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Bollinger Co Mo
Death Records
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Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

Date of Report Name Sex Race or Color Age Occupation Date of Death Single, Maried, widower or Widow Nationality Where Born How long a resident in this state Place of Death Cause of Death Complication Duration of Complication Duration of Disease Place of Burial Date of Burial Name of Undertaker Place of Business Name and residence of physician returning certificate

235 Sept 28 1885 Maragret Steinerd Female White 63y 5m 24d Housewife Aug 27 1885 7am Widow Europe
25y Lorance Township Chronic Diarrhoea 1 year Vinemount
W.G.Waldo Lutesville John Steinerd son Lorance Township

239 Oct 9 1885 Sarah L. Smith Female White 54y 2m 29d
8        1m Widow American Indiana 46y German Township Typhoid fever 9 days German Township Oct 9 1885 James Kirkpatrick German Township J.J. Mayfield MD German Township

247 Nov 5 1885 James Albert Smith Male White 29y 7m 27d Merchant Oct 25  7pm Single USA KY
Sanfords Mill Congestive Chill 10 hours Killian Grave yard Oct 26 1885 George Myers Sanfords Mill Henley & Bailey MDs Bollingers Mill
267 see 273 Jan 2 1886 Robert Seabaugh Male White 22y Farmer 17      3am Single American Bollinger Co Mo life Bollinger Co Mo German Twp Murder, cuts in breast,back and hand 2 hours Bollinger Co Mo Dec 18 1885 C.M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

278 Feb 18 1886 Margretta Schamburg Female White 21y 1m 14d Farmers daughter Jan 13 1886 9pm Single Holland  Cincinnatti Ohio 18y Vinemount Pneumonia Catarrhal
9 days Vinemount MO Jan 4th 1886 Coffin from Lutesville Mo
M.S. Obrien MD Vinemount 

280 Feb 20 1886 William C. Steakley Male White 12y Farmer Jan 29  8pm Single American 
12y Union Township Peritonitis 3 hours Smith Grave yard T.K. Okelly MD Patton

273 Jan 22 1886 Wm Thomas Sherman Stepp Male White 20y 2m Farmer Jan 15 6pm Single USA Wayne Township Bollinger Co MO since birth Wayne Township Typhoid Pneumonia 6 days 9 days Williams grave yard
Thomas Syler Wayne Township J.C. Cubbage  MD Wayne Twp.

313 Aug 4 1886 Christopher Seabaugh Male White 92y 4m15d
July 18 1886 4am Married American Lincoln County North Carolina 86y Sedgwickville Bollinger Co Mo Old Age about 12 months Near Sedgwickville
W.W. Roberts MD Sedgwickville July 26

323 Sept 18 1886 Ida May Scott Female White 2y 3m
March 23 1886 Single Liberty Township
2y Liberty Laceration of the Bowels 12 hours
March 24 1886 Clingingsmith  Laflin MO T. H. Baileu MD 2 m S of Shepperville

324 Sept 22 1886 Frederick Sheffer Male
Sept 14 1886 6am Single American Bollinger Co Mo 8 years Bollinger Co MO Lyph Malarial fever Congestion of the bowels stomach 6 days 6 days Bollinger Co Mo
E. Shearer
Andrew J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO

5 Jan 17 1887 Melvina Statler Female White 35y None Jan 7 1887 2pm Single US Mo always Patton Mo consumption several years about 9 Patton Mo Jan 8 1887 none
N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo

11 Feby 28 1887 Stephen Henry Scarlet Male White 30y 8m Farmer Feby 15 1887  1:30am Married US Indiana 4 years Crooked Creek Typhoid fever Gangreen of the Genitial Organs 2 days 28 days Concord Church Feb 15th 1887 none
N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo

12 Feby 28 1887 Lala Ann Shryock Female White 6y 6m 8d
Jan 14 1887 Single USA MO 6 years Wayne Township Pneumonia 5 days Hinkle Grave yard Jan 15th 1887 H. Gains Wayne Township B. W. Henley Bollinger Mill MO

15 March 19 1887 James Salyer Male White 75y 2m 22d Farmer Feby 20   6pm Married US KY 13 years Cholrea Morbus 3 days Pleasant Valley Feby 21st 1887 none
N.Cc. Griffith  Patton MO

22 Apr 26 1887 Maudie Victoria Swidell Female White 1y 39d
Mch 31 '87 4am Single US Bollinger Co MO always Crooked Creek Supposed asphyxia. Parents woke up & found child gasping & was dead in a minute or two Patton Apr 1st '87 none
N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo

26 May 26 1887 John Salyer Male White 32y Farmer Apr 3  6pm Married Kentucky
15 years Crooked Creek Township Typhoid fever Inflamation of Lungs 5 days 31 days Liberty Church April 4 1887 T.K. Okelly MD Patton

33 Aug 18 1887 James A. Stepp Male White 6m
Aug 5  5am Single USA Wayne Tp. since birth Wayne Tp. Entero Collitis 3 weeks Cato Grave yard Aug 6 1887 Geo. Heely Stoddard Co J.C. Cubbage MD Wayne Township

34 Aug 22 1887 Elmire J. Smith Female White 65y
July 24 1887  5:45am Married
Indiana 13 years Lutesville MO Chronic Diarhoe years Marble Hill Mo August Sander MD Marble Hill MO

48 May 6 1887 Permetia Seabaugh Female White 61y 5m 15d Farming April 5 9:30am Single American White Water Township 61y 5m 15d White Water Township Carcinoma ~Carcinoma of Stomach not hereditary so far as known 18 months Whitewater Tp April 4th 1887 Jas. A. Turnerr MD Smithville MO

58 Dec 19 1887 A. J. Seabaugh Male White 24y 4m
Dec 3 1887 12 Single German White Water Township 24y 4m Residence  Ostiomayelitis 5 weeks Sergents Chapel Bollinger Co MO
Henry Hitman Patton Mo H.B. Futral Ornsbug

6 Jan 25 1888 James W. Smith Male
2y 5d
Dec 29 1887 Single American Bollinger Co MO
2 miles Sout East of Scopus MO Chronic Dysntery anasa??a
1 year H.S.Chandler Scopus MO

15 Nov 13 1888 John Seabaugh Male White 8y
Oct 23    6pm Single
White Water Town 8 months at same place lumbrial menngtis 18 days Smithville Oct 24 1888 T.K. Okelly Patton MO

16 Nov 13 1888 P.D. Shell Male White 75y Farmer Nov 4  4am Married
Mo during life Patton  Apoplexy 9 hours Patton Nov 5 1888 T.K. Okelly Patton MO

2 Mar 24 1889 Mary Ann Spain Female White 25y 3m 25d Wife Oct 20 1888 12.57 pm Married US Mo
Crooker Creek Typhoid fever 3 weeks Trace Creek Oct 21 1888 none
N.C. Griffith MD Bessville Mo

3 Mar 24 1889 Cora Edward Sitze Female White 2m 20d
Apr 20 1888 Single US Mo
Lorance Pnuemonia Croup
4 days Lorance
N.C. Griffith MD Bessville Mo

8 Aug 8 1889 Bennett Statler Male White 36y Farmer July 26 1889  9pm Single Hollander Holland 8y Leopold Remittent fever Enteric fever 5 days 14 days Leopold 28 July 1889 Coffin made by John Fisher
M.S. Obrien MD Leopold

1 July 11 1883 Terry John Male White
Farmer July 10 1883 Married American Lorance Township Tuberculosis Anasarca Cemetery near Phillip Hahns July 11th 1883 don't know
W.C. Talley MD Marble Hill MO

26 Nov 6 1883 Thiele John Male White 26y 12d Farmer Oct 15 1883  2pm Single Germany Baltimore Maryland 12y 6 miles from Laflin unknown 9 days Hood Farm Oct 16 1883 Henry Hizer Stroderville MO M.S. Obiren MD Vinemount MO

112 Sept 8 1884 Matilda T. Turner Female White 27y 7m Aug 11 1884 am 12-15 Married USA Murrey?l? Tenn 25y at home Bollinger Co MO Lucinda Baker's Congestive Chill 2 days Shells Grave Yard August Sander Marble Hill MO

138 Dec 12 1884 Matilda E. Tankersley Female White 54y 2m 29d Farmer Dec 6 1884 6am Widow American Mo life German Township Thypho Malarial fever Pneumonia
26 days German Township Dec 7th 1884 T. K. Okelly  Patton MO

149 Jan 13 1885 George F. Turner Male White 61y 11m 27d Hack driver Decr 27 1884 1 1/2pm Married American North Carolina 40y Marble Hill MO Hemorrhage of Lungs Congestion of brain verious congestion
20 minutes Marble Hill MO Decr 30 1884 Waldo Lutesville C. M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO

189 Apr 11 1885 Claude Thompson Male White 10m 6d
March 6 1885 2:20pm Single
Lutesville Mo
Lutesville MO Rubeola followed by pertuessis Bronco Pneumonia 5 days about 3 weeks Baf?t??l Church Marble Hill March 7 1885 W.G.Waldo Lutesville MO A.R. Jaques MD Lutesville MO

194 Apr 14 1885  Minnia Trafford Female White 12y
March 19 1885 12pm Single USA Wayne Township since birth Wayne Co Measles 8 days Walfongs Wayne Co March 20 1885 Joel Davis Wayne Co J.C. Cubbage MD Wayne Township

202 Apr 15 1885 ?nice Jane Taylor Female White 40y 1m 23d Carpenter's wife Mar 8 1885 3am Married US Ind. 3y Sheperville Liberty Township Bollinger County Mo Pneumonia & Abortion Apnoea Phthisic Pulmonalis 2 years 9 days Liberty Township March 9 1885 Mr. Lambert Liberty Township T.H. Bailey MD 2 miles south of Shepperville MO

220 July 31 1885 Kerby Teely Male White 5y 7m 10d None July  15   7am
German near Sedgwickville life Near Sedgwickville Cholera Infantum 3 days Sedgwickville Bollinger Co MO July 17 1885 Friends
W.W. Roberts  Sedgwickville

254 Nov 3 1885 Benjammin Teely Male White 21y Laborer Nov 6  9pm Single American  Cape Co MO life Lutesville MO Cattarrhal Pneumonia 9 days Lutesville MO Nov 8' 85 W.G.Waldo Lutesville C.M.Witmer MD Marble Hill

297 May 10 1886 R.B. Tanner Male White 64y 10m 14d Farmer Apr 29 1886 Widower USA Ky 3y Wayne Township Paralysis 4 months George grave yard Apr 30 1886 John Lansy Castorville Stoddard Co Mo S. W. Bradshaw  Wayne 

328 Oct 2 1886 Elizabeth T. Shell Female
42y 4m 6d Housewife Sept 26 1886 2pm Married American Tennesse 42y Marble Hill MO Typhoid fever Peritonetis 10 days 30 days Bollinger Co Mo
Wm. A. Robinson Marble Hill Mo Andrew J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO

332 Oct 7 1886 Grover Swindell Male White 1y 3m Mechanic Oct 4   m Single
Missoui life Patton MO Entero Collitis 5 days Patton Oct 5 1886 T.K. Okelly MD

Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

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