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Bollinger Co Mo
Death Records
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Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-60-

Date of Report Name Sex Race or Color Age Occupation Date of Death Single, Maried, widower or Widow Nationality Where Born How long a resident in this state Place of Death Cause of Death Complication Duration of Complication Duration of Disease Place of Burial Date of Burial Name of Undertaker Place of Business Name and residence of physician returning certificate
337 Nov 11 1886 Mary L. Shell Female White 18y 10m 14d
Oct 24 1886 Single American Bollinger Co MO 18y 10m 14d Marble Hill Typhoid fever 21 days
Oct 28 1886 A. Warren Lutesville MO A.J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO
30 July 26 1887 John Henry Tavelman Male White 67y 2m Farmer June 26  10am Married Hollander Holland 9 years Vinemount MO Cholera Morbus 47 hours Vinemount June 28 '87
Lutesville  M.S. O Brien Vinemount
2 Mar 24 1889 Mary Ann Spain Female White/mistake 25y 3m 25d Wife Oct 20 1888 12.5min pm Married US Mo
Crooked Creek Typhoid fever 3 weeks Trace Creek Oct 21 1888 None
N.C. Griffith MD Bessville
1 Feb 10 1891 Nancy E. Seabaugh Female White 46y 1m 6d House Keeper Jan 3 1891 2pm Married American
Life near Sedgwickville can't read 3 words ??? Of the blood Heart failure
5 months Seabaugh Gy Jan 10 1891 Parmianter Bros Oak Ridge MO H. Heltz  Perryville MO
2 July 25 1883 Upchurch Female White
Farmer July 25 1883 Married American Missouri
Crooked Creek Township Not known 2 to 4 days W.C. Talley MD Marble Hill MO
139 Dec 16 1884 Lemuel Underwood Male White 23y Farmer Nov 8 or 9 1884 Married American Bollinger Co MO Life Bollinger County Mo Pneumonia abcess of left axilla
7 days Bollinger Co MO Nov not known
C. M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
3 Aug 10 1892 Sarah Jane Upchurch Female White 3y
Jan 1 1892 7am Single US Mo
Crooked Creek Broncho Pneumonia about 5 days N.C. Griffith MD Bessville MO
40 Decr 3 1883 Vandeven John Male White 9m 9d
Nov 4  9am Single German 2 1/2 miles from Catholic Church 9m & 9d 2 1/2 miles from the German Catholic Church Accidental Scaulding Catholic Church
Geisberger Vinemount M.S. O Brien MD Vinemount MO
81 Apr 10 1884 Agnes Vandermierden Female White 36y 2d Farmer's wife Mar 6 1884 6pm Married
German Township 12y near Catholic Church Child birth 4 days Catholic Cemetery Mar 8 1884 Jeisberger Vinemount M.S. O Brien Vinemount MO
289 Mar 17 1886 Matlin Volney Male White 20y about Work hand Mar 17  5pm Single American Missouri 15y  Brownwood Bollinger Co Mo Gunshot wound through brain Instant Brownwood MO C. M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
24 May 21 1887 Jacob Henry Vandermierden Male White 10d
May 12 1887 9am Single
Bolling Co MO all life Liberty Township Cramp Colic 9 hours Vinemount May 15 1887 Henry Vandeven Laflin MO Joseph Vandermeirden  father Liberty Twp
25 May 25 1887 Jacob Vandermierden Male White 11d
May 14 1887  8 Single American Liberty Township Bollinger Co Life Liberty Township Bollinger Co MO Croup 8 hours Liberty Township Bollinger Co MO
Henry P. Vandeven Vinemount Bollinger Co MO Liberty Township
2 Jan 3 1888 Elizabeth Vandozer Female White 82y 4m 16d Farmer Dec 18 1887 11am Widow American Virginia about 30 near Sedgwickville Bollinger Co MO Pneumonia fever 10 days near Sedgwickville at the family graveyard Sedgwickville MO
7 July 25 1890 Mary Vandeven Female White 37y
May 28 1890  9am Married German Ky 37y Leopold MO Exhaustion caused by confinment about 12 hours Leopold Nov 29 1890 no regular undertaker here
M.S. O Brien MD Leopold MO
27 Nov 6 1883 Williams Cora C. Female White 1y 6m
Oct 30 1883 1am Single American 3 miles of Laflin 1 year & 6 month 3 miles of Laflin Prolip???? Ani. The child was nursing its mother with bleeding ????? Who was affected 1 week Laflin Oct 3 1883 C.J. Clingingsmith Laflin M.S. O Brien MD Vinemount 
36 Nov 12 1883 White Susan  Female
Oct 16 1883 2am Widow Native Coffee Co Tenn visiting Bollinger Co on Scholl farm old age and congestive chill 3 days Marble Hill August Sander MD Marble Hill MO
37 Nov 19 1883 Williams Mrs. Female White 73y
Oct 22 1883 Widow Europe near Lutesville Gasteritis Debility
6 or7 days Near Marble Hill Oct 23 1883 W.H. Pittman MD Lutesville Mo
46 Decr 31 1883 Willis Mary R, Female White 16y 11m 10d Laborer Decr 15   9pm Single American Bollinger Co MO 16y Bollinger Co MO Typho pneumonia Trace Creek Bollinger Co
Shelton Bollinger Co Mo C. M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
51 Jan 16 1884 I.I. Wallace Male White 12y 7m Laborer Dec 21 1883 4pm Single American Bollinger Co 12 7/12 y Bollinger Co MO Pneumonia Rheumatism
2 months at home Dec 23 1883 G.M. Carr Marguand MO
56 Feb 2 1884 Sarah N. Walker Female White 4y 7m 7d
Jan 25 1884 1am Single American Mo 4y Lorance Township engorement of A??????? worms
5 days Trace Creek Church Jan 26 1884 John Yates Glen Allen C.E. Haynes Bessville MO
57 Feb 9 1884 Eddie F. Wettstein Male White 3m 20d
Jan 2 1884 6am Single American Fillmore Township
Fillmore Township Croup 2 hours Kindes Chapel grave yard A. Keehn
67 Feeb 27 1884 Cintha Ward Female White 60y
Feb 24 1884 7pm Widow American South Carolina 30y Bollinger Co MO Heart disease 24 hours Old Camp Ground Cape Co Feb 26 1884 W. G. Waldo Lutesville Robert Hughes near Laflin MO
68 Mar 7 1884 Leonard Welker Male White 74y Farmer Feb 6 1884 am Married USA Bollinger Co MO 74y German Township Valvular Insufficiency Dropsy
3 months Richard Grave yard Feb 7 1884 A.. Chandler German Township W.H. Mayfield Mayfield MO
80 Apr 5 1884  Annie Ward Female White 25y
Mar 16 1884 8pm Married American North Carolina
Bollinger Co Mo Pneumonia 15 days Sa?ka?ts Cemetery
Abram Hahn
John P Clark Younts Store MO
107 Aug 26 1884 Albert E. Welch Male White 2y
July 26 1884 10pm Single USA Laflin Mo 2y Laflin Mo Hooking cough axphited flux 1 month 1 month Camp Ground July 27 1884 Daniel Clinginsmith Laflin Mo J.M. Finney
129 Oct 31 1884 Wm. H. Welker Male White 1y 1m 11d
Oct 1 1884 11am Single USA Mo Life James Creek Supposed to be Dysentery about week N.C. Griffith Patton MO
131 Nov 4 1884 Thomas J. Waldrupe Male White 63y 9m Farmer Sept 22 1884 Widower USA Tenn. 32y White Water Twp. Mo White Water Township
John Stamon?? Sedgwickville S.R. Chandler Sedgwickville MO
163 Feb 17 1885 Rachel Wilfong Female White 48y Farmer Jan 10 1885 Married
MO 48y Union Township Apoplexy 5 days Union Twp Jan 11 1885 T.K. Okelly MD Patton MO
167 Feb 25 1885 Henry Monro Whitner Male
62y 3m Farmer Feb 3 1885 1pm Widower American Bollinger Co MO 62y Fillmore Township Bollinger Co Mo Chronic Diarrhoe Phthisis
12 years Kindes  grave yard Feb 4 1885 A. Keehn  Castor MO
184 Apr 4 1885 Margaret Watson Female White 27y 5m Farmer's wife March 25 1885 7pm Married US Liberty Twp No 1 27y Liberty Twp No 1 Bollinger Co Mo measles Retention to brain causing coma & delirium 7 days Liberty Twp No 2  March ?? 1885 Mr. Lambert Liberty Twp T.H. Bailey MD 2 miles South of Shepperville
224 Aug 8 1885 Charles Edgar Welker Male White 9m 24d Child July 28 1885 5am Single
Bollinger Co Life Bollinger County Mo Cholera Infantum 11 days Miller Cem Bollinger Co July 28 1885 G. H. Miller near Bessville W. H. Pittman MD Marysville MO
230 Sept 5 1885 Columbus Jane Wallace Female White 10m 16d
Sept 31 1885 7am Single 
Bollinger Co Mo
Crooked Creek Township Remittent fever Diarrhoea & Whooping cough
10 days N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo
242 Oct 16 1885 Bennett A. Werth Male White 18y Farmer Sept 7 1885 4pm Single German Bollinger Co MO
White Water Township Pulmonary Tuberculosis 9 months St. Morritz Church Perry Co
L. Haas Perryville MO K.B. Futrell MD Arnsburg MO
249 Nov 6 1885 Tempa Susana Walker Female White 3y
Nov 2   12pm Single
Crooked Creek Pneumonia Whooping cough Don't know child dying when first seen N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo
270 see 272 Jan 11 1886 John Wright Male White 60y
Dec 12 1885 10pm Married American Born in North Carolina
Bollinger Co Mo Chronic Cystetis 20 years Mouslas graveyard Dec 13 1885 Fritz Chitt? 2
A.J. Mayfield MD Lutesville MO
279 Feb 17 1886 Rebecca Jane Winchester Female
5y 4m 2d Farmer's child Feb 1st 1886 12pm Single
Liberty Township Bollinger Co MO 5y 4m 2d Liberty Township Whooping cough 32 days Liberty Township Feb 3 1886 William ?. Waldo Lutesville Mo T.H. Bailey MD 2 miles South of Shepperville
290 Nov 18 1886 Rachel C. Wells Female White 32y 2m 4d Housewife Mar 10 1886 10pm Married American Bollinger Co MO
Marble Hill Bollinger Co MO Abcess of right lung 6 weeks & 4 days Marble Hill Mo Mar 12 1886 Wm. A. Robertson Marble Hill Mo C. M. Witmer MD Marble Hill MO
Julia Ann Waldroup 50y
Jan 2  3pm Widow American Ky
Marble Hill Mo Heart disease Marble Hill Mo
Robert Rogers  Marble Hill Mo W.C. Talley MD Marble Hill MO
306 June 15 1886 Agnus Wilson Female White 3y
May 29 pm5 Single USA Lutesville
Lutesville a scald from falling in a tub of hot water 3 days Catholic Church May 31 '86 E. P. Biggs MD Lutesville
329 Oct 5 1886 Arthur Wiggins Male White 4y 7m 7d
Sept 15 1886 12m Single American Bollinger Co MO Life Fillmore Twp. Bollinger County MO Congestion of left hemisphere of brain with paralysis of right side 3 days Slinkard Burying Ground
John Henderson Cowan Twp. Wayne Co MO Wm. S. Gains MD Lowndes MO
334 Oct 11 1886 Jesse Florence Walker Female White 15y
Aug 30  m Single
Perry Co MO 15y Lorance Twp Dysentery 10 days E. P. Biggs MD Lutesville MO
339 Dec 2 1886 Roswell Ottoway Winchester 2y 14d Single
Liberty Twp Bollinger Co MO 2 yr Liberty Township Infantile Remittant fever 5 days Liberty Twp Nov 21 '86 Wm. Waldo
T.H. Bailey MD 2  Shepperville MO
1 Jan 3 1887 Caroline Waker Female White 31y
Nov 13 6pm Married USA Missouri since birth Wayne Township Bollinger Co  Typhoid fever 15 days Hinkle Grave yd Nov 14 1886 A.J. Lincoln Wayne Twp J. C. Cubbage MD Wayen Tp Bollingers Mills PO
2 Jan 3 1887 Daisy Walker Female White 7m 10d Nov 19 1886 Single
Wayne Twp MO since birth not known had no physician Hinkle Grave yd Nov 20 1886 A.J. Lincoln Wayne Twp J.C. Cubbage MD Wayne Tp Bollingers Mills PO
4 Jan 17 1887 Jesse Oli?e Wallace Male White 3y 10m 29d
Decr 17 1886 2:24 pm Single  US Bollinger Co MO
Crooked Creek Bollinger Co Mo Pneumonia about 4 days N.C. Griffith MD Patton Mo
27 May 26 1887 Herman Wilkins Male White 10y 2m Farmer's son May 6th '87 ??am Single German Mo 10 years 2 miles from Vinemount Typhoid fever 25 days German C. Church May 8th 87 Coffin from Lutesville
M.S. Obrien MD Vinemount MO
14 Sep 4 1888 Wilhelmina Werth Female White 63y House Keeper Aug 1 3am Widow German Kingdon Hanover 45y Bollinger County Flixas Hepalic??s Fileas Morbias miasmat??? about 3 weeks 3 weeks & a half St. Maurice Church ( B???ls) Aug 10 1888 F. Feltz Peryville MO Aug 1 1888
Dec 23 1891 Arthur Heubert Sitzes Male White 2y 11m 10d
Nov 27 1891 1am Single  US Mo
Crooked Creek Bronchitis Croup 2 days 5 days Crooked Creek Nov 28 1891 Union N.C. Griffith Bessville MO
41 Decr 3 1883 Yates Lucy Frances Female
45y 6m
Nov 11 1883 Married
Tennesse 24y Bollinger Co Billious Fever & "unreadable word" eating 1 week Trinity Grave Yard 12th John Stamer Sedgwickville Mo C.H. Angel MD Sedgwickville MO
Noah Asberry Yount Male White 5y 6m
Dec 19 1883  12 Single American Bollinger Co MO 5 1/2y near Vinemount MO obstruction of the bowels about 8 days near Vinemount  Dec 20 1883 James Johnson Vinemount M.S. Obrien  Vinemount MO
87 May 3 1884 Ann Yandell Female White 15y
Apr 2 1884  7am Single English Arkansas 5y near Laflin MO Endocarditis 30 days Ebenezer Camp Ground
Stephen Allen
A. M  Finney Laflin MO
265 Decr 21 1885 Martha Elin Young Female White 14y 5m 6d
Nov 4 6am Single USA East Tennessee
Wayne Township Typhoid fever 14 days Pace Field grave yard Nov 15 1884 A. Vest Wayne Township B.? Henley MD Bollinger's Mill
4 Mar 24 1889 Jacob Yount Male White 80y 2m
May 30 1888 7pm Married Crooked Creek Brights Disease about 6 weeks Mt. Carmell May 21st 1889 None
N.C. Cubbage MD Bessville MO'
9 Aug 8 1889  Amy Yount Female White 3y
July 31 1889  12
American Patton Mo 3y Patton Congestive Chill Indigestion and affliction of spine all ways helpless
4 days & 12 hours Patton Aug 1st 1889 Henry Yount
John P. Dalton MD Patton
7 Dec 15 1891 Yount Girl White May 22 1891 12m
American near Marguand 10m near Marguand Spinal Menigitus
4 weeks
Mount Carmell J.P. Dalton  Patton MO

Submitted by Debi Bentley Poster-#-51-

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