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Monument Photos

Liberty Methodis Church Cemetery in Bollinger Co

  1. Brownlow Hurtsell/Hartsell

  2. John Starkey

  3. Catherine (Ridings) Starkey

  4. O Clinton McCarter & Lelia Miller McCarter

  5. Albert and Alice Yount,

  6. Avis T. Evans Yount and Jess O Yount

  7. William J Yount.

  8. Thomas Gale Lawrence

  9. Thomas and Rhoda Yount

  10. Thomas and Harriet Yount Hawn

  11. C.C. Hartsell son of Sarah

  12. Charles and Clara Yount

  13. Columbus and Nellie Yount

  14. Dorthy Yount

  15. T.M. Yount

  16. Even Yount son of JA and Alice Yount

  17. Ferdinand and Cynthia Tinnin

  18. Harley B. Yount

  19. Hersell H. Monk Lawrence

  20. Horace W Miller

  21. Infant son of Napoleon and Columbia Yount

  22. J.M. and son Yount.

  23. Jesse E. Yount

  24. John W Yount

  25. Juanita Yount

  26. Julia Yount

  27. Napoleon and Columbia Yount

  28. Raymond Yount

  29. Rev Jeff J Yount and Ethel Yount

  30. Sarah Starkey Hartsell Stanfill

  31. Rev John H Yount.

  32. Sharon Lois Yount

  33. Sim R and Elizabeth Lawrence

  34. Sonora Reagan, daughter of C. S. & S. J. Reagan

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  36. Soon

  37. Soon

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  40. Soon

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