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Eaker Cemetery
Bollinger Co Missouri
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  • Directions: Located straight down the same road just under 2 miles, from the Shell cemetery. Also located on right-hand side of road. Just across the road from the Eaker Cemetery is located a field wh ich was an old Indian campground from the time the first settlers arrived until within the lifetime of Bob Eaker, 94 years old in 1966. Indian burials were made in the Indian campground just across from the Eaker burials. Ahead of the Eaker ground (and land), to the right and down towards the creek was located the Snyder mills

Submitted by Cathy Lutes Gowdy Poster-#-121-
  1. Michael Eaker
    (nothing further)

    Same Stone:
    1. Martin Eaker
      July 1, 1863
      Oct. 24, 1941

    2. Melvina
      Aug. 1, 1867
      Sept. 18, 1898

  2. Elizabeth Eaker
    [wife of Frederick according to Bob Eaker]

  3. Michael Eaker
    (nothing further)

  4. P. Eaker
    (nothing further)

  5. F. Eaker
    (nothing further)

  6. Peter H. Eaker
    born Aug. 7, 1841
    died July 6, 1925

  7. Mary Ann, wife of P. H. Eaker
    born Sept. 25, 1836
    died July 8, 1914

Above Submitted by Cathy Lutes Gowdy Poster-#-121-

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