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Bollinger Co Mo
Death Records
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Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

Date of Report Name Sex Race or Color Age Occupation Date of Death Single, Maried, widower or Widow Nationality Where Born How long a resident in this state Place of Death Cause of Death Complication Duration of Complication Duration of Disease Place of Burial Date of Burial Name of Undertaker Place of Business Name and residence of physician returning certificate

251 Nov 10 1885 Betsy Rhodes Female
Oct 20 1885 Widow American Bollinger Co MO life S.W. Bradshaw's not known 2 weeks James George Oct 21 1885
John Lufey S. W. Bradshaw  Wayne Twp. MO

260 Nov 27 1885 Clara Rhodes Female White 9m 19d
Nov 11 1885 10am Single American Lorance Twp. since birth Lorance Twp Hypostatic congestion of lungs 9 days
Nov 12 1885 S.T. McKee Glen Allen MO M.D. Brinley MN Glen Allen MO

285 Mar 10 1886 Thomas Rollins Male White 21y Farmer Feb 11 6pm Single USA Missouri since birth Wayne Township Pneumonia Ladd grave yard Feb 12 1886 Grigg Underwood  Wayne Township J.C. Cubbage  MD Wayne Township

291 Mar 26 1886 Richard F. Robertson Male White 21y Farmer Mar 3 1886 5pm Single
Cape Girardeau Co MO 21y Marble Hill Bollinger Co MO Phthisis Pulmonalis 1 year Kings Church ground Bollinger Co MO
W.G.Waldo Lutesville Mo Andrew J. Mayfield  Lutesville MO

292 Apr 7 1886 Katie Richt Female White 25y
Mar 2 1886 Single German  Was born in St. Louis from birth Lutesville MO Pneumoina about 9 days German Settlement E.P. Biggs MD Lutesville

316 Aug 30 1886 Robert Robinson Male White 1y 11m 28d
Aug 26 1886  2pm
American Bollinger Co MO life Marble Hill MO Continued fever Tyhoid fever 4 days 10 days Marble Hill  Aug 27 1886 C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

7 Jan 31 1887 Malinda Rhodes Female White 63y Housekeeper Jan 16 1887 9:15pm Single
This Co. during her life Farm House of Geo. Mo?er 3 1/2 miles NW of Lutesville Pneumonia S?sopilas Near Geo Millers near Bessville
no attendant
A.R. Jaques MD Lutesville MO

8 Feby 15 1887 M.M. Robinson Female White 74y Housewife Feby 11 1887 6am Widow American USA Bollinger Co life Bollinger Co MO Heart failure Dialated heart
14 days Bollinger Co Feby 12 1887 C.M. Witmer  MD Marble Hill MO

46 Apr 5 1887 Georg. Reissler Male White 1y 11m
Mch 30  2pm Single German descent Born at Bollinger
Bollinger Co Pneumonia C????? Csions several days 8 days Freidheim Lutheran Cemetery
Edward A. Vogt Friedheim Cape Girardeau Cco MO

5 Jan 10 1888 Eliza Rhodes Female White 40y 10m 7d
Nov 29 4:?5 am Single US Mo Always Crooked Creek Supposed to be pneumonia & inflamatory Rheumatism I did not see the -can't read rest of sentence
9 days Don't know
N.C. Griffith Patton Mo

2 Jan 26 1892 Wm Franklin Richards Male White 11m
Jan 24 1892 1am
US Bollinger Co MO 11m Seopus MO Spinal Meningitus 5 days Seopus Jan 25 1892 J.P. Dalto?? Patton MO

9 Sept 19 1883 Sergent J.L. Male White 57y Family practiced medison Aug 17 1883  11am Married American
can't say Whitewater Township- at his house Congestion preceded by Cholera Morbus 4 days Sedgwickville  Aug 18 1883 A. H. Miller MD Sedgwickville

10 sept 21 1883 Smith Charlotte Female White 46y
July 18 1883  5pm Married
Perry Co MO
near Patton on Little White Water NW Congestion of Brain from exposer to heat Henry Smiths farm on Jackson
N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo

19  Oct 29 1883 Smith Elizabeth Female White 78y 8m 11d Farming Oct 11 1883  3pm Widow American North Carolina 75y Lornace Township Bollinger Co MO Diarrhea Indgestion & General Debility Cemetery near Phillip Hahns W.C. Talley MD Marble Hill MO

21 Oct 30 1883 Shoemake Mary E. Female White 3m 14d
Sept 27 1883  1 1/2pm
American Madison Co MO
1 1/2 miles South of Lutesville MO Erysiplas of Brain extending to the Spine 6 days Jesse Hahns Grave yard
W.G.Waldo Lutesville Mo A.R. Jaques MD Lutesville MO

24 Nov 2 1883 Sieving Fred Male White 14y 6m 9d Farmer Oct 14  10am Single St Louis St. Louis 14y Bollinger Co  Congestion of the Brain 2 weeks Freedham Oct 15 1883 F. Feltz MD Perryville MO

33 Nov 9 1883 Snider Martin Male White 75y 6m 26d Farmer Oct 22 1883 4pm Widower American Lincoln Co North Carolina 67y Marble Hill MO Nervous Rhematisms 3 years Ebenezer Church Oct 24 1883 W.G.Waldo Lutesville Mo No Physician  R.E. Snider Marble Hill MO

4 Aug 17 1883 Shrum Lillie Female
2y 2m 15d
Aug 10 1883  5am
Crooked Creek Township Crooked Creek Township from birth At its fathers residence Cholera Infantum & Cerebrites Dysenteric 4 days 8 days Crooked  Creek Township 2 days after death W. H. Mayfield  MD Mayfield MO

48 Jan 5 1884 Sarah Smith Female White 64y 10m 14d Farming Nov 7 1883  8 Single American Davis Co KY 2 1/3y Wayne Township Palsay 2years 10 months James George Nov 8 1884 R. B. Tanner

53 Jan 29 1884 Mrs. E.A. Sandy Female White 62y
Jan 7 1884 11pm Married American ILL.
Marble Hill Mo Appoplexy 30 hours Marble Hill Agust Sander Marble Hill MO

66 Feb 27 1884 Elizabeth Statler Female White 41y Farmer Feb 10 1884  4a Married American  Bollinger Co 41y White Water Township Post Partum collapse 8 hours T.K. Okelly Patton MO

70 Mar 14 1884 Daniel Seabaugh Male White 83y Farmer Feb 13 1884 12pm Widower US Cape Co Mo 83y near Sedgwickville Pneumonia 1 week Little White Water J.M. Martin MD  Sedgwickville 

82 Apr 12 1884 Emmet Ross Snider Male White 11m 28d
Apr 2 1884 7pm Single American Bollinger Co 11m 28d Marble Hill Mo Capallary Bronchitis 10 days Hahn Cemetery Apr 4 1884
Lutesville C.M. Witmer Marble Hill MO

92 May 24 1884 Slinkard Male White 3d
May 21 1884
American Bollinger Co MO 3/365 Lorance Township unknown 12 hours Ebenezer Mrs.K.C. (can't read) Marble Hill MO

106 Aug 25 1884 Maria Scott Female White Aug 13 1884  4pm
1m Lutesville Meritis and Toaica?mie about 20 + 20 days Cemetery near Jesse Hahn Aug 13 1884 W.G.Waldo Lutesville W.C. Talley MD Marble Hill MO

110 Sept 5 1884 Elisha Statler Male White 43y Farmer Aug 1 1884  8am Married USA White Water Twp life at home White Water Township Remitent fever Dysentery about 1 month about 2 weeks White Water Twp Aug 2 1884 George Seabaugh White Water S.R. Chamber Sedgwickville MO

120 Oct 1 1884 Charles A. Sears Male White 1y 4m
Sept 4 1884 12m
USA Liberty Twp  1y 4m 6 Liberty Twp S.No 2 Mo Bronchitis Scrofula
6 weeks Liberty Twp Sept 5 1884 Geo. Myers Sanfords Sta?e Factory T.H. Bailey  Liberty Twp Mo

124 Oct 18 1884 Drucilla A. Shearing Female White 45y 8m 19d Matron of family Oct 11 1884 11pm
USA Scott Co MO life Liberty Twp near Lutesville Gastrits Acuto Profuse hemage of bowels
9 days Welsey Shells Ground
W.G.Waldo Lutesville A.R. Jaques  Lutesville 

128 Oct 29 1884 Mary E. Stroup Female White 5y 8m
Oct 10 1884 1am
USA Fillmore Twp 5y 8m Fillmore Township Bollinger Co Mo Typhoid Fever Wayne Co MO Oct 11 1884 A. Keehn MD Castor MO

141 Dec 17 1884 Wm Schincks Male White 23y Farm hand Sept 1 1884 Single American N.Y. 2 months Lutesville Mo Rupture of internal vessel twenty five minutes N.Y.
Waldo Lutesville C.M. Witmer MD Coronor Marble Hill MO

148 Jan 12 1885 James Franklin Stovall Male White 2m 20d
Decr 15 1884  8pm Single American Lorance Township 2m & 20d Lorance Township Pneumonia 9 days Lessley Graveyard Decr 16 1884 Thos Henley Gravel Hill Mo Asa Stovall father

158 Feby 14 1885 Dolle Ledasie Scarlet Female White 2y 10m 12d
Jan 15 1885 Single US ILL about 2 Crooked Creek Pneumonia 10 days don't know where Jan 16 1885 none
A.C. Griffith MD Patton MO

171 Mar 11 1885 John F. Smith Male White 43y 8m 8d Farmer Mar 3  1am Married American  Bollinger Co Mo 43y at his residence hanging Trinity Church
McGlassom Jackson Co Mo E.H. Self   Justice of the Peace Sedgwickville 

179 Apr 3 1885 Sarah Ann Smith Female White 83y
March 8 1885 4pm Single American New Madrid all life Crooked Creek Township Colic about 1/2 day Smith Grave yard March 10 1885 James M. Shrum
J. D. Mallice on Huricane Creek

180 Apr 3 1885 Antonia Abetta Schulte Female White 25y 7d
March 12  5am Married Holland  Holland 18y 2 miles of Vinemount Phthisic Dyspetic Diarrhoea 7 months 7 months Vinemount March 14 1885 coffin from Vinemount
M.S. Obrien MD Vinemount MO

185 Apr 4 1885 Nancy Jane Slaughter Female White 38y Farmers wife Mar 8  9am Married  US Tennesse 27y 10m 14d Liberty Township Bollinger County Missouri Consumption or Phthesic Pulminalis Apneoa 2 years Liberty Township march 10 1885 Mr. Mizer Sanfords Saw Mill Liberty Town T.H. Bailey MD 2 miles south of Shepperville MO

186 Apr 4 1885 James Alfred Slaughter Male White 18y 6m Farmer March 4  7am Single US Bollinger Co MO 18 1/2 y Liberty Township Bollinger Co MO Pneumonia & Congestion of brain after measles, deep coma Measles 10 days 15 days Liberty Township March 5 1885 Mr. Mizer Sanfords Saw Mill Liberty Town T.K. Bailey 2 miles South Schepperville MO

187 Apr 9 1885 Infant of Thos & Missouri Scott Female White 1d
March 15 1885 6m Single American Bollinger Co  MO 1d Bollinger Co MO Measles 1 day Bollinger Co MO March 16th 1885 Nancy C. Poston Bollinger Co MO

210 May 19 1885 William H. Stephens Male White 38y Farmer May 6 1885 2am Married  American Missouri life Bollinger Co Mo Consumption Abcess of Liver
6 months Bollinger Co MO C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

211 June 5 1885 Elihu Howard Self Male White 70y 9m 15d
May 5 1885 7pm Married American G??n Co Tenn 45y At his residence in German Township Remittent fever Gangreen of Stomach and bowels 4 days 10 days Trinity Grave yard May 6 1885 Mike Roberson Cape Co MO S.R. Chamber Sedgwickville MO

Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

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