mar 17 1885  5m Widower American North Carolina 20y Lorance Township Bollinger Co MO valvular disease of the heart Dropsy 2 years 7 years Trace Creek Church Bollinger Co MO
Gibbs & Wright Bollinger Co C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

213 July 3 1885 Mary May Povelick Female White 5d
June 24 1885 12pm Single
Bollinger Co MO 5d Bollinger Co  Congential Malformation 5 days after birth Liberty Cemetery May 21 1885 John Harvey  Marguand MO W. H. Pittman  MD Margrand MO

236 Oct 2 1885 Mahulda Presnell Female White 53y 4m 10d
Sept 9 1885 Married American near Perryville Perry Co MO Life Near Sedgwickville Bollinger Co MO Brights Disease 12 months about Sedwickville Cemetery Sept 10 1885 T.K. Okelly MD

312 July 21 1886 Robert ? Pais Male
70y  Farmer June 6 11pm Married
South Carolina 40y At his home near Marble Hill Mo Typhoid fever Old age
6 months Near Millerville Cape Girardeau Co MO August Sander MD Marble Hill MO

314 Aug 16 186 S.D. Porlis Male White 51y 5m 17d Farmer July 25 1886 Married US North Carolina 12y Marble Hill Typhoid fever 30 days Marble Hill Mo A.J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO

21 Apr 26 1887 Eleazer Powell Male White 55y 8m 29d Farmer Apr 7 1887 4am Married
Wales 13 years Union Bronchitis (Chronic) Hepatitis Don't know about 18 months near Castor N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo

8 Apr 17 1888 Christian Pohlman Male White 58y 1m 19d Farmer Mar 20 1888 5am Married  German Randolph Waldaek
Whitewater Township Astma 18 years
Mar 22 1888 Goldeh Taft
Frederick Pohlman  son Apr 17 1888

39 Nov 29 1883 Ra?tey Narcissus Female White 40y 10m 7d Married Woman Nov 2   7pm Married
Warwick Cco Indiana 7y Lutesville MO Chronic Diarroeha 9 years Jesse Hahn Burial Ground
A.R. Jaques MD Lutesville MO

126 Oct 29 1884 A. T. Reddick Male White 1y 3m
Sept 13 1884  8pm
USA Bollinger Co MO 1 1/4y Liberty Twp. Bollinger Co  Colonitis Tonsilitis
18 days Cruse Grave Yard
Ed Sooney Rum Branch Zimmerman Esq. Lutesville MO

135 Nov 25 1884 Wm.S. Robbins Male White 11m 29d
Nov 8 1884  9am Single USA Mo life  Crooked Creek Inflamation of mouth & throat don't know N.C. Griffith  Patton MO

this one too faint to even make out

165 Feby 19 1885 Lizzie Rhodes Female White 14y
Feby 18 1885 12m Single American Bollinger Co MO life Bollinger Co Mo Pneumonia Cattarrahl Measles 13 days 5 days
Feby 20 1885 C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

214 July 14 1885 Oda Elmer Rauls Female White 10m 10d
July 10 1885 12am Single
Bollinger Co  10m Bollinger Congestion 3 days Trace Creek Cemetery July 11 1885 John L. Zimmerman
W. H. Pittman MD Marguand MO

Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

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